Keto Camping Food 2: Cooking at the Campground

so today we're going to look at our camping food- in our previous video we did go over how much we love camping and how we prepare simply for it and pretty much everything starts with cooking bacon so let's talk about that first in our other video we talked about how we kind of pre bake everything and so I pre baked a whole pile of bacon stick it in a ziplock and then I use that to kinda grease our pan between everything we can cook everything from coconut and almond flour pancakes that we've pre-mixed the batter to breakfast sausage to everything else and you'll see that I just use that one stainless steel skillet for pretty much everything on our pancakes we did put fat bombs so these are just my fat bombs from my site and I just stick them in a squeeze tube we also after we cook the bacon we use that grease to cook our eggs in is there kind of all of our breakfasts breakfast sausage you can see the bacon right there and then the ever-important water for coffee and it's just a beautiful morning I love starting the morning with a slow breakfast making sure I get that good nutrition into the kids this is our lunch and so our lunch is a lot of times just kind of lettuce wraps with meat I use that Moon Cheese that I talked about in that last video and if we catch a fish that's also a delicious lunch look at the shock on his face it's a nice brown trout that he caught it and we just fry it right up in that stainless steel skillet on to dinner actually pre-dinner is this is my little guy he's eating some peanuts and that's a great way for kids because sometimes camping cooking takes longer than we expect so eating some peanuts is a great kind of preview appetizer keeps them busy while that they're waiting for us to cook and our first dish is going to be tacos with the cheese shell and this recipe is on my site so this is pre-made taco meat as I talked about in the last video and then we were just reheating that shell over the fire and this is what camping looks like got our guacamole and our sour cream and here's our next dinner which is just again we're using that bacon to grease the pan again meatballs from Costco that we browned and they're really clean no fillers or stuff in it and then I just add some cabbage cabbage is great for camping because it keeps so well and it's kind of like that keto crack slaw and then we use the chili lime mayonnaise that I made and put in a bottle before we left and we add that to the top everybody loves to get involved cooking camping food and I love to have them just some pretty simple meals and you can see he's roasting hot dogs over the fire the we just eat them right off the stick sometimes we'll put some mustard on a plate and dip that in hamburgers are another easy one just pretty simple we added that guacamole to the top and there's our guacamole burgers and then to clean this is kind of just always keeping a hot water thing because you're gonna need that for dishes anyway go in on your stove while you're cooking everything else and then adding a little bit of soap and that hot water immediately to the pan makes them so much easier to clean so our camping meals are simple but they're delicious and they don't get my kids or myself off track health-wise so we can still enjoy the beautiful outdoors without feeling blah so I hope that was helpful um check out my other video for sure for all of the prep that's a longer one with a lot of the prep information in it and we'll see you back next time