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Today on Caveman Keto Recipes, I'm going to make for you: Lazy Keto Chicken this is something I came up with when I didn't have any prepared for dinner and wanted to make some quick The ingredients are just Jalapeno slices, shredded cheese in this case I'm using Cheddar and Monterey Jack together just cause I had them

Bacon, chicken and salt pepper we're going to start by applying salt and pepper to both sides of the chicken Now, you take the Jalapeno slices and put a few in the center of each piece of chicken Next, take the cheese Gonna move these over to make some space Take the cheese and cup it around the chicken I'm going to put a decent amount of cheese on there I'm using 8 ounces total of cheese, 4 ounces of Monterey Jack and 4 ounces of Cheddar Next, and this is why its super lazy and super easy You cut the bacon in half and you drape 4 slices on top of each one then Get a foil lined sheet Lift it up Carefully drop it on, tuck the bacon under Now place this in the oven for 35 minutes at 350 degrees or or until the bacon is fully cooked Well folks the recipes all done, I cooked this for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and finished it off for 5 minutes on broil you can see we have a nice golden brown crust on the bacon and were also set for dinner see you next time!

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Today on Caveman Keto Recipes I'm gonna show you how to make Meatza, in case you haven't guessed it's a pizza that's base is meat, as shown here we start by adding 2 eggs into the mixture then we're going to add a series of herbs and spices then we're going to mix it together by hand next take a large cast iron pan physically put the meat into the pan and spread it out Once the meat is spread into the pan like so, you can transfer to the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes after 15 minutes in the oven the meat should be cooked and look approximately like this It will shrink a little bit on the edges but that's fine

You're going to use the lowest carb sauce you can find in this case is just pasta sauce I'm using a mixture of both monterey jack and cheddar cheese For toppings can use whatever we want I'm just using pepperoni when you've finished putting the ingredients on, whatever toppings you want Put it back in the oven for a few minutes on broil until the cheese is melted So after six minutes on broil you're done you're ready to slice it up and have dinner! well there you have it folks grab yourself a plate and you're ready for dinner!

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Weclome to Caveman Keto's Recipes, today I'm going to show you how to make a Bacon Explosion! It's basically a meatloaf made out of Sausage, Bacon and Cheese, so we're going to start by making the internal bacon weave now people are going to think you're crazy but I actually go through and try to grade the Bacon you want pieces that are long and made up of one continuous strip so the inside bacon weave is going to be a 5×6 So I'll show you how to make that start by laying them out in one direction, we'll do the 5 first ok there you have the five by six bacon weave You're going to bake that in the oven until the bacon is not totally crisp, this one you're just cooking to try to be pretty decent because you're going to be putting it inside the meat so you want it to be cooked The next step after the initial bacon weave is to make the meat structure so take your cutting board and lay down some plastic wrap and then you want to take the meat in this case I'm using Jimmy Dean sausage, you wanna push it into a rectangle Once you have your rectangle that is approximately the size of your bacon weave you gotta put some season on top of it and then as soon as the bacon weave is ready, we'll put that on top of this this point your bacon should be done, it should look approximately like this you do want it cooked because its going to be inside the meat and it's not going to get a lot of heat, its not going to cook much more, but you don't want it crisp because we're going to have to roll this up, so this next part is a little difficult, I use this fish turning spatula to try to get under the whole thing lift her up and lay her down alrigt, perfect, now you want a little bit on each side so that you can close up the ends

Now the next thing is I've sliced some cheese some I'm going to throw that down here as well now you might have been wondering why we were putting down the saran wrap well so that we can roll it almost like a sushi roll so just start going here You want to get as tight a roll as possible so that you get that spiral So roll and work some of your way out Continue rolling Now you've got an approximately full Bacon Explosion What you're going to want to do is compress the sides in a little bit get that roll even tighter and then we're going to roll this up Twist the ends The ideas is to get it super tight now if we want to get it even more tight Wrap it in tin foil this twisting compresses the meat into a log Set this in the refrigerator and we're going to let it cool down solidify a little bit and then we're going to work on the bacon weave that's going to go on the outside So while the log is sitting in the refrigerator we're going to start the second, outside bacon weave and this time we're going to use a 7×7 so again, we're going to carefully start assembling a 7×7, this one is going to have to be tighter 7 is much bigger, its almost the maximum extent you can do there you have it, this is the 7×7 and as you can see this is the maximum you can do with this brand of bacon maybe if you use a different kind it might be possible so what I'm going to do now is turn this sideways ways I'm gonna roll along this way Apply seasoning to this side of the bacon Open up my roll unroll the plastic wrap directly onto the bacon weave Now we can take this plastic wrap and begin to wrap the Bacon Explosion As you can see that worked out really well With the plastic wrap on we might be able to get this off gracefully So I've take in the same pan handout and a little riser so of the base because the bacon on the bottom won't naturally cook Then I just need to set the entire structure on top then pullout the excess Then tuck in the ends give it a nice little bunching, then you can add some additional seasoning on outside now you're ready for the oven so after an hour or so in the oven you're gonna have this nice golden brown crust on your bacon and your Bacon Explosion is done, let it rest for 5 minutes and then slice it up!

Spaghetti (Squash) with Meat Sauce | Keto Dinner | Caveman Keto

today on Caveman Keto Recipes we're going to make spaghetti, now I know what you're thinking, that's impossible to make on keto however we're going to use spaghetti squash which is a special vegetable that looks shockingly like noodles if you don't have a container of this already made you can check out my previous video on how to make spaghetti squash today I'm going to show you a nice meat sauce to go along with this which will make a complete meal so check it out Now that all of the pieces are done it's time for assembly; take a nice bowl, add some spaghetti squash on the bottom Add some sauce Some shaved Parmesan cheese There you go! Thanks for checking in! This is Spaghetti Squash with meat sauce; relatively easy to make and it's absolutely delicious

Vlog: Making A Keto Dinner – Pork Loin & Mash EP.1 / Cena Cetogenica – Lomo de Cerdo

Hello how are you? It is so hot that fat jumps to the lens My shoes are great today

They are retro Jordan, all in black It's the start of the week and I'll buy things for dinner, I've been doing something a little different with my diet, I have lowered the carbohydrates, something like mini keto, to lose a lot of weight, and then I'll go back to the normal diet It's Jesse, the manager of Kroger, hi, Jesse -What's up friend? -How are you? I think about making a mash of cauliflower, do not judge me, but I will probably use these, I do not feel like much to buy a whole cauliflower and chop it It's okay to be just a little lazy, right? I'm not all the time, but do not judge me, I know you suddenly are too

I'll buy small mushrooms for flavor A little rosemary Oh, thyme Some of my basic things I love Chinese cabbage, I know it's a bit more expensive, but sometimes it's worth it, you can skip it with a little oil, soy sauce and ginger

It is one of the best things you can do A bunch of spinach, looks like a bouquet I'm thinking, because they have beef, but I feel that if I ate it you would boycott me because they would say it is wrong to eat baby cows But are they not good? I found it, pork loin Only 4 dollars

The last thing I should buy Is it again? No, you're fine He asked me about my shirt, it's from BarbacoApparel, A Texas company, you know we love tacos I know the people of California think they have the best tacos and the best Mexican food, but Texas was part of Mexico, so we know how I buy a gallon of this per week, This is the best mineral water you can buy

People always ask me what music I really like, my close friends laugh at me because they know it's a good mix, but they also know that there is something screw Does anyone else act like this when they record it? "Oh my God" "I am a classic man" Yes, I listen to many coas, podcasts, polls, good music, complete, but from time to time AT HOME Hello! Do you want to bark some words to people? We are back in the batcave, in terms of dinner, I really try to keep it simple, but flavored, I like to have at least 3 different colors, that ensures that you will have several minerals and vitamins

I'll give you a tour of what I do now, Here I have the cauliflower, I put it to make it steamed I cut some mushrooms, a little purple onion I have the pork loin that I will make in a moment, and now I was grateing a bit of cabbage I know that many do not like to eat pork, but I have not had problems with him, This is the keto diet, so fat does not matter I understand that not all fats are the same, if it affects you, I recommend that you do not use it, remove the fat from the avocado or seeds, or salmon, it's a good option

The lamb By God, I love lamb Well, I bought the loin, it's very easy to cook, I'll just seal it in the pan I add a little olive oil and garlic, the main thing is not to let the garlic burn, caramelize the onion and sauté the mushrooms Some do not like mushrooms, I understand, but when you sauté it, they absorb the spices better and other things that you use to cook, so when you eat them you'll have a lot of flavor, that's why I like to use them

We do not want it to make noise, so if they hear something lower the flame so it does not burn We cook it until the onion turns brown Now it's time to cook the protein A friend came recently and I cooked for him, I think it was chicken or maybe pork, and he asked me what I had marinated him for I told him I had not marinated him at all, I only used salt and pepper and a little powder of garlic and onion

It was really simple, the meat by itself It has a lot of flavor, so it does not need much Do not let your meals be: Pork loin with quince, with chopped almonds on top, nobody has time for that, you can not even say it well Yes? Salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder, that's the basics now She is not beautiful? Onion powder Garlic powder

A little salt and a little pepper Literally that's it, you should not put anything else, but like this is the FitMenCook channel I will show you something because I want them to earn on their diets So I bought dried thyme leaves, I like to use dry things when I will bake something, because when I bite the meat I want the outer layer crunchy seasonings, and that's why I use dry things, because they help make it a little more crispy We turn it around We massage the condiments in the meat, with force And ready

This is a keto recipe, so I'll leave the fat because in fact I love her, although it would be easy remove it with a knife If you see it, it's the same pan that I used for onions and the mushrooms It is important to use a non-stick pan so that it does not stick, the pig has enough fat like to lubricate the pan, so we do not need do nothing more, but if they see that it sticks, they just need to reduce the flame or spray it quickly We turn it around Look at the seal, that's what we want I'll seal it for two minutes and we will put the whole pan in the oven

We put it in and the oven is for roasting, we'll grill it for about five minutes This is how I almost always cook all my meat, first I like to seal it in the pan and then I put it in the oven so that the inner part of the protein is cooked This is especially important if you buy thick cuts, first you have to seal them on the stove and then we put them in the oven We will make puree with cauliflower Rosemary is very fragrant, When it comes to birds, rosemary never fails

This is almost a spoonful of rosemary Let's check Do you hear that? Yes It's so hot that fat jumped to the lens! Now we will give you a good bath in your own juices Beautiful

Look at that, how good it looks! We make puree with this, it can be liquefied, but for me, in the blender it sometimes ends up looking like soup Blending it by times may be better You have to crush it against the walls of the bowl and go around Now I will take this And I will continue crushing with care

Now I'll take some canned coconut cream, a spoonful, you can use Greek yogurt, but I use the cream, to keep it without dairy, you can add parmesan cheese if you like, I will not, but I will add these things We mix it well Look how beautiful it is now It is joining everything If you have gone to an elegant restaurant, you know how much truffles cost, they are very expensive

Private Selection has truffle powder, is from Kroger, one of the specialty brands of the store I'll put it in the cauliflower puree because that will simulate have a truffle puree And it's not expensive, It's truffle powder It tastes like truffles, but without the cost And this is very good for an appointment night, in case you want to impress your partner

They put just a bit of truffle powder, that will leave them better than Salt Bae, he can not afford truffle powder, you can not buy truffles, you can only afford salt, but you will look rich with truffle powder, really It's the same as mashed potatoes, right? Let's try it You feel the texture of the mushrooms, but there's also the onion It tastes a little garlic but there is the beautiful taste of the truffle It is very creamy because of the coconut cream, It does not take much to make a dinner with a lot of flavor, these are very simple things and I want you to understand that you do not have to be a professional chef to do it, too easy I raked some cabbage, to make a mixture between cooked and raw vegetables, to ensure that as a good portion of raw vegetables a day If you have been following me on Instagram for a while You already know that something I love is sitting on my balcony and just enjoy life

I hear traffic, birds, the life that happens outside of my kitchen I feel like I'm young, but I have the heart of an old man, or the soul of an old man I will enjoy this beautiful meal what I have just done But before finishing today's video I want to talk about something that worries me a lot, It's something very important and I think it should be mentioned And it's about cyberbullying, It is not good to make fun of the body or talk about people, They are real people behind the camera When I published my last video, my friend JB, he saw it, and he published this picture of me on his Instagram

Yes, it's something fun, but cyberbullying is never good Especially when you're in front, help me tell JB that it's never okay to do it, What do you think of my friend as a lazy? What do you think? Are not they the same? Because I do not think I look like Chris Rock, of New Jack City, in case you did not know what movie it was He said that I look like Pookie and I think he looks more like this lazy, what do they say? Do not make fun of FitMenCook, friend! This is something that you do not see that I do every day, we go one on one with friends about various things and we make fun of each other Find someone in your life with whom you can laugh and have a good time, that's very important I hope you enjoyed the video, that they take good things from him to make dinner, Keep it simple and full of flavor

Until next time, I want you to stay healthy, but, of course, never, never, bored Time to dinner

5 Cheap Keto Meals | Low Carb Recipes On A Budget

Hello and welcome back to my channel, today I'm going to talk you through five cheap keto meals that are awesome low carb high fat ketogenic diet friendly meals that are just great when you're on a budget, or just all when you're just looking for some more reasonable meals to fill your week out, so let's get straight to number one, egg roll in a bowl, the marriage of two perfect low carb high fat ingredients cabbage and beef mince, it's one of those easy really yummy really rewarding dishes to make that are enjoyed by the whole family, it's only a couple of ingredients to put it together, number two is my best ever chicken bake, now you can make chicken any way you like you could roast it you could make chicken soup anything you like but my favorite is my best ever chicken bake, which is roasting the chicken legs in a lovely tomato sauce with a little bit of cheese sprinkled on top and it is just so yum, so delicious and number three we've got sausages, sausages are so cheap and easy to come by and just always check to make sure you can find the lowest carbs possible, sausages that you can and my favorite is having sausages with a bit of grated cheese and sour cream and maybe a bit of avocado too – it's just a yummy go to dinner that we have at least once a week and next I have low carb cauliflower casserole, it is so easy to put together, again four ingredients in this recipe and if cauliflower aren't cheap where you are, use cheap and in season vegetables in place of cauliflower, cauliflower here fluctuates in price between $6 to sometimes as low as $2 so when it's on the lower end of the scale I go and grab me some cauliflower and do all kinds of yummy things with it and finally you can't, you can't talk cheap keto meals without talking eggs, you can scramble eggs make fried eggs make an omelette or even devilled eggs there are so many ways to enjoy eggs as part of low-carb high-fat keto diet, so there you go that's that quick and easy video for today with five low-carb keto cheap meals for you and remember check down below I'll have a blog post with all this information and more and to make it super easy for you to make all kinds of yummy low carb high fat meals and remember to leave a like and a comment let me know what is your go-to cheap keto meal I look forward to reading your comments and remember to subscribe for more low carb yummy inspirations just like this and we'll see you again soon bye

Peri Peri Chicken Grill with Salad | KETO Diet Meal | KETOGENIC Dinner Meal | ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Lets see how to make Peri peri chicken grill with salad Ingredients require are- 250gms Boneless chicken 1 Red Capsicum Coriander Ginger 7-8 Garlic Salt as per taste 1 Tbs vinegar Black pepper 5-6 Dry red chilly 1 tbs oil Boiled Sweet corn , Cabbage , spring onion Take a Grinder Capsicum Dry Red chilly Coriander Ginger and garlic Black Pepper vinegar Salt as per taste Grinding Peri peri Sauce- after grinding Lets make Peri peri chicken grill Take a grill pan Edible oil Dip chicken in peri peri sauce and start grill Start grill Grill on medium flame Lets make salad of left peri peri sauce Cabbage Boil sweet corn Spring Onion Mix well serving


hey guys welcome to my channel and welcome today eight of 30 days Keto summer transformation I wasn't feeling hungry today so much so it's almost 3 o'clock I've been fasting for a while so now I'm gonna have my first meal of the day my lunch and I'm just gonna make some simple salad you can I use this spinach and baby kale mix and give it a good one and a half cups I'm gonna add four chopped strawberries in it some onion half of an avocado 15 grams of walnuts and I'm gonna wait one and a half ounces of this goat cheese I'm gonna put this little ball on it and 0 just scale one and a half and I'm just gonna crumble it into my salad guys this is one of my favorite summer salads is this only spinach some kale avocado goat cheese shrubberies and walnut so full of healthy amazing fats which will keep you full as a dressing I'm using this coconut sesame dressing from all these this one has just one total carbs so it's a perfect match it's a little sweet so it goes very good together with this a summer amazing sweet salad so I'm gonna dig in as it's really like today I actually finished my 19 hours fast for the first time and I feel great so Bon Appetit to me and I'll see you later hey guys this is Rob welcome to J 8 of our 30 day keto challenge I just wanted to show you what I brought here to lunch very very simple today I did already have two chicken wings from that whole baked chicken we had some leftover chicken wings so I had two chicken wings I brought two eggs and a couple of slices of salami some monster cheese one slice a monster cheese for some snacks and I also have half an avocado some sliced cucumber some carrots which I shouldn't be eating carrots are actually hiring carbs you really want to go with the more of the above ground vegetables and I have some grape tomatoes and a little Thousand Island sauce just for some dipping and that is what's for lunch on day eight I've mentioned yesterday that I've been having a little mild uncomfortable headaches and I'm not sure if it's due to starting Kido flu or what's going on so I've decided to increase my potassium and magnesium intake so I'm taking some multivitamin and also to increase my sodium so for today's snack I've picked this bone broth this one is beef one and I'm just gonna cry one egg in it and add a little garlic as garlic is actually inflammatory so I like to eat as much of that as possible as well and I'm gonna go a little heavier on the salt and a little pepper and that's gonna be mass snack so I've measured 2 cups of the bone broth and I'm gonna bring it to boil guys maybe not so appealing but absolutely delicious great keto snack great way to bump up your electrolytes and it takes about three minutes to make it and I'm just a big suit flutter so this is a great option for me it's almost eight o'clock so it's time for me to start the dinner I don't feel so much like cooking today so I'm just gonna put together some turkey patties to put on the grill and I have a bag of organics tiny sweet peppers so I'm gonna put those there on as well and probably a zucchini so we have more veggies or I don't know you have a better idea now well that's normal well I have idea I'll just set up the barbecue for you well yes so you can tell who is the mr chef here in this family all right so let's let's do it so I have this ground turkey this one you would not believe it was dollar fifty it's a t5li and fifteen fat so I'm gonna use it all I'm gonna make four patties so we have some leftovers for tomorrow adding some salt some pepper garlic powder a little bit of triple the seasoning and about teaspoon of liquid smoke well little change of plans this cheap turkey actually is it was frozen so it's kind of watery it would definitely not hold as a patty firm so it would fall apart so I'm just gonna pop it in a skillet with the veggies and I'm just gonna saute it all to get it like a little mishmash jambalaya we'll see how it come out so hopefully I'm gonna save as the nurse so it's looking pretty good now just like that's Brundle and I chopped my peppers and two of medium zucchini so I'm gonna add it in well sometimes a girl has to improvise well what can you do but I bet it's still gonna be delicious I decided to add some mushrooms in there so I cooked about 4 bigger heads of mushroom so I'm gonna pop it right in and here it is looking good hopefully it tastes the same let's go give it a try oh this mishmash jambalaya was actually pretty good we did like it so maybe I'll experiment more often now hi right that was pretty good yeah well I keep saying that we know that rich to buy cheap stuff well but when we saw this dollar 50 ground turkey we just left it like that well lesson learned now we gonna brew some tea I wanted to show you this salted caramel LT is our new favorite it's so good really good so like sweet just that really good takes care of that sweet create mmm so we're gonna have that and I'm gonna make some little dessert today I'm just gonna chop some celery and I'm gonna use this natural peanut butter creamy one to just spread it on it and that's gonna be our night dessert and I'm all set well today is over this is the only thing I'm gonna eat today so let's do the final thing we have to do all right yep peanut butter I don't peanut gotta get the fat in well they ate is officially over so start of the second week of this challenge is good I can't wait to see the result on day 30 and I suggest you if you didn't do so go and subscribe so you don't miss that thank you so much for watching today's video and I'm gonna see you tomorrow good night