FULL DAY OF EATING KETO + The Life Market Unboxing

good morning guys I haven't seen you guys in my kitchen and what seems to be forever I'm pretty sure by now you know what this means we're doing you what I eat in a day it's you one I have been back on keto since Coachella and I've lost all the five pounds that I gained +2 and it's that time in the month so I'm just on a whole nother happy vibe guys when I figured I'd show you what I eat lately I've been eating breakfast I think it's because I've been working out a lot more I want to show you my breakfast lunch dinner and snacks so let's go ahead and get into breakfast because I've been obsessed with this meal and not for breakfast time I've been actually eating it for dinner because it's super easy it's so these are the ingredients that I'm gonna be using I'm going to be putting everything on the cut the carb flatbread you can use a low-carb tortilla but I had this on hand I really like this it crisp up really nice when you cook it with butter and I'm super lazy I don't feel like making bacon and I had these in the fridge so I just sprinkle this in it and it's just as good one egg and I have some tell them up cheese and Swiss I'm not sure which one I'm gonna use or I might use both I don't know you'll have to find out these are my go-to seasonings for breakfast I'm obsessed with this everything but the bagel seasoning I'm actually gonna make some bagels and put this on it and black pepper and salt you actually don't need that much salt because this is pretty salty but I like to put a little salt on you know just for good measure so I'm gonna walk you guys through how I cook it and my thought process when I'm adding fat and stuff so I put a little less than a tablespoon of butter because I'm going to be using a little bit of butter to crisp up the flatbread and I'm gonna be adding a lot of cheese so I'm saving my fat for that so I added one slice of this slit at the bottom and just broke it up just just evenly distribute it so I added about two tablespoons of the real crumbled bacon this is honestly just because I'm lazy you can cook up one or two huge strips of bacon and break it up in here next I'm adding the cooked egg that I made scrambled and about 1/2 tablespoon of butter I added the seasonings and now I'm gonna probably add maybe a tablespoon of cheeses and honestly just so the other side can be glued together and it never hurts to add a little more cheese you know I have maybe two tablespoons okay so this is what it looks like I'm just gonna crisp up both sides get the cheese nice and melty look how crisp that guy oh I'm gonna be so good I'm also warming up tea I'm gonna have some chai tea today you guys know how obsessed I am with tea today I'm having vanilla chai tea with a little bit of swerve sweetener and there's probably like a tablespoon and a half of half-and-half bacon gives me a reason to get out of bed does anyone know where I got this from comment down below if you do mmm I love vanilla chai tea with half-and-half and a little bit of syrup so good so I'm starting off my morning with some good fat because I want to work out hard at the gym and it's that time of the month I know I might be TMI but I figured getting a good meal on my system would help with cramps and feeling motivated to go to the gym so I'm gonna eat this hmm I'm gonna eat this and I actually have to go and find a Mother's Day gift for my mom that's gonna come in late because she's all died in Japan but I want her to know we're still thinking about her oh my goodness this it tastes like remember those Hot Pockets the breakfast hot pocket it's like the ham and cheese sorry that's what this tastes like and you can definitely do this with a low carb tortilla you can get that at your local market mmm so good I'm in heaven so it's a couple hours later I'm changed into my workout clothes and I'm about to hit the road but before I do I'm going to be snacking on some blueberries I was supposed to eat this doing light or doing breakfast but I forgot about them so they're perfect snack I'm just gonna pack them up and probably just eat them as I'm driving you guys I've been obsessed with blueberries lately I don't know I used to hate blueberries as a kid so I don't know why I love them now but they're just so sweet I think it's probably because I don't have sugar anymore so these taste like candy to me and I don't measure out my fruit I just honestly do like the hand like a handful of it I do the handful measurement I do that with all my fruit so like strawberries blueberries I just take a handful wash it I don't eat mm-hmm you're so good you know what I'm gonna get just a little bit more just a couple more now anyone starting to you know um definitely weigh and measure I actually did start weighing everything but now mmm anything's you're gonna make it into the car now I kind of know how much I should be eating for my body so good so I think I'm going to do arms today and then maybe get on the stale upstairs about 15 20 minutes I'm having a really bad cramp so we'll see but I still want a good workout oh you're so good so I just checked my mail box on my peel box and I don't think I've ever put my peel box there soft down below and you all must write anything I just got poquito made easy buck by keto connect they look so beautiful oh this is so oh my goodness this looks so pretty look at it guys ah so I'm so happy for you guys I'm ready to try literally all of these you know I've been in a funk on what to cook it's like I'm a proud mom right now so I just finished the gym and I'm just running errands now and I am gonna be snacking on this pizza in a bag if you guys watched my Walmart grocery haul I bought it then and the nutritional facts are pretty good for one ounce it is two grams of carbs there's two servings in here so I'm just gonna kind of guesstimate how much I should have and just hopefully only have serving someone commented and said that this literally does taste like a pizza and a bag so I figured I would just go ahead in case test it for you guys oh it smells good Wow sweater looks like the big old pepperoni with like a whole bunch of seasoning on it mmm oh my goodness oh this is this is legit mmm I wish I had my mozzarella sticks oh my goodness hmm I definitely recommend this so bad has got me wanting to like add flavors to the pepperonis I buy this is so web and great job guys um I'm not sure where else you can get I think right now only Walmart so there's a Walmart here you definitely turn it out I would definitely repurchase this all right time to head home update so I definitely ate more than her serving so I think I'm just gonna go ahead and eat two servings of this and kind of make it my lunch I have some pistachios I'm not probably gonna eat when I get home so yeah and I do that actually often my snacks I just make into meals which I feel like a lot of people do that this is so Graham I'm not kind of annoyed that I discovered that this is so good it's like four bucks oh my gosh I'm actually at Trader Joe's now because my mom she likes a couple of things from Trader Joe's so I forgot to put that in her mother's day care package I literally ate this whole bag I'm like trying to get the crumbs now so I just got home and actually got a box from the life market this is one of my Instagram friends that actually started a business that has low-carb snack options she sent me a little note which is so nice she said hi Kayla hope you enjoy these goodies from the life market it has been amazing to be a part of your journey from the beginning and I hope the life market can be a part of it going forward please feel free to share code Kayla TLM for 20% off of your order so this isn't sponsored but I'll leave the information down below and if you guys want 20% off and to give this a try she's a startup company so I love supporting you know people that are really she found her passion and it was through her getting her I believe she started keto because of her diabetes I think she has type 1 diabetes so I just wanted to open it on camera and show her that I do appreciate it this is so cute has a little sticker oh I've heard all about this this is the Kido crane beef jerkey it is 90 calories per serving zero carbs so this is like perfect on-the-go food I like putting stuff like this in my purse so I can have a snack ready to take if I'm craving anything you also got some nosh coffee and birthday cake flavored MCT oil huh I'm excited to give these a try oh I think I might try this now these are from bald Baker and it's sugar conscious desserts these are dairy-free vegan and grain free I have the sweet and salty one here's the sweet and salty one the nutty crisper what has it amount of those I actually want to try one now for one cookie the nutritional facts are 270 calories carbs is 17 grams but there's 5 grams of fiber and 4 grams of the sugar alcohol I'm so that's I got so many of these so many oh my god I think I'm gonna try one now just to see because and honestly my lunch I guess is just gonna be a whole bunch of snacks because what I just ate was about I think 200 calories and this is about 270 to 90 mm-hmm this reminds me of like granola mmm it's kind of melted cuz it's been in my car for a little bit mmm yes yes this is the chocolate chip walnut cookie so I think the base is walnut mmm I wish I knew how to make cookies this good next is the matcha vanilla green tea powder oh my gosh if you guys know me you know I'm obsessed with matcha green tea I've been craving it for so long and I actually found a place close to me that has um unsweetened matcha powder so I'm excited to this tribe I'll probably try it in the next couple of days so check on my Instagram I'll let you guys know if I like it my coworker actually started keto and she swears by the pilla net so this is the nut butter version of it so that's exciting hmm I wonder how this tastes has anyone tried this before let me know in the comments down below whoa another matcha one this is the ginger green tea powder yes oh my gosh this box alone is just for this this is the matcha green tea powder oh my gosh I've been wanting to find a green tea powder for so long and the ingredients is a hundred percent organic Japanese matcha green tea powder so no added sugars nothing oh this is so perfect I'm so excited to give this a try thank you so much for sending this to me and if you guys want to check them out it's a startup company they have good products mmm so good I'll leave the link down below as well as the discount code if you want to give it a try you guys I seriously cannot stop eating these gosh I was online in a habitation and it's the REE hunt and it's 200 or 90 calories from so if I eat this and then I had the whole pepperoni pizza in a bag and that was 200 so we're looking at 490 for my lunch because a lot of people don't see these things as like a lot of calories and stuff like that but this is really dense and packed with a whole bunch of good fat like this is there's a whole bunch of walnuts and stuff in this and the same at the pepperonis um it's it's a lot of fat so it doesn't seem like I would eat a lot of it it's a fuel in my body this is so good I haven't had a good cookie like this that I didn't have to feel bad for and I can tell you mmm oh my goodness I wish I knew how to make cookies like this this is amazing so I did something that I don't normally do I took a nap whoo and I guess I needed it cuz I feel so refreshed but that means I don't have time to cook a recipe and keto connects book but I think I'm gonna do like a standalone video like a cook with me so give this video a thumbs up if you guys want me to make it a recipe out of this but that's okay because I actually have some chili that I made this week in the fridge waiting for me don't you just love when like you have something you have to worry about you just warm up I'm just gonna warm this up add some cheese and just eat I'm so excited ooh look at all that now chili is something I never get tired of so I usually cook it once or twice a month it stores so well tastes good you can add sour cream chips I just don't like sour cream but sour cream would be perfect this green onions I actually have a recipe of this in my last meal prep video so I'll link it up here if you guys want to check it out it's super easy that's why I make it so often sorry I'm in my sports bra but it is so hot here in California I swear it's like summer already but oh I'm so excited to give this a try all right no it's good because I've literally had it every day for the past 3-4 days and I'm still not tired of it hmm okay I also want to give this diet coke the zesty blood orange this was in my last grocery haul the Walmart one I want to give this to tribe to see how it is it's okay honestly I like the flavor of Coke Zero better than this it doesn't taste like orange to me I don't really purchase direct soda that's often so I'm kind of sad that this isn't as good as I hoped it would be I mean it's still good enough for me to drink don't get me wrong I'm and drink all that I have in there but it's like really really sweet and it doesn't taste like orange at all but I mean some people are used to the Diet Coke flavor and I think that's what it is I'm just not used to Diet Coke cuz I never really drink diet coke but it definitely tastes like Diet kind of sad now this is a day that hmm now this is a day that I wish I would've got more veggies and and trust I have those days I have days where you know I get a salad a day and I feel so healthy and then I get just a you know a day where you know I have pepperonis in a bag and cookies as my lunch it's kind of cool that you know on keto I can still have meals like that and it satisfies my cravings but I'm still able to lose weight so that's why I love showing you guys kind of like what I eat and having them not be normal and not be perfect nope you guys check me on my Instagram Kayla Kido you know I have my salads and now I have my chicken with my Brussels sprouts and chicken with veggies so I definitely do have those days but I think it's important to show these days as well I'm gonna finish this thank you guys so much for watching this video as always if you guys do like these what I didn't it is and want me to continue making them you know it's do give this video thumbs up comment down below and let me know what your favorite keto find has been because I'm on the hunt for new keto food I'll see you guys in the next one