Savory Beef and Broccoli – Low Carb Keto Chinese Food Recipe

Welcome all! Papa G here Today I present my low carbohydrate twist to a savory Chinese dish

My low carbohydrate beef and broccoli recipe We're gonna use a sweet and spicy marinade to bring this Asian American classic to a new level of flavor Let's get started Most of the flavor in this dish is in the marinade For that, add to a mixing bowl, some soy sauce; sesame oil; about 1/4 cup of lemon juice; some cayenne pepper hot sauce; garlic powder; onion powder; about 2 tablespoons of my low carbohydrate hoisin sauce – I'll have a link for that recipe in the description below; and we'll finish with a liquid sugar substitute equal to 1/2 a cup of regular sugar

Give a mix with a whisk and set aside For our beef, will be using 16 ounces of top round You'll want to look for the grain and cut perpendicular to it Slice the beef in about 1/8 of an inch in width Now I like to cut these in half as well, to have more of an easier to eat bite-size pieces

Place the beef in a ziploc bag and pour the marinade over the beef Mix and shake to ensure all of the meat is coated Let rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour to overnight Take about 1/2 a cup of dry roasted peanuts and place into a sealable plastic bag With a kitchen hammer or rolling pin, gently crush the peanuts and set aside

After the beef has had a chance to marinate, remove from the bag and place on a paper towel, trying to leave as much of the marinade in the bag as possible There's a lot of flavor in there that we'll be using for our dish Pat the beef dry with a paper towel to remove the moisture To a sauce pot on medium-high heat, add the marinade we used for the beef and bring to a boil As long as the marinade has stayed in the refrigerator, and we bring it to a boil, it'll be safe to use in our dish

Add one cup of beef stock and 1/8 of a teaspoon of xanthan gum and mix to incorporate Let the sauce come to a boil then give another mix and removed from the heat To a large skillet on medium-high heat, add some avocado oil and about one tablespoon of minced garlic Mix the garlic into the oil and saute for about 30 seconds Add 10 to 12 ounces of bite-sized broccoli florets and cook and stir for about 2 to 3 minutes

You'll see the broccoli has absorbed the oil and the garlic has been infused onto the broccoli Remove the broccoli to a separate bowl and set aside To the same skillet still on medium-high heat, add some more oil and our marinated beef Cook for about 3 to 5 minutes until the beef is no longer pink Add the dry roasted peanuts

Be sure to reserve some for the garnish and stir in Pour our sauce over the beef and stir to mix in Continue to cook on medium-high heat for about 10 to 15 minutes until the sauce has reduced and thickened Reduce the heat to medium and pour in our broccoli Stir to mix and continue to cook until the broccoli is heated through

Serve hot Garnished with some crushed peanuts and enjoy! There you have it folks! My beef and broccoli recipe A savory low carbohydrate twist to an Asian American classic I hope you enjoyed this video If you did, please like and consider subscribing

I'll have something new every week Thanks for watching and I'll see you next time!

Healthy Paleo Chicken and Broccoli Recipe | Paleo, Keto, Whole30, Low Carb, Easy

Looking for a healthy way to make Chicken and Broccoli ? If you love Chinese chicken stir-fry, watch this video for the most easy and delicious Chicken and Broccoli ! My name is ChihYu Smith from IHeartUmamicom

I help hundred-thousands of people every month to get fit while eating delicious Asian-inspired Paleo, Whole30, and Keto cuisine If you love Asian food but have been struggling to find a healthier way to make them without weighing you down, be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every week I’m gonna show you how to make a healthy version of Chinese Chicken and Broccoli and by the end of this video you’ll also learn the best way to make tender chicken breast stir-fry So don’t miss it ! Thin slice the chicken breasts to ⅛ or ¼ inch thin Add seasonings – Coconut aminos, olive oil, salt and pepper, arrowroot powder to replace cornstarch, and baking soda

Mix well Baking soda will make the chicken moist and tender Set aside in the fridge Thin slice garlic cloves, finely chop ginger, and scallions Separate white and green parts

Mix well stir-fry sauce with – coconut aminos, toasted sesame oil, aged balsamic, coarse sea salt, arrowroot powder, and chicken stock You’ll also want to quickly blanch broccoli florets and plunge them in cold water Set aside to drain By the way, there are two different ways to make steamed broccoli – hot water blanch or microwave You can check out the video link below or right here (point left)

Now we have all the ingredients ready Let’s put them together In a well-heated skillet, add 2 tbsp avocado oil Sear the chicken breasts in one thin layer without disturbing until golden brown then sear the flip side The chicken will be almost cooked through at this point but not completely

Set them aside Add 2 more tbsp cooking oil Saute aromatics, season with little salt to bring out flavor Once fragrant, add chicken back to the skillet Stir the sauce one more time then add the sauce and broccoli florets

Toss and keep stir-frying until the sauce is thickened You can use the same technique for any chicken breast stir-fry and they will always be moist, juicy, and flavorful Also if you are interested to learn how to cook with Stainless Steel Skillet and make it temporarily non-stick, you can find more information on my website I’ll put a link below and right here If you like this video please give me a thumbs-up, SUBSCRIBE to my channel and share with your friends

Leave a comment below if this video helped you My name is ChihYu Smith from IHeartUmamicom I’ll see you next week !


Hello Friends Welcome to 5-Minute Kitchen with Shraddha Today we are going to add one more interesting keto recipe in our list of Indian Keto recipes Keto Okra Fries Low carb okra fries is very good option in keto diet plan Low Carb Oven baked Okra fries

Let's start Ingredients : Red Chili Powder 1/4 tbsp Roasted Cumin powder 1/2 tbsp Salt as per taste Turmeric powder 1/4 tbsp Olive Oil Coriander powder 1/2 tbsp Firstly, Wash and dry okra thoroughly

Ensure Okra is dried properly so fries will be easily baked otherwise it will become sticky Remove tops and bottom with the help of knife and make a cut down the middle vertically to to insert spices inside it I love seeds of Okra, hence I am not removing these If you want then you can cut okra into halves and remove these seeds from Okra Mix all the spices in a bowl These spices are low in carbs and also adds taste to Okra fries You can also add other spices as per your keto diet plan Now we will do stuffing of okra We will fill spices mix into Okra with the help of spoon and put into a bowl Filling spices like this adds flavor to Keto Okra baked fries Sprinkle olive oil over these stuffed okra and also add remaining spices mix and mix these with the help of spoons Take baking tray place parchment paper over it so that okra will not stick to the tray Now place stuffed okra one by one Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes Bake Okra for 25 minutes 350 degrees Fahrenheit Keto Okra fries(Baked) are ready now Okra fries are now crispy and crunchy after baking Have these keto okra fries with Greek Yogurt and Guacamole in your snacks

And stay healthy! For more such healthy keto recipes subscribe to 5-Minute Kitchen Please share your reviews in comment section Thanks for watching!

Easy Low-Carb Flatbread Recipe That’s Keto Friendly

catch it hey I caught it what up guys and welcome back to the fit min cook kitchen but today's videos gonna be a little bit of fun because I thought I would bring you all into the kitchen to show you all my vantage points so today we are gonna make a three ingredient low-carb flatbread but I love about this recipe besides the fact that it's nearly filled proof is that it's really easy to jazz up so if you want something sweet one day and when it's savory the next thing you could do just that here are our three main ingredients superfine almond flour if you have a nut allergy then you can substitute in stuff some coconut flour it's gonna slightly change the texture of it but the end result should be okay some arrowroot starch or not I cook a lot with this stuff because I love it it's a great thickener but it's also good in baking recipes it helps to really bind it together and then I've got some full fat coconut milk I know a lot of people by the the carton coconut milk for this recipe we need full fat all right guys let's get started first thing I'm gonna do is we're gonna add in our dry ingredients even though this is superfine almond meal you still want to thin it out so that way there are no clumps so I can just do a quick stir and then you're gonna take about a cup of your coconut now slowly pour that in and mix everything together I t's a spatula because sometimes it clumps up at the very bottom now this is gonna be the about the consistency of a pancake batter so it's gonna be somewhat thick kind of like a muffin or cake batter a lot of people like to add some flavor into their bread at this point I like to have a lot of options whenever I'm doing something I may not want something savory every single day flat bread just needs to be basic and I just a pinch of salt you'll have my salt Bay down yet guys can I make it this is like insanely awkward why is this an internet phenomenon but he does it very well and he's got restaurants now he's doing something right so I need to step up myself a game so we're gonna set our he lit a nonstick skillet on medium heat and the key thing about this recipe is just patience so I like to cook mine one at a time so you're gonna have several of these but each one we're gonna cook individually and give it that really nice DLC oh go chasing waterfalls to the rivers and the lakes that you use to say it was I remember it takes a lotta heat up kind of like Kevin's jokes they take a little while to heat up that's I have good jokes so we don't necessarily have to spray this with oil but I am anyway and I'm doing that too because I wanted to toast the other part of the flatbread a little bit a little bit under 1/3 cup I'm just gonna pour this right into just gonna play the waiting game so this is just about ready as you can see that yeah the outer part of it here is change the color but the center part is still kind of doughy so that shows me that it's pretty ready to be flipped live it over just like that gonna cook this for a little bit longer so that way we get some in color that's why I like to spray mine but we don't want to at all if needed just in this case you can crank up the heat a little bit but you don't want to go too high again you want to keep the temperature and medium here's our flatbread nice and golden and it's still really soft maybe parts of the middle are still uncooked so we're gonna put it into this cooling rack because it's gonna continue to cook here all over again catch it hey I cut it it's just an optional step but I like to just add a bit more flavor just a little bit by brushing them up a little bit at this vegan buttery spread so you get about maybe a teaspoon each and just that easy guys we've got some delicious flatbread look at it's nice it's soft it's not super fragrant to me it smells a little bit like like peanut butter to break it open I hope that you all enjoyed this video it's very simple I want you all to comment below what's your favorite topping would be for this amazing flatbread these are meal capable as well so you can keep these in a sealable bag in the fridge they should last you for about a good week to get the full rundown and deets on this recipe remember to go to fit men cook con guys I want y'all to smash that like button below and also tell me what your favorite topping would be for this amazing delicious flatbread I know you're gonna love it thank y'all for watching until next time I want you to keep it healthy but of course what never ever boring boom

Best Keto Zucchini Bread Recipe || Low Carb Courgette Loaf Cake

Hi, I'm Ginger, and today we're making keto zucchini bread Here is what discovered zucchini bread is actually courgette cake loaf here in the UK, so it's a sweet bread I seem to understand

No panic courgette and zucchini is the same thing So that's gonna be our main ingredient for the day it's one of those recipes that I personally love because The entire concept they dunk everything in a bowl mix it together, bake it, boom, done! It's the ginger philosophy that all in a bowl mix boom done So for today, we're gonna need Baking powder, a ton of it, brown sugar replacement, eggs, Lemon juice, because it's gonna react with the baking powder bring in even more rise to this loaf Walnuts, because they're typical of this zucchini loaf bread They would technically have sultanas as well

We don't because keto spices are gonna be nutmeg and cinnamon, coconut oil is gonna be our fat, and Flour wise we're trying this new mix which picking things here and there it's sort of the ratios that I realize Paola from gnom-gnom uses from the recipes that call for flour So we're trying sort of her ratios if I got it, correct So we're using flaxseed, almond flour fine, and psyllium husk As I go and put this together, let me tell you a couple of things first one thing that Zac one of my new patrons actually made me realize is that it could be a very good thing if I actually had captions in my videos As you can tell the Automatic caption from YouTube are not really helpful with my accent

I am really sorry I am trying But by now after 11 years here, This is as good as a British accent as I'm gonna get So no British accent, really But what can happen is that you guys can actually submit and help to make the captions? So I'm gonna repeat in a few videos you don't have to you have so you don't have to

Like, I do know how long it takes because that was actually my first job (funny thing enough) Big bowl, so believe you me because of that I do know how long it takes and the effort it takes so I'm not asking you to do it and to do it for Me for free or anything else If I could afford it, I would pay someone to do that I can't yet and I've been told it would be useful for people with actual hearing impairing to have the captions So if you want to, if you have any kind of spare time at all, and you want to do that, you can actually Contribute to the captions here So, you know now just saying

Right let's start putting everything together in the bigger bowl that you have possible I would start with the flour So I'm going with the almond flour in Not a unicorn, but we spank them anyway, because that's how you get everything out Flaxseed

I use golden because it just gives me the idea of bread when you use brown, it's just as good It doesn't make any difference really It's the same thing, but Again, it gives you more the idea of of farmhouse bread This is more just like golden brown And psyllium husk, very powdered, not just husks

Psyllium husk is basically our gluten here, or tries to emulate that As usual in these cases I would go for all ingredients dry first and then we put the wet ones and see what happens Brown sugar substitute, in this case Sukrin gold But if you're in the US

, you can get Lakanto Golden as well, very nice I'm gonna add the baking powder, Cinnamon, Not too much It's just to give it an idea of spice in the final result, but shouldn't taste cinnamon, shouldn't taste nutmeggy Oh, is this bread egg? It shouldn't be just 2 eggs Wallnuts

Now you are seeing my courgettes (zucchini) here to make things easier What I did is taken two courgettes (zucchini), wash them, grate them And once you grate them, take a lot, a whole lot, of kitchen towels and Try to get as much moisture as you can out of them If helps, this is my final result I passed it through three levels off kitchen towels And he went down to weight 260 grams

So you know that that should be the "dry" amount We're going to just roughly mix the ingredients like this We're gonna pretend that the zucchini are actually one of the dry ingredients in this context, even if their still a bit moist So, this is our "flour mix", let's say You don't have to use walnuts, you can omit the nuts, you can use other nuts like pecans, Macadamias undoubtedly, indubitably are fattier

Just trying to stay as close as possible to the original kind of zucchini bread recipe trying to make it as keto as possible as well Right, this is our mix Now we go in with the wet ingredients, which are gonna be coconut oil Which in this house, with this heat, in Wales, as much as its Wales, it's just melted on its own Two eggs (caption: one, one, ONE EGG!!!) (don't rebel egg!!!) And lemon juice, which I'm putting as last because it's the one that is gonna react with the baking powder

(Well, with the back our minds a sort of part in the baking powder So the latest it reacts, the better) Let's go in! (Thank you) [to lovely assistant) I'm using spray coconut oil Right! And we transfer it Like honestly it's, it's, I feel like it's really, really bready

[makes noise as Ginger's struggling] It makes sense that it's supposed to be bread in the end No, I understand Given my previous experiences I know by now, that when you have a doughy consistency like this, do not be afraid push it into the loaf It will rise on its own eventually Otherwise, it will just add cracks

(Thank you) [to lovely assistant) Because I was preparing for this recipe, by the way, I looked around and saw that, as usual, Tasty/Buzzfeed had decided to jump a bit on the keto bandwagon because it's what's popular now So I think like a courgette week is coming and if you'd like that do let me know Leave me a comment down in the comment section below And yeah, I reckon it might soon be courgette week, and all courgette based zucchini recipes So in preparation for courgette week, now you have this recipe

But also one of my best recipes today, that has been unfairly overlooked if you ask me, was the zucchini courgette cake from the British Bake Off that we did last year So, you had this, too, to look for And already make And in the coming episodes other courgette-based stuff will come That was delicious ,even a blueberries to decorate, and icing, and everything

If in general you want to have a say about the recipes I make, your way to do that is to join my Patreons actually Thank to all 41 of you! Thank you so much! You believe in me and you participate actively in what I do And they get to choose recipes as well, topics for my research So, if you want to have a say in what I do, your way to do that is to join the VIP circle You find a link up here, and down in description below

And if you decided to do so, thank you so much and I hope you love the slices of cake that are coming out of this Right! Speaking of which, let's go into the oven and see how this then comes out And here we are It's later as you can tell, it's much later It's tomorrow later As with every recipe developer in the keto world sometimes it takes more than one, two, three, multiple times

But eventually, I made it The reason I made it in this mini loaf, and this is the reason why the actual number of ingredients you then find are for this much of a loaf If you want to big loaf, like the normal tin loaf cake, it's gonna be four times as much But you find that conversion as well, for four times as much, like a proper loaf, and different baking time, all in the video description So down below, open the video description, everything is there

Along with all the ingredients and all the links While I was tinkering with the flour ratios, based on powder from Gnom-Gnom, clearly there was some wrong tinkering here and there So, it took me a couple of times to actually come up with one that would work, with also the sweetener and everything that makes this zucchini bread though A zuchinni bread, like a proper one, zucchini bread, the sweet one, version of the US and the cake loaf [?] courgette version that we have here in the UK Again, I don't think it ever took me this many attempts, but I think it's really, really worth it

mmm This is nice Oh, yes

This is definitely[?] the best [mumbled through yummy bites of zucchini bread!] Whoever came up with the idea zucchini bread Well done I can see the point It's not pound cake, even if it's sweet and it has a bit of a bready consistency

Well done Good idea there Don't worry, all the ratios now are fine So go for it, With trust to your kitchen because I did all the heavy work for you! You find all the ingredients, again down in description below, and all the measurements you see in the video I put the mini loaf [said in a mini souse voice] If you want the bigger loaf, again down in the description below

If you bake this, do come and show it on the Facebook group! Because you wouldn't believe how many people make the recipes, and usually always make them better than I can So do come and show it on the Facebook group It's a [wonderful ?] community anyway You find the link down in the description below as well And if you know someone then wants to do keto, wants to be healthy, and has no way then to eat bread and bready stuff, Hey! Here's a solution for zucchini back

So share this recipe with them If this video was useful to you, please don't forget to like, maybe consider subscribing, and if you subscribe, please don't forget to ring that bell-ell-ell! I committed! [to off-camera lovely assistant] Because that way every time one of my videos is out, you will be notified and you can come and see me Thanks again for watching and I will see you tomorrow with a new keto friendly food Yay!

Easy Keto Buns and Rolls | Keto Recipes | Keto Bread

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com Today, I'll be making a recipe that I found several years ago on the Matthews Friends foundation YouTube channel

The reason I'm making this video is because I just wanted to show you how to make these buns and to explain a bit more about the process which will make your baking more successful Also, before getting started I would like to point out that my macro calculations are slightly different than the posted amounts noted on the Matthews friend's recipe And also I'll provide a link to the original recipe below my description And now I'm going to start my version of these easy keto buns My macronutrient value for these keto buns is 2

1 to one with eight point one grams of total carbs, five point two grams of fiber, resulting in 29 grams of net carbs These buns are very high in fiber, which is often lacking in a keto diet So first, pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius or 360 degrees Fahrenheit and place the oven rack in the middle position To ensure success in making these buns, please measure the quantities as accurately as you possibly can if you want your buns to have nice soft centers

Now place a fine mesh sieve over a deep mixing bowl Add all the dry ingredients into the sieve Add the almond flour, the psyllium husk, the baking soda, the baking powder and the Lakanto sweetener, which you'll notice I ground to a confectionery state Salt Sifting the almond flour and all the other dry ingredients is a really important step, because as you're sifting you're aerating and separating the clumps which often form with nut flours and alternate ingredients

Also, the sifting will create a much better, less dense texture to your finished buns You may notice that, since the psyllium husk is a bit coarser, you'll have residue remaining in the sieve when you're done, but that's okay Just toss the psyllium granules on top of the sifted ingredients at the very end Now that you've sifted everything, it's important that you stir and whisk the sifted ingredients thoroughly before adding the wet ingredients This will blend the dry ingredients into a homogeneous consistency which, by the way, is very important because it will ensure that the salt, baking soda and baking powder are evenly distributed throughout the almond and psyllium husk mixture

If you don't, you'll find that you'll have pockets where the baking soda or baking powder or the salt are more concentrated, and you'll taste that in your final buns After you've done this, then into your mixing bowl with the dry ingredients add your egg whites and also add the white wine vinegar Then stir to combine Alternatively, you can add the white wine vinegar to your egg whites and stir and then add the mixture to the dry ingredients I have found it really doesn't make any difference which of these two methods you use

The buns come out the same at the end After adding the egg whites and vinegar, you must stir immediately until everything is well combined and all your dry ingredients are moist The next step is to add the boiling water and stir well immediately It is important that your water has just come off a boil and not just a warm water You'll get very different results if you're not using boiling water

Here is a previous example where I used warm water and as you can see the batter is more of a consistency of pancake batter than my bun batter Now stir in the water with the other ingredients until the mixture forms a more solid texture Make sure you scrape the bottom and get all the dry ingredients Set aside for about 20 minutes to allow the almond flour and psyllium husk to absorb all the water In the meanwhile, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper

Before dividing your dough, Knead it one more time Then divide the dough into six even portions or buns When you're shaping your buns, pat them very lightly and place them onto the parchment lined cookie sheet Be careful not to compress the dough as you shape it because, if you press the dough too hard, it will push out the air bubbles formed from the chemical reaction of the baking soda and vinegar, and your buns will not be as soft and light You'll have a much denser center of the bun

After you've shaped all your buns brush the top and sides of each bun with your egg yolk Then you have an option of sprinkling about 1/4 teaspoon of sesame seed on top of each bun Place the tray of buns into the oven and bake for about 45 minutes Remove the buns from the oven and place on the cooling rack until the buns are completely at room temperature During the cooling process, the internal heat will keep cooking the center and make it nice and fluffy

I place my buns into a tea towel lined basket and cover the buns with the tea towel in this way They'll stay good for two days on the counter, But if I'm making a larger batch or a double batch, I place my buns wrapped in a tea towel into the refrigerator I don't know how long they'll actually last in the refrigerator – I've only had them in the refrigerator for three to four days before they were all eaten Some of the uses for these buns are they make amazing hamburger buns or you can use them as sandwich buns and they make great dinner rolls, especially to be served with stews, pastas and sauces You may be wondering what these buns taste like

Well, they don't taste like white bread They taste more like a multigrain bun and they have a nice firm texture on the outside and a soft center Even though this is not my original recipe and has been modified just slightly, I hope that this explanation will be helpful to you and I hope you enjoy the buns Thank you very much for watching this video and I hope you come back for the next video The link for the printable recipe is provided in the description below


Hey guys, welcome to my channel and welcome today 17 of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge Today, we're gonna have a taco night So I'm gonna show you my keto cheese shell taco recipe so you want to keep watching It's almost 1 o'clock

So it's time to break our fast so I'm gonna make some quick lunch I baked some keto bread yesterday So if you didn't see that I have a recipe so I'm gonna link it in the description down below and let's get the lunch started And this is what's for lunch today Mmm, it was a great lunch this Akita brought if you didn't try it yet You should it's really good I like it You can make sandwiches with it or just have it like I did with the egg and have it on the side now I'm gonna make a second cup of coffee and we have some other stuff to do I am later on I think we're gonna do some a grocery haul I'm making the iced coffee I mentioned in my other vlog that we bought this of vanilla sugar free syrup to make my passion Tango Keto pink drink, but this time I'm gonna use it in my coffee just a little bit I'm gonna add about half of a tablespoon of whipping cream and To make it a super treat I'm gonna top it with this spray one So guys you can ask me again if Kira is a sustainable diet Well, hell, yes Who wouldn't want to drink a sweet coffee with whipping cream almost every day and map gaining weight It's amazing guys We ran into a grocery store to pick up a couple of stuff

We went to Walmart Usually we go to all these to pick up our meats and cheeses as it's generally a little cheaper But we just didn't have so much time So just quick a run in to Walmart for most of our vegetables So I'm gonna show you what I got I get these three means we have always a problem to find a good one Which would be fresh These are really beautiful really greeny So I'm probably gonna make some string beans Casserole and just make it also inside with some bacon and and with some barbecue chicken Let me get a couple of carrots our carrots are generally higher in carbs So you're gonna be a really careful videos, but I like to add them into my tuna or chicken salad So I cut those and whatever leftovers our a little or rabbit will eat sheet Love those Then I got the broccoli slaw We left this just on its own or adding it into stir Fry's or you can also put some mayonnaise in it or Thousand Island Dressing and has it as a side dish We also picked up some sour cream as tonight is the taco night

And I also like adding this kind of Packages with the ranch powder in it to mix it up with a little water and then dip your vegetables in it It's great as a snack I also get some alfredo sauce I didn't have it for a long time I would like to make with some a creamy chicken with mushrooms and maybe some cauliflower This one has two carbs in a quarter cup, so it's really not bad then I got something like our lift sauce artists are a great source of good healthy fat You can snack them just on its own or you can add them into a salad I got this Thousand Island dressing This is a little higher in carpets for carbs for two tablespoons But if you go a little sparingly with it I love this thing with my barbecue chicken and that the vegetables we got is an asparagus We loved it just grilled with the butter and the lemon or just steamed Some spring onion I love spring onion in my egg drop soup and basically onto everything Just to make the meal look prettier and greener I got some extra cucumber I want to I'll slice it up with mandolin peeler and make a little sushi with some avocado

I've also picked up some Shirataki those are the miracle noodles with zero carbs I also made a recipe already with these Doing a spaghetti carbonara I'm gonna link it in the description so you can check it out and this time I'm not sure really what I'm gonna use it with but probably some amazing pasta recipe Then I get some a pure vanilla extracts just that I have at home for some good Keto deserts and cheesecakes and stuff then we get some blueberries these were a great price and they are a great source of antioxidants and Then we got some strawberries as well And because we got so much fruit we like this a whipping cream just to have your fruit and tapenade whipping cream and shred a little a Low-carb lillies chocolate on it and it's an amazing quick dessert This one is just one card for two tablespoons and that's it for today's kyoho We didn't buy any meat as I said We're gonna go to all these for that and I'm gonna show it to you when we do What I wanted to mention and give you a little tip and advice is when you buy an asparagus how to store it properly is if you take your a Tupperware or a glass where it doesn't matter and just put a little water like inch or two and Stick them in it cover it with a little plastic bag and you put it in your fridge and that way it's gonna stay fresher way or longer and another great tip when you buy a strawberries how to keep them fresher for a longer period of time you would put three parts of water and one part of white vinegar into some pot and dipped in in For a couple of seconds and then let them dry and they gonna stay fresher longer Give it a try today I'm skipping my snack It's late

And I'm gonna already start the dinner When I eat eggs and avocados, it just keeps me satisfied for so long So I really wasn't hungry So I'm skipping my snack so I'm gonna dip the berries in to the vinegar and 1/2 cup of water and half a cup of white distilled vinegar Lemon that's it The vinegar will help kill any mold which might occur I'm gonna drain them and wash them up You don't want to let them sit in the vinegar for too long as the vinegar would actually suck out all the pretty strawberry red color Yeah, same I will do with the blueberries you want to use a little paper towel and put it back into the Tupperware which it came from and once the blueberries and the strawberries are dry I'm gonna move them here and the paper towel actually helps it to keep the moisture out and they will stay fresh or water I'm not the only one who loves blueberries Ginger does that too? I'm gonna try it What is it no more it's high in cops, you can't have that Hmm so I'm gonna start preparing the taco shells using a chair cheese and I'm gonna fry them in the pan So I got my cheddar cheese I'm preheating the pan I'm gonna be using about Water cop less than a quarter cup for a taco So I'm gonna make a smaller taco shells probably like four or five If you want to see a detailed video how to make a tackle shells I already made a video like that So I'm gonna link it in the description down below so you can check it out And here it is all set up I cooked the beef with some taco seasoning I made on my own I have some shredded lettuce the taco shells I made some sour cream some jalapeno peppers and some homemade guacamole Let's just al qaida tomato lemon juice and some red onion and we're gonna fill it up and enjoy it How was the tagesschau Man those were good

No, I swear I would prefer those over the corn ones any day Those are so good And I hate to have the crunchy corn ones You bite it and the whole thing falls apart these like actually really maintain their shape These cheese taco shells are so filling very fatty really satisfying Oh, wow, ask me again If kiddo is a sustainable diet I'm so full That probably when I even skip tonight's dessert

What is Rob doing? Oh, we got some leftover Just can't leave it alone Just pop it all in one ball May heat all Frankie and just dig it in with the spoon my little salad Taco nights are always a good night We ate it all There's nothing left Rob actually mixed up everything of us left in one bowl as Rousseau and just like lick it off the spoon Yeah, it would be no waste no waste I told you eat cheap So What do we got to do guys? It's time to wrap up this video So yes what we gotta do the most important thing Let's do it a little close halt if you wonder why did I change clothes three times today? Well, I just got this little homey Dress at Walmart for like $10 So I just have to put it on because I think it's a packet What is my pan? Day 17 of our 30 days keto diets our transformation challenge is done Thank you guys so much for watching this video It does really mean a lot to us Please if you did like it give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe because we will be back tomorrow for day 18 Until then good night You

Easy Low Carb and Keto Friendly Bacon and Avocado Dip Recipe

Hello, everyone It's Stephanie Manley with CopyKat

com Today, I'm going to show you how to make another great low carb and keto friendly recipe It's for avocado bacon dip Well, if you love guacamole, you're going to love this avocado bacon dip It's super simple to put together

You can put it together in just a matter of minutes And you know what? I'm haven't seen an equivalent for it in the grocery store So let's go ahead and get started We're going to begin with two medium sized avocados Now, these are just plain old Hass avocados that I can get in the store often for about two for a buck

You can't beat that So mash them up just like you would if you were making guacamole The next thing you're going to do is you're going to start putting in all your great mix ingredients Now, we're going to put in two tablespoons of lemon juice This is going to keep this dip from getting brown

It will stay fresh in the refrigerator for quite a few days Then, we're going to add in a 1/2 a cup of sour cream And we're going to add in a couple of teaspoons of grated onion Now, I actually grate the onion with a fruit grater because it almost makes the onion dissolve Then, we're going to add in two ounces of bacon that is cooked

And you can add some salt in there if you'd like, if you think you need it And you're just going to simply stir this up and enjoy This dip is so easy make Now, obviously if you're on a low carb diet, you're going want to pick up some great low carb options But you know this obviously goes great with Doritos, corn chips, and has a variety of uses

So I know you're going to love this recipe So do me a favor, drop me a comment down below of what you'd like to see next And also, thanks so much for watching this video I hope you subscribe and I can't wait to talk to you again Thanks

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream – Low Carb Keto Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Welcome all! Papa G here Today I present my low carbohydrate mint chocolate chip ice cream

This recipe exceeded my expectations with texture and taste, and in my opinion, is better than any of the varieties of low carbohydrate ice cream you can buy Also, with only two and a half net carbohydrates per half pint serving, you can satisfy your real ice cream craving without any guilt Now when it comes to knowing a little bit about low carbohydrate ice cream, my buddy Aaron over at AD Keto has reviewed quite a few low carbohydrate ice cream brands and renders his assessment based upon four elements

Texture; taste; carbohydrate count and the list of ingredients I think my mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe hits the target on all four, so I hope to be seeing this thumbnail in the weeks to come Let's get started Begin by placing four egg yolks in a mixing bowl Add some vanilla extract; some peppermint extract; about a quarter cup of MCT oil; a quarter cup of clear rum; and this little bit of rum will actually help with two things

First, it'll be a natural bacteria preventative And second, it'll lower the temperature at which the ice cream will freeze so we don't wind up with an ice cream so hard we can't serve it Finish with a powdered sugar substitute equal to two cups of regular sugar The powdered substitute works best to give us a creamier result Mix well with an electric mixer until well combined

After cleaning the beaters, in a separate bowl, whip four egg whites until stiff peaks form Pour one and a half cups of heavy whipping cream into a separate mixing bowl and add a half, to one teaspoon of green food coloring With clean beaters, whip until thick and fluffy Add the egg yolk mixture to the whipped cream and with a spatula, gently fold and mix until the mixture is fully combined Now add the egg whites to the cream and gently mix again until the egg whites are no longer visible

Our final ingredient is my homemade roughly chopped low carbohydrate chocolate chips I'll have a link in the description below for that recipe Gently give a final mix until the chocolate is evenly distributed Pour our ice cream mixture into a container for freezing You can divide this up if you like for multiple servings, or just put it in one container like I did here

Cover and freeze for at least 8 hours Once it's ready, grab an ice cream scoop and begin serving one of the best low carbohydrate, ketogenic friendly, ice creams you'll ever try There you have it folks! My mint chocolate chip ice cream A super simple dessert recipe that's short on work, but long on flavor and texture I hope you enjoyed this video

If you did, please like and consider subscribing I'll have something new every week As always, thanks for watching and I'll see you next time!


Hello everyone, I'm just standing here having a nice chilled glass of wine Hey everybody I am so excited to be doing this today, this is the first video for Cookingwith Chris, and today I'm going to do a video on low carb meatballs, and the reason I chose to do that is, I've been doing this great series on the Keto diet or you know how to get into ketosis and lose weight with a high fat, low protein low carb diet that I decided to do a version of the meatballs sans the breadcrumbs

So we're not going to use breadcrumbs in this particular recipe today, but I think you're going to find these absolutely delicious, if you serve them for your family or you have them at a party, because you can do an Hors d'Oeuvre size of the meatballs, people are going to go nuts, I'm telling you, they always do So, the first thing I'm going to go through the types of ingredients and how to make the meatballs and how long to cook them, and I'll talk a little bit about where you can find all this information Before we get started, if you haven't done this already, please subscribe and hit the little bell so that you get reminders or notices when I upload these videos, because I will be doing a whole lot of recipes as we move forward with this new section of the channel So let's get started, the first thing you're going to get started with is 2 pounds of turkey meat and 1 pound of chicken, ground, both of those ground and both of those lean and I'll tell you why in just a second You're going to take those and put them in a large bowl and you can use a fork or use your hands, I always use my hands, but you can use a fork, and get the meats kind of mixed together, so that they are sort of blended

They don't have to be completely blended, just so this chunky look here that they have, ok So it takes 3 eggs for this much meat, so then you're going to mix the eggs and the meat together, and I suggest you use your hands, it's a lot easier than using the fork, but whatever your preference is So get that meat all mixed up really really well and then we're going to add a cup of Romano and Parmesan cheese And the reason that I use Romano and Parmesan grated powdered cheese is because Parmesan is the lightest flavored cheese that is in the white Italian cheese line, so we want to add another cheese that has a little bolder flavor that won't cook out, and Romano will not do that, it will actually flavor the meatball very very well So you mix that in and then the next thing we're going to mix in is a half a cup of olive oil

So we're adding back fat into the meatballs, and the reason we're doing this with the cheese is that the cheese and the oil will help bind the meatball together if you're not using breadcrumbs So this is very important You want to mix the cheese and the oil and the meat together, it needs to be really squishy and then you're going to add your seasonings and your're going to add your italian seasons of basil and oregano and then I use Lawry's seasoned pepper, and then you're also going to want to use some onion powder and some garlic powder, or you can use chopped onion , finely chopped onion and you know, grated garlic, you can do that I like the powders better for meatballs because they blend well and the meatball has an even flavor All of the ingredient list and the amounts that you need to use to make these meatballs is down below in the channel, or in the video description box in, so I put that in there for you, also the nutritional information will be down there below the recipe, and again you can make these into medium size meatballs or smaller ones, and the way you do that is once you've got everything mixed together it should be kind of mushy

If you're not using bread crumbs you can add more cheese, more and more cheese until it will form a ball in the palm of your hand, that's how you make them If you are using breadcrumbs, then it takes a little bit less cheese and you just use the breadcrumbs to thicken up the meat It should hold together as a ball in the palm of your hand as you roll them together between your palms to form that ball If it's not doing that, then you're going to have to add more cheese in this recipe or more breadcrumbs in the other version So you've made your meatballs, I make them medium size, again you can make them smaller for like Hors d'Oeuvres, and then you're going to place them on a non stick foil lined baking pan

Now you can do these in the skillet, some people skillet cook them, Iike them better in the oven The flavor again blends better, the herbs mix well to the meat and flavor the meat much better I think in the 350 degree oven So you're going to place the meatballs in the oven for 35 minutes if they are medium and smaller size If you make larger meatballs you're going to need to put them in there for 45 to 50 minutes You want to make sure that raw chicken and raw turkey is cooked all the way through

You don't want to make people sick with a healthy recipe, right? So use a meat thermometer is the easy way to check for that temperature to be over 165 degrees, more likely to be closer to 200 they're done The other way is to cut them in half and make sure the middle is cooked all the way through, you know then you get to eat the one that you tested So once the meatballs are done, what I do is I put them in a red tomato sauce Now I make my own sauces, but you can also buy sauces, and I'll have a recipe for a low carb sauce, this is sort of the low carb version, but you want to heat those meatballs in tomato sauce, in spaghetti sauce or whatever sauce you are using for 30 minutes And the reason you want to do that is that by heating them longer in the sauce the meat that tends to be a little spongy when it's turkey, and chicken tends to be a little spongier than beef, you want to put them in the sauce so they absorb some of that moisture from the sauce and it makes them extra delicious

So 35 to 45 to 50 minutes in the oven until they are done, 165 degree plus temperature, cut them in half, then 30 minutes at a minimum, you can do it longer simmered in your favorite spaghetti sauce or Italian sauce or marinara or whatever you are doing, so you want to do that These things are absolutely raved about every time I make them I get asked for this recipe all the time and I really wanted to do a low carb version that's tasty and works for people So please as I always ask, subscribe, let me know how they turn out So take a minute and check out the channel, there's a lot more to the channel than just this recipe or this segment We have things on health and wellness, skin care, weight loss, all of that's there for you

So take a moment and go through the channel and watch some of the videos and the other topic areas and I think you'll find some things that you might learn something and really really enjoy I really appreciate you watching again, comment, I answer questions if you ask them so it's really important that you ask me questions And share this with people who are looking for this kind of recipes and again what's really most important is to hear back from you on how they were And you know what? While we're talking about it, if you've got a great low carb recipe, let's do this, if you've got a great low carb recipe that's keto friendly, or even paleo friendly, if you will put it in the comments section, or comment to me and let me know ,that you have that, I'll get a hold of you and I might feature that in one of the Cooking With Chris segments So, let's do that, let's have some of the subscribers send in some of their stuff and I'll put your name out and we'll talk about your recipe, how about that? So stay tuned for great things to come and have a great rest of your week and we'll be back with more soon!