TACO BELL MUKBANG with CURLY GIRL CHELS | Chicken Power Bowl, Mexican Pizza, Doritos Loco Tacos

hi guys it's Keila I am back with another video I'm pretty sure you can tell by this big drink we went and got some yeah yes and by popular demand I have my 60 with me hey guys this is curly girl shelf I will have all her links in the description box below definitely check her out she is on back at YouTube camp now so you'll probably be I'll probably be in her videos and she'll probably be in my videos but yeah let's go ahead and get into what we got the guy he was so sweet I look he think he was flirting with me though yeah he gave me all the sauces though look at all that dough girl alright oh she's cook they're everywhere here all right girl let's show them what we got and then we can go ahead and get this done now like what smells good I just got the chicken Powerball or chicken menu ball um they go by two names but I got this with no beans no rice and no sour cream and this is completely Kido it has chicken cheese some avocado ranch pico de gallo and some avocado and I also got a side of nacho cheese because the nacho cheese there is only three grams of carbs and since I did it in a red fasting I can a lot for the three carbs and some chips some homemade low-carb tortilla chips I got the cut to carb if you guys saw my la keto meetup we got these in our little swag bag so I've been testing out different recipes and honestly they're they're amazing they're so handsome yes so you guys having tanks and Chelsea show them what you got all right so get into it so I got these little burritos tacos so nacho ones those used to be my favorite oh I'm so jealous cream so they have a meal where you get three of them so I just did that shoot my ham I mean I haven't had in a while so and I also got Mexican pizza haven't had that in a while either look at the UPS like all the tomatoes are on one side okay you know it was late it's actually late we're coming this late they were a freshie it looks alright so let's go ahead and do that now okay I think we got one good one thanks for letting me use your drink as a prop in a pond okay I am so tired of staring at this food yes let's go ahead and get into it what's your favorite sauce a Taco Bell I really love the hot sauce what about you I like the mild and then sometimes I think that I can't remember what the green one oh the green I'm gonna try the fire I don't know if I tried this one before the model disabled you said all I rock with is the mouth of mine come on Chelsea break out of your shell now I'm just kidding I know it works I don't know why well that hot when I can actually smell smell though show them the top row girls good one thing I can inspire I got the supreme and I think that just put all the sour cream on one side I hate when they do that all right really okay yes I saw some people try this out it's fairly new I think I talked about the first I've really seen a bit so I mean I'll let you guys know if it's good I got it with chicken you could get it with um steak and veggies it's pretty good hmm I've had chips and dip and forever this is amazing I cannot believe I can have talked about now this is like I hope you guys get from these mukbang but you honestly can choose wisely anywhere you go and still have it be keto friendly you just got out tweak some things around you know mmm this little drink is good what is it oh no I thought I was getting like a mountain Dew type the drink I just got what was in there and I think it's like a whether there's last drinks the green one it's pretty good yeah that was a popular one they have that in I think Walmart at one point I remember everyone was long crazy that they can get it I'm just seriously making a mess over here understand Wow sorry I'm not talking so much mm-hmm but we kind of hungry oh yeah what time is it it's like 11:00 something here yeah I haven't eaten all day no it's Saturday night and Taco Bell was just carried by their mama was yeah every right I just got a Lacroix live know me my favorite is the orange but hey the lime worship whoo that's strong oh this probably be good with that like to give extra fizz yeah someone's a little bit sweeter it's kind of sweet mm-hmm have you had to climb of course before yeah yeah yeah I've had it a lot of times actually my favorite is still the orange but mine's not bad because I did love a sprite growing up that was my drink what's your favorite soda so since me and my sister are probably going to be doing a lot more videos together let me know the questions that you want me to ask my boo she knows me the most out of everyone in my life so you know I'm telling you I'm gonna tell you guys the craziest story that happened alright so I'm coming to work and I wasn't at work the day before so I'm coming in and the girls they're my co-workers were like oh my gosh Kayla a girl called in and her name was same as yours spelled the same way kei la she pronounced it Kayla was like oh my gosh that's crazy so I thought thought you know nothing of it I went ahead and set up the information I needed to kind of like put all the information in the computer so I just found that to be kind of strange so you know this thing's kind of already started off pretty strange so the day goes by and nothing else strange happens I get home and my mom space time eating me of course I'm looking like a bum because I'm not thinking anything of it because it's my mom and she doesn't care what I look like but mm-hmm so she's talking to me like normal and then she's randomly just like I have so many what I want you to meet I'm all right whoo I'm think that's what I heard teach your friends here's the story leading up to it my mom was like there's this girl I had to stop her because she reminded me of you that I was like brilliant whoo-hoo she and she's like she's right here she said the crazy thing is her name is Kayla – and I'm like okay now the beginning of the day I I'm filling that named Kayla stalls it the same way as me kei LA and then my mom's on the phone with me and she's like I met this girl reminded me of you and her name is Kayla she literally looked like me so Kayla chambers if you guys if you're watching it come and say hi hey yeah I wrote your name down and everything's I remember it yeah but I I'm saying that because she actually watches my videos so I find that just completely crazy my mom is in Japan right now she's India coat art she was in the ACOTA at the time and I used to live in Yokota so it's like full circle I lived in Yokota and there's literally someone watching me and you Koda so I just want to shout out I just want to shout out Kayla chambers thanks so much for watching and thanks for finding my mom my dad all right and anytime you do want to come to California let me know we can you know hang out or whatever so please tell me this is that it is yeah I think oh hell no good night Lucy I'm not very many maybe hmm these cut the carb I just cut them into like tortilla strips they kind of taste like um crackers I could see this being great like in place of crackers for like a lunchable style meal so like with like salami and cheese or with ham and cheddar they are pretty good I don't think I could ever have enough sauce Yeah right I had to do my own and hot sauce okay I was just switch it out just a little bit you know add a little bit I don't know sometimes I like means sometimes I don't you cut your Mexican piece of like how I cut my my pancakes oh yeah thank you it's nice yeah yeah you want to want it too yeah what is your favorite item at Taco Bell like I went there and I haven't gone there and forever the whole menu looks different I know it's also my role of chicken something they look good that should try the taquitos yeah I wanted you to treasure this charred one I like the cheesy gordita crunch I didn't get that because I just kind of felt like them yeah I haven't had this in a while no but that's usually my go-to if I'm reelin can yeah I used to love the cheesy gordita cracked I love the five layer burrito do they still have those Joe's we're really late I mean those are huge though but they were good all right you followed it and this was back in like fourth grade you were – I'm no longer hmm this is good all right I'm gonna have to go to Taco Bell more often I didn't even know like I could even get key two options there I like trying to find the key to option and making it still taste good like this by itself it's like without the nacho cheese would have been a little bland I mean it so would have been good a taco salad but you can make a taco salad at home you want once the nacho cheese and I have to worry about it you know yeah well I got skinny you can kind of deconstruct anything pretty much yeah and this originally came with the rice and beans I just asked for men of an ask them for the side so message you can have them yeah for later cuz it's like we're paying for that I mean if that's it that's the thing holding you up like oh well it's still the same cops get that aside for the house for somebody else see this fire sauce this is what I'm talking about this is what the best wingman ever alright you can't read it but it says best wings I remember have you tried the Diablo no wait I think I did one time let me try it I'm just going to try on like one piece of chicken I'll put a good amount on it – it's good that's not hot it's good though I like the flavor of it now we know like the heat is like an afterthought you know first initial okay – mass Karl we're definitely two different types of eaters okay I'm just old Mike runs things like that going places right she's a very conservative so the very beginning I dropped it tomato y'all probably see everybody killed me I still hate it but however I got that I'm not so then what's the next meal you want to eat with me I'm already thinking in the next one I do want to try some wings it's been a long time since we did wings I'm going to just a moment oh I can do them any time don't even worry you want Buffalo Wild Wings you've never had it not a wink that Bravo I know what you need to try something different that's honesty so then we're doing we're gonna do buffalo wings I've put there one time and our target I think I've tried to get like a buffalo I think that's a traditional but how I got it I don't know if I got it right because it was it was or maybe the place I went to it wasn't really like the stops wasn't really there like me was just trying to hear something but I was like oh man I'm literally trying to get every last bit of this cheese cuz it's not then I'm done you know I did that I did that Hey whenever you internet fast no pill even less I have no clue whatsoever with our finally this how many depressed excited to read those cars in Cerritos of course you'd like it how good it was I just got it cuz I was like hmm actually one thing I hate about being Kia like a whole bunch of lettuce salad and she's just eating goodness and still not done because I'm a really fast eater and she's a really slow eater I decided to enjoy each bite all the way act that's foreign to me I don't even know what chewing is alright I'm gonna go ahead and let her finish this because I am done if you guys like this video and want me to make more videos with my lovely sister Chelsea please give this video a thumbs up and let me know the questions that you want me to ask ask her or you want her to ask me I think that'd be a little bit exciting in our videos but I will see you guys in the next one ah okay I can't reach it no I got you doc was dead I'm definitely any of that again

Lemon Chicken | Keto Recipe

Welcome to keto meals and recipescom Today I'll be demonstrating how to make lemon chicken, a Chinese restaurant favorite you can make keto, sugar-free, and gluten-free at home

I will show you two simple techniques as well as how to make a really tangy sweet and sour lemon sauce The macronutrient ratio for this recipe is two point one to one with twelve point seven grams of total carbs, five point nine grams of dietary fiber, resulting in six point eight grams of net carbs per serving I would like to also mention that the bulk of the carbs comes from the coconut flour and the lemon juice, which is mostly dietary fiber To make this lemon chicken and lemon sauce you need very few, easily available ingredients Let's begin by making the batter in a bowl Add your three yolks and three whole eggs

Add the coconut flour, the almond flour, unflavored whey protein isolate, salt and pepper, toasted sesame seed oil Add the chicken broth, then stir all the ingredients to form a thick batter, about the consistency of pancake batter This batter will stick quite easily to the surface of your chicken Set the coating aside while you prepare the chicken There are two basic ways to prepare the chicken breasts: Version one begins by taking a full breast, placing it on the cutting board, putting your palm on top of the breast and cutting through the center horizontally

Then take each half of the fillet and using a meat mallet lightly pound the thicker ends so that the full fillet is approximately the same thickness Having to meat the same thickness is important because it allows the meat to cook evenly and have all pieces have the same cooking time After you've prepared all the breast fillets, then pat dry each piece of meat, then take your chicken fillet and liberally coat it with batter mixture and put it on a platter, so you can coat the rest of the fillets Now to explain version two: you make the batter as you did in version one That step stays the same

For this version, I cut each breast into large bite size or nugget size cubes Don't make them too small because they'll dry out when you fry them After cutting them up, pat each of the cubes very carefully and place all the pieces into the bowl with the batter Toss the chicken cubes in the batter until the pieces are well-coated First place either grapeseed or avocado oil into the wok, and heat the oil until it begins to sizzle

When the oil is very hot, the batter will stick well to the surface of the chicken If it's not hot enough, it'll just peel off Now, to fry version one, place your coated chicken breast on the slotted spoon and place it gently into the oil If you have a large enough wok, add a second fillet, and they can both cook at the same time But it's very important you don't overcrowd the meat

There are a few variables that will depend how long it will take your meat to fry One is the thickness of the meat and how hot your oil is My fillet took seven minutes on the first side, then I flipped it over and let it fry for another two minutes, so nine minutes in total I then took out the fillet and let it rest on a paper towel as I fried the rest of the chicken breasts Before cutting up the chicken breast fillets, I let the meat rest for about ten minutes

You can let it rest for up to thirty minutes if you like Before serving I cut the fillets into wide strips, and then cut them into large bite-size pieces Place the cut pieces into either a large serving bowl or on individual platters, then pour the lemon sauce on top, and if you choose you can sprinkle with some green onion or shallots, and also with some roasted sesame seeds By the way the sesame seeds are included in the macros, but the green onions are not Now – to fry cubes: Take a scoop of coated meat chunks and place into the hot oil as you did in version one

Fry for several minutes Again the time will depend on the size of your chicken chunks as well as the temperature of your oil For my chunks, I first fry them for five to seven minutes, and then I carefully toss the bits and let them fry for another two minutes Again, about nine minutes in total, but if you're not sure how long it will take chunks to fry, fry as I've directed unless your chunks are quite small Then take one out, cut it in the center and check to see if the meat is done

It should be completely white and still a bit moist looking when you're chicken chunks or nuggets are done Remove them with your slotted spoon and place them on a paper towel to drain and rest While the meat is resting, you have time to make the sauce Use a small deep pot and pour the freshly squeezed lemon juice, roasted sesame seed oil, add the rice vinegar, sweetener, grated ginger, chicken stock and butter Add 1 teaspoon of glucomannan and stir right away so that it distributes evenly through the mixture

After everything has been stirred well, put the pot on the stovetop which is set to low temperature As the sauce is cooking, stir continuously Keep cooking and reducing until the sauce is thick enough to coat the back of the spoon When you run your finger over the back of the spoon, the sauce will stick well to the surface, but is not overly thick Whenever I make this recipe I always add roasted sesame seeds

A Quick review on how to prepare your roasted sesame seeds is take a dry frying pan and heat over medium heat Pour your sesame seeds into it Cook, stir and toss the seeds until they're light golden brown, then immediately remove from heat and place them into a cool dish and set aside To plate, you can either serve in one big bowl or on individual plates Pour the lemon sauce over the chicken, then sprinkle the green onion or shallots and the roasted sesame seeds on top

As a menu idea I would like to suggest that this lemon chicken could be served with my oven fried rice or the Chinese five-minute fried rice, and a green vegetable side dish such as my roasted broccoli with Parmesan and lemon This recipe is really great so make extra and take some for your lunch the next day I hope you enjoy! Thank you for watching Please comment, share this recipe with a friend, subscribe and please turn on the bell to be notified when I post a new recipe See you next time The link for the printable recipe is in the description below

Savory Beef and Broccoli – Low Carb Keto Chinese Food Recipe

Welcome all! Papa G here Today I present my low carbohydrate twist to a savory Chinese dish

My low carbohydrate beef and broccoli recipe We're gonna use a sweet and spicy marinade to bring this Asian American classic to a new level of flavor Let's get started Most of the flavor in this dish is in the marinade For that, add to a mixing bowl, some soy sauce; sesame oil; about 1/4 cup of lemon juice; some cayenne pepper hot sauce; garlic powder; onion powder; about 2 tablespoons of my low carbohydrate hoisin sauce – I'll have a link for that recipe in the description below; and we'll finish with a liquid sugar substitute equal to 1/2 a cup of regular sugar

Give a mix with a whisk and set aside For our beef, will be using 16 ounces of top round You'll want to look for the grain and cut perpendicular to it Slice the beef in about 1/8 of an inch in width Now I like to cut these in half as well, to have more of an easier to eat bite-size pieces

Place the beef in a ziploc bag and pour the marinade over the beef Mix and shake to ensure all of the meat is coated Let rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour to overnight Take about 1/2 a cup of dry roasted peanuts and place into a sealable plastic bag With a kitchen hammer or rolling pin, gently crush the peanuts and set aside

After the beef has had a chance to marinate, remove from the bag and place on a paper towel, trying to leave as much of the marinade in the bag as possible There's a lot of flavor in there that we'll be using for our dish Pat the beef dry with a paper towel to remove the moisture To a sauce pot on medium-high heat, add the marinade we used for the beef and bring to a boil As long as the marinade has stayed in the refrigerator, and we bring it to a boil, it'll be safe to use in our dish

Add one cup of beef stock and 1/8 of a teaspoon of xanthan gum and mix to incorporate Let the sauce come to a boil then give another mix and removed from the heat To a large skillet on medium-high heat, add some avocado oil and about one tablespoon of minced garlic Mix the garlic into the oil and saute for about 30 seconds Add 10 to 12 ounces of bite-sized broccoli florets and cook and stir for about 2 to 3 minutes

You'll see the broccoli has absorbed the oil and the garlic has been infused onto the broccoli Remove the broccoli to a separate bowl and set aside To the same skillet still on medium-high heat, add some more oil and our marinated beef Cook for about 3 to 5 minutes until the beef is no longer pink Add the dry roasted peanuts

Be sure to reserve some for the garnish and stir in Pour our sauce over the beef and stir to mix in Continue to cook on medium-high heat for about 10 to 15 minutes until the sauce has reduced and thickened Reduce the heat to medium and pour in our broccoli Stir to mix and continue to cook until the broccoli is heated through

Serve hot Garnished with some crushed peanuts and enjoy! There you have it folks! My beef and broccoli recipe A savory low carbohydrate twist to an Asian American classic I hope you enjoyed this video If you did, please like and consider subscribing

I'll have something new every week Thanks for watching and I'll see you next time!

How To Make Keto Stir Fry Thai Chicken – British Cook

Hey how are you? Welcome back It's British cook this is gonna be weightloss Wednesday because I need to lose quite a lot of weight, and hopefully you can join me on this journey too MUSIC INTRO Today is a keto recipe, high protein, high fat with quite a lot of vegetables and a good bit of fiber in it Perfect for serving four or five people so this will be my version of a green Thai curry That's quick to make home easy to make and bring free keto diet also And also don't forget about Sunday savers video, I've got a video coming out every sunday Showing you how to make a nice low cost budget meal and feast out Friday's Cheat day, feast out Fridays, this when we don't care about the calories the carbs or the costs

So join me on my journey click that subscribe button now Don't forget Please share this on Facebook on Twitter with family or with your friends Thank you, so ingredients We've got three chicken breasts Coconut milk, that's a whole can of it some green Thai curry paste that saves a lot of time 🙂 Some light soy sauce Apple cider vinegar, 2 red sweet peppers now over here We've got one teaspoon of chilli flakes 1 teaspoon of ginger and Two teaspoons of garlic granules so here we've got around about 3 cups or four hundred grams of mix veg I've got carrots in there I've got cabbage or Pak Choi Got bean sprouts peppers, all sorts of things so first thing they do is chop up the chicken breast and start to marinade that Nice big thick chunks, so There we go nice big chunks

Let's get this into a marinade This is a quick marinade, about 30 minutes to an hour You can leave it longer if you want to Sometimes these herbs and spices stain a Bowl so I will use a plastic bag for this in the plastic bag go see 2 teaspoons of garlic powder 1 teaspoon of ginger ground One teaspoon of red chili flakes I know it's a green Thai curry, but I like to get a bit of extra taste on my chicken Into the bag one tablespoon of vinegar Use a white wine vinegar if you can get one I've got an apple cider vinegar here, anything that's a white light vinegar will be fine One tablespoon of light soy sauce and one good tablespoon of green Thai curry paste Chicken in the bag Make sure you give it a good mix around Then pop it in the fridge for at least half an hour to marinade Give your surface a quick spray and wipe if you'll be using the same surface or nearby Get a clean knife and chop your peppers Obviously you can cut these length ways and take the seeds out I think this seeds are a great source of nutrition and protein so I leave them in there

There's only a few anyway It's no big deal So there We go nice big chunks of red sweet pepper A top tip, for getting coconut milk or anything else it sets in the can out It's a put into boiling water all I do is I get a bowl I've boiled water and I then leave this in the bowl for about 20 minutes or until the water goes cold, so It's liquid and not a solid inside

Get that frying pan nice, and hot I'm gonna be using olive oil I would really suggest using coconut oil for this if you have it get much better taste I thought I had some turns out I don't have raw coconut olive oil going in Okay oils nice and hot chicken goes in LOUD SIZZLING This smells lovely, it's really worth doing a bit of ginger, a bit of chili Just get that taste into the chicken If this type of cooking is a type of thing you enjoy then click that subscribe button down below That's bubbling away nicely , let's get those red peppers in There's an amazing smell coming from this and we've only just started When you see the peppers have started to soften up, and there's a lot of liquid coming out of it all That's when you ought to drop the next lot of veg in In it goes! Pop that on top Don't worry it'll cook down in a few minutes In there we've got cabbage or bok choy We've got bean sprouts We've got peppers We've got carrot We've got a little bit of onion all sorts of things and this little mixture of Veg Here So that's all bubbling away nicely now, and if this is a sort of food that you enjoy to eat

Please click the subscribe button Green thai curry paste, it is up to you How much of this you put in it depends? How hot it is and on your personal preferences I suggest you use at least half a cup More like three quarters I've got here in grams 285 grams which is a small jar I'm going to put all of that in because I like mine with a good kick In goes the curry paste Very fragrant lemongrass, ginger Just let that paste infuse for a few minutes, and then you want to add your coconut milk

In goes the coconut milk I've put half the can of coconut milk in that's around about 200 millimetres half a can you can always add more It's not quite enough, but you can't take it back out, so why so much chili? Well I love chili I think it's good for you I think this health benefits to it, and I think it also helps speed up your metabolism Not too much, so we don't want to speed up that metabolism too much for chili That's not a pleasant thing It's not often I like some to have a green tinge to it, but this delicious green Thai curry Fantastic red peppers bean sprouts, so many other things to eat you can have it with riced cauliflower spiralised carrot However you want I'm gonna eat mine Just like this the coconut milk all these vegetables

It's gonna be delicious So there we go Delicious low carb, high protein, high fat high fiber Thai green curry SIZZLES

Healthy Paleo Chicken and Broccoli Recipe | Paleo, Keto, Whole30, Low Carb, Easy

Looking for a healthy way to make Chicken and Broccoli ? If you love Chinese chicken stir-fry, watch this video for the most easy and delicious Chicken and Broccoli ! My name is ChihYu Smith from IHeartUmamicom

I help hundred-thousands of people every month to get fit while eating delicious Asian-inspired Paleo, Whole30, and Keto cuisine If you love Asian food but have been struggling to find a healthier way to make them without weighing you down, be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every week I’m gonna show you how to make a healthy version of Chinese Chicken and Broccoli and by the end of this video you’ll also learn the best way to make tender chicken breast stir-fry So don’t miss it ! Thin slice the chicken breasts to ⅛ or ¼ inch thin Add seasonings – Coconut aminos, olive oil, salt and pepper, arrowroot powder to replace cornstarch, and baking soda

Mix well Baking soda will make the chicken moist and tender Set aside in the fridge Thin slice garlic cloves, finely chop ginger, and scallions Separate white and green parts

Mix well stir-fry sauce with – coconut aminos, toasted sesame oil, aged balsamic, coarse sea salt, arrowroot powder, and chicken stock You’ll also want to quickly blanch broccoli florets and plunge them in cold water Set aside to drain By the way, there are two different ways to make steamed broccoli – hot water blanch or microwave You can check out the video link below or right here (point left)

Now we have all the ingredients ready Let’s put them together In a well-heated skillet, add 2 tbsp avocado oil Sear the chicken breasts in one thin layer without disturbing until golden brown then sear the flip side The chicken will be almost cooked through at this point but not completely

Set them aside Add 2 more tbsp cooking oil Saute aromatics, season with little salt to bring out flavor Once fragrant, add chicken back to the skillet Stir the sauce one more time then add the sauce and broccoli florets

Toss and keep stir-frying until the sauce is thickened You can use the same technique for any chicken breast stir-fry and they will always be moist, juicy, and flavorful Also if you are interested to learn how to cook with Stainless Steel Skillet and make it temporarily non-stick, you can find more information on my website I’ll put a link below and right here If you like this video please give me a thumbs-up, SUBSCRIBE to my channel and share with your friends

Leave a comment below if this video helped you My name is ChihYu Smith from IHeartUmamicom I’ll see you next week !


Hello Friends Welcome to 5-Minute Kitchen with Shraddha Today we are going to add one more interesting keto recipe in our list of Indian Keto recipes Keto Okra Fries Low carb okra fries is very good option in keto diet plan Low Carb Oven baked Okra fries

Let's start Ingredients : Red Chili Powder 1/4 tbsp Roasted Cumin powder 1/2 tbsp Salt as per taste Turmeric powder 1/4 tbsp Olive Oil Coriander powder 1/2 tbsp Firstly, Wash and dry okra thoroughly

Ensure Okra is dried properly so fries will be easily baked otherwise it will become sticky Remove tops and bottom with the help of knife and make a cut down the middle vertically to to insert spices inside it I love seeds of Okra, hence I am not removing these If you want then you can cut okra into halves and remove these seeds from Okra Mix all the spices in a bowl These spices are low in carbs and also adds taste to Okra fries You can also add other spices as per your keto diet plan Now we will do stuffing of okra We will fill spices mix into Okra with the help of spoon and put into a bowl Filling spices like this adds flavor to Keto Okra baked fries Sprinkle olive oil over these stuffed okra and also add remaining spices mix and mix these with the help of spoons Take baking tray place parchment paper over it so that okra will not stick to the tray Now place stuffed okra one by one Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes Bake Okra for 25 minutes 350 degrees Fahrenheit Keto Okra fries(Baked) are ready now Okra fries are now crispy and crunchy after baking Have these keto okra fries with Greek Yogurt and Guacamole in your snacks

And stay healthy! For more such healthy keto recipes subscribe to 5-Minute Kitchen Please share your reviews in comment section Thanks for watching!


it is the new year which means you're trying to get back on our swing if you enjoyed the holidays like me it you want to get back with a bang so I have a Mill prep for you guys that is it is a little bit more time-consuming but they are great meals that feed an army now if you guys do like milk prep videos let me know by giving me a thumbs up and commenting the other meals that you want me to try to put in my mail prep all right let's go ahead and get into it this first recipe is zucchini tater tots now this was a side to go with my bacon and eggs that I didn't show here I do have a full recipe on this as a separate video so I will leave that in the description box below the only modification that I did make was I added jalapenos and it was definitely a great addition to this I also did a double batch this was so I could store half of them in the freezer which it froze beautifully I just reheated them in the skillet with a little bit of avocado oil the next smell is the chicken thighs with a feta spinach cream sauce honestly I just made the sauce up and it turned out amazing so I had to share it with you guys I just have some boneless skinless chicken breasts that I washed and seasoned with some salt and pepper the sauce is super easy I literally just made it up on the spot it's about a tablespoon of butter with a little bit of garlic and a whole bag of spinach I let the spinach wilt in the butter for about a minute or two and then I added some cream I used about 1/4 of a cup I added the drippings of the chicken you can also use about a cup of chicken broth if you decide to make this sauce spit out the chicken and then I just kind of added some cheeses that I had on hand I about 1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese a couple tablespoons of Parmesan cheese and the star of the show betta actually forgot to put it in the actual sauce so I ended up just breaking up about a half of a block of the feta cheese and mixed it all around now you can totally make this super easy on yourself and just add the feta cheese in with the cream sauce while it's simmering and I highly advise that but you know it this way works just as fine and it tastes it just as good I placed this in the oven for probably thirty minutes at 375 give or take the chickens already fully cooked at this point you're basically just warming up the sauce and I have that with a side of cauliflower rice I've been obsessed with cauliflower rice lately because I do like having a lot of bulk so that way I feel fuller for longer and cauliflower rice does that I'm using about one to two tablespoons of avocado oil you can honestly use any oil that you have but I love avocado oil as you know and I'm seizing this with a little bit of salt and pepper since the chicken does have a great sauce you really don't need too much seasoning to the cauliflower rice but as always you can use whatever seasonings that you have on hand and fit it to your taste buds this cauliflower rice took no time to cook I had it on 400 degrees for about 10 minutes I stirred it after seven minutes and then I kept an eye on it for the next couple of minutes until it just slightly toasted now guys this honestly took me like a day and a half to film because I ended up filming all the way up into when I had work so I had to put everything in the fridge so I'm actually plating the chicken it's been in the fridge and I think it was easier you know portioning out the sauce and stuff so I'm not even mad I actually ended up having this for a lunch so this actually made five servings but I only showed four now you want to make sure that you let cool before you put them back to the fridge next this one honestly has been in my head for a while so I'll have to Annette finally it's showing you guys it is a low-carb lasagna what we're placing what the pasta is zucchini and a lot of people actually use like a mandolin to slice it very thin I actually don't have it so I decided to grate it as if I was going to be making zucchini tots actually preferred doing it this way because it took out a lot more water than just slicing it thin with the mandolin I'm just adding salt to draw out the moisture I do want to note that I used four zucchinis for this and I feel like it was honestly way too much I think three would have definitely been more than enough and this fed an army it was good for a beep seven or eight servings and I ended up portioning out about five servings for my meal plan and then I gave some to my sister and we still had leftovers it was like never ending so this is perfect if you have a family that you want to feed and if they're not Quito they can easily have this with a side of garlic bread and a side salad this original meat sauce recipe was from food wishes I will leave their link down below but I did a little bit of altercation just so that way it could be a little lower in carbs I omitted the wine as well as the milk that they used and replaced the milk with heavy whipping cream now this meat sauce actually makes double what you would need for this recipe so I usually just make a huge batch and then freeze half of it having this meat sauce in the freezer honestly is a lifesaver because it's a quick meal that you don't have to worry about cooking I'm just adding my seasonings of choice I like to season in stages so I usually do it want to have all the veggies sauteing and then I do it again once I add all the ingredients you I just have some lean ground beef and some hot Italian sausage you want to make sure you break up the meat as small as you can just that way it can simmer and just melt in your mouth you I'm adding tomato paste I used to add a full can of this tomato paste but since it's a little bit higher in carb I opted for only a couple of tablespoons I ended up doing three tablespoons here you only see two and then I realized that I needed a little more to get the kind of color that I wanted on the meat you I know this seems strange but adding a little bit of heavy whipping cream just adds a little bit more velvety luxurious to the sauce I don't know how how else to explain it but if you go to food wishes recipe he does a really great way of explaining it and has some great tips on making meat sauces so I highly advise I've been making his meat sauce for the past four or five years now I just have a can of tomatoes this is unsalted so definitely make sure you add some seasoning if you get the unsalted version I'm just mixing this all in so everything can get combined and then you want to add a full can of water now this is going to be a meat sauce that simmers for hours if you don't have time for it to simmer for hours then I would only put in half the amount of water and that would speed up the process of the cup time this is after four hours of cooking I'm just making the ricotta mixture for the lasagna I'm just making in the ricotta mixture for the lasagna I'm reserving 1/2 of a cup of the ricotta because I'm going to be using that in a cookie recipe that you'll see in shortly I'm just adding one full egg and my seasoning is of choice please don't buy my night we're here in the shot honestly I had to do this early in the morning and I was not having it I was super over it yeah that was me but we pushed through because I wanted to get this video out for you guys I'm just layering all of the ingredients evenly next time I'm not gonna add that last layer of zucchini because I really don't think it needed it next year gonna take some foil and you just want to spray the top this is so that way the cheese doesn't stick to the top of the foil you're gonna place this in a 400-degree oven for about 40 minutes after about 20 to 30 minutes I took off the foil and continued to let it cook I wish I would have let the cheese brown but I was running late for work so I kind of had to just rush and I kind of had to just rush and get these clips for you guys I know this is gonna be hard but I would HIGHLY advise to let this sit for at least 10 to 15 minutes I actually wasn't able to let it sit that long because I was on a time crunch and I had to get to work so that's why it was hard to put in the actual containers but if you let it cool it should come out pretty easily I just paired this with a nice side salad of romaine lettuce cucumbers and tomatoes I also decided to try keto connects cookies I'm so sad I didn't end up getting another clip of the fun and finished product but if you head over to my Instagram I actually did snap a picture over there so you can see how amazing they look over there honestly this is such a good replacement toward traditional cookies it tasted amazing super soft and it reminded me of real cookies I know I'll definitely make sure to leave their link down below because they had built it with all ethology cookies so if you guys want the treat that you won't have to worry about going off diet head over there they have so many recipes is amazing now this month no problem is a little bit higher in dairy but honestly the new year it's going to be hard to get on so I wanted to create delicious milk so I know you can stick with and hopefully if you guys do try it let me know let me know in the comments down below that you tried it and it up snap the picture of it tags me and Instagram I would love to see the creations that you have made alright guys thanks so much for watching this an old crowd it took a lot of hard work and I'm so happy that I'm finally showing you guys if you guys do like these with no prep videos please before you leave don't forget to like this video comment what you want me to make next and I will see you guys in the next video bye

Easy Low-Carb Flatbread Recipe That’s Keto Friendly

catch it hey I caught it what up guys and welcome back to the fit min cook kitchen but today's videos gonna be a little bit of fun because I thought I would bring you all into the kitchen to show you all my vantage points so today we are gonna make a three ingredient low-carb flatbread but I love about this recipe besides the fact that it's nearly filled proof is that it's really easy to jazz up so if you want something sweet one day and when it's savory the next thing you could do just that here are our three main ingredients superfine almond flour if you have a nut allergy then you can substitute in stuff some coconut flour it's gonna slightly change the texture of it but the end result should be okay some arrowroot starch or not I cook a lot with this stuff because I love it it's a great thickener but it's also good in baking recipes it helps to really bind it together and then I've got some full fat coconut milk I know a lot of people by the the carton coconut milk for this recipe we need full fat all right guys let's get started first thing I'm gonna do is we're gonna add in our dry ingredients even though this is superfine almond meal you still want to thin it out so that way there are no clumps so I can just do a quick stir and then you're gonna take about a cup of your coconut now slowly pour that in and mix everything together I t's a spatula because sometimes it clumps up at the very bottom now this is gonna be the about the consistency of a pancake batter so it's gonna be somewhat thick kind of like a muffin or cake batter a lot of people like to add some flavor into their bread at this point I like to have a lot of options whenever I'm doing something I may not want something savory every single day flat bread just needs to be basic and I just a pinch of salt you'll have my salt Bay down yet guys can I make it this is like insanely awkward why is this an internet phenomenon but he does it very well and he's got restaurants now he's doing something right so I need to step up myself a game so we're gonna set our he lit a nonstick skillet on medium heat and the key thing about this recipe is just patience so I like to cook mine one at a time so you're gonna have several of these but each one we're gonna cook individually and give it that really nice DLC oh go chasing waterfalls to the rivers and the lakes that you use to say it was I remember it takes a lotta heat up kind of like Kevin's jokes they take a little while to heat up that's I have good jokes so we don't necessarily have to spray this with oil but I am anyway and I'm doing that too because I wanted to toast the other part of the flatbread a little bit a little bit under 1/3 cup I'm just gonna pour this right into just gonna play the waiting game so this is just about ready as you can see that yeah the outer part of it here is change the color but the center part is still kind of doughy so that shows me that it's pretty ready to be flipped live it over just like that gonna cook this for a little bit longer so that way we get some in color that's why I like to spray mine but we don't want to at all if needed just in this case you can crank up the heat a little bit but you don't want to go too high again you want to keep the temperature and medium here's our flatbread nice and golden and it's still really soft maybe parts of the middle are still uncooked so we're gonna put it into this cooling rack because it's gonna continue to cook here all over again catch it hey I cut it it's just an optional step but I like to just add a bit more flavor just a little bit by brushing them up a little bit at this vegan buttery spread so you get about maybe a teaspoon each and just that easy guys we've got some delicious flatbread look at it's nice it's soft it's not super fragrant to me it smells a little bit like like peanut butter to break it open I hope that you all enjoyed this video it's very simple I want you all to comment below what's your favorite topping would be for this amazing flatbread these are meal capable as well so you can keep these in a sealable bag in the fridge they should last you for about a good week to get the full rundown and deets on this recipe remember to go to fit men cook con guys I want y'all to smash that like button below and also tell me what your favorite topping would be for this amazing delicious flatbread I know you're gonna love it thank y'all for watching until next time I want you to keep it healthy but of course what never ever boring boom

Keto Teriyaki Chicken | Japanese Keto Recipes | Keto Recipes

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com Today's featured recipe is keto teriyaki chicken

You will love the taste of this Japanese favorite A recipe that is very easy and quick to make The macronutrient ratio for this recipe is 26 to 1, with 2 grams of total and net carbs because there's no dietary fibre The three ingredients you'll need for this recipe are four chicken thighs with bone in and skin on, my keto teriyaki glaze with the sesame seeds, and one tablespoon of grapeseed oil

If you haven't made the teriyaki sauce, or you've run out, please make that first The link to this recipe video will be provided in the description below For this Japanese teriyaki chicken recipe, I prefer to use the thigh, because the meat is the most flavorful, and what the traditional recipe suggests In most of the grocery stores I shop at, the chicken thigh meat usually has a bone in it and has to be removed But don't worry

To debone the chicken is very easy Begin by taking the thigh, and locating the thicker bone Lay the skin side down, and using a very sharp knife, make a diagonal cut towards and under the bone Then, just lift the bone, and cut whatever is still keeping the bone attached Also, trim off any extra skin and fat, that's hanging past the meat section

Sometimes I find that there's a bit of joint bone left, when I remove the main bone Because I like to use as much of the ingredients as possible, in recipes, whether they're meat or vegetable, so I'm placing the large bones, and bigger chunks of chicken skin and fat, into this container, so that I can freeze it until I decide to make either chicken soup or bone broth If you think this is too much trouble, you could get your butcher to debone the thighs for you, but at my grocery store, the average price of bone-in, versus bone-removed thigh is more than double And since it's so easy to remove the bone, I prefer to do it myself, because it's much less expensive Next I preheat my dry wok, but if you don't have a wok, just use a skillet

When your wok or skillet is hot, then add the oil to season the wok or pan Next, add the teriyaki glaze, and place the chicken thigh, skin side down, into your pan But do not crowd the meat, because you want nice crispy skin Fry your chicken thighs until the skin side has a nice dark golden and crispy skin Then using your tongs, put the meat side down until it, too, is well done

But if your pot was small and you're doing this in two batches Do a second batch in the same way When your chicken thighs are done, remove them from the heat and let the meat rest for at least ten minutes, before you cut them lengthwise I cut my finished chicken thighs into half-inch, or 15 centimetre thick strips In less than 10 minutes, while the chicken is resting, you can make a side dish, such as my ginger garlic bok choy, or my 5 minute fried cauli rice

Both are excellent side dishes for the teriyaki chicken For this evening I'm serving the teriyaki chicken with the ginger garlic bok choy Yes, I know bok choy is a Chinese side dish, and teriyaki chicken is a Japanese dish, but I'm being creative because I just like these two recipes a lot I will however, make some Japanese vegetable side dishes in the very near future Until then, I hope you try this recipe

Enjoy! Thank you for watching, and see you next time The link to the teriyaki chicken written recipe, as well as the side dishes mentioned, will be provided in the description below