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What is a keto diet?

It has been said by many people that a keto diet is hard to maintain in Malaysia because the diet is all about reducing your intake on carbohydrates while consuming a high amount of fats. The breakdown is basically 75% fats, 20% protein, and only 5% carbohydrates. In Malaysia, a food heaven for most people, this strict diet might be tough to put into practice.

When you start reducing your carbohydrate intake, your body will enter a state known as ‘ketosis’. This is where instead of burning carbs to produce energy, your body will now burn the fats, as explained by Health Plus.

Benefits of keto diet 

1. Preventing Epilepsy

Originally, the keto diet was devised to help people who suffer from seizures. It’s said that ketones and decanoic acids (chemical produced by the diet) have the ability to minimise seizure episodes on patients. Additionally, in 2015, research has proven that decanoic acids have a better effect in controlling seizures.

2. Weight Loss

Ketogenic diets are said to have better results in reducing weight than other types of diets. As explained by Signature Market (Healthy Snack Malaysia), it takes more energy to process fats and proteins compared to carbs. Thus, the calories in your body are getting burnt more than usual. And as time goes by, this leads to weight loss.

3. Better Insulin Sensitivity

A reduce in carbohydrate intake symbolises a drop in glucose in our bodies. This is very beneficial to those who’re suffering from diabetes and want to get it under control. But then again, one should always consult dietitians or doctors before practising this diet in order to understand the consequences and to see if it is sustainable.

Disadvantages of keto diet 

1. Keto Flu

What’s a keto flu? 

Usually, keto flu happens in the first week of your keto diet plan as a result of the suddenly reduced intake of carbs. You’ll most likely experience nausea, fatigue, constipation and headaches. These side effects may last for days until your body gets used to this transition.

2. Nutrients Deficiency

Each level in the food pyramid consists of different essential elements that are required by the body. The tendency for a person to face such deficiencies is very high if they don’t practice the diet in a proper way. As mentioned earlier, a keto diet excludes food that is rich in carbohydrates like whole grains and starchy vegetables.  Thus, the practitioner should always look for suitable foods and methods to make up for this loss. Before starting this diet, it is always best to seek out a dietician to further understand the needs of your body.

Because the keto diet is so restricted, you’re not receiving the nutrients — vitamins, minerals, fibers — that you get from fresh fruits, legumes, vegetables and whole grains,” says Dr. Ring, according to Northwestern Medicine.

3. Affects the digestive system

The initial weight loss from this diet comes from water, as explained by AFPA Fitness. The lack of water in the body may cause a disruption to the flow of your digestive system, resulting in the formation of kidney stones and even constipation. To avoid this, one must keep their body hydrated and consume keto-approved foods that are high in fiber content.

Why is keto diet becoming popular in Malaysia?

The keto diet is now rising in popularity in Malaysia and the reason for this might be that the strict eating plan has been proven effective for losing weight. 

Multiple Malaysians have shown their outstanding results from doing this diet.

1. Yusof

Yusof is the husband of Julie (The founder of KetoJules)

“I’ve been thinking a lot about all the great changes I’ve gone through since going keto, and to be honest, I’m quite excited to see how much better my body will feel when I get to an actually healthy weight. So I’m determined to continue with my keto journey for now and see where it takes me. I do plan on doing a Dari Karbo Ke Keto Ramadhan & Raya special where I’ll be sharing more about yummy keto-friendly Ramadhan foods as well as celebrating Raya, so stay tuned for that okay!”

2. Johan

Management Consultant & Keto Coach

“I love that I’m finally free of the desire to eat for comfort and the guilt that comes with binge-eating. Now, I don’t have the incessant need to munch food any more. And it feels good finally having the body that I’ve dreamt of for the last three decades.

3. Daniel

Academic Director of Barista Guild Asia

I searched ‘reversing Type 2 diabetes diet’ and the one diet that came up repeatedly was the ketogenic diet. The more I researched, the more I was convinced this was right for me. Within 6 months, my blood sugar level was back to normal.

4. Elias


“My mind feels so much clearer now; it’s much easier for me to focus when I’m studying. I enjoy the foods I take, and never feel like I’m missing out or anything because the food is actually delicious! I’ve lost 20kg but more than that, I just feel so much healthier and happier now.

Local online platforms 

If you’re interested in trying out this diet, why not look at several keto diet dedicated websites founded by Malaysians. 

1. KetoJules 

KetoJules was founded by Julie, a certified Malaysian Ketogenic Living Coach.

2. Yummy Keto 

Founded by Charine Kuan, a Malaysian woman equipped with knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

3. Asian Keto 

Lina, a certified Malaysian NLP practitioner, is the founder of Asian Keto.

What do you think of this diet plan? Would you try it out?

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