Customers support Davenport restaurant during Mother’s Day – KWQC-TV6

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Mother’s day is typically a busy day for restaurants. Although dine-in is still closed around the Quad Cities that didn’t stop people from supporting local.TV6 spoke with the owners of Bayside Bistro about their Mother’s Day experience. The restaurant came about because of a mother’s love for her children and her passion for food.

The family-owned business in the village of East Davenport saw a busy mother’s day rush as customers came out today and picked up orders while celebrating the moms in their lives.

“It went really well. We stayed steady, pretty much since we opened today till about maybe like 30 minutes ago,“ Darryl Howlett said, “We just try to keep up with orders”.

Darryl and his wife LaTisha own the Bayside Bistro. LaTisha’s passion for food and an emphasis on the importance of family were two things that inspired the restaurant. They wanted a place to provide fresh food from scratch.

“I always wanted to make sure that my kids ate well but when you go out somewhere and you can’t find food that is truly made whole and fresh and made to order and from scratch, you know, with the consciousness of people and their diets and their habits and so that’s where Bayside Bistro came from,” LaTisha said.

The restaurant has vegetarian, keto, and gluten-free options available with the menu catered to a variety of needs. 

“Our menu does not fit a genre, it fits an appetite because we’re all about fueling the entire family,” LaTisha said.

Breakfast at the bistro is always a hit and it’s served all day on Sundays. Many people took advantage of the offer.

“I cook. I enjoy cooking, but sometimes I too want to go out…you can be the best cook, you know, but you still want to go eat something else and so I think for Mother’s Day, it was all about ‘Mom, what do you want to eat? Where do you want to eat?’,” LaTisha said.

While today’s rush was a sweet treat, the ultimate Mother’s Day gift for LaTisha will be a little time off. Bayside Bistro will temporarily close for a week. They want time to re-group and prepare for the potential opportunity to re-open for dine-in in the near future.

“There’s a lot of planning that’s gonna go into the changes that need to be made and we need to make sure that our staff is ready and they’re ready to come back and the way we need to, you know, to keep with the guidelines,” LaTisha said.

There’s nothing this family-owned business looks forward to more than being able to reunite with more of their customers.

“They’ve been rooting us on, and they’ve been supporting us and we want them to know that we are a team or supporting, you know, so go team Howlett,” LaTisha said. “Go team Howlett,” Darryl said.

As of right now, Bayside Bistro plans to reopen Tuesday, May 19th. They said they will continue to share updates on their Facebook page