How to Start Keto Diet for BEGINNERS ✅ (2018)

what's up guys, this is Los and I am your Keto Superhero! On today's episode of Keto Thoughts we talk about Keto for beginners – how do we get started? I'm gonna take this – and you know what I'm gonna keep it on Eff it

I'm here to save the day, and talk to you about Keto for beginners A lot of people want to start on Keto because as Google says, it is trending up People are like, "oh man I want to jump on the bandwagon!" Sir or madam – first off don't do that, because you're going to fail, if you look at it as some, like, trend or you look at it as some, like, fad you're essentially going into it with the thought like, "Yeah I'm gonna do for a little bit then I'm not not gonna do it" It's gonna suck, you're not gonna like it so if you want to do Keto for starters – you beginners – you noobs – you need to do it as a lifestyle Okay? It's got to become a lifestyle because there's a chance you're not gonna love it at first

So fair, that's a fair thing to say You've got to give it a shot The easiest way to do keto – I'm gonna – I'm gonna – I'm gonna blow your mind ,and I'm gonna say gradually start to do Keto, rather than jump into it You don't jump into the pool when it's really really cold cuz it's freezing you're like, "Oh my god" and then like someone else is like, "Go in there!" you're like, "I don't want to go!" Then, you jump in the pool, put your legs in,and then you sit down kinda, like, kick the water and you're like, "Yeah it's kind of hot, like, I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna go ahead!" And then you go in, you're playing ball, it's the SAME thing with KETO Same exact explanation

Insanely good analogy that I just gave you because jumping into Keto is more than likely gonna get you to jump right back out – because it's quote-unquote "freezing" It's like that analogy that I said So what I would do is, I would first start removing carbohydrates Let's just say you have to get about 75 grams – err 75 percent of your food should be fats, right? Let's just say 10 to 15 percent should be carbs and the rest is gonna be proteins

Okay, the first thing you do if you're a beginner is, I would start making that switch, and slowly doing it – let's say, normally, you eat about a hundred grams of carbs You measure it with, like, MyFitnessPal You go, "Man like I need about 150 grams of carbs a day! Well I wonder why I'm always tired?" But anyways – I'm no doctor I'm just a man in a cape The way you would do that, is you would start to, like, remove some stuff so say like, "All right I'm gonna take 50 grams off by, like, not having these potatoes, or, like ,not having this oatmeal will take 30 grams off!" And slowly start to move it, slowly start to up your fat and take down your protein just a little bit

When you start to gradually do it it becomes a little bit easier of a habit It becomes a little bit easier to manage, to maintain, and then you get everything started Now you're kind of jumping into keto as a beginner I would always try to, like, create, like, cheats It's like playing a game and then, like, having the codes

You want to have the codes so you can win I used to be obsessed with cookies Still am Honestly, I'm not gonna lie – like pretty much, like, I'm addicted to cookies That's why I don't eat them, because it's like, I gotta eat all of them

So I found this delicious treat – full disclosure – I am an affiliate and I've advised this company before so don't come at me, like, "Oh, like, hey man?" What do you want me to do They're called fat bombs They taste like a better, more delicious peanut butter They've got macadamia nut butter, they've got chocolate hazelnut, the flavors are insane right? So I eat one of those packets It increases my fat, it makes me satiated, that means full

So, like, as a beginner, I used to eat more of those and put that on top of stuff I would find like a super low carb thing, put some stuff on top of that – Get some more calories in So try to find easy and fun ways to do this I'm gonna say this again – Like, this is the channel where we say normal shit I'm not trying to like, change your life forever and be like, :This is the most strict thing!" if you're super EXTREME crazy strict on stuff, you're more than likely gonna fail

So if you jump off the bandwagon, get back on the bandwagon It is a strict thing because you've got to get into a ketogenic state, but don't kill yourself and freak out My kid wanted to eat a pancake and she was like, "Can we have a pancake? You never eat with me! because you're super keto!" I had a pancake with her I'm not a b*stard My diets gonna be fine

I'm not a fitness model yet I could have been p*ssed off but I was like, "You know what? I'm a super dad like the Cape says

" She's happy, I'm happy I'll be keto in like two days Don't stress out if something happens You're in a business situation and ,like, you're not used to it -just just do it man! You've got to be comfortable with you and your strategy and how you do things Okay? So don't sweat the small stuff – but always be aware and be cognizant that you do have to hit a certain amount of fat and a low amount of carbs so you can be in ketosis, all right? Test your ketones with a bunch of keto strips The precision Extra is a great way to test your Ketones, and that's it! It's super simple – It's a beginner's guide The biggest part of a beginner is, like, don't freak out man – because people can be like, "All you've got to do – all these things!" Like, listen

You're not the keto police Leave me alone I'm gonna get keto in my own way, I'm gonna get into ketosis, and I'm gonna be fine Once you're good with it, you develop your own relationship with the foods you want to eat, the way that you want to do keto – make it your own I see too many people being like, "You can't have white monsters! You can't have too many Brussels sprouts! You can't have too many steaks because it's got protein!" Hey

Hey Keto Cop take it the F down! Chill I'm gonna make mistakes, and I'm gonna have brussels sprouts, and I'm gonna have a white monster – and I'm gonna be in ketosis If you don't like it, do keto your way

That's what you guys need to realize – you're not fighting anyone else's battle but your own Find the basis, the best way to do keto I'm actually gonna make a guide Guide made now it's down there

One is our Keeping It Keto group it's on Facebook Click the link in the description There's a lot of great information It's a super positive group – people are always there to help

we're there to help we'll give you great information, and try to help you in your keto journey too We're gonna make a keto guide on the beginner's guide to keto That'll be available for you as a download for free as well As always, I am Los, this is Keto Thoughts

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