my largest video well previously largest what's a keto biscuit recipe and it was a random recipe found already no name anonymous but I see it wasn't my and now that I'm a food blogger I need one of my own I'm Darius is as sugarless crystals yes predestination of you to enjoy me I'm guilt-free and don't know this is the last video to get your suggestions in for the $50 Amazon gift card giveaway the next video check the card above and you should find the polls there if anything were to go wrong I will announce that either on Instagram or Facebook probably both actually so last time it was strictly on a flower you know your boy was kind of new to this but now I have some experience on this thing I can play with things a bit more now this has a combination of coconut flour and almond flour my biggest worry was the egg taste and while making these I thought how can I escape the egg taste now see if you think about it well regular flour bread has like a very neutral taste in essence like when you eating bread like it has a bread taste out if that makes sense but see regular flour has a stronger flavor than coconut and almond but certain flavors are able to come through and less say buttermilk biscuits but this is Kido this is low carb we don't have buttermilk and we don't have gluten now I attempted using heavy cream you know like buttermilk you know for like the fat let's just say that did not make the cut okay something about them like they had like a weird after 10 to be honest it may not have been the heavy cream at all like I wasn't kind of hard on the baking soda I refused to have it not rise but it arises anyway he didn't care what I felt you just Justin full recipe are details and photos in the link in the description box below / civiles crystals calm let's jump in this recipe okay a little bit different here make sure all your ingredients are cold universe to think about it that's probably why you didn't rise quick tip bring and when you bring things to room temperature it helps them rise this something is something about the colon instead anyway yeah it helps it rise when is that room temperature but everything cold so you can form it together like you want thing you want it to stay sticky almond flour coconut flour xanthan gum salt and baking powder all right now cut your butter into pieces and then like beat your egg and then pour it on top of that if you're making it for family make sure your hands are clean get in there and just start messing it up like you know just squishing no I wasn't shield a low rise or not so I formed them in two different ways one way work better at other the other way they look like little frisbees the pattern lay you know likes permanence of little balls and then like patting them down that seemed to work the best to be honest now the flat ones were cool you know but I mean you could possibly make like a little breakfast sandwich with those cuz like I said they're they're just like thin disc this recipes interesting I'm thinking about doing like a little cheddar Bay style okay so here we got both of these this is the one that I kind of pressed out and then this is the padded one you see how big this is like what you guys don't know how big my hand is but um I need something to compare it against okay that's um keto butter right now and giveaway coming soon look out for that one okay let's look at this top like this is a regular peanut by the top you see they're about the size of that peanut butter top yes they're they're not huge but they're not small either you know I'm gonna try this little flat without for you now for the recipe in the video I did two eggs but I'm thinkin one would be just fine because to be honest like there's a slight egg flavor in there and I don't like that not at all but maybe that's kind of just something I have to learn to deal with with you know doing like low-carb things and keto Brits and such those are good definitely a great breakfast item out of 10 I'll give them a 5 like they're alright the other rich new ones I made and I will toss that in the car and and in the description box below they were probably better than I'll actually like I probably need to make them again but taste them but see the other ones they had like a little slight sweetness to them because I added truly in it but there's nothing sweet in here at all you know staying away from the sweetness for a little bit it will be back soon though I'm having a hard time staying away from you know I'm really I really am every time I look in Pinterest for an idea for a recipe something sweet comes up now full recipe details down in the link in the description box below along with log polls all my other recipes my favorite keto products and your signals Christmas t-shirts grab yourself one head into the kitchen and get messy if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and if you need to channel hit that subscribe button we do videos every Thursday and Sunday yeah that's always the plan I swear but my internet every time I get ready to use it like it just starts to cut off oh I'm not gonna I'm not gonna say who I have but they suck okay problems for years but Thursday and Sunday is always the plan if you're following on my Instagram stories I posted the other day I was trying to get the video out and it would not move like the internet kept going out and going out of order I am Darius this is chuckles Christmas just sugar free destination of YouTube I'm not a chef who mr Taylor bye