Keto Birthday Haul and a Channel Update!

Hey, guys! Today's video is gonna be a quick rundown of my Keto / YouTube birthday haul, as well as a little channel update So that's starting right now

Hey, guys! Welcome to AD Keto My name is Aaron This is Sophie

This is the channel where you can watch a weird dad work his way through the ketogenic diet I do some keto food vlogs, I do some keto product reviews, and I do some keto recipes If this is your first time here, please consider subscribing, and if you do, be sure you're on notification squad by clicking the bell What is this? This is the stuff up with which I have to put Hi, guys

How are you? So your boy is 44 years old I turned 44 last weekend, and wanted to show off some of my Keto / YouTube related birthday haul Yeah, it was it was a nice day It started off with the kids giving me gifts I got this from my boy Peter, this Iron Man bobblehead And it broke immediately after I took it out of the packaging The connection

it's kinda like a little clear I don't want to touch it, because it's really fragile, but it's got a little like a little clear base that's got a really narrow and thin connector to his back So I tried to SuperGlue it for a good half hour

It didn't work So I ended up taking one of Caroline's hair tie things, wrapping it around a bunch of times, and eventually got him to stick to the base So he's levitating there as he should be So that was from Peter My son Will

My son William got me the new Decembrists record These are not keto items These are things my kids got me

"Everything is Awful" is my favorite track And then Caroline got me this lovely thing It's you know, a daddy-daughter sort of aw Look how adorable

So that's super-nice So that's from the kids And then my wife Sara got me a new immersion blender My old one croaked This one is from Greville, and I was so excited to use it to make my bulletproof coffee for the first time

In the past, I have brewed coffee straight into a mason jar, added my butter, added all my stuff that I add to my coffee, stuck the immersion blender straight down in, blended it right in the mason jar, and drank it right from the mason jar This new blender, however, did not fit I tried to use it as I did my old one, and it just wouldn't fit in Luckily, it comes with this behemoth guy, so I've just been brewing coffee into this, which works Just an extra step, but it's worth it

It's got like an adjustable like, an adjustable dial there You can crank up the power of the horsepower on the on the speed of the blender

Good stuff My in-laws got me this hydration vest, which I'm very excited to try out I've never used one before My friend AGG, AntiGravityGains, Dave, reviewed one over on his channel I don't know if it's this one, but he reviewed one right up there

This is the AONIJIE? I'm gonna say? It comes with this cool you know, bladder, to put in to two liters of water,some electrolytes in there, it'll keep me hydrated on long runs

And then my mother (love my mom) got me this This is actually the copy that Matt and Megha sent to me They were nice enough to send me one of these before it came out, and my mom, not knowing that they had done that, ordered me another So I'm gonna have one here on the shelf, and I'm gonna have one oh sorry, T'Challa And I'm gonna have one upstairs, and ready to cook with

So that was very exciting She also got me a big old Gimbal A handheld camera stabilizer from Zhiyun It's a Zhiyun 4 I played around with my buddy Scott's handheld gimbal, the Zhiyun 3, when we were down in New York City together a few weeks ago

It comes with a charging cable, it's got a battery in the handle, too Do people think you rock a mandolin when you're carrying that thing around? I don't carry it around, so I don't know what people think It was cool, but I could tell that I wanted one of my own to break I came very close to breaking Scott's expensive toy So sorry, dude

What? That's not arriving until I think the 22nd, or something Anyway, lovely day We went up to my brother-in-law's house He and his wife and daughter made a lovely meal However, my sister-in-law freaked out — she called like an hour before we went up, saying "Oh my god, I put brown sugar in the in the marinade for the chicken!" She was all worried

I was like, "No problem — I've got a ribeye that I can cook here and bring it up We're good to go" So that's what we did I also we needed something to put a candle in Or candles in I ended up using Good Dee's Mix — chocolate chip cookie mix, and I was planning on making cupcakes But I got in touch with Deana on Instagram, and I said, "Can I use these in cupcake tins? This chocolate chip cookie mix?" And she said, "No!!!! Make one giant cookie

" So that's what I did — made one giant cookie I was able to put my candles in it, good to go It was delicious I ate 7/8 of that gigantic cookie, and then had a couple drinks A couple gin and seltzers, and was feeling mighty tipsy by the end of the night

So very, very fun birthday I also checked in on YouTube a couple of times last Saturday to see that my views had mysteriously rocketed, like six times what they normally are And I was like, "What is happening?!' One of my videos from six months ago that I did, one on statins and cholesterol, took off I don't know if it got posted somewhere I have no idea what happened, but the views went through the roof

I got gained like a thousand more subscribers over the last week, so welcome everyone who's here based on that video I've got another cholesterol- based video right up there

It's me doing the Feldman protocol So check that out And I wanted to thank everybody, because I'm as of this recording, I'm up around 7100 subscribers, which is mind-blowing I can remember getting my first 100 and thinking, "Wow, that's a lot" But 7100?! Thank you I appreciate you guys watching I'm gonna try to keep the content coming for you guys

This is a fun thing for me to do It is I'm gonna put a poll up here, see what kind of videos you guys like

These ones, where I'm talking to you in this studio – to camera, are super easy for me to do It takes me less than a day to put them together Very few creative decisions are happening It's just kind of me talking, and then putting it into a project and editing it, and exporting it The other videos that do well for me are these

are my full day of eating vlogs, which I haven't done in a while, mostly because I'm so busy with my nine-to-five It's been very hectic at work lately, and those take a lot more effort to put together — planning out what I'm going to eat, shooting it, and then editing it with music, and making it not boring So I'm gonna try to do those as often as I can

I just apologize that I haven't had those out as regularly as I would like, because they're just a little bit more work to put together And three kids, two cats, what you saw — they're all over the place So gonna do those when I can Hopefully soon So that's this video

I just want to give you an update of how my my last week was 44 is kicking butt so far I like having both digits be the same I liked when I was 11, I liked when I was 22, 33 44 is off to a good start so far

55 will be good and now I'm just rambling So guys, I appreciate you subscribing, I appreciate you watching Hopefully we'll keep doing this for a long time

So that's gonna do it for this video I hope you have a fantastic day, and I'll see you next time