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gonna go ahead and just give you guys some ambience you know cute right hey guys it's Kayla I'm back with another video today I'm going to be showing you guys my new favorite dessert it is a low carb muffin kind of a similar to a pound cake super easy one of my Instagram friends definitely hooked it up with this one I'll have her linked in the description box below she's been doing a low carb diet for the last 11 years so I definitely trust all the things that she told me we're just going to be mixing in the dry ingredients first I have some almond flour some baking powder coconut flour I'm not trying to pronounce this but then Zeb Knapp some gum that is optional but it helps give the illusion that it is real flour whisk that up until it's combined and set aside add softened cream cheese to a large bowl and add in your sweetener of choice next we're going to be adding three room-temperature eggs blend that until it's all mixed together I added a teaspoon of vanilla extract as well as brown butter I promise you guys it really does help the flavor of this so after I've added the brown butter I'm going to start hand mixing it instead of using the electric mixer once the wet ingredients are all combined you're going to want to incorporate the dry ingredients with the wet you can add any type of add-ins so nuts would be great some chocolate chips I had some frozen raspberries that I wanted to try in this so I threw about a half a cup of that in the mixture place in muffin tins you can also make a big loaf that will change the amount of time that you do need to bake I'll have it all in the description box below if you want to check that out but I just did muffin tins because I know if I did a loaf I probably like split it only into four and that's not good for a weight loss journey guys so portion control for me I let these bake for about 18 to 20 minutes definitely check them I used a fork if you have a toothpick you can do that as well and once it was clean I knew it was time to take them out now I know it's hard but I actually prefer these fully cooled and even like eating them directly out of the fridge if you like them warm you can heat them up in the microwave for a second and you have yourself a great low carb dessert top this with strawberries and some heavy whipping cream and you have a match made in heaven I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you like recipe videos please please please comment the next thing that you want me to keto 5 and I will see it as an excellent

Good Morning Breakfast Muffins (keto, sugar free, gluten free)

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com Today I will be making good morning breakfast muffins that are keto sugar-free and grain free The macronutrient ratio for these muffins is three point seven to one with eight point eight grams of total carbs of which two point eight grams is soluble fiber two point four grams is insoluble fiber with the resulting three point seven grams of net carbs This is a very easy and nutritionally dense recipe which begins by accurately measuring and assembling all of your ingredients You will also need two bowls, one for dry ingredients and one for the wet ingredients On a large bowl, place a sieve and add the dry ingredients The almond flour, coconut flour, monk fruit based sweetener, or sweetener of your choice cinnamon salt, baking powder and baking soda Then, using a whisk, stir the ingredients to help them pass through the sieve by whisking everything This step removes any clumps and combines the ingredients very effectively Keep whisking until all of your dry ingredients, or as much as possible, have passed through Remove the sieve and whisk for about one minute so that your dry ingredients are as homogeneously blended as you can make it This is especially important because you're using baking powder and baking soda Using your sieve again, add the whey protein isolate I use the vanilla flavor but if you use plain, add one teaspoon of vanilla to your liquid mixture

After adding your whey protein isolate, whisk until all of it has passed through the sieve Remove the sieve and whisk for a minute This blends and aerates the ingredients Now for the wet ingredients in your second bowl add your eggs and whisk to make a smooth egg mixture but do not add too much air Add the melted unflavored coconut oil or MCT oil and whisk to combine with the eggs

Add the heavy cream and whisk to combine It will take 1 to 2 minutes of whisking until the wet ingredients do not separate To make combining the wet and dry ingredients easier I have found that if I add a heaping ladle of dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and whisk together then this will mix much more easily with the rest of the dry ingredients When you've done that, add this mixture to the rest of the dry ingredients and whisk until everything is combined Next add the apple cider vinegar and whisk for about two minutes This thorough whisking will help the apple cider vinegar react with the baking powder and baking soda and will result in adding air and volume to the dough At this point, It's also a good idea to pre-heat your oven to 150 degrees Celsius or 300 degrees Fahrenheit Next add the sunflower seeds and the roughly chopped walnuts and the grated jicama Which I grated using the large holes of my box grater Whisk until all these last ingredients have been combined thoroughly then switch to a spatula so that you can better scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl By the way, the addition of the jicama gives the muffins a great apple like taste as well The jicama adds moisture and a great texture to the muffins If you're using a silicone muffin form, before ladling in the ingredients place it on a metal cookie sheet Then add about 1/2 cup of dough to each muffin cup Place the muffin tray into the middle position of your preheated oven and bake for about 30 minutes, before taking it out to test with a toothpick, and if the toothpick comes out mostly dry, not completely dry, remove from the oven and place the muffin form onto a cooling tray Let the muffins cool in the form for about 10 minutes then remove the muffins from the silicone mold form and place them directly onto your cooling tray

Although they smell amazing and you're going to be very tempted to eat it right away please let the muffins cool completely to room temperature before eating These muffins have a really great taste and texture, which is best achieved when they are completely cool After the muffins are cooled, the best way to store them is to place them in a tea towel and cover with the corners of the towel You do not need to refrigerate and you keep them on the counter for a couple days in this way But if you intend to eat them more slowly, do refrigerate them The great thing about these muffins is if you're making a batch that you won't be eating over the next few days, you can freeze them then take them out of the freezer and put them in the fridge overnight, Then reheat them for a few minutes in your oven or microwave, and enjoy them nice and warm

These muffins are a great breakfast choice because they are Nutrient and protein dense and these muffins are a great change of pace when you don't want eggs and bacon for breakfast Enjoy, thank you so much for watching See you next time Please consider joining our growing community and subscribing Thank you for your support The link to the printable recipe is available in the description below

7 Low Carb Breakfast Ideas | A Week of Easy LCHF Keto Breakfasts

Hello and welcome back to my channel today I am going to start filming a full week of breakfasts, so I am sauteing away some asparagus here and I am going to just film what I have for breakfast for the next week, it's Monday morning today and I have low carb keto breakfasts so I'm just gonna share those every day and if you're not already subscribed to my channel make sure you hit that subscribe button and join the yummy inspirations community and leave a like and a comment let me know what's your favorite low carb breakfast inspiration, I look forward to reading your comments, so this is sauteing away in heaps of butter and I'm gonna add a few other ingredients and yes as you'll see through my week I have a lot of eggs for breakfast but I'm going to try and balance it out this week and have a mix of eggs and egg free breakfasts and all of that so let's see where the week takes us and I will keep chatting you through my breakfast I've added the better part of a bag of spinach onto this asparagus, to share with my husband and I add a bit more butter I'm going to let that wilt away and then add a nice creaminess to make this a low carb and beautifully high fat breakfast, in no time at all the spinach has wilted away I'm not sure if you can see it there, it's just nice I had to kind of zoom in from far away and so yeah I'm gonna add a little bit of mascarpone now to make this nice and creamy, I've added in a couple of generous portions of mascarpone and now we'll just mix through the mascarpone and the asparagus, it's kind of like creamed spinach but with asparagus as well and it is so yum and it's getting steamed yes I'm gonna cook this and then we'll see to our eggs, of course this would be great as a side dish with any meal or just on its own but I've been loving this for breakfast because I intermittent fast and have two meals a day so I'm going to make sure I get loads of veggies in so you've got the asparagus and the spinach you can have as much or as little, just adapt it to your macros but yep that is beautifully cooked and creamy to my liking, move it off to a plate and I'm gonna make some fried eggs and I'll show you once my plate is all ready look at those beautiful eggs and with the asparagus and I love the crispy edges it's kind of going off the sides of the plate because yeah I like using little plates for breakfast, so that is my breakfast for today and stay tuned because we got six more low carb high fat yummy breakfasts coming up, going for an egg free breakfast this morning I've got some low carb yogurt under there a whole lot of chia seeds, chia seeds some people might not think that you can have them on low carb diet but you definitely can because most of the carb is pure fiber which is so good for you and there are a host of other amazing nutrients and chia seeds as well and I've got a couple of lonely blueberries, when I opened up my blueberry punnet and so they were a few little too soft and squishy so I picked out the best of them and I couldn't really do anything with the rest and but also just so you know if you do find a low-carb yogurt which is also low in fat, the way you can up that is to use cream, so what I'll often do is I'll take out my portion of yogurt and then mix through tablespoons of thickened cream and that brings the fat level up so you can make this as high fat as you want by adding as much cream and sometimes I'll even make it extra indulgent and add a little swirl of whipped cream to the top but today that will do me I'm having a smaller breakfast because I'm gonna have a bigger meal for my second meal of the day so that is my low carb high fat breakfast for this morning, and this is my breakfast today sizzling away in the frying pan I put sausages and mushrooms and I may add another couple of ingredients too but this is just another example of an egg free breakfast I had eggs day one couple of days without I might have eggs again tomorrow see how I go, but you can definitely, you definitely don't have to have eggs every day you can definitely mix it up and so I've got sausages, mushrooms and I will show you my completed plate once it's done This is my breakfast, my husband's sausages are still sizzling in the background, I've got my two sausages mushrooms a bit of mayo in the between there and some cheese that is such a yummy big breakfast that will fuel me and keep me going and it's yeah showing you don't have to have eggs for breakfast this would make a great breakfast or dinner low-carb high-fat beautiful

Welcome to breakfast day I think it's 4, I've got broccoli sauteing in heaps of butter melting keep adding more butter melting it through I'm gonna cook this really quickly the smaller you cut it up the quicker it will cook so that is the trick there, so I'm just gonna cook it all through and add a few more ingredients, you know what I'm like! Oh! It's getting steamy, I will chat with you as I add some more in a little bit I'm gonna make this a cheesy dish I've added a few handfuls of cheese and now I'm gonna pour over my scrambled egg mixture, right I've poured my scrambled eggs mixture over and I'm just gonna keep scrambling and get the eggs nice and cooked and I'll show you once it's done, seriously take a look at these beautiful scrambled eggs, they're creamy and cheesy and so good and if you're not a huge fan of broccoli or vegetables this is a great way to get more veggies into your diet, scramble them up with heaps of beautiful eggs, cream, cheese, beautiful! So that is my breakfast today for morning number four, keep watching we've got a few more days to go This morning I'm keeping it simple with a cheese omelet and I'm making my omelet by whisking up together I've got five eggs so I'm using two to three per person, so two and a half for the two of us five in total, five eggs to make this omelette and I've got a couple of splashes of cream there, it just makes it so nice and thick and creamy so I'm gonna whisk that together and then get on and start making my omelette Heaps of butter in a frying pan now, I love my red spot frying pan because when it gets nice and hot I know and it's ready for my scrambled eggs, not scrambled eggs I'm making an omelette today! See breakfast I go a bit crazy because I've had a 16 hour fast and I'm a bit hungry but I want to film to show you a whole different range of breakfasts, so we've got the butter nice and hot and you're gonna add in our egg mixture now right, I'm just gonna let that set and become like an omelette, I tend to move the kind of outside in and the inside out just to kind of get it to cook evenly but not scrambling it so you need to do need to leave it alone a little bit to make an omelet that's how to make an omelet 101! So, I'm just going to let this set a bit and fill it with cheese, if you want you can fill it with any kind of vegetable, even meat whatever you like, I'll have my blog post down below where I'll give you loads of ideas for yummy easy low carb keto omelette fillings but I am just going for cheese today that's all I feel like, I know I'm going to be having a big a big veggie lunch today otherwise I would often put in some spinach or mushrooms or really whatever I've got available in my kitchen my omelet is beautifully set and what I do is I kind of cut it in half like this because I share it with my husband so it makes it easy I'll cut it in half and then I'm gonna fill each half with the cheese, just like that and then I've been kind of trying to this one half already should have used my tripod, there we go sealed over got just one cheese on that – cheese omelettes and I'll just let those cook and I'll flip it over and I'm ready to make sure both sides are beautifully cooked through flipped over my cheese on it it looks so good I can see the cheese seeping out oozing out over there and so in a sec I'm just going to move this onto a plate and that's my breakfast it looks a bit like an omelette butterfly, one for me one for my husband I know when I move on plate it always kind of falls apart because I over stuff it with cheese I did manage to flip it so yummy and so that's my breakfast this morning keep watching for more yummy low carb & keto breakfasts, today I'm having leftovers for breakfast seriously you cannot underestimate the beauty of leftovers I made my favourite best ever chicken bake last night or yesterday for lunch slash dinner with my intermittent fast and now I'm having leftovers for breakfast seriously you don't have to have traditional breakfast foods for breakfast you can have anything you want so make a big meal night before and the next day you've got breakfast so I've got my leg of chicken, chicken drumstick, I've got some spinach under there, sour cream, avocado, beautiful low carb high fat nice amount of protein, and kids are crunching their breakfast in the background, my breakfast is a bit later this morning and so I'm a tad hungry but yet definitely have leftovers for breakfast, you don't need to just have eggs or breakfast foods like I've shown in this video definitely go the leftovers too And this is my final breakfast in my week of breakfast it's steaming and hot so I will be quick, I've made asparagus you can make any veggies you like, we still have asparagus in season it's kind of midway through spring and yes asparagus is beautiful in season it's so cheap but you could use broccoli, mushrooms any vegetable that you like and I've got two sausages, I know I've had sausages early in the week but that was a meat-free meal, this one I've got, It's not meat-free!! I meant egg free meal, can you see I'm hungry and I haven't broken my intermittent fast yet and so I've got two fried eggs and sausages the other day I had sausages with all kinds of other yummy stuff and sometimes I like a big breakfast with eggs and sausages definitely not meat free but if you're if you're vegetarian you could definitely have meat free sausages instead or any meat you like I often go through salami stages where I'll have salami everytime at the moment as you can tell from this week I've been having loads of these beautiful grass-fed sausages which I've just been loving so that is my full week of breakfast – seven low carb high fat keto friendly breakfasts make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more yummy inspirations just like this and leave me a comment and let me know what is your favorite go-to low carb breakfast I'm gonna have this yummy breakfast and we'll see you again soon bye

Big Keto Breakfast Sausage Fry Up

Today I'm going to show you everything you need to do to make this big beautiful breakfast fry up it's low carb and keto friendly, so let's go make breakfast! I've got 6 sausages sizzling in the frying pan and I'm going to be making a big keto breakfast Now I'll just place lettuce leaves all around the outside of the frying pan

And I'm going to let those wilt Out with the lettuce and in with the mushrooms, sausages are done I'm gonna move on to plate, clean out the frying pan and make some yummy crispy eggs now and look at my completed big beautiful breakfast had a little instant with the yolk but it looks so good so I got my two sausages, two fried eggs, fried lettuce, fried mushrooms that is one big beautiful low carb, keto breakfast so thank you so much for watching this video make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more yummy inspirations just like this and let me know when you're making a big fry up for breakfast what are your essentials what do you have to do include on your plate I look forward to reading your comments and we'll see you again soon bye!

Keto Buttermilk Pancakes and Pancake Cupcakes | Keto Breakfast Recipes | Keto Recipe

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com Today, I'm going to show you how to make these amazing fluffy keto buttermilk pancakes and Pancake cupcakes

The cupcake version is especially useful for your busy on-the-go breakfast These two versions, as with all of my recipes, are Keto, sugar-free and gluten-free The macronutrient ratio shown is for the basic buttermilk pancake recipe and does not include your chosen added toppings The total macronutrient ratio is three point one to one, with four point seven grams of total carbs three point five grams of dietary fiber and only one point two grams of net carbs per serving Now let's begin

The first step is to make the buttercream, that is, if you can't find buttercream in your local store To make buttercream, take a cup of heavy whipping cream to which you add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice Stir well for about 60 seconds and then set aside as you make the batter Next, we're going to separate six eggs: the whites into one bowl and the yolks go into the second bowl Place a sieve over the bowl with the egg yolks and into it pour the almond flour, whey protein isolate – you can use either the unflavored or french vanilla, whichever you prefer

Or, if you don't want to use whey protein isolate, you can substitute that with coconut flour Add oat fiber, baking powder, salt, sweetener Pass the dry ingredients through a sieve and stir well to combine Add the melted butter Stir to combine all the ingredients

After stirring well then add the prepared buttermilk and stir again until the batter mixture is smooth and lump free Then set the batter aside while you prepare the egg whites To your bowl with the egg whites, add the lemon juice and whisk until stiff peak stage Then take one or two cups of this whisked egg white and add it to the egg yolk mixture and combine well This step will lighten the batter making it easier to fold the egg whites, without deflating them, into the much heavier egg yolk batter

Then combine the egg batter and egg whites, folding gently, and do not over-fold because that will burst the air bubbles in the whipped egg whites Then add the rest of the batter and fold into the whites Now that you have made your batter, the first version we're going to make is the American classic buttercream pancake Place your nonstick frying pan or crepe pan on the stove-top set on medium heat Lightly grease with butter

It's the butter that will give the pancakes that wonderful golden color Then, depending on what size pancake you want to make, either pour one full cup of batter into the center of the pan or, if you prefer, two half cups for smaller pancakes Because this batter is quite fluffy you may want to cover your pan with the lid This will keep the heat in, which will allow the middle to be cooked better After a couple minutes, check the pancake

As with gluten pancakes, you want the edges to look done and for bubbles to be forming on the surface Then using a wide spatula, slide the entire pancake onto the spatula and, not to have my batter splatter as I flip it, what I find works best for me is if I lift the pan over the spatula and then just gently flip so the uncooked side is on the pan surface Then place the pan back on the stove-top and cook until the bottom is also done Remove your pancake from the heat and repeat for as many pancakes as you want to make If you only want to make a few pancakes, you can use the rest of the batter to make cupcakes

I like making these pancake cupcakes as my breakfast-to-go recipe because I can make a dozen quite easily And they're a wonderful prep-ahead or take-with-you on those super busy mornings or when you're just not hungry first thing in the morning, and you want to eat a little later on To make cupcakes, I used half of the batter, which made six cupcake pancakes, when I made the first batch of classic American pancakes Other times, I just make a full batch of batter, and that'll give me 12 complete cupcake pancakes To make the cupcakes, preheat your oven to 175 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit Sometimes I also use my silicone cupcake form

If you're using the complete form remember to place the cookie sheet underneath before you add the batter Now pour enough of the batter into each cupcake cavity so that it just reaches the rim area, if you're planning to add a topping, or a bit over the rim if you're making them plain Because I like variety, I top three cupcakes with raspberries, three with blueberries, three with thin wedges of strawberries, and three with chunks of 90% Lindt chocolate I will post the macro chart for each version in my blog So you can decide which toppings you want to use, or if you prefer have the cupcake pancakes naked

To bake, place the pan into the middle position of your oven and set the timer for 20 minutes After the first 20 minutes of baking, check your cupcakes by inserting a toothpick into the center of one of the cupcakes If the toothpick does not come out clean set the timer for five more minutes When the cupcakes are done take them out of the oven and place them on the countertop or cooling rack to cool a bit You can enjoy these pancake cupcakes right away and just use a little bit of maple flavored butter syrup

To make the syrup you simply melt the unsalted butter While the butter is still warm, add the maple extract and sweetener Stir well and pour over your pancakes or place the cupcake pancakes on a platter and refrigerate overnight I prefer to leave mine in the refrigerator overnight because it brings out the subtle flavor in these cupcakes and for some reason they just taste better if left overnight I hope these tasty buttermilk pancakes and the cupcake pancakes will make your morning easier and less stressful

Enjoy! Thank you for watching Please comment, share this recipe with your friends, subscribe and please press the notification bell so that you will know when the next recipe is posted See you next time For your convenience, I have added the link for the silicone muffin inserts and cupcake forms Which I use, as well as the link to the printable recipe, all of which are in the description below

Keto Meals On The Go | Five Guys Burger & Buffet Breakfast

Hello and welcome back to my channel today I'm gonna share some keto meals when you're on the go, so a couple of days ago we were in Oxford and we enjoyed breakfast and lunch which was keto diet friendly and they were on the go, not home-cooked, now I always encourage home cooking wherever possible, sometimes you'll find yourself traveling or out and about for whatever reason and you'll need a meal and so I've got two awesome ideas that are my go-to starting with breakfast and now if you're staying in a hotel with a buffet breakfast and you get that included in your deal then you're in luck because with buffet breakfast there's so much choice and the hotel we were staying at we had a buffet breakfast and this is what I chose, there's loads of keto options, look at that tin of beans, not keto, we've got scrambled eggs, mushrooms, there's veggie sausages there, sausages and bacon I can make a nice keto breakfast, couldn't you and I went for mushrooms, sausages, scrambled eggs, tomato and to bring up the fat content with a little bit of butter and so that was a nice big breakfast which fueled me for hours and so we were staying in Oxford so we explored the city a little bit and look around and all the beautiful architecture and a couple of the sights to see and then when it was lunchtime I went for my favorite go to lunch when I'm out and about and that's burgers, you can always find burgers wherever you go pretty much around the world and you just ask for it without the bun and in Oxford they just happens to be a five guys so I got to experience my first Five Guys Burgers I went for a cheeseburger so there were two patties, a whole lot of cheese and I chose a little bit of mushrooms and some onion as well and some tomato sauce and mayo on the side as well and it was a beautiful lunch a really awesome way to have a keto meal when you're on the go and and you could go to other fast-food outlets or even sit-down restaurants will definitely have burgers and that's just another option when you're on the go is to have a burger without the bun, I found in some places they might even make a bun out of lettuce and then you've got a lettuce bun other times they'll stick it in a bowl like I had at Five Guys and there's just so many options and you can really just have your favorite burger just without the bun and of course without the fries and shakes and all the other carby friends that come along with it and so then we just spent the rest of the day wandering around Oxford we went to the Natural History Museum which is a must when you're in Oxford, you've got to go to a museum and that's the one we went to but that is today's short and sweet video with loads of ideas for keto meals when you're on the go leave a comment as well let me know what's your go to when you're out and about on Keto, what are your go to meals, I look forward to reading your comments and remember to like and subscribe for more yummy inspirations and we'll see you again soon bye

Low Carb Oatmeal! Hot Porridge & Overnight Oats Keto Breakfast Recipes – Mind Over Munch

Hey Munchers! My name is Alyssia if you’re new to the channel, I am so glad to have you here One item I hear people who transition to a low carb lifestyle struggle with all the time is OATS

They miss their oats! Hot and cold, and today I’m sharing some LOW CARB “oats” recipes— a hot porridge, and an overnight “oats” Both of these are from my new Low Carb Meal Prep Recipes eBook, so be sure to get these recipes and more there! And, check out my Keto 101 video if you’re curious about how a low carb lifestyle or a ketogenic diet works First let’s check out this hot porridge¬ For meal prepping purposes, I’m adding coconut flour, ground flax seeds, hemp hearts, sweetener of choice, cinnamon, and salt to some jars Thumbs up for omega-3s in those flax seeds and hemp hearts! Add the lids and shake to combine

Store until you’re ready to use! To make them, add a cup of almond milk to a saucepan Once bubbly, add the jarred mixture and allow to cook and thicken, about 1-2 minutes, stirring occasionally Feel free to add in some grass fed butter or ghee to really make this flavorful Once it’s reduced and integrated, add your desired toppings and enjoy! You can also make this in the microwave and I provide the directions for that in the eBook as well This REALLY tastes like hot cereal—it’s so satisfying and super delicious! I was really surprised! If you want more low carb recipes like this, subscribe and hit the bell so you’ll be notified of new videos! You can also check out my Low Carb Breakfast Lunch & Dinner video from earlier this month

For the cold “oats,” I’m meal prepping by adding hemp hearts, chia seeds, cinnamon, sweetener of choice, and a pinch of salt to a jar I mix that together and store until I’m ready to make The night before I want the “oats,” I add in coconut milk and mix to combine Cover, and refrigerate until morning Stir it up, you can add more milk if you want to adjust the texture, and feel free to add toppings! I like sliced berries, almonds and pumpkin seeds! This cold cereal is mushy just like regular overnight oats, and you’re in control of the flavors with your added ingredients

If you’re missing your oats on a low carb lifestyle, you’ve got to consider these options They’ll be sure to satisfy and give you some new low carb recipes that you can get excited to add to your collection Are you a hot oats or a cold oats fan? What low carb breakfasts are your favorite? Comment below and let me know! For even MORE low carb recipes that are meal-preppable, you’ve got to check out my new Low Carb Meal Prep Recipes eBook It’s got recipes for 10 breakfasts, including these I shared today, 10 on-the-go lunches, 10 dinners, and 5 snacks that are ALL low carb and designed for meal prep You can find it at mindovermunch

com/ebooks, along with my OTHER new eBook, it's a Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes! You can get 10% of either of these eBooks or any package of your choice this month only, using the code “KICKSTART” at checkout Happy almost weekend! We’ve got another very special episode for you coming on Monday, the FINAL episode of our January series—I cannot believe it! I hope you’re having a happy and healthy start to 2018 Thank you so much for joining us through this month and for your constant support You guys are the most AMAZING community and you inspire me every day I’ll see you on Monday, and remember, it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch

Keto Scotch Eggs – Baked or Fried | Keto Breakfast Recipes | Keto Recipes

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com Today, I'm going to show you two ways to make these amazing keto versions of traditional Scotch eggs

The macronutrient ratio for each serving is 28 to 1 with 8 grams of total carbs, 23 grams of dietary fiber, resulting in 57 grams of net carbs per egg The first thing in making Scotch eggs is to make your boiled eggs

Begin by placing your eggs carefully into a pot with tepid water Bring the water to a boil over medium heat, but begin timing the eggs only when you start seeing the water simmering briskly Timing will depend on how well you want your finished egg yolks to be done As a general guide, and only as a guide, it will be about two to three minutes for a soft-boiled egg, four to six minutes for a soft boiled egg, but that does not have a runny yolk, and eight minutes of more for a hard boiled egg Don't forget, because you will be either frying or baking these eggs, the yolks will continue to be cooked a bit more in the second step

So adjust the timing and doneness of your egg yolks accordingly When your timer for your boiled eggs goes off, immediately scoop out the eggs from the boiling water and place into an ice water bath, and let rest for about ten minutes This ice water bath will stop the yolks from continuing to cook, and it will make it much easier for you to peel off the shell without it sticking to the egg surface Now let's prepare the sausage layer In this recipe I used a mild Italian sausage, but you could use a more traditional farmer's sausage, or if you want to spice things up bit use a chorizo sausage

This is a nice twist to a traditional Scotch egg First squeeze out the sausage from the casing Then sprinkle the dry mustard over the sausage, or if you prefer you can use Dijon mustard Add the salt and pepper Then I also added the nutmeg powder

In this recipe, I'm using dried parsley flakes instead of fresh parsley That's because I only needed a small quantity I didn't want to buy a bunch of fresh parsley because it probably would have gone to waste, so in cases like this, when I only need a bit, I used the dry version I have found the best way to get an even blend of seasoning with my sausage meat was to just mush it and squeeze it with my hands until I see that all of my spices have been well integrated Then I weigh out exactly 100 grams or three and a half ounces of sausage meat and form it into a small ball

Then I flatten the meat in the palm of my hand, forming a well over my palm, and then I place the fat end of the egg on top Next, gently press and shape the meat around the egg and press it towards the small end, making sure to seal the meat completely around the egg I pat the meat all the way around the egg to even out the thickness of the meat layer The more even the layer of meat, the more consistently the egg will bake or fry For the coating, I used oat fiber as my flour replacement in bowl one

I used two whole eggs, which I whisked and place that into bowl two, and in bowl three, for a replacement for the bread crumbs, I combined almond flour with flax seed powder and mix those together I have an optional ingredient you may or may not want to add: I used roughly grated, fresh Parmesan cheese, which I tossed gently with the other ingredients This combination made for an amazing texture and taste for my Scotch egg coating So the next step is like any other scotch egg recipe We first start with bowl number one: coat the entire surface of the sausage meat with the oat fiber

Oh, if you don't want to use oat fiber, you can substitute with either coconut flour or unflavored whey protein isolate Just make sure that the entire egg is well coated then dip the flour coated egg into the second bowl with the whisked eggs Again make sure that you coat the entire surface very well Next place the eggs into the third bowl then coat with the crumb mixture, making sure that there are no bare spots If you notice some spots that aren't as well coated just pat some crumbs on top and pat them in place

Repeat this process until all six of your eggs are done Now, I'll show you two ways to cook these eggs The first is the oven method If doing it this way, pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or about 200 degrees Celsius and place the rack in the lower third position I think this is the easier way to do these Scotch eggs because you can do an entire batch in one go

Just position your eggs on a cast-iron skillet or other oven proof pan or tray and place in the oven to bake for 35 minutes When the time is up, take them out of the oven and place them on a plate That's all there is to this method The second way of cooking the Scotch eggs is a deep frying method In a small pot, add enough oil to at least go halfway up the side of the egg

Set the burner heat to high because you want the oil to be about 300 degrees Fahrenheit or 150 degrees Celsius for this frying method With a slotted spoon, gently place the egg in the oil Fry until you see the crisp golden coating on the underside Remember to use a safe keto frying oil such as grapeseed oil, coconut oil, or your favorite frying oil Then with your slotted spoon carefully turn the egg

Rotate the egg about every 30 seconds or so This will allow the sausage meat to cook evenly all the way through with this method You will notice that the outside breading will get a bit darker That's because nut flours tend to cook more quickly, but don't worry, it will still taste amazing You'll need to keep frying and turning for about 5 to 6 minutes

Then, using a slotted spoon, remove the egg from the oil and place it on a paper towel Now that I've shown you both methods, I want to tell you what I consider the pros and cons of each method As I mentioned earlier, The oven method in my opinion is much easier because you can do the entire batch in one go You can get a more consistent way of assuring that the inside sausage meat has been cooked completely Now the con for this method is that the exterior will not have that fried look and it will be much lighter and drier

On the other hand, the frying method advantage is that they look like regular Scotch eggs, but a little darker As a result of frying, the eggs will have absorbed a bit of your healthy oils And that's in bonus The disadvantage I found with this method is that I can't always tell for sure that my sausage meat is completely done all the way through Usually, with the five to six minute frying time, they're done well, but on occasion I have found that the thicker sections of the meat have not cooked all the way through

Whichever method you choose, I think they both produce amazingly tasting Scotch eggs, which with many recipes taste even better the next day If you're serving these for a brunch or for some special person, may I recommend a hybrid method: First, deep fry as above, but just to get to a nice pale golden color outer shell Then place them on an ovenproof pan as in the first method and bake for 30 minutes This will give you the perfect golden crispy outer layer as well as a perfectly cooked sausage layer These Scotch eggs are a perfect brunch treat, or a make ahead breakfast that's complete and nutritious

When I'm serving them as breakfast, I like to serve my Scotch eggs with an aioli dip To make this, it's very simple It's equal parts mayonnaise and one of: salsa, Dijon mustard, or if you want a really nice hot dip, a sriracha sauce Remember: one to one ratio However these Scotch eggs can also be used as the main entree for a balanced nutritional dinner May I suggest pairing the Scotch eggs with one of these side dishes, such as my ABC soup, jicama Thai green salad, especially Version 2, or the roasted broccoli with parmesan and lemon

You'll find that any of these choices will complement the Scotch eggs beautifully I hope you'll try this recipe very soon Enjoy Thank you for watching my video and see you next time If you're new to my channel, please consider subscribing and activating the notification bell

Low Carb Breakfast Muffins | RecipesTested

hey guys welcome back to recipes tested today I'm gonna be making some egg muffins I'm gonna be using this heart-shaped mold to make them and this recipe comes from diet doctor

com and again I'll leave the recipe down in the bottom bar below give me a thumbs up for egg muffins and I'll show you guys how to make them okay so I went ahead and put my eggs in my bowl and then it just had to add chopped bacon for five ounces of chopped bacon and then my chives so I went ahead in that And the only seasoning in here it said was salt pepper and a little bit of pesto if you wanted to so I went ahead it at that and then three ounces of shredded cheese and I sprayed my thing with nonstick spray and then it just said to add the bacon on top it didn't say anything about the chives but I went ahead it out of them in on the top and then just put them in the oven and baked them it took about eighteen extra minutes Pretty good not all of them are heart-shaped like this one I think they're super adorable so I'm gonna go ahead and give it a taste okay first of all they're really greasy as expected there's a lot of cheese and a lot of bacon in there but they're delicious I kind of wish that there was more seasoning or maybe some Tabasco or something else in there but for what they are the ingredients really shine through and they taste fantastic we will absolutely be making these again I think next time was I won't just add my additions to the top I really wish that there was more of a bite of bacon throughout the whole thing will also probably be playing around with the flavors and maybe throwing in just do broccoli and cheese or anything really these are fantastic so that's it thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate all of your support leave me a comment down below if you guys have anything else that you want testing and I'll see you in my next video bye

Keto Diet Breakfast Ideas For Beginners

Hello and welcome back to my channel, today I'm going to talk to you all about keto breakfast ideas for beginners so whether you're new to the keto diet or looking to get back into it this video is going to give you heaps of ideas and inspiration for low carb keto friendly breakfasts that are so easy and simple to put together and I've written a blog post to go along with this video so you can click down below for that and you can get all these ideas and more with loads of photos and information to put together all kinds of yummy easy keto breakfasts and make sure if you're not already subscribed to my channel you subscribe for more videos just like this and leave a like and a comment to let me know what is your best easy go-to keto breakfast, I look forward to reading your comments, so let's get into it, so how do you put together a breakfast that is keto, low carb high fat and is also quick and easy well it's really simple first of all start with eggs! I start with eggs most days I definitely have breakfast without eggs but I start with eggs most days, now how do you like your eggs? Do you like them fried, scrambled, an omelet, poached however you like them cook them with lots of fat, unlesss poach then you cook it in water but I put my fried eggs or on little scrambled eggs in lots of butter or you could use coconut oil or whatever oil you like to get it nice and crispy and to bring up the fat content of it and once you have your eggs how about some sides, think about vegetables, you can go for mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, I've been loving radishes lately, you can have spinach, green beans there are all kinds of low-carb keto friendly vegetables to choose from, I definitely enjoy at least a portion of vegetables with my breakfast and then there's protein sometimes I will have an additional protein in addition to eggs like sausages or any leftover meat or smoked salmon in the past of also had steak and eggs as well for breakfast for a massive protein hit to start my day out and then add fats, we're all about low carb and high fat so think about adding some sour cream some feta maybe cook eggs and vegetables in some cream or mascarpone, add your fat in lots of delicious ways there's so many options and then it's really just about mixing and matching you can pick a couple of veggies to enjoy over the week and then make eggs in different ways you can have mushrooms and fried eggs, next day you could have mushrooms and an omelet the next day you could have scrambled eggs with mushrooms on the side so you can have eggs in different ways and buy veggies that you enjoy and enjoy them day after day oven you can mix and match, I tend to just rotate through whatever's in season whatever I feel like and just everyday I'll have eggs, couple of eggs, some fat and just rotate that in whatever way I feel like and how about breakfast without eggs definitely can have keto breakfast without eggs in fact I filmed a whole video with seven breakfast ideas without eggs, I'll definitely leave that in the information cards and down below for you but for some quick and easy ideas for you chia pudding, you definitely can have chia on keto it's just pure fiber goodness, find a low carb yoghurt, you can leave it in the fridge overnight and you've got an easy go to breakfast in the morning I've also had smoothies, loads of smoothies through my Keto, journey and sometimes I'll even have a protein shake if I'm on the go, really quick I'll make up a protein shake and run out the door you can also be a little bit organized and spend some time making a meal prep box I've done that in the past as well made a meal prep box with all kinds of breakfast goodies and then I have my fridge full with meal prep boxes ready to go for the week with all kinds of easy yummy keto breakfasts and don't forget you can also have leftovers for breakfast what did you enjoy for dinner yesterday, have it for leftovers this morning just raid your fridge put together a platter of all kinds of goodies and you've got breakfast really the main key is keep it simple what do you already have in your kitchen that you can enjoy for breakfast, find two, three breakfasts you really enjoy and just keep cooking those, you don't have to cook a different breakfast every day of the week for every day of the month and every day of the year, find a few things you enjoy and just rinse and repeat, so there you go those are my tips for keto breakfast ideas for beginners make sure that you check down below for a link to the blog post and all the other videos that I mentioned along the way for lots more inspiration for easy keto breakfasts for beginners and remember to leave a like, comment too and subscribe for more videos just like this and thanks for watching and we'll see you again soon bye