Lose Weight On Stomach

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Youth youth that my friends is the sound
of victory hey everybody it’s
chuggaaconroy welcome back to more let’s
play to Super Mario Bros Wii with me
here I have the very very lazy eye this
is the worst intros we’ve ever had Oh
franchise reviews today
DDP or non no sir oh oh um Pedro
Martinez oh my god sir your name sir
Thomas Jefferson
Ward different Ward’s by Martin sorry
and you’re John Adams Quincy Johnny John
Quincy Quincy how’s it going with that
you actually play the game that’s
playing different pairs let’s play let’s
do it let’s play once again emery to the
four buddy was like great – Jesus
grandma that we do not look just this up
we will have an every solo oh you’re
screwed oh no it’s not the same one come
on you’re I save you long time oh god
I’m alive I don’t know what’s in those
all penguin suit I’m not even up I’m not
even better okay
I didn’t understand what you were asking
I’m oh I’m a penguin you’re jealous you
are jealous of my penguin need to eat oh
yeah wait wait wait I can clap John you
can’t Wow I think you know I’ve never
wasn’t penguin suit down there and you
know oh yeah I will append seems like we
don’t walk yeah I kind of like the model
flip side to side they do and the toad
penguin is so cute
okay dasu dollar Apple know the horrible
I’m horrible and and the horrible is
deplorable any particular reason why the
the coins are just like in easy to get
poises yes because they’re taking pity
on us I guess
yeah well the most adorable creature
known to man and make the coins even
against Candace
koalas wait a minute oh ha ha ha ha this
is just not not a thing that happens
it’s not not not fuzzy get dizzy Peppa
John Oh balls
here’s mad because you’re the daughter
of our family hey guys are like the most
popular intro we ever had it was also
doing SS gems is him burping in the
ah you’re taking something like I must
wander the teachers cause you to grow I
I didn’t even look at that
I know I know what here’s a Princess
Leia TV true what as a blue can your
Amaya what Tim is Chui I’m Han wait wait
a minute
I can’t I cannot I cannot something
that’s very well with my president we
needed we need like a nice yeah you
serious we are gonna have to do it again
anyway we well if we do that that works
that works too well we’re getting the
first two points again what’s this same
way Oh 18 continues hey Mack one for
every year that josh has been living
yeah happy birthday you know what
the only two of these let’s forget it
might as well penguin suits in the thing
it’s so I told her how I know lose them
in about four seconds might as well have
the extra head I have a low battery my
swing high one two three or I’m
disappointed I’m disappointed our
ability to succeed I was promised
failure okay I am disappoint that we did
not a hand for this all the way up
well everybody has a big daddy no they
Oh from the entire world not gonna hang
um why are you doing this
why are you doing this whoa he thinks
he’s oh no he wants to be he wants to be
oh yeah mr. Jetson everyone is wish yeah
everyone wants to be Ron Austin married
into ice yes yes affected and ice I see
the sexiest of them miles out the bass I
like how we’re talking about Tim is
apparently sexy yeah because I’m
probably in reality or of us he’s
probably the one that people see them
that’s the crazy thing yeah kind of like
up there all along okay good oh gee I’m
gonna freeze the fuzzies yeah I guess we
have a penguin suits get them heads up
and Josh’s game oh thanks all the big
ones gonna break first I think yeah but
someone’s not please him how about you
sit there and you’re the anchor to come
back together I see
Tim’s inequity journey on the West End
instead well I’m gonna show game
actually my deep about it well I guess
now we’re the errors and Sims gonna have
to try you can do it soon being on the
left might be better right yeah yeah
yeah we the reason I’m kind was because
of that because we can see more in the
screen okay so Tim stay here Jon Amiel
gone oh nice hahaha
it’s going to log on to the closest
person so yeah well the game wit is the
one you can use da yeah so much unique
running start
help I like that that won’t do with that
nope on a freeze the big one on the next
trip home apparently I can’t see you
down there yeah you can has to move
before the camera leave man look Bob all
do Jesus why but okay oh we must have
all of this let’s keep going
your choice well now what’s the point
keep going I guess and my voice yeah
give us is telling to suddenly okay I’m
turning into pink Oh Dracula what
because rarely Dracula my on the outside
my voice is now distinguishable on the
horse one hey May yeah bronies are going
man oh you will be Vince Lou but I
didn’t wanna
at this to be killed except the I’m not
be called okay we have to work together
here is to break it break it stuff as it
is we have to work together tough as
nails I say we all go for one at a time
hey Josh you’re out
jungle acts like that it’s not as though
the theme of this one plays guilty go to
Marion platform Josh pits suicide
John what I think I saw a pastor at the
wall and they have the right idea
there’s one at a time you got that hard
somebody’s free my baby that may just
need someone to follow me my fries
laughing yeah hostages dude I could just
get badass that’s all it’s a bubble
badass all right Josh wait for me wait
we know we’ve got trust you to not die
well there’s one enemy moving very
thanks thanks I’m glad I’m glad that you
trust me so much as history repeats
anytime I accidently bow Yanni’s
accidental accidentally on purpose
accident alarms I’m gonna kill someone
now gonna kill myself
not worth it no 69 seconds oh okay
we did that one I wasn’t you there that
was all right we do all right
I struggle addition to persevere three
stages left three I mean I heart believe
it I’m not going to kill you I just yeah
mmm he lives I don’t know buddy
hey by batteries alone oh yeah I follow
I follow
son boo boo ha ha ha but yeah what yeah
ha ha
okay there’s a corner something in their
way yes
oh I want you get now my oh my god John
we really don’t have no uh seven lives
oh yeah six lines yes I’m sorry
I mean yes sheets sheets sheets Wow
can’t leave me then really come on oh
come on I don’t know years what squeals
you want me to push it because you’re
you’re so mean seriously you’re so close
I can taste it I can taste my dad
yes and it’s delicious Tricia’s six six
are gonna baste just and Susan because
six six
I guess 6666 48 today it did he did wear
room service give us four sixes for the
price I almost want to not tip the guy
so I can make that we got char to my
Creek hey five why do you want me to die
so well because your lunch music
continues me to water I think a joke cuz
I can isn’t really you that’s not the
oh thank you you’re welcome oh my god oh
my god I push I push I’m not pressing it
wait wait it’s not I pushed watch John
hey Phil I’m gonna go scope self yep
my hero hahaha finalized issues he’s
dead yeah you give it I don’t I’m just
making your ass yeah oh my god oh my god
oh my god
I don’t understand how this works and
the bubble is started annoying we have
as a result of its negative way to go
oh my god I survived mommy down how much
you know how was on the regression
question if we’re going to go back when
you’re getting up and hit something off
yeah look whoa jeez yeah and the fire
jump responds alright so he’s going for
the actual exit I’m gonna go close I’m
gonna wait until it pillar goes oh hey
yeah that’s kind of a good idea I was
gonna suggest that but what you said it
out loud though so I didn’t meet you
no problem no there okay there is a
problem no the problem is you science
yeah you right no Telesis problem yeah
we could you set it up enough and we
could just record this on the street we
didn’t with awesome zero there is a
cool logo down there was like saxophone
haha like hairless whisper Wally harness
level again how much will be the first
time how much gonna be alright we’re
going to die a lot you know what your
problem is you stars yeah
we have nine of them nice you lovely
welcome this using all all nine stars
right now we use all of them are gonna
be we’re going to end up doing that a
little battery because I could’ve done
that many times anymore you love saving
but nothing like I’m saying until
someone actually fixes it I’m the
someone who has the battery which has
the back yeah yeah get the bad stuff
with it
oh oh I see what’s going on here
yes the ice is being melted on the
chompers come on oh my god okay now
you’re on fire balls also melts at those
who use them wisely I believe we need
I’m getting the level we hit a fire
flower towards an extranet we don’t find
out because there’s a fire is a fire bro
yeah serious live okay I could use one
of those here we go no no no no no no
that somebody oh okay I’m running for
this Tim okay good what no do it
Oh weird two out of three in one try now
get that in 50 Josh uh what it’s a good
thing I didn’t go to bed with you bet
don’t mean to do that
okay do it do it this is it
Hogan yeah alright alright let’s do it
let’s do it vincible is tiny invincible
and tiny it’s actually good the
convenient battery we all know charge
pump that’s new bye guys I don’t know
where I am
oh I’m Way over there this I don’t
care if I
grandma we’re hem i what am i what am i
become a lot i’m still small I’m tying
brownies yes you three in them no way
whispering and then everyone I and I
have no lives so one of two things will
another continue back then I didn’t
bring you back too much lettuce a just
gonna keep running there chief for what
I have Tim your back just need not take
my fire lad okay I got run run unlike
yeah fire bro I jump sweetie right there
come back here alright so I’m like a
sacrificial play yeah go good job is
actual state nice now game six here we
go no there’s a lot of two tries
two tries jeez to shoot on one so that
is the hardest level in a game heart is
lonely a bull by yourself it is I would
imagine so I would imagine so by
yourself it’s hard just I was thinking
we’re we had to run through a really
normally I wish things you killed him
three times
I want your guy’s help no Dan work Josh
bro missed
brofist town oh come on let’s do this
let’s do this oh you make this difficult
I’m afraid I’m gonna have to I’m sorry
to call you off in your text today your
credibility’s but oh hey I need battery
low battery thank you I forgot I wasn’t
pay attention I’m dancing this stage no
I’m serious I’m serious I’m serious
yeah looks like your new catch worms are
you serious yeah I’m serious that is
your new cat right are you serious yes I
am very serious that is your new cash
word I am very serious when I didn’t
order a free service I don’t know buddy
yeah nothing serious that was your next
man now this is white you give up kid
now that you give up I’m gonna know
there’s like 1ups everywhere what is
going on with this game suddenly the
game knows nothing game game is a boy oh
yeah I am disappoint right now jeez I am
disappointing game yeah I want that I
want the piece which it is X screw then
it flew away like I don’t want to be
no wait I know it’s now I know it’s
about to happen yeah teacher
I’m excited what’s about to happen yeah
I know I’ll bet I know something I know
yeah I guess we’re doing so again I’m
going crap oh my god I got us how oh I
totally got revive us under concert oh
my god get here oh my god oh yes
that’s crazy John spawned me now the
reaction wasn’t are you serious are you
serious yes I’m serious that I’m serious
that was not your reaction to say oh my
god what the heck and balls they sell in
the LP 99 lives I’m so I’m sorry I’m on
to my sauce
I was about to say I’m sorry John we
didn’t get what you wanted kids I always
get what you are obviously happy oh my
god Thank You Man all right last coin
how do you oh wait I can’t fly what is
this yeah all right we got all the coins
as every start point in the game yes
thank you for hitting me oh my oh my oh
my own what oven
hahaha I’m you yes Oh everybody got it
I thought Jim was going over the last
stage and the last things we finished
together and I use no continues I am
proud of my skill I am credit to team
John is disappoint shot is just sitting
I’m stroking his mustache his invisible
– stroking my hand with no I was joking
something the hell is wrong with you
so that day and is it
that’s the endless oh I guess at the end
we’re gonna finish this off doing our
outro while watching the ridiculous
video features castle oh we’re gonna do
that hey listen real life
here what are you doing what are you
doing what are you doing what here John
what’s you changed them now shaking the
batteries now all times to change them
you change them now that the game is
done look what what you can’t put it
look fully charged suck it I don’t care
if I said something you sure got your
revenge against
yeah and I changed the batteries screw
you I said okay I got schooled
Oh did okay so this is just about the
most ridiculous overall thoughts on the
project you first me first
yes it was a joy to hahahahahaha with
all you fine folks except for the parts
where it wasn’t it wasn’t a joy to all
of it so 99.999% of this left fly point
0.7 yeah yes there’s an extra guess
there’s a second decimal yeah nice nice
it getting spins so happy
haha this is this is opinion everything
so happy to know there’s other things
like this just to show how much the good
friends we are
I feel clean see we’re good friends he
didn’t show me in all seriousness though
Gary hang out with you guys at PAX East
Nippon PAX Prime has been fun this has
been for West and thoughts on the
project oh you actually – yes
I still feel clinically depressed uh no
I think I’m pretty one bring it overall
voiceover we still need to work out a
couple things every now and then Josh
would you want to come back for now
productivity if if you ever have a new
project you want me let me know we’ll
probably try to get something different
for the next one take a bunch of
different people a lot of I haven’t
really anything with before that’s that
sounds like a brilliant plan sounds like
something that we have combined a party
right maybe gosh yeah yonder I still
just want to tell is that working
hi I’m very fresh should be proud but I
you you held on for dear life with a
game just started giving up lives like
candy and I know I I did hold on I think
I prefer it like speed no later kill me
again I can’t kill him the game I could
kill him internally Oh anyway I got this
one very well it was very great getting
to see all of you again really enjoyed
doing this
I really hope all of you enjoyed it
because we sure as hell enjoyed making
it as much as you enjoy staying up all
night having up the totals while I had
added them into the video yeah I love
numbers I enjoy it John did all the
number crunching and then I just put it
into my editor in Maya and then you
would put in the wrong info anyways
exist that I did that Johnny’s in a row
so he’s just like a couple of three or
four times at least yeah
why should be like every time after this
too cuz we have an edited bike world I
know there was at least one guy who
can’t cause if you guys me okay
we’re like this desk should have been
for this cause I’m like no the you know
there’s a lot of causes death causes are
really hard because there are times like
where it’s like you stomped on my head
but I hit a Koopa so it’s like nudie
Akkad oh I know
so we usually it was a matter of
interpretation not gonna bring
but anyway so here’s my question how do
I call him who won this hmm I think well
you like the least
yes I at least dad something needs to
continue the most star coins and in
other words me and Tim just there’s no
chance in this I’m sorry yeah neither of
us use continues I win we both at about
me know who wins
you evil nest you cheese we had about
this we had about the same deaths I
think yes I didn’t die much and toward
the end ie I started going crazy with
this so I’m gonna buy Chicago yeah cuz
you kept dying like crazy trying to kill
me I did y’all someone down in Las
fairly far – I did – yeah so our odds
were probably even I like numbered s oh
you did that more allows me but we
neither was used to continue right so
it’s kind of hard to call I guess so how
yeah we’re gonna call whoever wins the
most category I guess I was also the
only person about a whole video without
dying as well yeah I can’t close with
one death but I also did save the
princess hi I also did save the princess
it was kind of a game yeah cannabis so
you did get the finishing yeah anyway
below anyway though I guess uh one last
time in the Mushroom Kingdom for a
little while this has been intended for
free so on depression incorporated Josh
Jepsen and the cause of said depression
we will see you guys next time I thought
he said oppression for a second which
would have made it a hell of a lot
funnier Oh baby
we will see you guys next time for
what it is say whatever you want John
whatever you want okay you wanted John
maybe yes whatever you want John can hit
everybody thanks to the fine folks in
Seattle high up this evening for not
calling it a room for tacos with that
now balls a shot yeah that’s a pretty
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Lose 30 Pounds Gain An Inch

Love Handles appear all the time, and the
worst part is that getting rid of them can
be quite the nightmare.
But it’s not all that bad. As long as you
know how to deal with them, love handles can
be quite ok.
But why do you encounter Love Handles? Here
are some of the reasons that lead to this
5. You don’t do a variation of workouts
If you want your workouts to be good, then
you have to vary them the best way you can.
Workout variations can actually pay off really
But if you do only cardio, then you will still
have Love Handles, and that’s a problem.
4. You’re always stressed out
Stress leads to Love Handles and it also makes
you unhealthy.
The best thing that you can do is to always
focus on boosting your health as you try to
take it to the next level.
It really is an extraordinary opportunity
to remove stress, so try to unwind and remove
that extra anxiety from your life.
3. You eat a lot of processed food
Processed food may sound or even taste great,
but it’s not healthy, and can bring in various
health problems.
So while it does sound like a good idea, it
does come with challenges and problems that
you want to avoid.
Stick to a natural, healthier diet instead.
2. You always work under deadlines
Obviously this leads you to a lot of stress.
Deadlines may sound ok at first, but it’s
something that you really need to stay away
The best thing that you can do is to try and
better optimize your schedule so you can get
the best outcome.
Results can be really impressive here, as
long as you use the right approach.
1. You just focus on looks
Sure, looks matter, but the inner health is
just as important too.
In fact, if you eat stuff to make your skin
healthy and to boost your muscle, you may
forget about some of the other bodily functions.
Try to take that into consideration, as the
results will be well worth it this way.
So, do try and avoid all these problems and
you will not deal with Love Handles anymore.
Even if you do, try to create a schedule,
vary your workouts and dietary habits, then
results will appear rather quickly!
If you like the video give it a thumbs up
and share it with your friends for more recipes
and tips subscribe to the channel.

Weight Loss Plan For Women Over 30

Look, you’ve been taught that your bing
eating disorder is because a lack of
discipline and willpower, they’re
wrong. By the end of this video,
you will learn exactly how I overcame my
binge eating disorder so that you don’t
have to ever feel guilty binge eating
ever again for the best weight loss and
self improvement advice.
Subscribe to my channel and hit the bell
notification to be notified when I post
every Sunday. Ever since I
overcame my binge eating disorder,
I have lost over 80 pounds
and in my coaching program,
one of my clients has lost 80
pounds within this year as well.
Now I’m going to share with you what
exactly I did to overcome and recover from
binge eating.
I want you to internalize
that our greatest weakness
lies in giving up the most
certain way to succeed is
to always try one more time,
and that was said by Thomas Edison. The
fact is when it comes to binge eating,
for me,
I would always fail and the most important
part of failing is learning from my
mistakes. And it’s not just to fail,
is to learn from those mistakes
so that we can move forward.
These are obstacles that are in our way
so that we can learn from it and be able
to move forward.
I’m pretty sure that you will relate
for what I’m about to share with you.
In the past when I would crash
my diets because of binge eating,
I would try to make it up by
starving myself the very next day.
The problem with that is that I’m already
putting myself in a situation where
I’m putting my body in starvation mode
and that will lead me to lose control and
Binge eat all over again.
Once I recognize that pattern,
I realized to stop doing that and the
best way I’ve learned to recover from that
was not to starve myself but
to continue on my diet. Now,
the best way that helped me to recover
binge eating and get back on track of my
diet was number one. I drink
green tea to make it up.
Now what green tea does,
it helps shrink fat cells.
If you ever heard the concept of people
losing a lot of weight and then gain it
all back, that’s because their
fat cells are still in existence,
and what green tea does
is shrink your fat cells.
And because I know green tea shrinks my
fat cells so that I don’t have to feel
insane after I binge eat, I would
drink green tea to keep myself calm.
Now tip number two is really important
because if you want to recover from
binge-eating, you’re going to
have to identify your triggers.
What I’ve learned is that binge eating
come from emotional triggers and there’s
four different emotional triggers that
I personally learned from myself that
caused me to Binge eat,
and I call that the bad’s triggers
and what that consists of is boredom,
anxiety, sadness, and depression.
Those are the four main triggers
that leads to binge eating.
I remember one day in the past when
I was on my way home from work,
my body was feeling so much stress.
I felt so much anxiety that I needed
to calm down and I know that the way is
going to help calm down is by
eating food. That was my go-to,
so I stopped by McDonald’s,
picked up two MC chickens,
a 20 piece chicken nugget, large fries,
I’d large soda,
a set of chocolate chip
cookies and a milkshake.
I went home and scarf it all down
and I felt so good in the moment,
but after an hour I felt so
bad and I felt so guilty.
I didn’t know what to do with myself
and I felt so guilty and so bad that the
next thing I did was I went to my cabinet
and scarf down 12 Oreos and this only
happened because I didn’t know how
to handle my anxiety and my stress.
I want you to come and down below and
share with me what triggers you to Binge
eat? Is it boredom, anxiety,
depression, or sadness?
For me it was mainly
anxiety and also depression.
We’ve been taught that our eating disorder
is because of lack of willpower and
They’re wrong it’s because we haven’t
identified triggers. We don’t know her,
process them and let go of them.
A lot of our triggers come from painful
childhood experiences now before we can
process them. The best way to
identify it is acknowledging it.
When it comes up. A lot of
us, especially in the past,
what I would do is that I was suppress
whatever I was feeling with food and I’m
pretty sure you can relate with that.
You would get this feeling of anxiety or
depression and the first thing you will
think is, Oh,
let me order some food so that I can
have this shitty feeling go away. Now,
the only way that we’ll be able to get
past that is to be able to process it
instead of suppressing it. Now,
once we’re able to process it,
then we’ll be able to let go
of that because essentially
we’re using food to let
but what that does is give us a temporary
feeling because if we don’t know how
to let go of those triggers,
it would always come back and that’s how
we get the cyclical pattern of eating
and then feel guilty. Now the way
I would process it, for example,
I would always feel a lot of anxiety.
What I realized was that it stemmed
from my childhood experiences,
and what I’ve done is
when I get that feeling,
I would actually face the
feeling. I would ask myself,
why am I feeling this way and
whatever thoughts that pop up,
I’m going to allow it to flow
because it’s going to tell me why.
Exactly I’m feeling that way.
And I remember there’s a lot of fork
out shot we all go through during our
childhood, a lot of traumas,
and essentially what I’ve
done, I went through it,
I experienced it, I relived it in
my head. I imagine what happened,
and I asked myself, how did I feel?
How did I truly feel about it?
And for me to process
what actually went on.
That’s what I had to do.
Then I will let go of it
because once I feel it,
and once I went through it, faced it,
I’m able to let go of it. You know,
when you see a kid, he falls. The
first thing he’s gonna do is cry,
cry, cry, cry,
cry because he feels pain
and then I don’t know where.
After he’s done crying, he’s running
around like nothing ever happened.
That’s essentially what we have to do
is to process that emotion and the only
way we’ll let go is by processing
it and facing but growing up.
We’ve been taught to suppress our
emotions because when you’re a kid,
something happened to you,
you will cry all day and then act as
if nothing happened because that kid
processes pain. Now tip number four,
after I processed and let it go,
I would’ve journal,
write down everything because what’s
important is not only I went through it,
I want to make sure that I’m ready for
the next time it happens so that I don’t
binge eat again and I would
journal exactly what triggered me,
how I felt about it and what I did.
Then I would write down how I prepare
next time and the way I would prepare is I
remember when I said, okay,
whenever I feel this anxiety again,
the first thing I’m going
to do is realize my trigger.
That’s tempting me to start
binge-eating. I would use deep breathing
so I can let go of what I’m feeling.
And to have a meal plan
ready ahead of time.
If I know I would be stressed after
work that I will have a meal ready after
work to eat so that when I
have that feeling of anxiety,
that meal plan is going to be the GoTo
and I would have healthy snacks prepared.
Which leads into tip number five.
The three second rule is my
favorite tip out of all tips,
after I had this implemented,
anytime I wanted to order food,
I would ask myself, is this bringing
me closer to my goal or not?
Is this a cheat meal or a diet break?
And then I took three seconds to answer
that and it most of the time it would
always be like, no, you can’t
order it. And the fact is,
the way the brain works is that
the more you think about it,
the more confused you will be and the
more the wrong answer you’ll pick.
But if you had an instant decision you
had to make pretty much it’ll be the
right choice because you
know what you gotta do.
You know what the right answer is.
Recovering from this ain’t easy,
but the best way I found the help me to
overcome this. Was to drink? Green tea,
so I don’t feel insane to identify my
triggers and then learn how to process and
let go of them by journaling and
preparing ahead of time and then using the
three second rule to make smart decisions.
For us to get over this,
we’re going to need to face whatever
we need to face because if we don’t,
we’re going to continue to get sick.
I want you to remember that
this won’t be fixed overnight,
but what you can change right
now is the actions you take.
Now you know exactly what to do to
embark on your bench aid in recovery,
but what should you eat to
lose weight and burn fat?
I put together an easy to read guide of
the top eight foods that turned my body
into a fat burning machine that
helped me to lose 80 pounds.
These foods will also help
you overcome binge eating.
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