Keep Truckin – Richmond magazine

The Grate Cheesini

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as taking a bite of a grilled cheese and having an ooey, gooey string of cheese stretch from your mouth to the sandwich — easily accomplished with Cheesini’s “classic,” a mix of cheddar and havarti. Tomato soup would have been a lovely accompaniment, but sadly, it was unavailable that day. Other grilled cheese options include a build-your-own, chicken, decadent lobster and breakfast varieties. Do not miss the fries, which are some of the best I’ve had in town.

Ita’s Food Truck

Empanadas may be the perfect hand food for outdoor dining — a walkable snack featuring crispy dough stuffed with interesting fillings. Ita’s, named after the mom half of the mother-daughter team behind the truck, offers a Puerto Rican take on the empanada, producing a dense, crunchy interpretation with earthy flavors — be it the beef with capers or the “almost-vegan” option. Don’t miss the fried plantains, sliced thick and double fried in either savory-salty or sweet versions.

Haulin’ Balls

Selling meatballs seems like an odd choice for food truck dining, but it actually works quite well. Haulin’ Balls serves up succulent meat or veg spheres with just enough sauce to add flavor but not create a mess. Plus, with half of RVA (including myself) on keto, a sausage and chorizo ball is just what the diet ordered. Push your boundaries a bit and try the eggplant-Parmesan, glorious little explosions of creamy flavor that I’d expect to find only on the menu at a fine Italian brick-and-mortar.