Keto Breakfast Sandwich

Hi! PakNatural The Keto Kween here! If I'm missing my morning breakfast sandwich instead of going to Burger King or McDonalds or buying some bread I make my Keto Biscuit in less than 5 minutes I put butter in the container I want to make my biscuits with

If I want it in a square bowl I mean If I want my biscuits square, I put it in a square bowl square bowl at the bottom If I want my bread round I put it in a coffee cup or a round ramikin Microwave the butter for 30 seconds

add an egg 1 tbsp of coconut flour And a 1/4 tsp of baking soda Mix well and when the consistency is that of pudding put it in the microwave for 2 minutes If you want to add some flavor put some garlic powder in it; or any other spices you think would taste good with your biscuit

Take your biscuit out of the microwave and cut it in half And you are ready to make your breakfast sandwich Thanks for watching! PakNatural the Keto Kween; Out!