Is the Keto Diet Safe?

It's being googled a ton right now – the ketogenic diet A lot of #keto out there

Whether you're interested in women's health or men's healthIf you watch The Doctors, Dr Oz, or Good Morning America or read Time magazine or the Atlantic You cannot escape it– It's the keto diet, and it is the latest health sensation that is sweeping the nation Let's listen to a few experts on why they think this eating style is such an important one to learn Fixes F – Fats with benefits What that means

People think if they eat fat, they'll get fat They'll get that omentum that you just held up a few seconds right? It's not true It turns out that the right kinds of fats help your body in many ways

Your brain is mostly fat We're all fat heads You can tell it to the people in your life That's because we need fat to make our brain cells work If you eat beautiful, flexible fats the omega-3 oils, the fish oils, avocado, the nut, olive oils The fats are flexible–your brain can react to stresses

You can deal with and cope with issues If you eat rigid fats like the fats that are found in animal meats or fried foods, right? That's a problem because now your brain cells can't react You get depressed, more often, and you have problems with cognition The Keto Diet Many people including myself call it the Holy Grail when it comes to health and weight loss Take a look

There I am in my dressing room getting my hair and makeup done for Good Morning America while enjoying a beverage that's become my morning ritual For four months I've been on a Keto Diet I started for the anti-cancer benefits, but the byproduct–I am more fit and have more energy than ever

The Ketogenic Diet is a way of eating that prompts your body to become really good at burning fat My favorite part is it reduces hunger, appetite and cravings so you're not running your life based on when the next meal is When I first started, I kept thinking, "Oh my gosh I am going to gain weight" "How is this good for me?" Our Senior Medical Contributor, Dr

Jen Ashton is here now And so Jen talk about what being in a state of ketosis is Can you can actually show me on this board? I'm going to show you demonstration here at the largest Connect Four I've ever seen Very complicated biochemistry But if you realize that every cell in our body needs glucose to function And if you think of these green discs as carbohydrates: When we eat carbohydrates, they run right through us – they're processed as sugar

Once we cut off that supply, these yellow–representing fat We have no choice but to burn fat I love doing thatYour thighsYour thighs just fell down! To break down fat

And they make something called ketone bodies largely in the liver And that's what our bodies use as fuel I wanted to point out, I didn't do this to lose weight

I did this for anti-cancer benefits There's a lot of research on that Because I'm a breast cancer survivor, it was important to me Talk about the health benefits that come with this diet There is ongoing research in this and of course we need more good data But you're seeing things connecting benefits potentially of ketogenesis and the keto diet with everything from cancer longevity, polycystic ovarian syndrome, brain function

It's supposed to boost your brain power and energy I'm so much smarter now! You're on fire! But with anything, there are some caveats So again for for an average healthy person pretty much no downsides You can think of this as a cousin to paleo or Atkins But you have to proceed with caution

It can be challenging I think your fruits are limited, and alcohol of course is a no-go But this is a good example There is low carb wine, Jen I promise Good to know! Breaking news!