Keto Cured My Emotional Eating

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I apologize, but I've been thinking about the last video Last video I said that I had not lost very much weight the last month and I felt like i needed to explain something because I don't want you to think, "Well, keto is not working because she's not losing any real weight anymore" But what you don't know is other factors that can stall weight loss Like, the astronomical level of stress that I've been dealing with for the last month The last week in particular, but the last month has been exceptionally stress filled for me and we've all heard about cortisol and how stress can really stall our weight loss and things

And while I stand firm on the scale is not everything I also did not lose much in the way of inches once I took my measurements after the last video, so I don't want anyone to watch that and question the effectiveness of keto and how can I say keto is my miracle worker when I have already stopped losing much weight Last month seems like it might have not been a win and that keto is already failing me, but here are the things that I did not talk about that will hopefully help you understand why I still consider keto a win even when my weight or my inches aren't reflecting it The way that I used to deal with stress pre keto This is what life is nowpre keto and post ketopre keto The way that I dealt with stress was food I am a lifelong, taught at childhood, emotional eater If I felt empty, I filled it up If I was stressed, let's just eat all the things

If I was sad or happy or bored, let's just eat Let's not feel whatever it is we need to feel and deal with right now Let's just eat Let'slet's just bury all of our feelings in a mound of carbsusually

I haven't ever had to really sit with my feelings and deal with them and move through them in a rational normal person kind of way I just ate until I didn't feel anymore And with that came the development of food addiction on top of it So, that's another video I'm just saying One thing that keto has done for me outside of weight loss, is remove my ability to emotionally eat Not just because I can't eat the things and call myself keto, but because I don't have the desire It's taken away cravings

Like, I have battled hard core cravings my entire life There was a stint on paleo where I professed not having cravings for the first time in my life, but thinking back, that wasn't entirely true because I still craved sweet things, I just satisfied it with fruit I can't have fruit on keto I can have low glycemicberriesthings like that that won't screw with blood sugar, but all in all fruit is a no-no So already

I'm not even gonna say in three months because these demons were conquered very early onemotional eating and cravings aren't an issue Haven't been an issue for three months Um Another way that keto is still working for me is, I am diabetic and my blood sugar has been phenomenal I am seeing, more often than not, normal person blood sugar numbers Even first thing in the morning, when mine has always been so exceptionally high My blood sugar tests are coming back as if I don't even have diabetes And they are stable throughout the day, so my feeling tired

I can now rule out that I must feel tired because of blood sugar spikes and dips and being all over the place because they are stablemostly That helps me troubleshoot why it is I might feel so tired I have adrenal fatigue, soum I am more likely to blame it on that instead of diabetes which helps me find a solution And I will talk about adrenal fatigue and diabetes and things like that in another video, but I want to point out that while you think keto is this fad diet

that just it's the rage right now, keto has actually been around since the 1920's or 30's? It was developed as a treatment for epilepsy keto is a medicinal therapy It helps with, if not cures, a lot of things that are wrong with our bodies It helps with PCOS

It's been known to really help with autism It helps with adrenal fatigue, which is really what made me start to research keto, and it has been known to cure diabetes As much of a cure as you can have for diabetes They've always said that once you got it, you got it and that you can't just unring the bell But you can get off medication

You can live your life as if you don't have it You will still always have to be mindful of it and not revert back to being a carb eating crazed maniac

Um So that's all this video is I just wanted to expound on the fact that The number on the scale or the number on the tape measure is not your true north for whether or not a way of eating is right for you

That's what I want everyone to wrap their brains around because I'm healing my body through the food that I am eating and that is paramount for me Yes, I want to get smaller I don't want to be skinny I don't That's not my end goal I want to be healthier and get off all medication I take two different kinds of medication for diabetes So far that is all and I don't want to be on medication

I want to Give my body what it needs through the food that I eat and, soon, the exercise and movement and things that I do Sodo not get on my ass telling me that clearly keto doesn't work because it's only been three months and I've already slowed way down on weight loss

The last month of my life has been astronomically stressful And we're not gonna get into that We're gonna leave it at thatand move forward because that information, in and of itself, is a victory because previously I would have quit I would have told keto that it wasn't him, it was meand by me, I mean him

and that I was just gonna have to quit him and please don't call me anymore And we would have had to break up I don't know if it's the self-love revolution I talked, about in the last video Which you can watch by clicking that I don't know if it's just something that has come with age and experience or what it is, but my brain is different

The way that I look at this is different Maybe it's all the other work I did to stop trying to be a perfectionist because that derailed every weight loss attempt in the past I have never stuck to any weight loss attempts this long and my only logical explanation for that is that this way of eating has already changed so much of me on the inside Not just going from being a carb burner to a fat burner like ketosis does, but it's changed my brain and how I think about food It's no longer how much food can we get in my face as fast as possible because I'm starving because carbs don't sustain me

orI've just skipped three meals or something, and so I can't get food in my face fast enough Or thinking about food as nothing more than something to soothe my soul on a bad day Food is just fuel and I've heard people talk about food that way before Like food is just fuel It's like the gas you put in your car and I've always wanted to punch those people in the throat because that's not what food is

Food is everything! It's how we celebrate It's how we mourn

It's how we socialize It's always been everything andremember also last video when I said there would be tears? Food is no longer those things for me Jesus Nowfood is fuel I get it now

My bad You were right Food is fuel Does that mean I can't enjoy the food that I'm eating? No, it's not that It's just

I eat to live instead of living to eat And I will reserve all chatter about food addiction and anything else about emotional eating for another day, but it is so completely freeing to live this way versus how I've lived the last 41 years I don't know if keto will do that for you

I would suppose that it will because carbs are the devil, for me anyway, and the more you eat themthe more you want them So when they are not a part of your life, other than incidentally in vegetables or a few other things, then it changes your brain

It doesn't just change the way that your body uses the food that you give it, it changes your brain That's all I got Cuz I gotI got work to do, but I wanted to I wanted to touch on those few things as a part two to last week and I'm done for the week I will see you after the next weigh-in I reallyhumbly appreciate Those of you that have watched

I think the first video is the one that I shared on Facebook yesterday which, whoa! Talk about vulnerability! Anybody that has watched what I've made so far, I appreciate it If you have liked or subscribed or shared or whatever'dI appreciate it

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but you people I don't even know to reach out and tell me, a stranger, how what I've already said in a few silly little videos has helped youthat's that's what this is all about for me and if sitting here crying like a big baby or being ridiculous helps you find your own solution, then let the tears flow I'm gonna go now cuz seriously I hope that you all do awesome things and maybe that doesn't include weight loss, but go live kick-ass lives, and motivate other people, and heal your bodies in whatever way That's all I got Hey! You want to pipe down? We're making a video here How about you get in that bed? Yeah

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