Diet For Women Over 65 To Lose Weight

– Many celebrities are criticized
when they start to gain, or
lose, a few too many pounds,
but some stars work hard to
achieve their weight loss goals.
The new year has just begun,
but many famous folks
have already shown off
a brand new physique.
Here are the Top Fit Five’s countdown
celebrity weight loss transformations.
Number five, Jonah Hill.
Jonah Hill is opening up
about his long-time struggle
with weight and body image.
In an honest sit-down
interview with Ellen DeGeneres,
the 34-year-old actor
said growing up in the
spotlight left him vulnerable
to criticisms about his body.
The comedian and actor
has lost and gained weight
many times during his career.
One of his biggest body transformations
came four years after
“Superbad” was released
at the premiere of 2011’s “Moneyball”,
which earned him an Oscar nomination
for Best Supporting Actor,
Hill lost the weight by
correcting his unhealthy diet,
he told ABC News at the time.
He told Kidd Kraddick that he
“started physically running,
“instead of emotionally running.”
He also told the radio show
he began doing 10 push-ups a day
and eventually worked his way up
to doing 100 push-ups a day.
More recently, Hill has gotten into boxing
and it’s become his go-to
for staying in shape.
Number four, Missy Elliott.
Missy Elliott riled up fans
on social media recently
after she posted a photo of
her slimmed-down physique.
Many quickly assumed
the 46-year-old rapper is deteriorating
from some incurable disease,
but Missy doesn’t want you
to write her off just yet.
The hip-hop hit maker revealed
that she’s been shedding the pounds
by cutting out sugary drinks, bread,
and drinking more water.
Elliott shared her diet regime
via Instagram on Wednesday,
telling fans she’s happy
to have her “glow” back
after feeling “sluggish”.
Whatever she’s doing, it
appears to be working.
Number three, Jessica Simpson.
In September of 2019,
Jessica Simpson rocked the Internet
when she revealed on Instagram
that she was down 100 pounds,
six months after giving birth
to her third child, Birdie Mae.
During her pregnancy, “she
tipped the scales at 240”,
she wrote in the post.
The 39-year-old businesswoman and singer
was guided on her weight loss
journey by Harley Pasternak,
a celebrity trainer and author
of “The Body Reset Diet.”
To get Simpson to where she wanted to be
to keep up with her three
kids and her career,
Pasternak took a holistic approach,
focusing on using all 168 hours in a week
to optimize Simpson’s wellness.
Pasternak gave Simpson five
things to accomplish every day,
including 12,000 steps per day,
seven hours of sleep per night,
one hour away from technology daily,
three meals and two snacks per day,
and finally Circuit workouts for exercise.
Number two, Melissa McCarthy.
Actress and producer Melissa McCarthy
has made it clear she couldn’t care less
about what people think about her weight,
a topic she’s been asked
about time and time again
as she churns out hits.
A few years after McCarthy landed
her first big role on Gilmore Girls,
she attempted a doctor-supervised
all-liquid diet,
which led her to lose 70
pounds in four months.
She claimed to have felt
starved and crazy half the time
and swore never to do it again.
More recently McCarthy has
received a lot of questions
about her noticeable weight
loss over her career,
a rumored 75 pounds,
but she’s since revealed her “secret”
was really just changing her lifestyle.
“No trick, nothing to tell,
just super-boring life,”
she told ExtraTV.
“You bring it real down,
you don’t do anything fun,
“and you go to bed at
7:30, that’s the trick.”
However, as soon as she got word
she was going to star in
“Spy” alongside Jude Law,
she started kicking up
her exercise routine,
which included training with
a martial arts instructor.
Number one, Mama June.
For our final celebrity
weight loss transformation,
we look to the mother
of Honey Boo Boo herself, Mama June.
At her highest weight,
Mama June Shannon tipped
the scales at 460 pounds.
Now, after intense surgery
and seven weeks of hiding,
she’s finally debuting her new body
and why she’ll “never go
back” to being overweight
After years of binge eating junk food
combined with a little to no exercise,
Shannon steadily packed on the pounds.
Once she found out
her ex-husband Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson
was getting remarried,
Shannon decided to get
in shape for the wedding.
Viewers have since watched
her drastic transformation
on WE TV’s Mama June: From Not to Hot
as the reality star
spent upwards of $75,000
to have gastric sleeve
surgery, breast augmentation,
and skin removal surgery
on her “turkey neck,”
“bat wings” and stomach
where a combined total 9
pounds of skin was removed.
Now Shannon is adamant she’ll
keep the nearly 300 pounds off
with better food decisions,
exercise, and portion control.
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