Keto Krate Review & Unboxing | Low Carb Keto Snack Delivery

Alright so let’s dig into the box that I got from KetoKrate Good friends over there sent this to me and I’m going to give you a product review of the box that I got

Let’s take a look inside here So they do have a little contest that if you snap a photo of this box when you purchase it and you share it on social media you have a chance to win another month free This is a monthly subscription service and they ship to you directly and every month will have a different product in it and this month this is what I got Comes with a review sheet, so this sheet here has everything that is in the box it goes into details about the cost of them and if there is an offer, these have offers right in them now and the great thing is that if you see here, it actually tells you the net carbs for everything so its fantastic when you’re tying to manage how many carbs you’re eating so it’s nothing you have to calculate

You already have the number you know what you have to hit and also the value, like you know people always wonder am I spending the right amount of money, am I getting the value of this box or this service and every sheet every month they have this at the corner, tells you the retail value versus the total value versus what you paid so always great value this product Okay let’s take a look at what’s inside here So the first one is a drink, it has zero sugar in it, I have had this before, it tastes pretty good You can see the ingredients here, total of three grams of carbs so it’s not too bad for the whole drink for the one can and obviously calories are very low in this but good drink

cocoa roast almonds, I’ve had these before, these are really good, its good quality product, again this one here is 4 grams of total carbs but dietary fibers too so technically its around two grams of net carbs so you’re safe Great snack, it tastes really good Let’s see what else we’ve got in here, everyone’s favorite, and beef jerky So this one here I haven’t had it but I heard its really good, pretty flavor Thing with a lot of beef jerky nowadays is that there is a lot of hidden fillers in it

The brands that used to be carb free are no longer carb free they are putting sugars and other chemicals in there to make their shelf life longer and getting a quality product like this one ketokrate is really good, it will have a shorter life probably but again you are getting a quality product Here one gram of carb, this thing here has three and a half servings in it, there is a lot in here so that one is pretty safe gorrily goods, gluten free, this is pumpkin seed and kale mixed snack, this is actually pretty heavy for such a small little pack but again if we look at it, it’s pretty safe, good product and quality again, I’ve eaten pumpkin seeds separately but you can see this is all organic so it’s a really great product and great snack Now I only need half a pack for a serving just to make sure that you don’t bloat your carbs and don’t eat too many carbs at one serving so we have Coco Polo, it’s pretty much like a chocolate bar with roasted almonds in it but it is a far trade product, gluten free, has no sucrolose taste apparently it’s what it says, I haven’t tried this myself

I would only eat this here, this is two servings, serving after we’ve done the subtraction of the total carbs there, it’s actually on five net carbs per serving, this is two servings in here, and this is a big bar as you can tell So we just got to make sure you’re not eating this whole bar in a serving and you’ll be fine I’ve had this before this is good So if you’re looking for that crunchy snack, these parmesan cheese crisps are great the thing is that if you do eat these a lot you’ll probably get sick and tired of them, I have, maybe some people don’t but it is a good snack, you can crush them and put them on top of your salad, you can eat them whole if you wish like chips but its great and crunchy and its made of parmesan and again this is totally less than one gram of carb, no sugar, great product

Great for those who need a crunchy snack Let’s take a look at this product, Good Dees low carbs cookie mix, there’s a lot in here actually, 255 grams Good Dees, she did her own keto carb journey and she is making her own low carb sugar free cookies, people loved them and now she started marketing them It’s a good quality product, now this whole bag here can make twelve to twenty four cookies depending on the size you make it even at twelve cookies, you’ll be eating at one a day I would say and eat serving is quite low so very safe and lets just see down here, it tells you the full breakdown which is great by these products because it tells you everything you need to know and you’re going down to two nets carbs for a cookie so it’s fantastic, I can’t wait to try that actually

the last product we have in here are these pepperoni beef sticks, there is a nutritional label here on the front , 80 calories, 6 gram protein and zero sugar, again this is another product that before back in the day it used to be sugar free, a lot of products used to be sugar free now again they are putting a lot of fillers in here and its jacking up the carb rating on them so always please read the label and make sure they are all pepperoni meat sticks that you’re buying for snacks still comply and this meets your keto requirements there is nothing else in here, so that’s it, great box, a lot of great stuff in here so that’s my review of this ketokrate product which I received January 16, thanks ketokrate guys, I’m in Canada so I appreciate getting this shipped up to me My review, is the box worth it? Yes it is I know the price might seem high to some but order one for yourself, its worth it, just get one box at least and you’ll see all this great products , it will really help your keto journey I’m a firm believer of making things easier

Your keto journey should not be a struggle, you should be enjoying it and that was a reason from making it convenient and easy to follow and adding this into that will just make it that much better These products here will last easily a month so I don’t think you’ll be running it and if you’re using them properly and not abusing the great yummy food that’s in here but again great product and I do give it a thumbs up, thank you guys and if you’re looking for a keto diet plan or keto coaching please hit me up on myketocoach dot com and I’ll talk to you soon

Keto Snack Box

Hello and welcome back to my channel I have a really quick video for you today I'm about to head out with my kids and I made this snack box, lunch box, whatever you want to call it and I thought I'd share what I'm taking because it might help you if you need some meals for out-and-about, lunch box and snack boxes and all that, so we've got a bit of spinach leaves there and half an avocado I'm going to top it with some salt and some avocado oil as well for some extra fat and flavor, I've got a whole heap of salami I just chopped up pieces of salami, I love salami and it's just such an easy awesome low carb high fat snack or part of a meal box and then we have grated cheese, so I just really popped a portion on

This took literally a minute, two minutes to put together and it means while I'm out and about I won't be hungry, it means that I don't have to worry about going for foods or trying to find something that's low carb keto friendly and I've just got awesome food on me that tastes delicious and it sticks on plan and I'm using one of my favorite lunch boxes it's an easy lunchbox and I've got a whole stack of these, so I'll make this for myself and make some boxes for my kids they're not on Keto, so they will have sandwiches and all kinds of things, so that's the quick and easy video for today make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more inspiration and leave a comment and let me know what it your go to, when you want a quick go to snack box, something that's on the go low-carb keto friendly, I look forward to reading your comments and thanks so much for watching this super short video and we'll see you again soon bye

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies, Keto Snacks

We got whoopie pies red velvet whoopie pies whoopie pies with whipped cream cheese you're saying it weird why are you putting so much emphasis on the H so I found this recipe or I think I found it on Instagram but I had it a while ago and I said I was wrong I eventually do it but today I'm in a red velvet type mood the people that watch me they know I love Oreos but did you know my favorite type before you red velvet my favorite type of cake anything chocolate red velvet has a shot with it so red velvet I'm just in the rebel move so rather than wait to Valentine's Day I'm gonna do it now but we're in the kitchen and what we're gonna do I'm gonna make it for a single person so I'm gonna make it easy so you can simply double it or triple it if you like but I'm just gonna make it not for me in the description box below you will have the recipe check this out this is what we have going on you gotta swear vanilla extract and coconut flour all right so we got our almond flour going in first coconut flour I'm using Dutch process cocoa but any is fine baking powder mix it up and get the little lump ease out too you would have thought I wouldn't do ahead of time dowels will make a recipe let's hope it goes pretty well cause it's still hot and fresh had a refrigerator down goes the butter now after this is cream hopefully better than mine you didn't turn around and put your stevia in there at one egg at a time if you're making a larger portion now for me I'm only doing more add to yogurt after that everyone some of the milk in the fridge is not milk it's horse sperm and mix it well this cold butter is about to destroy my entire recipe man hey but we're not gonna stop we're gonna keep going and go and go you combine your dry in your wet ingredients yours should not be lumpy like mine hopefully you did correct add your beetroot powder for redness I ended up having to add food dye to mine see what I thought it wasn't gonna turn red see I'm so clutch with it you know I'm saying in the last minute I thought about it for a second I said let me throw this red food coloring in here cuz you know the Dutch cocoa is a little bit darker than a regular cocoa so it was a little harder to get the term red with the beet powder but we got it done and you know what time it is it's time to put them in the oven all right so now that we got those in the oven it's time to make the cream cheese middle frosting I don't know whatever it's gonna be whip though this one is simple butter cream cheese and you cream both of them until they're well combined then you add your swerve and your vanilla extract and that's it and you know what I wanted to bet some of my veteran cookers already know what's wrong with the recipe I tried the batter and it wasn't too good at math let's go ahead take this thing I'm surprised by Mateus it is all in the cream I felt like it was way way way too much still yet it's so much TV that I almost added a bitter taste to the take itself but the sweetness and the cream cheese it an actual frosting oh man it came through and it just rolled loose of oh I'm gonna make these again but I'm gonna probably add less stevia or use another sweetener because these really have some serious potential that good then we're really really good like Wow except they're a little bitty flaw because you get it you get that aftertaste the stevia of course a cream cheese and butter mixture it has a cream teas cheesecake filling to it which makes it phenomenal and works perfectly at my favorite that's why I added the vanilla to it I don't know if it would've worked out fine if I didn't add that vanilla but have the coconut flour almond flour I can't tell it's not dry it's actually very moist I'm thinking it's that yogurt that's what it is if you guys knew what was wrong with the stevia I want you to comment below and let me know how many you guys actually know what ahead of time but tell you what this wraps it up for this weekend excuse me this wraps it up for this week and I will see you guys soon and here we don't make any recipes we just eat the food see you guys


we have so many like I'm boxing for you guys hi guys it's Keila I am back with another video I actually just got back from aikido meet up and I got so much goodies that I've only seen on Instagram like they're like the holy grail of like sceeto community and I'm super excited to show you guys I had such a great time it was so nice meeting people that are literally like me doing the same thing because of all it is we just found a community that we can stick with and it's kind of like a little try hopefully I'll get to see the people that I've met at the meet up again soon we all get to come together for a common ground which is just being a healthier person but I got a lot of items that I wanted you guys to see if there's anything in this video that you guys are interested in I'll make sure have a link in the description of the website that you can get it from as well as a link that you can easily go and grab it this isn't a sponsored video video at all none of these brands probably know that I got their items but I've like literally been like so excited to try most of these items and I just wanted to share it with you guys so let's go ahead and get to the video first I have beef jerky this is actually in one of the keto crepe boxes that I saw someone open up this is the Homer kosher I've got occasion flavour and the original I love beef Jerky's Duke has been my number one but I'm excited to try these out easy grab and go also I've been seeing this everywhere this ER Kinson mayonnaise this is the Chipotle one I figured this probably be really good I got some smoked salmon last week so I'm probably gonna make like a little dancey tuna fish yeah yeah this is gonna go to good news actually won this in a raffle oh my gosh I'm sick this is like the one that I'm most excited for it's the goodies sugar-free sweetness this is the chocolate brownie one I'm just super excite this was one of those ones they were giving out Quito crates and a couple of other items and when this one came out I was like what's that one they called my number of yes it also came with a bacon gives me a reason to get out of bed mug which is super cute like come on how cute is that guys so I'm probably gonna bring this to work and just like step on it because that's usually when I drink my coffee oh my gosh i chocolate galore this is the cocoa Paolo zero added sugar this is 39% milk chocolate they also gave us two little samples it's the crispy quinoa dark and the ginger dark and both of them say heedo friendly with PDS so I'm guessing at Seaton with PDS more chocolate chopped Bureau I'm so excited for this I've been wanting to try a chopped zero for god knows how long and that's the great thing about these most of these are like online stores I'm not sure where you can get this in the store I haven't checked into it but a lot of these items I've been like too scared to try because they're online stores I'm like oh like if it's not good I don't have to return it so getting to try that items that like you've literally been seeing on your Instagram every day it's just so exciting next I actually have to meet the sweet lady that makes these it's called cut the carbs and it's 9 grams of net carbs for this whole thing and I think a serving size is one but you can definitely cut it in half it's kind of like a flatbread so I'm thinking of trying this with like pizzas or making some quesadillas with this I think they'll be really good next if you're in the keto family you already know about this the brain brew I feel like every key know person is promoting this and having a discount code and I almost bought it so many times so I'm excited that I get to try it without buying it and maybe I'll be addicted and end up buying it also got these Lord nut dill pickle ranch peanuts ooh that sounds really good I can already tell that my sister is probably gonna be crying means – yeah these just I'm gonna go ahead and try these now oh my gosh okay my sister's right here Chelsea try this oh my gosh it's just like it's like so many flavors in one it's dill pickle ranch like cuz I got pickle but like it has a little bit of the ranch flavoring oh I can be addictive I can be a big cheese definitely oh my gosh if you are on a weight-loss journey if you've been on Instagram at all I'm sure you've seen these they've been everywhere it's the no boobs like cookie oh my gosh I'm so excited and of course I got the flavor that I wanted I wanted to get the chocolate chip one I got the choice uber excited to try this like this honestly sweet I didn't realize sweets was a really big thing until I realized I couldn't have any sweets like nothing and then I realized hmm I kind of do like sweets right now and then another cookie I've been seeing this everywhere on Instagram too it's the fat snack actually I think I saw this on Teddy kiito's Instagram page first he had some and also oh I want to try that it's keto paleo sugar-free I got two ginger tumeric flavored but that oh that I got I got a couple of coupons a free halo top ice cream and then also a buy one get one free for in light ice cream actually hot got one in the mail as well five two and light coupons that I need to use up so that's why we offer that I've always this is an impromptu kind of like keto vines type of video if then you have any interest in trying any of these out I'll put a link in the description box below a lot of like good keto snacks and desserts because let's be real sometimes you just don't have time to cook a dessert for ourselves I've always if you guys like these types of and what we need to make more of them please let me know by giving me a thumbs up leaving me comments down below so I'd know you're here and I'll see you guys in the next one

Dollar Tree Keto Diet | Meal Prep | Ketogenic | Weight Loss

Hey, it's Elizabeth, Countess of Low Carb & on this episode we're gonna do a Dollar Tree haul for keto! Coming up next Hey, it's Elizabeth Countess of Low Carb And I am so excited to do another Dollar Tree haul It is -1 degrees as of this morning in Virginia And we're going a little bit stir-crazy So I'm excited even though I've done other haul videos recently To go recheck out the Dollar Tree if you haven't seen my other Dollar Tree one go look for it I'll pop up a card, but I'm really excited to see what they have for keto supply So I don't know, but if you like this video click the like button consider subscribing And if you know if somebody else who's doing keto or low carb consider sharing this video

Keto Movie Snacks | Low Carb Smuggle-ables!

I'm gonna smuggle some keto snacks into the movies tonight, coming right up Hey guys! Welcome to A

D Keto My name is Aaron This is the channel where we talk about the ketogenic diet I do some keto food vlogs, talk a little bit about keto science, and we do some keto recipes

If this is your first time here, please consider subscribing, and if you do, be sure to click the bell icon so you never miss a thing Guys, I'm a little under the weather, but that's okay I am planning on going to the movies tonight I'm taking my kid to see this movie called The Disaster Artist, and it's about the making of one of the worst movies I have ever seen I watched it just the other night

It's called The Room It came out in 2003 It is the most bizarre piece of filmmaking I have ever seen in my life And this movie is all about that the making of that movie It stars James Franco

Anyway, my boy that I'm bringing his 15, he's not Keto I'm probably gonna get him a little thing of popcorn tonight But I myself am gonna take advantage of how terribly cold it is I'm gonna be wearing a pretty big coat to the movies, and I'm planning on smuggling in some keto-friendly movie theater-type snacks I haven't had a whole lot to eat today

I'm hungry and peckish, and I got some snacks So here's what we're going to try to smuggle in tonight: I've got these Dukes Chorizo & Lime smoked shorty sausages There are about 12 of these inside this bag Each little one of these is about half a carb, and I've had these before — they're really good They're really good, they have a few different flavors

This is Chorizo & Lime flavor So I'm gonna bring these in, but I'm also going to stick in this bag three cheese sticks and a Quest bar S'mores has been doing it for me recently So this is going in one pocket The Dukes bag with three cheese sticks and a Quest bar inside

In the other pocket, I'm gonna smuggle this bag of pork rinds I might go with a ziplock bag and put fewer of these pork rinds in it, but I'm gonna try to put this in my other big coat pocket, and somehow or other, I'm gonna try to also sneak in this Zevia Cream Soda beverage So that's the plan for tonight The movie is a late movie It's uh

starts at 10:20 pm It's a vacation week this week though, for both me and my kids

So we're kind of saying "Who cares?" We're gonna go to a late movie By the way we saw this guy over here Star Wars The Last Jedi I know there are a lot of haters out there about the direction Rian Johnson has taken everything, but they're wrong They're wrong, everybody

It's so good All right So I'm off to the movies I hope you know that your mother is very upset with me for taking you out so late at night Uh

OK It's so packed over there This is certainly the latest I've ever gone to see a movie

Right With ma PAW Ma PAW! "You are tearing me APART, Lisa!! Why do you love him?!!" So terrible Is that, like, the focal point of the movie? No There IS no focal point of the movie

Hi! Hi You guys are upstairs in number seventeen Enjoy Thank you Heyyyyy

So I'm back from the movie Thumbs up James Franco totally captured this weirdo Tommy Wisseau William and I had a lot of fun tonight A little father-son bonding time with a weird, weird movie

But yeah we had a good time I got him some popcorn and a drink, and I myself kept to my keto snacks It was all low-carb and it was all good I snuck it right in Waltzed right through

Nobody noticed my bulging pockets I was good to go And that's what I've been bringing to the movies recently, whenever we go Whether it's just me, or with the fam, I bring me some cheese sticks, I bring all the stuff I brought tonight Let me know what you guys bring to the movies

What do you smuggle in? How much do you DARE smuggle in? My wife's got a pretty large purse, and always gets nervous when I start stuffing stuff in She kind of limits me to I think three or four items But let me know what you guys sneak into the theaters, and let me know if you've seen this weird movie The Room, and then this movie that I saw it tonight, The Disaster Artist Also, you can check me out on Letterboxd if you want I'm over there

I have a list of movies that I want to watch, and that I have watched It's a cool just kind of like a diary, a movie diary You know, keep track of the movies you've seen, movies you want to see, that kind of thing I'll link that below So that's gonna wrap it up for this video, guys

Hope you enjoyed it Hope you have a fantastic day, and I'll see you next time "WHY DO YOU LOVE HIM?!!"

9 Keto Diet Snacks That Will Help You Lose Weight – Beauty And Health

9 Keto Diet Snacks That Will Help You Lose Weight Number 1

FAT BALLS Fat balls might look a lot like energy balls, but they're actually high in fat from nut butters and seeds and low in sugars like honey The result: They are both energizing and super filling “They're a helpful source of healthy fats and they contain some protein, which is good for keeping you fueled,” Cording says Plus, they're are incredibly easy to make and eat on-the-go

Number 2 STRING CHEESE This one is easy enough to do: Just keep a bunch in your fridge at home or work and grab one when you’re ready to nosh String cheese has a nice mix of protein and fat, which can definitely help you fill up and stay full, Cording says Number 3

HARD-BOILED EGGS Just like string cheese, a hard-boiled egg provides some protein and fat, while also being pretty low-cal, Warren says Eat a couple for a snack or pair one with something else on this list Number 4 WALNUTS

Walnuts are high in fat, have a moderate amount of protein, and are low-carb, making them a solid snack for keto fans, Warren says Plus, they’re heart-healthy Stick to a serving size of one handful—otherwise the calories can add up fast Number 5 STEAK BITES

Yes, steak—or, to be more specific—steak bites, can totally be an awesome keto diet snack, Warren says Here's how to make them: chop up sirloin steak, season with soy sauce, Worcester sauce, and garlic, and sauté Then, put them in the fridge until you’re ready to eat them Number 6SUNFLOWER SEEDS

These little seeds are an awesome source of healthy fat and fiber, along with a little punch of protein, Cording says They’re also super easy to eat on the go—just stash them in your bag and whip them out when you’re hungry Number 7PARMESAN ZUCCHINI TOTS Zucchini is a great vegetable for keto fans because it’s low in carbs but has a lot of volume, Cording says

Try them out: shred 2 zucchinis (discard extra moisture), mix with 1 cup breadcrumbs, 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, 1 egg, and seasoning of choice to taste Bake for 15 to 20 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit Number 8 AVOCADO Avocados are packed with healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, along with plenty of other minerals like fiber and potassium—and they’re keto-friendly, too

“Avocados are one of my favorite keto diet snacks,” Cording says She recommends eating one half of an avocado when it's snack time Or, if you don’t want to have to deal with stashing half of an avocado in your fridge, Cording recommends looking out for “gator eggs,” they are tiny avocados that each count as a single serving Number 9 SANDWICH ON A STICK

Missing sandwiches? Try serving them on a stick Spear a small piece of ham or chicken, a little cube of cheese, and some tomato or bell pepper, and you've got a bite-sized “sandwich” “This can give you some protein and fat with very few carbs,” Cording says One or two toothpicks should tide you over between meals They also make a cute appetizer to serve at keto-friendly parties

SKOUT Organic Pumpkin Seeds (Spicy Texas Chili flavor) | Keto Snack Review!

I'm doing a review today of something that is NOT ice cream Who am I?! SKOUT organic pumpkin seeds, coming right up

Hey, guys Welcome to AD Keto My name is Aaron

This is the channel where I talk about the ketogenic diet I do some keto food vlogs, I do some keto product reviews, and I do some keto recipes If this is your first time here, please consider subscribing, and if you do, be sure to click the bell icon so you get a notification whenever I upload new content Okay guys So today, I am going to be reviewing these little bad boys

SKOUT Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Spicy Texas Chili flavor Now these came to me in the February 2018 KetoKrate, the unboxing of which you can see right up here And this is not the first time that I will have head SKOUT Organic Pumpkin Seeds However, it's the first time I will have had Spicy Texas Chili flavor I believe that the first time I had them, it was the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt flavor, and they were fine

Nothing offensive about them In fact, they were very, very good But nothing really to write home about, either So I was very excited to see this arrive in KetoKrate Spicy Texas Chili flavor

A little bit about SKOUT, just from the back of the package, here It says that they're "Born in the Pacific Northwest SKOUT Back Country's plant-based expedition food provides powerful, organic nutrition Our Oregon- grown organic pumpkin seeds, pepitas, come straight from a local family farm (Thanks, Pete and Greg, for the great seeds), located in the rich fertile soils of the Willamette Valley In addition to pumpkin seeds truly being an antioxidant superfood, chili peppers contain a great source of the anti-inflammatory capsaicin

" Capsaicin Ingredients: Organic Oregon pumpkin seeds organic sunflower oil, pink Himalayan sea salt, organic paprika, organic cumin, organic cracked black pepper, and organic cayenne pepper

May contain pieces of delicious organic pumpkin?! Wow Can't wait to check these out So nutrition information on these guys: There are two servings in this little container Each serving is 180 calories, 16 grams of fat, 4 grams of total carbs, 2 grams of fiber, so 2 net carbs, and 10 grams of protein So without further ado, let me open them up

I'm gonna take a whiff See if I get that hmm

Not as peppery as I thought they would they would smell However, looking inside there, not sure if you can see that in the darkness, here, but you probably can't

But they look pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty pretty good Good

I'm waiting for it There is a bit of an afterburn sensation, like the initial the initial pop in the mouth? "Oh, these are sunflower seeds Nothing too crazy about these" But there is a nice kick after you've downed them — a nice little cayenne pepper kick These I'm digging

I dig these quite a bit They are they look pretty good

Yeah, for sure These may be a little too highbrow to be spitting out from the dugout, but you could do a lot worse if you are into pumpkin seeds than to grab SKOUT They are really good Omega-3, gluten free, grain free, vegan, soy-free and paleo I've never been a huge fan of pumpkin seeds, but these do

they're not the most crunchy snack, however they are in that same sort of realm They satisfy sort of thatspicy and then they're not crunchy, but they're not soggy either They're sort of a nice middle ground, and the cayenne pepper is perfect Not overwhelming, not so subtle that you miss it I like these quite a bit

The taste kind of does it for me So that's SKOUT Organic Pumpkin Seeds Let me know if you guys have had these Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoyed this little review, and thanks for watching Have a fantastic day, and I'll see you next time

Healthy Snacks That Boost Up Your Female Metabolism

the speed of your metabolism determines if the food you eat is converted into energy and burned or if it's converted into fat and stored women blessed with fast metabolisms tend to lose weight easily and are often able to eat whatever they want whenever they want without having to worry about gaining weight however women burdened with slow metabolisms can feel like they're living in metabolic hell because they tend to gain weight easily even if exercising and eating a healthy diet this can seem very unfair and it is however it begs the question what is it exactly that controls the speed of your metabolism and what if anything can you do to significantly speed up your female metabolism coming up the surprising answers to those very questions are finally revealed along with a breakthrough strategy proven to help women lose weight fast where they need to most and keep it off for good the same simple strategy that's now being used by thousands of everyday women across North America to boost their metabolisms flatten their stomachs and slip into dress sizes they never thought possible you're about to hear from a world-class expert in nutrition physiology and healthy snacks biology that has dedicated his entire life to the study of fat loss and the female metabolism hi it's Brad here and in today's short fast-paced presentation exclusively for women I'm going to show you how five specific veggies can help naturally ignite your female metabolism and trigger your body to burn more fat what's more is that when you follow a strange little cooking technique that I'll be teaching you the metabolism boosting effects of these five fantastic veggies become even more impressive and that's not all you'll be learning I'm going to share what new research reveals is the exact reason why it's so much more difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off compared to men and more importantly you'll see a breakthrough tip used by women in this video to banish unwanted body fat fast that you can use to do the same by dramatically increasing your female metabolism but before we go any further it's important for me to be super upfront with you because I know how much I value my time I'd hate to waste yours if you're in the wrong place you see although this powerful female fat loss presentation is free it's definitely not for everyone if you're looking for someone to tell you healthy snacks the number of calories you eat where the food choices you make has nothing to do with losing weight then you're in the wrong place or if you're looking for some extremely restrictive gimmicky celebrity fad diet to help you lose weight and keep it off then this presentation isn't for you because I can assure you after 30 years of helping women lose weight quickly safely and naturally that it doesn't exist this presentation is only for women willing to accept that there are no miracle answers to weight loss yet are open to learning about a fat loss strategy backed by real cutting-edge science and real results a powerful tried and proven fat loss strategy designed to work perfectly with your female metabolism still here still interested great because if you begin using this powerful tip today you may easily find yourself slipping into dress sizes you never thought possible which I know may sound far-fetched to you like it did to all of these women that have done it after seeing this video but that's exactly what happened to Roberta psalm from Goulburn california whose husband family and friends could barely believe their eyes and 51 years old and thought I had tried everything before yet I decided to keep an open mind and continued watching your video thank God I did I ended up dropping six dress sizes and said 1 pounds following your tip 71 pounds I literally have tears in my eyes as I'm writing this Brad thank you so much or Jen C from Perth Australia Brad it's as if watching your video force 25 pounds of fat right off my body I feel like I'm living in an altered reality since watching your video a few months ago I feel incredibly energetic everyday I sleep like a baby every night and I'm in the absolute best shape of my life by far or Catherine Armstrong from London Ontario oMG this is the craziest thing I've ever experienced when I look at pictures I still can't believe it the difference of how I feel about myself now when I'm out with my friends is amazing I love the way I look and feel and I know I owe a huge part of that to you Brad I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart or Julie from Dumas Texas oh my god Brad not only did I just melt off 60 pounds I can't believe how young I look my friends are so jealous when we go out because I've been getting carded it sounds silly I know but it's true your method was nothing short of a miracle for me it incinerated every unwanted pound of fat right off my body including all the ugly stubborn fat on my tummy and arms completely gone and not one single stretch mark it's absolutely unbelievable your video completely changed my life Brad words just can't describe it these are the types of emails I look forward to seeing each and every day from women just like you that have put this breakthrough tip to good use just last night I got this from Terry close from wearing Tintin sylvania who watch this video five days ago Wow just wow Brad I have to be honest I was feeling pretty depressed and defeated about my body when I stumbled onto your video five days ago I began trying your tip and I can't even explain how much better I look and feel already this is the most unbelievable thing I could ever imagine and it's the best thing that's ever happened to me thank you so much Brad now listen I totally get it if you think that you've heard and tried it all when it comes to dieting and weight loss but I completely guarantee you that you've never seen anything like this before and I promise you're about to be absolutely amazed the only thing that I'll ask is that you just be sure to watch this brand new presentation now because it definitely won't be online or free long and if it changes your life like it has for so many other women then you send me a quick email telling me about your experience now really quickly a little tidbit about me you may not already know in the last 10 years if you've taken any effective supplement by any of the world's biggest brand names chances are you've seen my work now before you start thinking this tip has something to do with a supplement let me stop you right there because it doesn't I only mention this because I discovered this unique tip during the time I was consulting for the company that makes the number one selling weight-loss supplement in the world for women I was doing extensive research on female metabolism when I stumbled upon something so shocking and so groundbreaking that I knew it could help make fat burning easier for women forever which is what I'll be sharing with you in just a few moments now listen closely and stay with me for what I'm about to share because this is the most important part of the presentation okay science has now discovered that virtually everything to do with weight loss for both men and women is controlled by one master hormone this hormone that controls a hundred percent of your body's ability to burn fat is leptin you may not know how leptin works so let me quickly explain high levels of leptin speed up your metabolism and signal your body to burn fat and low levels of leptin slow down your metabolism and signal your body to store fat those are the basics now get ready for some surprising facts regarding women and left him researchers recently discovered that women naturally have twice as much of the fat burning hormone leptin in their body compared to men that's the good news however brand new research revealed the following bad news that explains why women can struggle so much to lose unattractive body fat and keep it off first women can be 3 times less responsive to leptin signal to burn fat than men this means even though women have a lot more leptin they just aren't using its fat burning potential this condition is known as leptin resistance an obvious sign of leptin resistance is often the soft squishy cottage cheese looking fat found in your problem areas now there are what I call five wonder veggies for women that latest studies reveal can help correct this dreaded problem of leptin resistance so many women face significantly improving your sensitivity to your body's number one fat burning hormone and it's signaled to burn fat naturally these left and enhancing veggies include organic spinach broccoli red bell peppers kale and chili peppers I recommend you try to sneak these five metabolism boosting veggies into your diet whenever possible to help shift your body into fat-burning mode and for maximum metabolism boosting results if you can try cooking these veggies in a cast-iron pan as latest research suggests this particular cooking method delivers an even higher concentration of nutrients found to fight leptin resistance however leptin resistance is just one of two unique problems that kills female fat loss the second unique problem women face with leptin is that when dieting your leptin levels can drop twice as much and twice as fast compared to when men diet has talked about when leptin drops your metabolism hits the brakes and slows right down this is exactly why you experience frustrating weight loss plateaus on diets so much faster than men and have you ever suffered from the terrible rebound weight gain after you stop a diet well that's almost certainly because your left and dropped significantly making your metabolism even slower than before you started the diet resulting in fat piling back on even when you're eating next to nothing so to quickly recap unique problem number one your face when trying to lose weight is your resistance or insensitivity to let them signal to burn fat which is basically like having your body's fat burning switch set to off and unique problem number two you face is the rapid drop in your left on levels when you diet which slows down your metabolism substantially and leads to frustrating weight loss plateaus and massive rebound weight gain not fun fact is evolution has made it much more difficult for women to lose weight by keeping left and signaled to burn fat disconnected because of the demands of childbearing and child-rearing your body doesn't know or care about your desires for a sexy waistline that looks hot in those skinny jeans all it knows is the unattractive body fat you're carrying provides stored energy and warmth to ensure protection and survival of the next generation with this being the case guess what happens to your leptin issues following pregnancy well they get a lot worse which is exactly why losing the baby weight can be painstakingly difficult you see your body's hardwired to fight a losing battle with left and every single time you attempt to lose weight and I'm sure you can now truly understand why this is totally not your fault yet this is where it gets real interesting recall the good news researchers discovered you naturally have twice as much leptin as a man this as odd as it sounds means you have much more fat burning potential than men it's just almost completely untapped it's like your genetics have been playing a cruel trick on you yet what if I told you there is a solution to turn the tables on your genetics by resetting the way your body utilizes leptin to turn your fat burning switch all the way on and never let it drop again can you imagine how much faster and easier you lose weight when you have your master fat burning hormone working in overdrive for you instead of against you the difference is like night and day can you picture how much firmer and flatter your stomach becomes and how much tighter and sexier you look and feel well you can make this your reality starting today just like all of the real everyday women you've been seeing have there is now a solution proven to deliver these spectacular results and it's called metabolic override metabolic override consists of simple yet extremely powerful strategies that hold the key to unleashing your full fat burning potential that your genetics has kept locked away your whole life these totally unique strategies have transformed countless hundreds of women who have now experienced the same shocking life-changing results the tried and true metabolic override strategies have now been honed into one super simple step-by-step plan for female fat loss I'd like to introduce you to what really is the future of female fat loss Finn from within then from within is a weight loss plan designed to help bring out the sexy goddess in you by delivering fast enjoyable and sustainable fat loss without restricting the foods you crave most this female fat loss blueprint will work for you even if you have little to no time terrible genetics a super slow metabolism a thyroid condition or even if you think you've tried everything now let me tell you what thin from within is not so you know what you're about to experience it is not another fad restrictive or difficult diet that inevitably results in uncontrolled food cravings frustrating plateaus diminished energy and fatigue a damaged slower fat storing metabolism or at best temporary weight loss with piles of embarrassing rebound weight gain to follow no generic diets for men have set your metabolism up to fail enough it's time for a solution that truly works with your female metabolism instead of against it that ensures your success when your metabolisms fat burning switch is turned on using the thin from within strategies that have been proven and perfected with thousands of women just like you you can expect the exact opposite experience of other diets no food cravings no plateaus and astonishingly faster fat-burning metabolism rapid and sustainable phallus from female problem areas like your stomach hips butt and thighs all while your energy source your weight rapidly decreases and you finally have the freedom to claim the life and body you absolutely deserve thin from within is a super easy to follow twelve-week nutrition plan that shows you exactly what to do step by step to create a new fat-burning metabolism you'll discover things like surprising foods that damage leptin sensitivity and make losing even a single pound next to impossible for women watch how fast the weight falls off in the first two weeks of the program when you simply eliminate these processed and soy foods the one-sheet food trick that spikes female metabolism keeps your leptin sky-high and helps women to burn fat around the clock even when you're sound asleep once you learn this secret you'll never look at fat loss the same way again the one vital nutrient for weight loss so many women are unknowingly deficient in raise this one nutrients starting today and immediately increase your fat burning and skyrocket your energy levels and now what women find most remarkable the groundbreaking thin from within virtual nutritionist that shows you exactly what to eat and win for the next 12 weeks to disintegrate fat from your problem areas your virtual nutritionist is designed to help make every 10 pounds you lose look like 20 by burning fat from where you visually need to most as you can probably tell thin from within was developed to take female fat loss to another level and fast in fact hundreds of women report inches banishing from their problem areas within weeks and they have the startling pictures you're seeing to prove it which is amazing considering they're experiencing these rapid results while still enjoying their favorite foods like pizza pasta ice cream and chocolate at the perfect times to accelerate female fat loss now look before we go any further it's important for me to be a hundred percent honest and upfront with you if you're looking for that magic weight-loss answer or if you just want this week celebrity fad diet or some gimmick deep down you already know will never work thin from within is not for you thin from within is only for women that are ready to put down the gimmick answers in order to follow a proven flavorful step-by-step system for lifelong weight loss so if you want the real answer to sustainable female weight loss and if you want to get the bikini body you desire without damaging your metabolism or spending endless hours in the gym and sacrificing your favorite foods or red wine to do it then fin from within isn't just a system for you it's the only system for you now you may believe a one-of-a-kind system that delivers all of this will be extremely expensive and truth be told it really should be considering the countless hundreds of women it's transformed so quickly when nothing else worked and of course when my hourly consulting fee for the biggest supplement companies in the world is over five hundred dollars it's only natural to think a system that I've poured years of my life into creating might be unaffordable however it's not I only felt right by making thin from within affordable for every woman that needs to lose weight so don't worry I'll get to the price in just a moment first I need to make you aware of something you're not just receiving thin from within today nope just for watching this presentation I'm going to give you absolutely free of charge a special bonus value at 297 dollars called the thin from within workouts to help you lose weight even faster this 12-week female fat loss exercise program is a perfect complement to your main program because most women that workout are unknowingly ruining their results using strategies designed for men instead of following a system proven to match a woman's hormonal environment this program uses unique exercises to match your hormonal state to target strengthen and tone your softest areas and eradicate cellulite from them while accelerating your fat loss results inside you'll discover things like why your workout needs to be much shorter and way less intense than a man's in order to burn fat optimally the exact exercises women should never do because they actually stall fat loss and make cellulite worse and you'll be happy to know this includes eliminating long useless cardio unique easy exercises you can do from home to boost your metabolism significantly increase leptin sensitivity kill cellulite and maximize your fat loss and listen this program leaves no stone unturned I'm including a hundred and forty three premium video coaching lessons so you can have every advanced tip and trick there is to maximize female fat loss this is way beyond anything you could ever dream to find from a personal trainer the entire thin from within workouts and all of the 143 video coaching lessons are included 100% free today so that I am with you every step of the way to ensure your success oh did you have an Apple device or a smartphone well but then from with the nutrition and workout system is 100% compatible with all Apple devices and smartphones so that absolutely everything you need can be at your fingertips 24 hours a day now as crazy as this sounds I'm not even gonna charge my one hour rate of $500 worth in from within in which I'm also including this 297 dollar bonus absolutely free for you today nope I promised you I was going to make this affordable for every woman that needs to lose weight and I meant it that's why you're not even going to pay half of that heck you're not even going to pay half of that your total investment to own thin from within and the thin from within workouts with all the premium video coaching lessons is just a one-time hugely discounted payment of only $97 now I'm sure you'll agree this offer is an unbelievable value and you're probably ready to get started however before you do as another special thank you for watching this limited time presentation I'm going 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May 2018 KetoKrate Winner! | Random Acts of Keto Snacks

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Wise words Wise words, Anthony Kiedis I'm gonna give it away I'm gonna give this away — it's the May 2018 KetoKrate, starting right now Hey guys! Welcome to AD

Keto My name is Aaron This is the channel where you can watch a weird dad work his way through the ketogenic diet I do some keto food vlogs, I do some keto product reviews, and I give away a KetoKrate every month This is the May 2018 drawing

If you left a comment up here in the unboxing video for this thing, you were entered to win it So I have here a Google spreadsheet with everybody's user name Everybody who left a comment in that video is here There are 250 of you So I'm gonna hop over to random

org, throw in 2 5 0 Get out of there! Generate 140 Who is it gonna be? 140 is Jessica Kelly

Congrats, Jessica I'll be in touch soon to get your information You won! You won this thing Yay! Everybody else, sorry You didn't win this time, but here are some codes

And every month I'm gonna do this So the June box usually ships I think they ship in like, the first week of every month

So just got a couple more weeks to wait for the next one! So congrats, Jessica Happy snacking I hope you guys have a fantastic day, and I'll see you next time