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Hello friends, I am Suman chauhan, welcome to my channel Health city
Today I will talk about bread(living).
Bread plays a very important role
in our everybody’s life
Every person always try hard to earn livelihood
throughout the entire life
for bread, for living
But when we get fat
we don’t care for our body, forget everything while earning
that what we should do and what not
When we feel that we have been fat
we face difficulties to lead our life
due to our fatness.
Then, we think what should we do
then we understand , for the breads we have been working with heart and soul
we forget everything
we have been fat for that and need to be left
what to do now ?
We earn for the bread and will have to leave the bread
Let’s know in today’s video
whether leaving bread is right

or wrong, how much to be eaten
I get many comments about
How much they should eat
Is it such harmful to be left ?
What is the thing in
bread , for which they are being fat
and will they be slim if they leave breads ?
You will get the details in this video
how many breads to be eaten
and why only makes you fat
which types of breads and how much to eat
if you want to know
Be till the last
First , let’s talk about how many breads to eat
or not to eat
As you know we take three meals a day
3 times
Bread is a source of carbohydrate
means maximum element in breads is carbohydrate
When carbohydrate gets into
our body, what happens ?
It gives energy to work
But the energy our body needs
to work, body takes
but the extra carbohydrate
is stored in the liver and muscles
by our body
Like it will take when needed
But what we do ? we can’t use that
on the other hand take more carbohydrate from other sources
due to that the stored carbohydrate
which is not used ,
the body supplies the carbohydrate all over the body
as fat
and the body starts to be fat
The fat is an energy , what we don’t use
That energy , which is not used yet
stores in our body as fat
Talk about protein
Who eats non-veg food
takes sufficient protein
as much he needs . What does protein do ?
It increases the muscles , good muscles
increases fat where needed
not there where not needed
The cartilage
in our joints
needs protein. Who eats non-veg
takes protein enough eating like fishes
but who eat veg food , very few people
take high protein diet
That’s why we take carbohydrate foods more
and increases fatness
Being fat , we think about eating low
carbohydrate , to eat less carbohydrates
One is simple carbohydrate
another one is complex
Simple one is unhealthy for our body
when we eat simple carbohydrate
glucose in our blood becomes high
for that in our blood
produces insulin
which helps in increasing fat
and the complex carbohydrate
Its Glycemic Index has not that much high
it is low , that’s why , glucose not so much
spike in our blood
doesn’t become much high
So, we should take complex carbohydrate
Now , what is simple carbohydrate ?
It is flour and other foods made of flour
We all know that flour related foods should be eaten less
Otherwise fatness will increase
and it is true
Complex carbohydrate is Porridge (Daliya)
also called broken Wheat
There is also fibers in porridge
micro nutrients in a proper quantity
So, you can eat cracked porridge
It’s glycemic is not that high. Now breads
Breads come in between these
It comes in the middle , neither in the complex carbohydrates
nor in the simple carbohydrates
Neither it’s glycemic index high nor low
It is good for health
The work we need to do in our daily life
breads give energy for that
Now , how much to eat
As you know I have told in the earlier video
that a normal size bread contain calorie maximum 100

Less can be contained if you make smaller
But if you make bigger breads
then calorie may increase
If you eat two breads at a time , you have taken 200 calorie
If you eat 3 times this way like 2 breads
you will take 600 calorie
except the Calorie in vegetables
The office people
maximum office people ,
or the housewives nowadays
their works are not much active
that’s why a normal person
whether a male or a female
who work very less
need to take 1600 calorie a day
this is a healthy diet. But the people work in fields
do different kinds of work
Their per day calorie needed can be more
like the worker or farmers
Their per day calorie needed more
up to 2000 or more
depends on what types of work they perform
but the office people
or a normal lady
1600 calorie is maximum for a day for them
So, you will take 600 calorie
in three meals by taking two breads each meal
So, we get much calorie in breads
But if you want to be slim
as you have been fat ,
what to do ? If you take three meals a day
you need to take breads in one or two meals
If you think one meal is very less
you can take in two meals
and avoid bread in one meal
you can take fruits instead
or you can take cracked wheat , you can make UPMA
or BASON CHILA as you wish
When you take lunch , in lunch too
make such meal. Like in your plate
half should be salads
other half with a bowl of curd or lassi
one bowl of vegetables
or you can take two bowl vegetables
after that
take one or two bowl rice or bread as you feel hunger
you can take as you wish
In the dinner, some say
whether they can eat breads in the dinner or they should avoid
If you can avoid ,
you can eat without adding bread
that is very good , but if you need bread
you can take but remember
2 – 3 hours before sleeping
finish your dinner and after that when you go to the bed
if you feel hungry you can drink one glass of milk
Make your diet plan this way
and the three times you eat
keep calorie in mind
that how much work you do
If you need 1600 calorie
don’t take more than that ,remember
If you want to be slim
then eat that food which contains less calorie
like fruits and vegetables , these kind of foods
you can take . Or if you want
you can eat breads of multigrain flour
You don’t have to bring it from the market
not that made earlier , make it in your home
Like whenever you make breads
you can add one spoon baking powder
or flour of chickpeas or barley one spoon
one spoon sorghum , one spoon millet and
one spoon finger millet
whatever you get in your home
mix it and prepare the flour
After 10 to 15 minutes of preparing
let the flour rest , because , the air the inside it
will have to be out of it . Then agitate the mixer properly
then make breads
These breads will be soft
and will be digested easily
So, if you make breads this way and eat
and take breads minimum according to your diet
you won’t be fat
as well as you will get energy
So, you must have understood , in which way a
you need to make breads and how much to eat
and how you can plan your diet
That’s all for today , if you have liked the video
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