How To Get Rid Of Fat On Lower Back

HI, I’m Carol
How far would you go to be beautiful? It turned out, I was ready to go very far. And it almost killed me.
My mom and dad have regular slim builds. But I wasn’t like them. In middle school I weighed over 150 pounds.
In elementary school I didn’t have friends because of my weight. Nothing changed in middle school.
I tried to prove to my parents that I can’t bear being big. It was fuitile.

No help, not even support, they gave me nothing. I had to act.
Dieting and sports. It sounds simple enough.But it’s easier said than done.
After a month of hard training I found myself with muscles, but all the fat stayed as well.
Dieting. This is a whole other matter. I tried over ten diet plans. Even the extreme ones from the Internet.
No matter what I did, what I ate or not ate, I didn’t lose weight. Damn sides, belly, hips, they all stayed with me.
I went to a doctor. But he said I was healthy. And it was my own fault that I didn’t lose weithg.
The doctor said I had developed a depression and it was progressing.
Once, scrolling though social network feed, I stumbled across a weight loss group.
I searched it through and found ads about weight loss pills. The feedback was good, so I ordered a batch.
There was half a year’s worth of pills. I would be done with middle school right when I’d run out.
The pills arrived in a few days and I started casually taking them.
I lost a few pounds over the next month. It worked! But It wasn’t enough. I wanted to lose as much as possible before high school so that I’d have friends. I doubles my daily doze.
And it worked! I shucked 10 pounds more the following months. I was extatic. But I also started having some health issues.
I was constantly feeling a bit dizzy and had headaches. I thought it was payback for the weight loss and I just had to hang on for a few more months.
But over the third month I didn’t lost a pound. Moreover, I started gaining back. How was that possible?
Have your life ever crumbled right before your eyes? I thought my last chance at happiness was slipping away from me…
I went back to that group where I found the pill ads. There were more adds for additives. I ordered them all!
I couldn’t stop half way. I wanted a slim body and I had to have it.
Now I ate a handful of pills every day. My health gor worse.
My eyes turned yellowish. I stopped brushing my hair because it would all stay on the brush. I had aches in stomach and head, all the time. Sometimes I’d vomit. I had stomach spams that made me feel like I was suffocating and my hear would stop. I hope you never experience anything like this.
I quit the pills. I needed help. Mom thought I had a stomach bug and took me to the doctor.
The doctor said I could be having problems with my heart, because of my weight. I had to take a few tests to prove that.
I got home and I thought I had it straight. It was my fat. That was the culprit. First it was ruining my life and now it was killing me, striking at my internal organs.
I got my pills out and started gorging on them. I only had one thought running through my head, I had to kill the fat, whatever it took.
When I was swallowing the last of the pills, I started feeling faint. That was it, I thought. The fat is done with.
I came to at teh hospital. My parents were tehre with me.
Noticing I was awake, they called a doctor. The three of them stood next to my bed and I heard that dreadful word, suicide. I realized what it must have looked like. But no!
I explained to my parents that I had been taking weight loss pills and when they stopped working, I increased the doze.
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The doctor said that explained it all. My symptoms pointed at medical anorexia.
He also said that I was in for a long treatment and intravenal sustenance. Mom started crying again and dad argued with the doctor, saying that I couldn’t have anorexia, I wasn’t skinny.
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A few days later, I was back home. I looked in the mirror, looked at my big body and couldn’t wrap it around my brain. How can I have anorexia? It’s impossible! Anorexic people are thin, slim, nothing like me, a fat ball.
I hated myself even more than before. My parents insisted on home schooling and I got even more weight with all the meds.
Sounds depressing, right? Don’t worry. My life has turned for the better, but not in the way you think.
I am one of the most popular girls in college now.
I’m a star football player now.
When I got back to being healthy, I went to the gym, to get back in shape. I got into it fast and decided to do professional sports.
No, I didn’t lose weight, probably, never will. But therapy helped me realize that my life is more important than my clothes size. Especially when I have a hobby and other things to live for.
Please do not make my mistakes. You can get yourself killed, trying to make things better.
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