Fat Loss For Women Over 40

If you’re married get your
husband or your wife and you
guys do it together because…
you then support each other.
And it makes it a
whole lot easier,
especially when it comes
down to time to eat.
So now you are eating
the same thing.
And it’s not like he’s sitting over
there with a fat burger with the bun.
You can have that same
fat burger minus the bun
wrap it up with some lettuce
you know and enjoy it.
So I enjoy going to the market.
So I look at the market as
my kitchen and get in there
and say, baby.
What we’re going to have today?
Remember, how we always
go to Burger King
and we get the whoppers.
So now we go to Burger
King and we just
get the Whopper
without the bread
and we call it a whopper salad.
It’s things like that where
now you’re thinking healthy
and you’re thinking
weight loss, where
before you eat it would
haphazard just whatever you
felt like.
And you see the results.
My wife is much happier.
You know I know
I’m going to have
to get her an entire new wardrobe.
But it’s been worth it.
But it definitely
going to be worth it.
My days can be hectic.
They can be up and down.
That’s a lot of
hustle and bustle.
There’s a lot of drop hat
action dealing with the six kids
because we are foster parents
and they range from ages
two up to 19 and all in between.
So if you think about it at
night before you go to bed.
What am I going to weight tomorrow,
tomorrow morning you
know. And in the morning,
man you just cannot wait
to get on that scale.
Yeah, you actually
stripped down you
know you don’t want
anything extra on you that’s
going to give you extra ounce.
So you have nothing on.
And you know you get on that
scale, and it just rewards you.