Keto for beginners. How to start Keto!!

Hi everybody, I just wanted to make this really short Video because I've had so many people ask me about the keto diet how it works how they can get started And it's really super easy It's a high fat diet Moderate protein Low carbs no more than 20 grams a day zero sugar You want to eat grass-fed? meats grass-fed and organic meats And butters and Cheeses, you'll want everything grass-fed and organic because keto is not just about losing weight Although you can lose a lot of weight quick

It's about being healthy and In order for your body to be healthy you need to get all the toxins out from all the carbs and sugars that you've been eating over the years and all the additives and preservatives They've been putting in our foods for years and that's what keto helps you do what helps your body get rid of all of that by sticking to high fat quality meats bacon pork sausage steak Avocados Nuts like macadamia and pecans have the highest fat so they're better for you and they have the lowest carbs and It sounds difficult, but really there's a whole keto Facebook page with keto recipes And you can literally make a new recipe make a new dinner and plan every night for months with all the different recipes They have and the great thing about keto it's not like when you're eating carbs and sugar when you're eating high fat quality foods and vegetables You're gonna want to eat till you're full But I promise you after you eat till your full You're not gonna be hungry for hours Whereas when you eat a normal meal with carbs and all the hidden sugars behind the carbs Like two hours later you want to snack with keto you're not gonna want to snack you're gonna be so full because that's what The fats do they keep you fuller longer and they're good for you And your body starts adapting to the fat and this starts using your own body fat as a fuel source Instead of the carbs and sugars you've been eating So The great thing also about it is that you no longer have to count calories Oh I hated that counting calories and Counting and keeping tracking your macros keeping track of your macros such a pain in the butt if you don't know what keeping track of your macros is it's keeping track of how much fat carbs and Protein you're eating that was such a hassle My husband and I have been eating healthy and working out for months since I think we started around April 2018 Our weight would go up and down sometimes we lose a lot Sometimes we gain a few pounds here and there it was never consistent and our calorie counting system Was and our tracking our macros It was so difficult because I always had to figure out What I can make for dinner The ounces the amount the cups all that just, It was just a hassle It was a big hassle

Whereas with keto you don't have to keep track of any of that You just eat high fat meats Good quality meats a lot a lot of veggies cheese Nuts and seeds and You just feel fuller for a lot longer and it's a lot less stressful and you'll see the weight fall off quickly and It's amazing It's good for you It's healthy The carbs and sugars You'll crave them for a while But after a couple weeks maybe even less depends on how much carbs and sugars you eat But the cravings will be gone like looking at carbs and sugars You'll still think ooh, that looks good but You'll be able to control your cravings a lot lot easier Snacking will be a thing a history because After you eat your meal from all the fats and the veggies you'll be so full that you won't even think about a snack for hours We also do keto with intermittent fasting which is a whole nother video if you don't know what intermittent fasting is you can always YouTube it or you could stay tuned and I'll post a video all about it and how it works Let's see what else I mean, it's just amazing you save a lot of money you don't drink any more sodas You don't go to Starbucks anymore You try not to eat out to dinner I have been cooking more than I ever have before We eat out less a lot less And it's just been amazing I've Met my goal weight and so is my husband and five short weeks We were eating healthy working out before four months and it was up and down up and down and we never we're nowhere near our goal weight and with it within five short weeks of keto we've both exceeded actually our goal weights and It's been amazing and we're just gonna keep sticking to it not to keep losing weight But just stay healthy because I feel great your Energy's high You're in a better mood Improves your memory It just has so many great benefits, which I'll do a video on that too, but Keto's been amazing I do have cheat sheets on foods You can eat and foods, you can't so if anybody wants those leave your email address in the comment And I'll be more than happy to email it to you

If you have any questions leave them in the comments Or text me message me Facebook me and I'll be more than happy to answer your questions, but Keto is amazing If you want to know all the science behind it and how it works I Highly recommend you either go to Netflix or YouTube And watch the movie the magic pill it's an eye-opener and it really is our government I don't even want to start about our government and how its Brainwashed us into eating sugars and carbs and making us think it's good for us when it's really really not But um, thank you for tuning in More videos are coming I'm going to do one about intermittent fasting Another one about how to lose belly fat Best exercises to get six-pack ABS I'm gonna have a whole series so stay tuned subscribe I like my videos share my videos and hit that little bell button Which is a notification button by the subscribe button so you can get all my future videos Thanks for tuning in and please let me know if you have any questions