Keto Diet and Type One Diabetes

Jacinda says, "is the Keto way of eating okay for a type one diabetic?" Really cool question, thanks Jacinda Type one diabetics are special breed of diabetics so in essence type one diabetics born with diabetes or they may get diagnosed when they're like five or six years old

Generally type one diabetics aren't overweight You know they're not generally overweight type two diabetics, not all type two diabetics are like hugely overweight, but generally is a bit of a rule of thumb I suppose So you have to be quite careful as a type one diabetic to manage your blood Sugar's well Because you can be prone to hypos more than a type two diabetic So keto has been studied in type two diabetics for losing weight and has been proven to be quite good

As has a low calorie diet of 800 calories or less has been proven to sometimes reverse type 2 diabetes entirely So there's lots of different ways of tackling type-2 diabetes with diet, but type one I would probably advise caution so if you are type one diabetic and you wanted to try something I would do it in partnership with your GP, and make sure that you're monitoring your Sugar's really closely Keto is high in fat low in carbohydrate, so therefore all of your insulin dosing will mean that your Sugar's will crash and burn and you don't want to go there because it will lead to a coma So just be careful with that Jacinda I would work really closely with someone

Maybe even a nutritionist