hey guys thanks for joining me today it's almost 2 o'clock so I'm ready to make my lunch I know it's little late today but I was munching yesterday while watching a TV well by the way you can go ahead and watch the episode after this one so I really wanted to stretch my eating window so that's why it's almost 2 o'clock and for you who are new to my channel I am in terminate fasting so that's why it's 2 o'clock I'm skipping breakfast yeah bad girl so I wanted to tell you also that I don't really stressed out about intermittent fasting and like I'm not exactly 100% strict I mean on the weekends if we hungry in the morning and we want to enjoy breakfast we just we just have breakfast we don't really you know we don't stressed about it and if I'm hungry at 11 o'clock I'm not gonna push myself and starve toe to a god usually I am not hungry so you know it works for me but if I was I would definitely go and eat so let me show you what I'm having for lunch today so I'm gonna have one length of this Italian chicken sausage that's hundred forty calories then I'm gonna have half of an avocado one tomato and I'm gonna fry up two eggs with a little bit of Kerry gold butter where are you going so an ante frosting this big birdie for dinner tonight there were these guys awesome lunch I can't wait to dig into it don't forget a big glass of water it's really important you guys to drink a lot of water especially on keto diet as your body doesn't tap into insulin Reserve as much and it's really depleting itself of water a lot so you pee a lot you got a drink a lot so Cheers so I finished a lunch the sausage was actually really good I enjoyed it and I'm just walking the dogs and I wanted to tell you that today is beautiful surprise I'm gonna finish my laundry because it was raining like five days in a row so I wouldn't even managed to do that so I'm gonna make myself a coffee and go right to it and I'm gonna see you it's next time put you like an ice cube get down we'll see you down that's it get down that's it uneasy I took half of a cucumber I'd have to see it out I put teaspoon of mayo ham salami cheese and I put two halves on top of each other and there you have a nice sandwich so guys today for a snack I made this cucumber sandwiches it looks great very good I think these are great for when you're on keto and you don't eat bread or when you want gluten-free you have a gluten intolerance then these are a great option besides a keto bread it's a great low calorie low carb sandwich okay Cinco I'm working what do you want what do you want what do you want so guys it's time to breathe the oven and get the bird ready I'm gonna bake the whole chicken I have some other two recipes on mine I wanna make with the leftovers so I'm gonna show you how I bake it and I also gonna make some rice a roni as a side to wrap and I'm gonna probably for myself just saute leftover of the eggplant from the eggplant lasagna I made the previous day so you should go definitely check that recipe that lasagna was awesome so without further ado let's get started dinner that it was my bird I left it outside to defrost in the Sun so you guys you're gonna want to here and there like every 15 20 minutes take the chicken out and take the sauce here and pour it all over it that's gonna make the skin very nice spiced up and even Frenchy my chicken is almost done I will give it another 15 minutes and we should be good okay guys so the chicken is done it took about hour in the oven my RV oven for some reason just takes a little longer than the conventional one I don't know why and guys I'm gonna even enjoy this thing yeah I'm gonna really eat the skin well I tried like every diet on the planet especially this low carb low fat low everything so I would always like try to avoid skin and every all that kind of good stuff so now I'm pretty happy that Onkyo dies I can actually afford to eat it so I'm going to do it so guys we take apart the rest of the chicken and we have a lot still laughs is the best $5 I've spent so far and now we probably gonna play some heads up so you're welcome to join us and watch some funny shit when you're a kid you have the thing you dip it in this is what the how you say diffusing a bomb okay um that would be sexual yeah I can done this I hate doing this right yeah spinning Bess oh no