Full Day of Eating Keto VLOG #07 | MAF pace, Ribeye, and Venn Diagrams!

Time to do another full day of eating vlog, and I'm gonna start right now! Hey guys Welcome to A

D Keto My name is Aaron This is the channel where you can watch a weird dad work his way through the ketogenic diet I do some keto eating vlogs, I do some keto product reviews, I do some keto giveaways

If this is your first time here, please consider subscribing, and if you do, make sure you're on Notification Squad by clicking the bell All right, guys So I'm about to go for a run, here I'm gonna get in a 10 miler, and then when I get home, I'm planning on some steak and eggs And hopefully , this full day of eating will culminate in a fire in our fire bowl that our kids can burn some of their school papers in

They're kind of excidted about it So off I go! All right, so I just finished up my run Ten miles I can't help it, guys Every time I pass over the Thruway, I've got to stop and take some slow-motion footage of the cars going by

That's just my thing Anyway, I kept it nice and slow Nice MAF pace I get a lot of questions and comments, both on YouTube and on Instagram, about, "Man, I wish I could run fast, you know? I'm so slow" And how I always reply is that slow is good

Fast does not equal better In fact, running slowly is the best way to burn fat There's this thing called Maffetone pace, created by Dr Phil Maffetone, and it basically is — it's also known as the aerobic zone — it's basically your heart rate, and the heart rate at which fat is most easily metabolized and burned What you do is just take the number 180, subtract your age

For me, I am 44, so my number is 136 And that's the rate — the heart rate you should target when you run if you're interested in burning fat So I kept my pace in the mid 130s today I went out fasted, so I know that I burned a lot of body fat today But I will leave a link in the description about MAF pace

there's a couple really good articles and podcasts about it definitely check it out And don't try to run fast I mean you CAN if you want to, but slow is much better for burning fat So it's finally time for some steak and eggs

Okay it's time to make my fatty, fatty coffee This has some schmutz in it Two tablespoons of heavy whipping cream Oh God Oh, there goes the lid

What have I done? Whathave I done? A tablespoon of MCT oil, a tablespoon of cream cheese I love it it

Makes it really frothy Then I'm going to do a tablespoon of Kerrygold butter Whoa Someone was using this for ME! What is that, Caroline? It's bread crumbs! Get out of here In you go And then I'm gonna do a teaspoon of Truvia, just to sweeten it up a touch Wild Mountain Blueberry

Yeah, that's right Here we go Okay, so I'm gonna probe this guy, bake it at 275 until it gets to an internal temperature of about 127 degrees Then I'm gonna take it out on to my grill and sear it in some ghee And I totally forgot to put pepper on this ahead of time

Or salt The thing I love about this grill is that it's got this little sidecar, on which I can put say, a cast-iron skillet

So just gonna sear up my steak and have three eggs Okay, so skillet is a' smokin' It's good and ready I am going to start withI'm gonna throw about a tablespoon of ghee in there Throw it right in there I like to get not ONLY each side, but I try to stand it up on on edge as well, and try to get the sides Oh, it smells nice! Oh yeah

I've done both sides for about 30 seconds I'm going to stand it on edge This is a method that Steve taught me You can watch a video of that right up there He was like, "Stand it on its side and get all that fat rendered

" I'm gonna flip it over do this last little section here It's gonna be a perfectly perfectly reverse-seared ribeye

All right, let's see how well these flip They're like, connected Look at that! Not too bad We're gonna do it all at once You think I can? Probably not

But maybe? OH! Close OK, wow I may have seared this a little too long and/or let it cook a little bit too hot I'm normally I like a little bit more pink on the inside than that, but this still looks amazing Mmm

Oh man, it's so tender! What?! No It does look like a Muppet sneezed its brains out So I'm gonna have some mid- afternoon tea I was sent, from TeaMi Blends, a couple of teas last week that I've been trying out This guy is the Colon Tea, which

you know, any product with the word COLON in it, you gottayou gotta respect This comes in little tea bags like this, and I have been enjoying this flavor every OTHER night, they say This is not to be had daily, as it can cause some some issues, I guess This one has zero carbs and zero protein Zero fat, zero sodium, 20 calories per bag THIS one is the Skinny Blend, which is a little bit different This you can have whenever, without any sort of gastrointestinal consequences

This one does have some carbs Three carbs, but one dietary fiber in one brewed teaspoon of this So I'm gonna make some of this, and have it this afternoon It does that it's recommended for adults only, also if I'm taking prescription medication or are pregnant or nursing (which I am NOT) consult your health care provider prior to using this product So they sent me also this little tumbler

It's got you know, this part is where the hot tea goes, and then you put it in here, carry it around So I'm just gonna take some of this TeaMi, about a teaspoon, throw it in there, and I'm just gonna brew some hot water straight out of my Keurig

So here is my TeaMi tea This is the Skinny Blend This is loose tea, and I waswhen I first got this stuff, I was like, "What?! If I have tea bags, why do I even why do I need this thing?" But the tea — if you're doing loose tea, you throw this in, and it'll basically keep you from gettingyou know, tea leaves in your mouth And then you just throw this on here, and you're good to go So thanks, TeaMi, for sending me this stuff They did give me a coupon code to give to you guys if you decide to go and purchase anything from them

And you use the code ADKETO15 at checkout You'll get 15% off So umtea! So I'm grating up grating? Yeah, grating some cauliflower I don't know why that word seems so weird, but Sara is making a casserole for dinner, and it looks pretty epic

She's already assembled most of it Here's the sauce we're gonna put in it It's Alfredo 2 grams of carbs per serving, which is cool Serving is 1/4 cup

I'm gonna put cheese on your half Oh! Awesome! I got some shredded chee Yeah, this looks pretty fatty It's actually notit's not bad for the Weight Watchers crowd It's also pretty good for the keto crowd Ohh, when those crowds get together Sometimes the crowds can overlap

This would be right in the middle of our Venn Diagram I suppose so If you're into that kind of thing Venn diagrams? Yeah I love them

Make sure you get the garbage in the background This is riced cauliflower, broccoli, ground turkey? Is that what that is? Yup, ground turkey And chopped spinach Chopped spinach, and the Alfredo sauce Yeah

And then we're gonna throw some Give me some cheese Sprinkle this generously on one half, here

I'm not even measuring it Hey, all right I'd say that's probablywhat? A cup and and half? Uhh I'd give that a cup Serving size: 1/4 cup

A carb per quarter cup So yeah, 4 or 5 carbs in this cheese Worth it If you eat that If you eat half of the casserole

Yeah, I plan on eating all of that Uh, but we have kids How long and what temperature? It's gonna well, like a standard casserole It's gonna go in at 350 I'm gonna say about 25 minutes OK Look how hideous our oven is Really?! It's not that bad Oh, it's

not good Look at that bad boy It's gonna look like a pizza commercial

What's next, Peter? All of this Gimme a chirp, big guy Well there you have it Another full day of eating in the books It was a really good day today

I got out for that long run first thing this morning, came home, and that steak and eggs just hit the spot Oh, so good I had that tea a little later I'm not a huge tea guy, but I do like that green tea from TeaMi Blends And then the casserole that Sara made for dinner

I sort ofyou know, approximated what the macros were on that We were just kind of winging it with some of those ingredients

So did the best I could Here's what my macros looked like today

Twenty six hundred and forty calories I did get in that 10-miler this morning, so I'm probably still at a slight caloric deficit today But 210 grams of fat, 163 grams of protein, and 19 grams of carbs There is my pie chart Look how pretty that is

So yeah, a really good day Couldn't have asked for anything more Not a whole lot going on I like weekends when there's not you know, something scheduled every moment of every day Today was sort of just a chilling out day, and it felt great So hope you enjoyed this video Thank you so much for watching

Thank you so much for subscribing I hope you have a fantastic day, and I will see you next time