How to KETO: While travelling or eating out

The question is, how do you keep to your Keto Diet while traveling or when you're outside eating? The answers are coming right up! Hey it's good to see you Lynette here and in this video ideas to help you keep to your Keto Diet especially when you're out and about and here's what's worked for me As you know, the Asian diet is full of carbohydrates: rice, noodles, breads, buns and things and so here's what I've done to deliberately leave out the carbs 1

Avoid eateries and restaurants that are famous for their carb dishes like noodle houses restaurants that have great rice dishes 2 But if I really really like the cooking style or the particular carb dish what I'll do is to ask if I could leave the carbs out or get it substituted with something like vegetables or salad and if they really say no, they won't budge, then what I'll do is order it anyway as is and then I'll just not eat the carbs Tip 3: It is a great idea to prepare a photo or a picture of sorts to show the chef or the waiter so they can visualize what you'd like to have and Here's what I've done with McDonald's One last tip: do consider travelling with or eating with people who don't practice Keto then you can give them all of your carbs and you can just focus on your fat and protein and that way you have a win-win situation Anyway, coming up in my next video Does Keto affect your cholesterol levels, let me know in the comment section below what you think In the meantime, do consider subscribing to my channel if you haven't already so you won't miss a thing and thanks for watching!