hey guys welcome to another Keto vlog it's one o'clock I'm ready to break my fast I already had coffee with one tablespoon of whipping cream while it's really important not to break your fast by drinking a coffee full of calories well it's really contradiction people says different things I mean the last update I read was that if you intermittent fasting you should not be having anything higher than 50 calories to not break your fast so what I'm having always in the morning is a coffee with one tablespoon of heavy whipping cream which is 50 calories so I hope I'm still in fasting so that's how I do it now I'm gonna have lunch I will have my amazing zucchini pork dumplings I made yesterday this is them guys they're absolutely delicious I made a video how to make these I'm gonna leave it in the description down below so you can check that out and definitely try these out mmm look a lot even my nan Hiro has been yesterday's sad that he loves it he wants to eat it every week and it's his favorite keto recipe so far five of these dumplings comes down to about 250 calories so I'm gonna take it as an awesome appetizer and I'm gonna make some goat cheese strawberry salad little later on you guys ready for your daily dose of cuteness miss ginger here I can guarantee you that even if you have a bad mood in the morning and you cuddle with this love bug for five seconds it's just like your mood improves instantly it's a magic well who would not love this you so now you can see I really can't exercise I have all the tribe here bothering me I want to mention these elastic bands these are amazing for a home exercising if you don't have time or you don't have a chance to get to the gym I really recommend these I do use them a lot and I can really feel it so now it's time for me to make the salad it's four o'clock I'm pretty hungry so my lunch part two our hearing this guy's my awesome goat cheese salad with strawberries and walnuts it's about 200 calories I'm gonna season that with this Thai coconut sesame gourmet dressing this dressing has 18 grams of fat and one total card in two tablespoons well I'm gonna use about one tablespoon so it will be about half of a car so great option out of these for afternoon snack I'm gonna have these chicken Carinae at the barbecue want I'm gonna have two servings which would be 160 calories two carbohydrates and nine fat I love these guys I'm gonna start at dinner today I'm gonna make some asparagus bacon and egg salad with Dijon vinegar and I'm gonna cook some chicken to go with it some boiling some expert and just to keep some in the fridge for snacks so I chopped the asparagus into bite-sized pieces and I'm gonna put it in the pot and steam it meanwhile I'm gonna cook the bacon the way I do it that I don't think of whole apartment or all trailer and don't skip splashes all over my stove I use a paper towels plate and microwave so while the bacon is cooking I'm gonna prepare the dressing I'm gonna use two tablespoon of Dijon mustard two tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar I'm gonna season a little bit some salt and pepper and that will be my dressing so eggs are done and peeled and now I'm gonna chop this chicken into small cubes and fry it up with some spices that's how it looks like Oh them I already start eating it so it's not very pretty we enjoyed the dinner and now it's time to take our daily power walk so we go in and I think that's it for today's video so please if you liked it – give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I'm gonna see you again soon in another video you