hey guys welcome to my channel and welcome to day 11 of my 30 days Keto summer transformation challenge it's about 1 o'clock so we're ready to break the fast so I'm gonna just make some quick simple lunch I have to first the two bagels I did make a recipe how to make this I'm gonna link it in a description down below so you can check that out they freeze really nicely so you can make a batch of it and just raise it up then I'm gonna put some avocado in it a little on the end I'm gonna fry up an egg for some little greens I'm gonna use mustard cheese with it and I have a leftover of chicken breast here and a little bit of black forest ham I'm gonna use so I'm just gonna make a nice sandwich for us for today's lunch that was a great sandwich when you actually come up with some good bagel or bread recipe then your keator lives definitely way easier now we're just gonna get changed and we're gonna go ahead and go to Starbucks we still have some work to do so we're gonna go work on that I got the keto pink drink so now we're cool too 🙂 so how you wanna order it is : you gonna say you want passion tango tea iced, you wanna no classic, no water and light of heavy cream and if you do want to you can get some sugar-free vanilla in it which is good, it's a little sweeter, we love it we back from Starbucks the work for the day is done I'm skipping my snack as I had this passion tango with a lots of heavy whipping cream so there was a lot of calorie but it was a great drink but I'm about to make some dessert for tonight and today I'm gonna make a Kido avocado mousse for two portions I'm gonna use one whole avocado and we're gonna put all the ingredients right away in the blender to an half tablespoon of raw cocoa powder 1 tablespoon of heavy whipping cream or you can use a coconut milk if you have one tablespoon of your sweetener but I'm using this concentrated one so I'm gonna use only half of a tablespoon and a half of a teaspoon of vanilla extract so now I'm just gonna blend it all up so I blend it all well and well I don't have the bag which is supposed to come with it so I just put it in a ziploc and this little handy dandy nozzle and I'm gonna swirl it into two nice containers I'm gonna put it in the fridge to chill it and when it's done and when we were ready to eat it I'm just gonna shred some of the Lily's chocolate over it and maybe drizzle it with some more whipping cream we'll see I'm gonna start preparing the dinner I'm gonna heat up the pork we barbecue yesterday I'm just gonna put it in a skillet with some butter and little water make a little sauce and I'm making a mock potato salad using cauliflower I've boiled about half of a large cauliflower I brought some carrots I have hard boiled eggs I'm using some pickles I have about half of a small onion here some mayonnaise a little mustard oops some salt and some pepper to taste and it's done our Mac potato salad is ready to go chill in the fridge so it's gonna be you're ready when we are ready to eat the dinner I do heat up the pork in a pan because I do really hate microwave tonight and there it is the finished product our cauliflower Mac potato and some sauerkraut and the pork from yesterday dinner was super delicious it's a great combo that mark of potato salad with the pork now we bout to take our daily power walk while our Kido chocolate mousse is cooling in the fridge so when we come back we're just gonna make some tea and have a little dessert we're back from our walk and it's time to have that dessert I'm just gonna shred a little bit of the Lily's chocolate over it and use a little whipping cream alright the desert is all set my tea is done so now we gonna watch a one creepy movie I got I can't wait for that one and let's do the last thing we need to do today well I don't have enough fingers but they 11 is officially over thank you guys so much for watching today's video I hope you did like it don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe and I'm gonna see you tomorrow good night