How To Lose Weight On Protein Diet

So, breastfeeding and losing weight is another
very popular topic.
Because, everyone wants to get back into their
old jeans.
They’ve been in maternity clothes for nine
They’re tired of them.
And, you see your jeans hanging in your closet
with that small waist.
And you are hankering to get back into them.
So, breastfeeding and losing weight.
Most weight is going to come off very quickly
while you’re breastfeeding because your body
is burning 500 calories.
There are programs, like Weight Watchers does
have a nursing program, that will keep your
calorie count up, in order to sustain that.
If you diet dramatically and you start to
see a very, very quick weight loss, your milk
supply is going to take a severe hit.
So, you do not want to have very, very rapid
and drastic weight loss while you’re breastfeeding.
So, if anything, just eat well.
At the six week mark, once your doctor has
given you the go-ahead, start to exercise
All of that is absolutely fine.
Your weight will come off.
But, no severe dieting.
And, yes, it’s fine to workout heavily when
you’re breastfeeding.
You’re going to need a good bra that’s going
to hold you in.
But, the baby is not going to reject the breast
when you come back from a run.
All I would recommend is wiping down the sweat
off of the breast.
Because that can cause them to turn away.
Has nothing to do with any kind of build up
of anything.
It doesn’t sour your milk, which I have heard
many times as well.
And, everything should be fine.
Your weight will come off very gradually.
And you will probably hold on to a good five
to seven pounds of fluid until the baby’s
completely weaned.
But, go for it.
Eat well.
No drastic weight loss.
And exercise.
And you will start to shed pounds.

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