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Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com Today, I'm featuring these amazing keto hamburger buns

I worked on this recipe for quite a while and created it because I'm tired of seeing all the fat head pretend breads that are not really breads at all I think breads should not rely on mozzarella or cream cheese to make it stick together However in some of my recipes I do use buttermilk or yogurt to simulate sourdough bread taste, but that's a bit different because it's a flavor enhancer and not the principal binding agent, which mozzarella and cream cheese are meant to replace I'd like to mention that this is not only a recipe video but also a technique and how-to video So I hope you'll watch to the end and see how I make my keto hamburger buns, and in the comments section please do let me know if you've tried the bread and what your thoughts are on it

The macronutrient ratio for the keto hamburger buns recipe is two to one with nine point eight grams of total carbs, two point four grams of soluble fiber, five point nine grams of insoluble fiber, resulting in only one point five grams of net carbs per bun This recipe works best if you use a food processor Into your food processor, add all eight of the room-temperature eggs I'd like to emphasize that it's really important that the eggs are not cold when you're making this recipe, and then blend for a minute When you're done blending, the whipped eggs should be frothy and pale yellow

Next you add the melted butter and blend until the eggs and butter are integrated completely Next step: in a small cup, and before adding to the food processor, combine your water and cream and stir very well Add to the food processor and blend Now for the dry ingredients: add them in the following order and blend each ingredient before adding the next one: So first add the coconut flour, the whole psyllium husk, Lakanto sweetener ground to confectionery, salt, the glucomannan powder, the baking powder, and baking soda, and then blend for 30 seconds Lastly, drizzle the white vinegar as you're blending and continue blending for 30 more seconds

The purpose of the white vinegar is to activate the baking soda and baking powder So the vinegar must be added at the very end when everything is well blended Remove the food processor blade and then let the dough stand for five minutes In the meanwhile, also pre-heat your oven to 177 Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit and line your baking sheet with parchment paper I'm using a half-measure cup to scoop out the dough and level off the top, removing the extra dough

Then place the half cup of dough onto the parchment lined baking sheet I use a small spatula to scrape out all the dough from the measuring cup This dough is very sticky and you want to get the entire half cup of dough placed on the parchment so that each bun has the same quantity But leave plenty of space between each amount of dough You want to space the buns well because they will expand when they're baking

Dip your fingers in cold water and gently, without pressing down, smooth and flatten the top as you're shaping the bun You want to have a circular perimeter As With all of my recipes these buns are completely grain and gluten free, so they're perfect for celiac diets So they're perfect for diabetic diets and sugar-free diets So if you know someone with these conditions or similar metabolic conditions that would benefit from grain free diets, please share this recipe with them After patting down and shaping all of your buns, an optional step, which I like to do, is sprinkle about 1/4 tsp of raw white sesame seeds on top of each bun

When the buns are prepared, place the baking sheet in the middle position of your preheated oven Bake for about 20 minutes, but don't be tempted to open the door You want the heat to remain constant for best rise to the buns After the 20 minutes, turn off the heat and place an oven mitt or something to hold the door slightly open This is to let the buns cool slowly inside the oven for 10 minutes

Set your timer because if you leave them in the warm oven too long they will get too dark brown and they will dry out After the 10 minutes, remove the buns from the oven and place them on a cooling rack to finish cooling to room temperature And that is all there is to making my fresh keto hamburger buns I Think you'll find the taste of these buns very satisfying and have a fairly good resemblance to regular wheat based hamburger buns Not exactly

But pretty close, and of course these keto hamburger buns go perfectly with my ultimate keto hamburger or my new ultimate keto Juicy Lucy hamburger I also like to use these keto hamburger buns when I have leftovers such as with my next recipe, which will be my Keto Bulgogi, which is also known as Keto Korean Beef Barbecue With my keto bun and the leftover Bulgogi I make my Keto Bulgogi burger Thank you very much for watching and I hope to see you next time, If you haven't already please subscribe and please activate your notification bell so that you will know when the Keto Bulgogi video is posted The link for the printable keto hamburger buns recipe and the recommended ultimate keto burger and the ultimate Juicy Lucy hamburger will be available in the description below

Keto Beef Bulgogi – Keto Korean Beef BBQ | Keto Recipes

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com If you're familiar with my channel, you will know that one of my goals is to show everyone that being on a keto diet is not restrictive

In fact, you can and should enjoy a great variety of food One of the ways that I really like to expand on our choice of meals is by making some of our favorite international recipes When I'm adapting an old favorite recipe, I try to use ingredients and methods that will be as true to the original recipe as possible Before going on with the recipe, I'd like to mention that this week a new feature has been added to my blog on the actual recipe page Located in the right-hand margin, I have added a Google Translate feature, which will allow for the entire written recipe page to be translated, and then you can read it in the language of your choice

This is available for all of the recipes I hope that this new feature will be helpful to our many international viewers So, please spread the word that keto meals and recipes dot com now has a Google Translate feature So with the announcement out of the way, let's make my Keto Beef Bulgogi, also known as Keto Korean Beef BBQ The macronutrient ratio for this recipe is 1

8 to 1 with 35 grams of total carbs, 08 gram of dietary fiber, resulting in only 27 grams of net carbs per serving You'll find that the preparation of both the marinade sauce, and Keto Beef Bulgogi is very quick and easy

Also, I should mention that the full video on how to make Keto Bulgogi Sauce, also known as the Keto Korean BBQ Sauce, will be posted in a couple days I wanted to give a little bit more explanation than just throwing the ingredients in the blender I'd also like to give a few suggestions about the meat I usually buy a whole roast and have my butcher cut it into very thin sections, or if you have a Korean or Chinese grocery store nearby, go to their meat section and you can find prepackaged bulgogi meat, which is presented in very nice neat tubes of meat, which you'll find in the frozen meat section If neither of these options are available to you, get a good chuck roast or sirloin tip roast, bring it home, chill it until it's very firm, and then using a very sharp knife, cut very thin sections, as thin as you can make them

I prefer to marinate my meat in a deep glass bowl and then I separate the sheets of meat as I add them into the bowl Then, I pour the Keto Bulgogi Sauce on top Then I prefer to use my hands and carefully toss the meat in the sauce But try your best not to tear the thin meat slices When you've tossed everything well, cover the bowl with cling wrap and refrigerate to allow the marinade to tenderize and flavor the beef

As I've mentioned, allow the meat to marinate for a minimum of one hour As with marinating any meat, the longer you marinate it, the better it will taste So overnight is ideal When I'm ready to start cooking, take the bowl out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before you want to make the Keto Beef Bulgogi The reason for this is you want the meat to get to room temperature for best results

While the marinated meat is getting to room temperature, I peel my carrot and cut the carrot on a diagonal into thin one centimeter or 1/4 inch diagonal sections, then cut each of these sections into thin 1/2 centimeter or 1/4 inch matchsticks and set them aside The last thing to prep is the mushrooms So cut the mushrooms into relatively thin sections as well and set them aside Now it's time to cook the meat You can either heat a wok, skillet, or make the Bulgogi on an outdoor BBQ

If you're using a wok or skillet, heat the pan over medium heat then add about 2 tablespoons of your roasted sesame seed oil and coat the bottom and the side of the pan very well I'd just like to mention that the traditional and authentic method to make Bulgogi or Korean Beef Barbecue is on top of a charcoal grill If you're intending to barbecue, you should use one of the following: you'll need a fine steel mesh BBQ grill pan or use aluminum foil so that your thin sheets of meat do not fall through the barbecue grate Now back to the skillet or wok method: When you're placing each sheet of marinated meat into the pan, spread it out and place it flat on the pan And don't crowd the meat

Your best results would be obtained if you cook the meat in small batches Cooking time is very brief, but cook until the underside is lightly crusted and golden-brown Then flip and cook the other side until it too has a golden-brown crust It'll take about a couple minutes per side, but that will depend how thick your meat slices are Use your tongs to remove and place the meat on a serving platter

It's a good idea to cover the meat on the platter with a sheet of aluminum foil This will keep the meat nice and warm and prevent it from drying out as you finish the rest of the batches Between each time you fry a new batch of meat, add one tablespoon of oil and keep repeating until all the sheets of marinated meat are done The last step is to also cook the vegetables Add your carrots

Pour the remaining Keto Bulgogi Sauce left from the marinade If there's not enough oil, add another tablespoon of oil Stir-fry until the carrots are a bit brown, but still at a crispy stage That should be about two to three minutes Then scoop out and place into a separate bowl

Add and cook the mushrooms until they're slightly crispy on the outside It took my mushrooms about three minutes to get that nice golden crust When the mushrooms are done, scoop them out and place them in the separate bowl Also cut and prepare your chives or green onions To assemble your Bulgogi platter, layer about half of the Bulgogi Beef onto a serving platter, then sprinkles some of the carrots over the surface

Repeat with some of the mushrooms, the green onions or chives Lay the rest of the bulgogi beef on top and again sprinkle the carrot matchsticks, mushrooms Finish with the light sprinkling of green onions or chives I wish you could smell the wonderful aroma coming from this meat If you've ever had Korean beef barbecue in a Korean restaurant, I'm sure that you'll find that my keto recipe is very true to the authentic taste

If you're wondering how to serve this, an optional way to enjoy Bulgogi is to eat the meat wrapped in the leaf of soft lettuce such as Boston lettuce or iceberg lettuce Bulgogi sauce can be used in several other recipes as well, so my next video will focus on how to make the sauce, which will take literally five minutes I'd like to thank you for watching this video And if you haven't already, please turn on your notification bell See you next time

The link for the printable Keto Beef Bulgogi Keto Korean Beef Barbecue recipe, with a Google Translate option, is available in the description below


Hello my dear friends! Welcome to 5-Minute Kitchen with Shraddha Today I have a popular Indo-Chinese dish for you KETO VEG MANCHURIAN We all like manchurians but it becomes almost impossible to have these during our Keto Diet or low-carb diet Hence I have given a healthy Keto twist to our favorite Manchurian It is tasty as well as Keto friendly Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel Also, hit the bell icon to get new recipes coming your way every week Making Keto Veg Manchurian is a 3 step process Firstly, we will make Manchurian balls Take a big bowl Add all ingredients one by one 1/2 cup grated Cabbage It is low carb vegetable as well as main ingredient of Manchurian 1/2 cup finely chopped Green Pepper 1/2 cup grated Cauliflower 1/2 cup grated Homemade Paneer(Indian cheese) Paneer is star ingredient of Vegetarian Keto recipes Recipe link for Paneer is in the description below 1/3 cup finely chopped Onion 1/3 golden flax meal you can also make this easily at home 1/2 tbsp Hemp Hearts (optional) Salt as per taste 1 small Green Chili chopped 2 tbsp Psyllium Husk this aids in the binding of Manchurian balls Give them a very good mix This easily binds because of moisture in the veggies and hence we don't need to add water Make round balls out of this vegetable mixture People usually like Manchurian to be spicy So you can add extra Green Chili, if you want Manchurian balls are ready In setp 2 we will deep fry these low carb Vegetable balls Take some oil in a pan Let it heat Put a small portion of mixture & check if oil is properly heated or not Mixture is floating over the oil At this stage we will carefully add the Manchurian balls in the heated oil let them fry on a medium flame Ensure that you do not disturb these for first 30 seconds Keep stirring and fry until Manchurian turn golden brown Deep fried crispy Manchurian balls are ready It is also a great Keto Snacks option you can also have these as a appetizer We will prepare gravy in Step 3 Heat up the pan Add 1 tbsp Olive oil Add 1 tbsp

chopped Ginger, Garlic and saute for 10-15 seconds Add 1/4 cup chopped Onion Saute well This will reduce its raw smell Now add 1/4 cup chopped Green Pepper Saute for around 1 minute Add 1 tbsp Green Chili Sauce and 2 tbsp Soy Sauce Mix well Add pinch of Salt and water Let it boil Gravy is now ready Add this hot gravy on top of deep fried Manchurian balls Garnish with chopped spring onion Serve hot Delicious & Mouth-watering KETO VEG MANCHURIAN is ready now I am going to eat it right now You also make this and enjoy with your family, friend and loved ones SUBSCRIBE 5-Minute Kitchen for more such interesting Keto recipes and don't forget to hit the bell icon Please share your opinions in the comment section Thanks for watching


Hello my dear friends Welcome to 5-Minute Kitchen with Shraddha Today I have a very popular Indian street food for you That you are definitely missing during your Keto Diet Keto Wrap/Veg Paneer Frankie/ Tortilla/Burrito I made this with Keto friendly ingredients This low carb wrap is healthy as well as tasty Please SUBSCRIBE to 5-Minute Kitchen & press the bell icon I made this Keto Frankie in 5 easy steps In step:1 we will prepare dough from flaxmeal Bring 1 cup water to boil in a pan Add 1 tsp Salt 1 cup golden flax meal 1 tbsp Psyllium Husk Stir well with spatula Turn gas flame to low Flaxmeal will absorb the water and dough becomes thick Ensure that you use boiled water to prepare dough Otherwise dough will be hard and it will be tough to roll if we use cold or lukewarm water Turn off the heat Set aside to coo We will prepare Avocado chutney/Guacamole in step 2 Take slices of ripe Avocado in a mixing bowl Now add chopped coriander leaves 1 tsp Black Pepper Salt as per taste, 1 tsp Lemon juice Mash well Avocado chutney adds creamy texture to Keto Warp and also enhances its taste We will prepare roti/chapati/tortilla for frankie in step 3 Dough is cold now Knead it gently and divide into 4 small equal pieces and form into balls Now we will roll them one by one Place a Parchment paper on a flat surface Flatten it by gently pressing it with your hands Then place one more Parchment on top Roll with the roller Parchment paper helps in easily rolling the ball and by doing this dough do not get stick to the roller Now we will remove the parchment paper Make a circular shape with the help of lid remove excess dough Grease the pan with ghee and place keto flaxmeal roti/wrap over it let it cook in medium flame for a minute Flip and let it cook from another side Keep aside on a plate Now we will prepare filling for low carb wrap in Step 4 Take 2 tbsp olive oil in hot pan Add 1 tsp Cumin seeds 1 finely chopped Green Chili Add 1/2 cup blended Onion Saute it until onion turns dark brown 1/2 cup blended Tomato Saute for a minute Now we will add spices 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder 1 tsp

Coriander powder 1/2 tsp Red Chili powder Salt as per taste Mix well Add 1/2 cup Green Pepper I have chopped this Mix pepper with the spices and let it cook for 1 minute Now add 75g home-made Paneer I have shallow-fried the paneer cubes This enhances the flavor of Keto Frankie I have provided the recipe link of "Home-made Paneer" in the description below Add 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream Mix well Veggies & Paneer filling is ready now In the last step we will prepare Keto Frankie roll Evenly spread freshly prepared avocado chutney over the roti/wrap/chapati/tortilla Place cabbage on one edge Place paneer stuffing over it Sprinkle spring onions Roll it up tightly to make a roll Mouth-watering Keto Frankie Roll is ready now Keto Wrap is interesting low carb recipe You can add this in your Keto lifestyle as lunch, dinner or snacks Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel and hit the BELL ICON Share your feedback in the comment section Thanks for watching

50 Large Family Keto Instant Pot Freezer Meals | Low Carb, THM, Gluten Free | PART ONE

– Confessions from the cabinet The sell by date, if you can't read that, it says October 2015

So yeah, I guess this is goin' in the trash Happy freezer cookin' day, friends I have about 20 new, large family style, keto recipes Most of these can be done in the Instant Pot or slow cooker, I'm gonna have all the recipes over on largefamilytablecom, and you can either use your Instant Pot or use your slow cooker, any way you wanna do it

I also have several low-carb oven bakes that you're gonna love, like we are gonna do lasagna with cabbage leaves, it's gonna be fantastic Earlier in the day, Travis went and picked up that large family grocery shoppin' haul for me Course we have a lot of the beef already, I need 20 pounds of cooked ground beef, and I need a whole lot of steak roast, and we have all of those on hand We had to buy ground turkey, had to buy salmon, had to buy some pork roast, and we bought a lotta chicken We're gonna write out all the recipes that we're doing today, and how many I think I'm getting out of each

Here is what we're doin', in my head it made sense, I moved it around based on protein So based on this steak roast, we're gonna do beef fajitas, balsamic rosemary roast, Philly cheesesteak, and Italian beef roast The only real pork thing that I have on these recipes, is a roasted Caesar pork We're gonna also do buffalo chicken wraps Of course we're doin' the buffalo chicken, but my plan is to have them in wraps

We're also gonna do spicy chicken drumsticks, now it was gonna be chicken wings, but Walmart substituted my wings for drumsticks We're gonna do lime and cilantro chicken, balsamic and lemon chicken, coconut and lime chicken, chicken and cauliflower curry, Greek chicken, bacon chicken stew, and Italian chicken Low-carb meatloaf, we're gonna do the stuffed peppers, and then we're doin' low-carb salmon cakes, turkey meatballs, cabbage lasagna, and also a bacon cheeseburger bake I may have a problem with the turkey meatballs I just realized I did not see turkey in our Walmart grocery pickup order

Yeah it's so sad, I was just here goin' over my Walmart grocery order again, and man, there's not turkey on there I had so many glitches with that grocery cart last night when I was puttin' in my large family grocery shopping order It was just a mess, I had items disappearing or going to zero For milks, I ordered seven or eight milks, but the order only went through for two And there's just no turkey on here

It's almost five o'clock here, now that I'm starting to do these I do have assembly with some yes, but over three quarters of these are just the dump and go type, bag style, freezer meals So, I hope this won't take me too terribly long, but I also need to get something for dinner cooking now So I think I'm gonna go ahead and do the chicken and cauliflower curry Get that goin' in the Instant Pot, and that's what we'll have for dinner, 'cause that's what Mama says she wants

So what I have goin' on here, of course I've got about three pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast there I've got some frozen cauliflower in the back I have more fresh cauliflower I need to process, but I prefer to use that if the work is done Spice-wise, we have garlic and onion Of course we have curry powder, little bit of paprika

Gonna put in a can of coconut milk, and a can of diced tomatoes with green chilies Got our chicken in there, now I'm puttin' in a can of coconut milk, diced tomatoes, Mr Travis is gonna say, "No, no" He is not a diced tomato fan but oh well, it's good Rule of thumb with the Instant Pot or any electric pressure cooker, is that you need eight ounces of liquid of some sort to build up the steam

So I got my valve set, now I'm gonna put it on manual high We're gonna put it on for 25 minutes Since I just got that chicken and cauliflower curry goin' in the Instant Pot, I would go ahead and make my other freezer meals along that line and then I went ahead, I put a little D beside my dump meals, or the throw and go meals as I like to call 'em I have at least 10 meals that I'm just gonna literally dump everything in bags Several of these beef meals are the same, but I do wanna cut the chicken in strips for fajitas and Philly cheesesteak

I'm also gonna get the bacon cooking for the bacon cheeseburger bake I have ground beef cooking for the cabbage lasagna as well, and then I have defrosted meat for the meatloaf So yeah, comin' together It hopefully be fast, quick, and in hurry it's 5:05 now So behind the scenes here, Jayden is helping

He's attached a GoPro to our kitchen ceiling, so that yay! Now you all can have overhead footage, like we know what we're doing Hi! So I wanna get the rest of the chicken cauliflower curry in bags, I've gotta chop up a bunch a cauliflower now and this is my vegetable stack to work with here So I just did one bag, large family style of course, of this chicken and cauliflower curry And now I'll show ya I put it all together So I have about three pounds of chicken breasts in here, you can also use chicken thighs, I just used a boneless chicken

I'm also puttin' in a can of unsweetened coconut milk, this is a 135 ounce can And then you'll see with these bag holders, I mean I don't even have this one clipped, but it still helps to sandwich the bags together I have a whole collection of these, and animal crackers on the chair, but you'll be proud, I'm not eatin' 'em With these holders, I'll have the link in the description below, 'cause these are really helpful with doin' these throw and go meals

A can of these diced tomatoes and chilies, and there's our curry And then paprika, and garlic powder, and onion powder So here we go, I made one for my family and one for a friend's family And so whenever these are frozen, and let's say I wanna use it in my instant Pot I can set it out in the refrigerator the night before, then I can just dump it in the slow cooker the next morning or at lunchtime, and it'll be ready by dinnertime

And thinkin' ahead to other recipes, I try to think ahead when I have these casseroles and such, especially since I don't have my large family freezer meal plan with that batch cooking guide to just hold my hand and tell me exactly what to do We make those after the fact, so they're easier the following time So this is what I do for you, ha-ha Anyway, I know I have the bacon cheeseburger bake comin' up after I'm done with all of my bag meals here So Zion did, this is three pounds of bacon

He twisted it, we're gonna chop it all up for the bacon cheeseburger bake anyway Gonna get in the oven now, and then of course the big temptation will be to not eat it, and save it for the recipe So I jammed these freezer meal bags full of the chicken breast, this is about four and a half pounds each I'm gonna put in a half a cup of fresh parsley Gonna put in a whole squeezed lime

I'm gonna put in one can of coconut milk in each bag, and I'm gonna put in a tablespoon each of ground ginger I also have some ginger paste, you could use that just the same This is just what I put my hands on first And then also, we're puttin' in two tablespoons each of minced garlic Okay, so what I ended up with is, I'm actually gonna be able to do six various keto-friendly, low-carb, all of that, pork roast

What I'm gonna do is, four of these are gonna be a roasted Caesar pork roast, and then two are gonna be a zesty Italian pork roast Ya see what happened is, I had only planned for four, but then two of the roast Walmart gave me were actually six pound roast And so I cut those two in half and there we go And this is the dressing I'm using to make it easy on myself This Ken's Steak House, from what I've read, it is gluten-free

And so I'm going to use half a bottle, I've got two bottles in each of these four bags And then also, put in half a cup of fresh parsley into each bag I'm gonna seal those up now, and you can see I'm not followin' my own advice Monkey see, monkey do, or not do in this case, I haven't been labelin' my bags first I don't always do that because sometimes ya spill things on your bags, I just wait until I seal 'em, wipe them off, and then write on 'em

So either, six one way, half dozen another Okay, we're makin' progress, bacon is done I just taste-tested it, it's just fine The chicken cauliflower curry is done, I am doing two pounds of brown rice on the stove right now And then for these two zesty Italian pork roast, I did one of the Italian packets, and I did about a fourth of a cup of fresh parsley in these

Crossin' some more off our list, which is always good So now I'm puttin' together my bags for the buffalo chicken meat, which will be for buffalo chicken wraps in particular Kids can use a tortilla wrap, I can use a lettuce wrap What we're gonna do is I've got two bags here with three pounds of chicken each I'm gonna put in a cup of Frank's hot sauce into each bag

I'm gonna put in about a cup of carrots into each bag, and then half of this celery, half of the green onions, which is about half a cup each All into the bag, also I'm gonna put two tablespoons each of minced garlic Buffalo chicken wraps done, I got two of those made Here's my chicken and cauliflower curry I'm havin' it over some warmed up cabbage, I warmed up the cabbage with two tablespoons of butter, (laughs) whole lotta healthy fat

The kids are having theirs over brown rice and then I'll get back to makin' bag meals Okay next up, I am doing about five bags, I'm doing three pounds of chicken drumsticks each, and we're gonna do a spicy chicken in these bags It's gonna look very similar to the buffalo chicken we did for the chicken wraps, only these are drumsticks And I just got this bag labeled And then what I added to this recipe, I've never tried this before, but I just think with my flavor pallette (laughs), I think it'll taste yummy

I had just a little bit of that creamy Caesar dressing left and so I added in, this is probably only a fourth of a cup, into these bags of spicy chicken drumsticks I'm going to test it out, but I think that's gonna be really good, and I may in the future end up adding more I got on the phone with a friend so I didn't record this, but I did two bags of the lime and cilantro chicken So that's ready to go Again, the recipe for that'll be over on largefamilytable

com Right now, I'm going to do the balsamic and lemon chicken, then we're gonna do that Greek chicken, bacon chicken stew, and Italian chicken, and I'll be done with the chicken for today We'll move onto the beef items So now I'm going to do two bags of Greek chicken I'm not gonna put any olives in it though because honestly, that would probably freak some of my kids out, because haven't served too many things with olives

Here are the two bags of the Greek chicken, and now when I go to serve it, I will serve it sprinkled with a cup of feta as well You don't add that to the freezing process, again, that's just at serving time Next up, I am doing Italian chicken and all it is, it's four pounds of chicken in each bag, and I have a bottle of Ken's Steak House Italian, extra virgin olive oil dressing and marinade I'm gonna pour half of this bottle in each bag and that is it I'm sorry, I'm losin' my voice now

It's just a goofy thing, but I cut up several roasts for these next couple recipes What we're gonna do, beef fajitas, and then we're don' Philly cheesesteak So far in the beef fajita bags, I have a whole green bell pepper, a whole red bell pepper, a fourth of a cup of cilantro because I had it chopped Put a tablespoon of minced garlic in there, now I'm gonna put in some ground cumin, and some chili powder And then one can each of these mild diced tomatoes with green chilies, and then we'll put the meat slices in

So here are both of the beef fajita bags And remember, whenever we serve these, these are with about three pounds of meat For an average family, that sounds like plenty For a larger family you know, you'll need to add things to it to stretch it So when we have these, we may also have some refried beans or some rice

And then we'll have wraps and then of course, I will use lettuce wraps or cabbage leaf wraps or some other low-carb option Now I'm workin' on this Italian peppered beef roast, actually the cuts of meat that I'm using are sirloin top Those looked a little smaller to me, so I put two in each of these bags, 'cause I wanted it to be about four pounds of meat for each roast Now we're gonna put in half an onion, and then we're gonna put in a whole jar of these super yummy peppers and go from there

50 Low Carb, THM, Keto Freezer Meals for the Instant Pot | Freezer Cooking Day Part Two

– Okay, so a few things have changed since I was filming those keto instant pot meals last night Number one is my voice has gotten worse

Number two is it's a brand new day Number three is I have my trademark towel on my head while I'm freezer cooking I'm sure I have shared that the last Walmart grocery order, I just can't express how many goofy things went wrong Like there were some things that were on the receipt that we didn't get, there were quantities that were not what I put in the order for So it was just a whole lot, and you know, we've used Walmart Grocery Pickup order for well over a year now, and this particular order out of all of them, it just had a lot of weird things go wrong

So it's no one's fault in particular, other than it's really put a damper on my freezer cooking attempts I sent Travis again to Walmart today, so that's his third Walmart trip in less than 24 hours, trying to get our list exactly how I wanted it ordered So last night, I got 35 of the keto, low carb, Trim Healthy Mama, etc instant pot freezer meals completed, and then I just had to stop because I was missing too many little things Like I was totally missing turkey, and I was totally missing heavy cream

You're just gonna have to excuse my voice I feel fine, I just sound stupid So what's new? Okay, so yesterday we got done two bags of chicken fajitas, four bags of balsamic rosemary roast, two bags of Philly cheese steak, two bags of Italian beef roast, four bags of roasted Caesar pork, two bags of buffalo chicken wraps, four bags of spicy chicken legs, two bags of lime cilantro chicken, two bags of balsamic and lemon chicken, two bags of coconut and lime chicken, three bags of chicken and cauliflower curry, which was excellent, we had it for dinner last night, even all the little kids ate it all up, they had it over brown rice Two bags of Italian chicken, two bags of zesty Italian pork So what we need to do this evening to get this finished up, we need to get the bacon chicken stew done, I need to get the low carb meatloaves done, need to get the instant pot or slow cooker stuffed peppers done, the low carb salmon cakes, the turkey meatballs, and cabbage lasagna, and the bacon cheeseburger bake

After that, I will be done I just put half an onion in each of these bags for the bacon chicken stew that I'm doing So here are both bags Of course I'm gonna push the air out and seal them up in a moment One question I've gotten quite a bit on Instagram is if I'm prepping these meals with frozen chicken

And as you all have seen in this video, I am There's a couple reasons I'm doing that One, if I would've bought fresh chicken, you know what, or whatever the chicken is from Walmart, but it's not frozen, I would've had to heave stored it in my refrigerator until I could get these meals made, and I just didn't have the space for that, even with three refrigerators Also, these are freezer meals anyway, so the prep is the same, everything cooks up the same, I'm not leaving the chicken out at room temperature for a long period of time One of the things I'm going to make several pans of is a lasagna with cabbage leaves, so I'm going to get this cabbage simmering on the stove top just prepping it for when I get to that point

Also, Zion is prepping, because we're gonna do a whole bunch of keto low carb stuffed peppers I'm having him save all the tops for me because we'll probably use that in the sauce that'll go over the peppers Look, see I'm making a mess everywhere I go And then there is our growing pot of peppers I'm just gonna let these cabbage leaves simmer for a bit because again, we're gonna use these instead of noodles, we're gonna use these for our noodle layers in our cabbage lasagna

Okay, with all this prep work being done, since I have the leaves started for the cabbage lasagna, and Zion is working on getting our peppers ready, I already pre-cooked this ground beef yesterday I just drained the hot pot of the cabbage leaves, and I'm getting ready to show you, I'm prepping everything now to do a whole lotta lotta stuffed peppers Over on my stove, I just, I went ahead and made the decision to put 10 more pounds of ground beef on the stove I put it in a big pot, and I'm just gonna cook it in the hot pot like that That's gonna be the meat that I need for the bacon cheeseburger bakes and for the cabbage lasagna

I am using five pounds of ground beef at this moment, and prepping for the stuffed peppers I may end up, when it's all said and done, with about five to seven pounds of pre-cooked ground beef that I don't actually need right now, and that's always gold because I can put it in a bag, throw that in the freezer, and at some point, I'll use it in something Throw it in a pot of chili, in another thing of spaghetti sauce, some recipe somewhere, don't worry, that ground beef will get used And then I'm putting in two sups of grated Parmesan cheese This is 16 ounces, so I'm just gonna dump the whole thing in

So I just put the cut tops from all the peppers in here also, and the 12 cups of tomato sauce, five pounds of cooked ground beef Okay, whole lot of drama coming in the door Everybody is back from dance (child shouting) At least look up at me, man, look at me, look, look, hi, hi – Hi

– [Jamerrill] What did you do at tap? – Danced – [Jamerrill] You danced? Amelia, let me show how cute you look – [Child] Mommy – [Jamerrill] Look, dance hair – She got Elsa stickers, mom

– You got Elsa sticker, and you put them on your tap shoes So, yay, here are all the bags of stuffed peppers So I'll get these two done now, and then we'll go after these next three Here is the first cabbage lasagna completely assembled And actually, I'm feeling hungry now, and I have a cabbage lasagna in front of me, smells like lasagna, looks like lasagna

Gonna get this in the oven, and I'm gonna eat some So here is the second cabbage lasagna, I just finished I have the one in the oven, 'cause yeah, why not? I want lasagna So I'll set this aside, and we'll make a few more pans of this Now I'm putting in the ricotta

Another layer of meat sauce So that is how our third deep dish lasagna turned out Now yes, my cheese is a little dark there, but that's okay It stayed in probably 30 seconds too long, but look at this just wonderful pan of lasagna goodness It looks just like a lasagna

It's very pretty and lasagna-looking So what I'm working on now is the bacon cheeseburger low carb bake A cup of heavy cream, and we have a cup of mayonnaise Next I'm putting in two cans of tomato paste So that's all looking in there

And here's how the bacon cheeseburger bakes turned out, and I topped them also with four cups of shredded cheese each Okay, so we're making it My voice isn't making it, but we're making it, we're doing this Several of you have asked to see how I wrap the freezer meals, especially the big pans So since I can't communicate that with my vocal cords, I'm gonna show you

(foil crinkling) So what I do many times is I do a double layer of foil and then a double layer of plastic wrap So I'm gonna work on doing meatloaf And we're gonna use pork rinds as our binder (bag crinkling) Okay, friends, future Jamerrill here My voice has almost recovered

You see what happened is that night after I got done with those meatloaves, I just could not talk anymore, and then the following two days, I lost my voice And so I just rested and didn't say much Anyway, I'm back today, doing more freezer cooking for my family, 'cause this mama is going back out of town for six days, and all these people need to eat So we're filming all sorts of large family freezer breakfast and lunches, so be on the lookout for those I wanted to give you the total of all of the keto, low carb, Trim Healthy Mama style freezer meals that I got done during this freezer cooking time

It ended up being right at about 43 keto instant pot freezer meals, and then I got done about six low carb bakes The bakes ended up being, I got four of the low carb cabbage lasagnas done, and I did two of those bacon cheeseburger bakes, I did several dozen of those turkey meatballs Now the turkey meatballs can just go in with many sauces or different meals, however you'd like to use them I did not get to the low carb salmon cakes Those will just have to roll over to another time

Sorry, salmon cakes, would've loved to have made you, but this mama dropped out after that What we did get done, to recap, we got two meals with the beef fajitas, four with the balsamic rosemary roast, two Philly cheese steak meals, two Italian beef roast, four roasted Caesar pork roast, two buffalo chicken wrap meals, four spicy chicken drumstick meals, two lime and cilantro chicken meals, two balsamic lemon chicken bakes, two coconut lime chickens, three chicken and cauliflower curries, two Greek chickens, two bacon chicken stews, two Italian chickens, two zesty Italian pork roast, and then the two low carb meatloaves I actually, we had that last night, it was great And then four meals with the stuffed peppers And actually, what has already happened, again, future Jamerrill here, is my husband went and dropped off half of these meals with another large family mama friend of mine, and we were just passing on some of the freezer cooking love for their family

So for our family, that's left us with right about 22 low carb instant pot freezer meals, all that jazz, or use them in your slow cooker All the directions and recipes for every single thing I shared is gonna be over on largefamilytablecom I have a link in the description below But here's what I want you to do

Are you still here? You need to listen to this mama for a minute, okay? I need you to text the word freezer to 44222 If the text doesn't work, that link will also be in the description box, because I have updated my super mega freebie It is now the super mega Large Family Food collection In that we have the freezer meal planning pack, which is eight pages to help you plan your freezer meal days But there's now my full meal planning collection that has meal planners for weekly, biweekly, and monthly meal planning for your family

I have just added in the happy family holiday collection This is over 30 pages, and it has everything you need to meal plan for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, birthdays, and we even have blank holiday celebration planning pages with over 30 pages to help you plan, organize, shop for, and cook all of your upcoming holiday meals So please, please, please, get this pack


Hey y'all, thank you so much for clicking on this video today I'm going to show you My favorite keto friendly and vegan friendly meals

So you know what? Let's go ahead and get into the video Okay So first thing first I am going to be using these meatless meatballs They are from Gardein It is vegan and dairy-free And I really do like these meatballs just like I know some of my favorite like vegan and vegetarian meat are from Gardein Morningstar Farms and I have only tried Three meats from the company Tofurkey and I've like two out of three of those meats So yeah, okay

So nutrition facts for three meatballs It is 150 calories seven grams of fat nine grams of carbs three grams of fiber So that's six grams of net carbs and then 14 grams of protein so here are these spaghetti noodles that I love ever so much y'all they are vegan, gluten free, and Great for like low carb and keto friendly diets I know you can get this brand from Publix and Walmart, if you can't find it at your store, I'll try to Link it down below in the description box, and I also have it in my Amazon favorites Okay So I just went ahead and let my spaghetti Noodles on drain putting on some hot water then just let it drain But now I'm going to go ahead and put my seasonings on my noodles My meatballs are already cooking Because I like doing it where I just have my meatballs cooking because if I let these noodles stay Too long in the oven or on the stove or whatever They're gonna burn so that's what we're not trying to do all my mom has is this Extra-virgin olive oil So this is what I'm going to be cooking with Okay guys, so this is what everything looks like so good Oh my gosh now see this meatless meatballs like I said this is one of my favorite keto friendly and Vegan friendly meals that I made and plus I worked out today So I feel like I deserve this meal, but seriously though y'all look at this You can't even tell that this is vegan meat like this looks like good old regular Meatballs Alright y'all

So what I'm having to drink is my diet cranberry juice Oh my gosh Y'all love this so much nutrition facts so for the whole bottle It is ten calories zero grams of fat three grams of carbs one gram of fiber and 0 grams of protein I love this drink so much y'all I have to limit myself to one though one a day no more than one a day, and I'm also going to make sure I Drink water with this because you know your girl gotta make sure get my water and you know What y'all gonna be doing the same thing? I'm watching you Yes, I'm watching you So make sure you're getting your water in Okay, y'all so honestly, I really already know what this taste like, but you know what I guess I'll do a taste test for y'all (Eating) I tried to eat cute for y'all, but I failed But anyways, y'all thank you so much for watching this video Like I said, this is one of my favorite keto friendly and vegan friendly meals that I make if you are a returning subscriber Thank you so much for watching this video

Mwah Love you so much And if you're new to my channel Make sure you click that subscribe button plus the notification bell as well because I am documenting my weight loss journey Here on social media if you can't tell already I am a pescetarian so basically I'm like a vegetarian but I eat seafood and fish and I am doing the keto diet as well But yeah, y'all I'm about to go ahead and devour this deliciousness and don't forget if you don't hear from anyone else I love you, so stay blessed and I will see you in the next video! BYEEEEE

Low carb / Keto Brownie Fudge / Cheat meal but still on Fat Burning | BodyProCoach | Nutrition

heyHi, Whatsup chocolate , got an antioxidant compound known as FAMINOSE which helps you fight against disease at the same time for anti-aging welcome to BODY PRO COACH NUTRITION I'm PRAVEEN this is MAAHEK, hi guys today we're gonna be making low carb brownie fudge so I'm sure it's favorite for all you people there because every love sweet yeah so let's see the ingredients and quickly go how about it so we're gonna take first that's almond butter so I have ordered it quickly from Amazon you can just place an order it's called by the company the button nutt so you can ask for unsweetened almond butter that's about 1 cup of unsweetened almond butter that's a great option as snacks in between with your green tea or black coffee that's one cup I'm gonna quickly put 4 eggs into it PRAVEEN gonna blend the same for me nice now we're going to add the other ingredients to it that's about one and a half cup of coconut flour see about have about one cup of stevia granules we have about 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt that's himalayan salt you always keep talking about it and half a cup of cocoa cocoa has and chocolate has a lot of health benefits it can help you decrease the blood pressure the same is a great ingredient for the heart health we're going to blend that once again that's about half a cup of almond milk all right the last four you have to do is we have got a baking dish and I'm already gang of baking paper from Amazon you should take slight amount of olive oil or whatever or you have it at home you're gonna reuse the dish and I'm going to quickly pour the mixture of the brownie the fudge into the same all right so the brownie fudge is done we're gonna quickly put it into a odg and we're going to put it at 165 degrees Celsius for about 15 to 20 minutes so we're just gonna look at it that the top layer of the same which is wet right now gets dried once it's dry that means it's completely done there we go so a brownie fudge is ready know so we have cooled it for about an hour now at room temperature we're gonna quickly put that on a plate looks like it's done when eyes it's done 39 I'm gonna quickly cut that into small cubes or squares and they're done awesome so guys if you haven't subscribed to channel please do subscribe and hit the belly button that you get the intuition on but now we have a new video or supposed to be go light so time starts turning in we'll see in the next video see you soon