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right now I'm bodybuilding mmm bodybuilding and it's taken some time for me to to really want to embrace bodybuilding because I've been such a brute for so long all I've wanted to do is smash heads and tear shit up where bodybuilding is a bit more conscious in its approach a bit more methodical and its approach I've never really been much of the methodical type I'm pretty spontaneous intuitive but with bodybuilding it's giving me the challenge of building my body in a very refined way and so of course exercise programming and execution of training are very mindful of and then also with regard to diet I've known myself long enough that eating the typical bodybuilding diet of 40 to 60% carbohydrates at various times does not work for me it never has my insulin goes up and I get fat and foggy so I was drawn to your book because I knew that a cyclical ketogenic approach would just fit me most naturally and I'm getting huge I'm building muscle I'm just not getting as puffy as I was when I was a strongman cuz I cycled my carbohydrates and I'm much more mindful and methodical about when and how I spike my insulin so a good percentage of my week I'm eating higher fat diets you know 80 percent eighty seventy percent fat 10 20 percent 20 20 percent protein but then carbs are like 10 percent mmm mostly from vegetables and stuff but then like every third day or what I'm just feeling it or I'm just feeling flat I'll just I'll spike it up there with some granola bars and bananas and white rice so you know things of that nature just to get that don't get that get that there's something medicinal about that also to you being in that that flat state or that ketogenic state or just low carb state is great it's it's medicinal but then there's also something about getting that first insulin and glycogen does wonders for my body in mind definitely and the the this kind of cyclical approach is symbolic of this kind of anabolism and catabolism as well of cycling back and forth between growing and and contractions definitely even in in even in our body's physiology discussed patterns get manifested let's cut up on it yeah there's nothing that will humble you more than fighting against physical resistance in hopes of expanding yourself even if I die it doesn't matter boom that is oneness that is meditation that is integrity that is unity our sense of our soap is so huge then if we try to draw it into this frame the frame destroys if you're going through a chaotic or a crisis moment just know that on the other side of that breakdown on the other side of that deconstruction is path is there we just got to step on it