Exercise For Women Over 65 To Lose Weight

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– When we think about eating
healthy some people think of
carbs as a dirty word and
won’t eat them at all.
But it’s a little bit
more involved than that.
So today I am with Stephanie
from Food Wonderful.
Stephanie, let’s first
talk about what exactly
is a carb?
– So carbohydrate food is
any food that is digested
and becomes sugar.
Carbohydrates are one of
three macro nutrients,
so along with protein and
fat, carbohydrates provide
the calories in our diet.
Simple carbohydrates are
foods that have shorter
chain sugars so they’re
digested very quickly,
they get into our
bloodstream right away.
Complex carbohydrates
have a longer chain sugar
so they take a little bit
longer to digest and they
usually give us more steady
energy throughout the day.
– So Stephanie, a lot
of foods have carbs,
but they’re not all the same.
– That’s right.
So our complex carbohydrates
like beans, whole grains,
those foods are very nutritious,
they provide us fiber,
B vitamins so we want
to eat those foods.
And even our simple
carbohydrates like fruit have
a lot of good nutrition,
so those are worthwhile
to eat, as well.
The foods that we want to
limit or eat more in moderation
are those very sugary
foods, cookies, soda.
– So really it’s not about
cutting carbohydrates out
of your diet, it’s about
choosing the right ones.
– That’s exactly right,
carbohydrates are an essential
part of our diet.
So when we start to replace
some of our less nutritious
carbohydrate foods with some
of these great complex carbs,
we find that we’ll
have more energy,
we’ll have more nutrients,
and we’ll feel better
through the day.
– So today you’ve got a
great example of a recipe
that we’re gonna cook that
is good carbohydrates.
– That’s exactly right,
we’re making a vegan recipe
which is a chick pea
sweet potato curry.
– Mmm, yummy.
(upbeat music)
– Alright here’s our
ingredients for our curry.
We have lots of great
sources of complex carbs.
We have our sweet
potatoes, our chick peas,
and our green peas.
These foods will provide
carbohydrates and protein, too.
– I love it, let’s make it.
– First we’re gonna
add our onions.
We’re gonna let these
saute for about 10 minutes.
Add in our jalapeno
chile, garlic.
We have some curry
power, some gara marsala,
some paprika.
Pour in our coconut milk.
Our tomatoes.
Basically as soon as
those spices are fragrant,
the curry is ready to go.
– I can’t wait to try it,
but I think the biggest
take away is to not cut
carbs out of your diet
completely, but choose the
best carbs for your body.
– That’s exactly right.
Food like this is gonna
keep us full and satisfied
and give us great energy
for the entire day.
– I love that, thank you so
much, I can’t wait to dig in.
For Stephanie’s recipe or more
healthy eating information,
just head to our website,
Now let’s try this.

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  1. Carbohydrates are BAD for you. I was very fat for 20 years… I suffered abuse about eating cakes & biscuits – but I wasn't eating them!!! No, no, NO – I was eating stuff like cereals, fruit out of season, vegetable oils, margarine… Anything labelled as "low fat"…. Well, about a year ago I discovered that if you avoid carbs as best you can from your diet, you will lose weight. I have lost around 180 pounds (with about 30 left to lose). Carbs cause your body to make INSULIN. For people who suffer from or have a propensity to get fat, (like me), we make too much insulin when carbs get in our bloodstream. Because too much sugar in the blood is very bad for all of us, people like me make slightly too much insulin. This overstrips the sugar out but then makes you hungry – so you eat more because while the last residue vestiges of INSULIN are in your bloodstream, your body cannot make use of the fat stored on it. No-one gets badly overweight overnight; it happens because a small amount of over-production of insulin will make the sufferer retain perhaps 4 or 5 ounces over a week or so – it's enough to make you fat in the longer term. Want to lose weight? Stop actively eating carbohydrates and avoid refined sugars or foods containing it like the plague !

  2. Consider that your body can only handle 1 tsp of sugar in the blood stream at a time, all carbohydrates break down to sugar. Carbohydrates are not a essential nutrient. The definition of essential nutrient is that your body will have a disease by a deficit of the food. There are zero diseases we will get if we don’t eat carbs. There are a host of diseases we will get if we eat too many carbs, starting with obesity, T2D, cardiovascular disease…

    Whole grain breads still break down to sugar. Furthermore, we get calories from all of our intake, not just carbs. The body fuels itself and runs on more than just calories from carbs. One must consider how the food reacts metabolically. Does the carbohydrate load spike the insulin and how much load am I putting in my pancreas and liver?

    There is old misinformation here.

  3. The "good" carbs have NOTHING to do with the nutrition–all carbs become just one thing and that is glucose. If you truly want day long satiation then eat fats.