Exercises For Women Over 50 To Lose Weight

(intense music)
– Hey everybody, this is Randy Santel,
Atlas, and I am very happily back
in just my double X shirts.
This video was filmed
on Tuesday, March third.
We just finished up week number seven
of my sexification 2020
so seven weeks down,
just five to go until
I start touring again
and doing food challenges.
As a hint for the ending, week
number seven went well too.
Thank you so much to everybody
who watched last Friday’s video, part one,
where I explained what
was different in 2019,
compared to all the previous years
that helped lead to all
of my serious weight gain.
In this video, part
two, I’m going to detail
what’s gonna be different,
or improved in 2020,
so that I can better manage my weight
and not set another personal record.
The most important thing,
and I mentioned this
in last Friday’s video, but in April
we’re gonna be shifting back down
to just three videos a week,
with videos posting on
Monday’s, Wednesday’s,
and Friday’s again, and that’s important
because with just three videos a week,
that’s gonna take a significant amount
of load and demand not
only off my schedule
but also off my team’s in general.
I’ll have more time
freed up during my trips
and I’ll be able to
take more, longer breaks
in between trips where I can diet,
exercise, and just better
keep my weight in check.
Reason number two is what
I’m most excited about.
I just very recently added
a 2014 Dodge Ram Cargo Van
to the FoodChallenges.com family.
I’m going to be able to travel
and go on Food Challenge Tours with it,
which will open up and provide
a whole load of positive benefits.
It’s got a special custom
Tradesman Package in back,
so there’s no seats or anything like that,
just all kinds of open space to fit
everything I need and want
to take with my on my trips.
I’ll be able to fit all
of my store merchandise.
I just ordered a new sleeping bag
and new sleeping pad big enough
so that I can actually comfortably sleep
in the back during my trips.
That’ll save me a bunch of time,
because I won’t have to worry anymore
when the conditions
are right about finding
and driving to the hotels like
I’ve had to do in the past.
I’m going to have a makeshift desk
and workspace set up in the back.
I’ll be able to get all
my computer work done,
and all of our videos uploaded on time.
I won’t have to worry about finding
various coffee shops and stuff like that,
I’ll have a spot to work and just hotspot
my computer using my phone.
Most importantly, regarding my weight,
I’m going to be able to
bring Stacy, my spin bike,
on the trips with me too.
She will fit in the back
along with everything else.
Because I’ll have my spin bike with me,
I’ll be able to conveniently
get a good spinning workout in,
whenever I want I can make the time.
Let’s say I am going on a long journey
to another destination,
I can stop at a mid point, take a break,
and get a great spinning workout in.
I will be keeping my
Planet Fitness membership,
they’ve got so many locations
all around the U.S.A.
that I’ll be able to get a good shower in,
before each of my events and I’ll be able
to get some good resistance
training workouts in there too.
I still need to pick a
name, any suggestions
please comment down below.
This I’m also very, very excited about,
we’ve added more people to the team.
You guys have heard me talk about
the company Further U, during past videos.
My friend Chris has added
more people to his team,
to help out with everything.
And then together we’ve
added my friend Whitney
to the team, I graduate from
Missouri State with her.
She is going to be helping out
and in charge of most of the marketing,
media, event publicity, promotions,
and other forms of communication
that I used to have to help
out a lot with in 2019,
which usually got prioritized
over all the working out.
I touched on this issue in
last Friday’s video as well,
but in 2019 I spent a
significant time on the road,
driving from challenge to challenge.
This year we’re able to schedule
the challenge events a
lot further in advance,
we’re gonna be focusing more on clustering
events together so that I don’t have to go
on as many long drives
in between challenges
as I was doing in 2019.
Last but not least, this
is both easy and hard,
and it’s especially depressing.
But I’m gettin’ old,
my ten year anniversary
of doin’ food challenges is this month.
I gotta come to terms, I
gotta be more conscious
in 2020 that I can’t be doin’
both the food challenges
that I wanna do and all
the extra stuff too.
All of the desserts,
the cakes, the cookies,
the pies, the slices of cheesecake,
the bowls of ice cream, and
especially all the beers
that I’m offered from the
restaurants and various people
after all of the food
challenges that I do.
Gotta start saying no more
often to some of those.
I know I can do it,
I’ve got the discipline,
definitely have the motivation,
I’m gonna do more of that
in 2020, start saying no.
(upbeat music)
All right, now it’s time to talk about
how week number seven went.
I didn’t quite have the
crazy weight fluctuation
during week seven as
I did during week six,
but I still made great progress.
So, the first six days
of week number seven
were in February so let’s check those out.
I finished the month of February strong,
with six great strikes.
As you can see here,
during these six first days
of week seven I had three
great spinning workouts,
I had three great lifting workouts,
and I went for three long walks.
And then let’s see how week number seven
finished out starting off March.
(orchestral music)
(ripping paper off)
Set that on the bed.
I was home this past weekend,
and when I’m home Sunday’s are my big
three hour spinning days.
So I got that done on Sunday,
I went for a long three hour spinning ride
while watching The Irishman, great movie,
really enjoyed that.
But I finished off with another strike,
so in week seven I threw seven strikes
so I knew I was gonna be happy
with what the scale said
on Monday and I was.
I wasn’t expecting too much,
because of the over 10
pounds of weight loss
during week number six
but I got on the scale
Monday morning and I weighed 330.6 pounds.
So I was down 3.6 pounds for the week,
which is still great
progress and that sets me
at down 43.3 pounds for
the first seven weeks.
So I still have five weeks to go,
very happy with where I’m at.
Already off to a good start
during week number eight.
But thank you guys for
watching this video.
Really appreciate all
of your encouragement
and continued support, please let me know
down below in the comments what you’d like
to hear me talk about
in the upcoming videos.
We still have five left to go.
But thanks again for watching this video,
until my next one this
is Randy Santel, Atlas,
hoping you guys always, always, always,
win before you begin.
Thanks for watching.
(rock beat)
Snap into a Slim Jim, oh yeah.
Oh sh–
(calm music)

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