Coconut Collagen Keto Coffee

hey everybody Derek here and I'm about to make my coconut collagen Keto coffee first thing you need at any coffee recipe is good coffee good coffee means freshly ground and brewed 8 ounces of coffee is what we use in here put it in your blender cup now today I'm gonna be making a vanilla latte so I'm gonna put in some calathea farms almond milk creamer two tablespoons we'll call that one and I'll call that and for our vanilla flavoring we've got a simply organic pure vanilla extract you can get both of these on luckyvitamincom I'm gonna do 1/2 a teaspoon I don't know how to measure that so that kind of looks like half a teaspoon all right so that's what's gonna make this a vanilla latte now we're gonna add our luckyvitamin coconut oil 1 tablespoon if you dip it into the hot coffee it should go all right now we put in our luckyvitamin collagen powder two scoops ten grams of protein so if you're taking this mid-morning or mid-afternoon this is gonna help you feel full and the MCTS and the coconut oil are those healthy fats that are a great source of energy and also going to help you feel full now we're gonna bring in eight drops of our lucky eats stevia alright and you can increase or reduce that as much as you want I like a sweet cup of coffee so eight drops is what works for me now we're gonna tighten on our blender attachments drop it on the old magic bullet and let the magic happen all right this is my favorite part is as you untwist this the air escapes and you get a nice fluffy heads – this cup of coffee now I don't normally drink out a glass but then pour it in here just for y'all to see how creamy comes out and haven't settles again you get that nice foamy top kind of like a latte that's really good people that are starting a keto diet often feel tired after the carbs start leaving their body so the caffeine of this coffee plus the healthy MCTS and the coconut oil are really going to help you on your way towards that keto goal