hello hello it's a skillful welcome to my channel and welcome today 24 of my 30 days keto diets summer transformation challenge in today's video I'm going to show you how I make my alternative of this keto pink drink so if you new to my channel don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell button so you get notified every time I upload a new video it's almost 1 o'clock it's time to break my fast after 16 hours of fasting and I'm ready to make some lunch so I'm gonna scramble two eggs in half of a tablespoon of Kerrygold butter I'm gonna bake two slices of bacon I'm gonna use half of an avocado and I'm gonna fill it up in my romaine lettuce leaves if you watch my videos you know by now that my favorite way to cook bacon is in the microwave so I just take a play put one paper towel below it cover it with another one and cook it on a high for about two minutes because it's only two slices more slices longer you get a cock and this way I spare myself of splashing the fat all over my stove and it doesn't stink up the whole apartment doesn't that look absolutely amazing and that's what's gonna be for lunch today these lettuce boats are absolutely amazing it's gonna keep me full for a couple of hours so meanwhile let's make the Kido pink drink so it's ready and cool enough for the afternoon treat so I am using this black cherry berry herbal caffeine-free tea well the original Starbucks one is a passion tengo tu can get that tea at our target has it or you can order it online it's about $5 but I didn't have a right over there so I'm using this one this one makes the drink pretty pink color as the black cherry is a really dark so this one works perfect you can also use a raspberry but the raspberry doesn't really make the drink too pink so this is a great choice I'm taking my French press and I'm gonna put two tea bags in it back in in there I've bought my water so I'm gonna fill it up I'm gonna let the tea sit in there for about an hour and then take the bags out and let it completely cool down so it's been an almost hour and a half so I'm gonna take out the bags I got myself another bottle so I can transfer it and put it in the fridge to chill it and in the fridge it goes can't wait to have it later okay time to make this amazing kiddo homemade pin drink so I get my jar I fill it up with ice and here goes Marty look at the color guys phenomenal then I have this sugar-free one last syrup this one is the Starbucks brand but it doesn't matter which branch you get and I'm gonna use two pumps now I'm taking my heavy whipping cream and I'm gonna measure one serving which is one tablespoon when you get the drink at Starbucks you get a big splash of whipping cream so when you make it home you can actually way better you know control your carb intake and the last step now and look at it guys the color looks exactly the same like this pink drink at Starbucks and I didn't have to use a passion tango tea just those two cherries just make it exactly the same and I'm gonna give it a try oh this is just so good guys if you didn't try it yet then either make it home or go to Starbucks and grab yourself one because it's this absolutely amazing refreshing drink which you definitely need throughout this summer someone else wants a little refreshment my ice cube yay okay we have to run a couple of errands so I'm just gonna grab a little string cheese to make it till the dinner so that's gonna be my spec for today guess we're back from our errands and I'm about to start preparing the dinner so I chapped a string beans and I'm gonna start steaming them and then I have this Aldi bratwurst which I always mentioned in my videos they are one netkar per link so I'm gonna pop these from the grill and then with the string beans I'm make some casserole so for the casserole I'm gonna crack two eggs into a bowl and mix it up with half a cup of cheddar and some salt pepper and some onion and garlic powder I'm taking my a low oil pan and I'm gonna move the string beans in there now I'm gonna take my egg and cheese mixture and pour it in I'm gonna mix it in and now I'm gonna just take some extra cheddar cheese and topping it with and this is how it looks like I preheated the oven for 400 degree Fahrenheit and I'm gonna bake it about 10 minutes until the cheese and the X is all melted and the egg is firmed up the trim beans casserole is done let's serve it and here my bratwurst that's it let's go eat I love that string bean casserole we bought if you saw my previous vlog we have this a big keto hole and we bought this bag giantic two pounds of a bag of trimmings so I had to use it up before it goes bad because you know person gonna eat only that many string beans in the day so today I just decided to use up the leftovers I just cracked the egg as you saw and it was really good easy great way to use up your leftover shrimp meat okay guys and that's it for today's video so let's just wrap it up day 24 of our 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge is oh wow thank you guys so much for watching this video and following our keto journey it does really mean a lot to us if you did like this video please give it a thumbs up and if you did not subscribe yet please do so down below and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow good night


hey guys it's Iva Scelfo welcome to my channel and welcome today 25 of my 30 days Keto diet summer transformation challenge if you new to my channel then don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell button so you do not miss any of my videos today for lunch I'm gonna make some amazing Keto pasta as it's almost 1 o'clock and it's time to break the fast so let's get the line started so I'm boiling a pot of water when it's done I'm gonna pop these zero past a Shirataki spot get it in it and cook them up according to the packaging I'm gonna make with it some alfredo sauce so I'm gonna use this one this one it's pretty good it has only about two carbs in a quarter of a cup so this one it's a good then I have 350 grams of chicken which I just put salt and pepper in and I'm gonna add some mushrooms and of course some stretch it's gonna be amazing keto pasta today the first step when making shirataki was really important is to really run a lots of water throughout them and really clean them up good before you even put them in the boiled water here it is guys amazing spaghetti with alfredo sauce this tastes of the most important thing is that really washed the shirataki good with cold water and then after you boil them for about one minute you really have to fry them up in the pan it completely takes the taste to the different level excuse me and it want me to hold it please good luck little afternoon trees our home make your pink drink I showed the exact way how I make it in yesterday's block so you can watch it after this video basically I just bruised some black cherry tea and then you put some sugar-free vanilla in it and I put a little stevia as well and then one serving of whipping cream and well how is it I like this one better than the stall works for me like a cherry I do really love this a keto pink drink it's so refreshing so good so sweet so does Rob Rob actually decided that today is the day he is going to wash up that camper while maybe now he regret it as he started like five hours ago and it's like 100 degrees outside so poor boy me and axel we going out to a potty and I'm gonna play with him for a little bit if he can handle that heat and then I'm gonna make us some snacks EXO is in for a treat this one's so gross but he's gonna love it chicken feed for you are you gonna know what to do with it I'm gonna show you what I'm having for a snack I'm having a smiley face I have a one software egg a one serving of hard salami and a quarter of a pickle yeah guys it's time to make the dinner today will be another of these lazy Kido dinners just Popham the grill I took out these a chicken ties so I'm just gonna use some salt pepper and some paprika to spice them up and put them on the grill and as a side dish I'm gonna make some broccoli slaw with some mayo I'm gonna put some also like a sliced almonds in it and just make it good I'm probably gonna even put like a little bacon in it just to make it like a nice salad and that's what's gonna be for dinner tonight here it is another lazy keto dinner edition it looks amazing I edit just smell some bacon and some almonds into that broccoli slaw and it's gonna taste amazing guys the dinner was really amazing while it takes a little longer to actually barbecue the ties on the grill it was about I would say 30 minutes to 35 minutes but it was worthy I definitely did love the broccoli slaw with a hinge of the bacon and little almonds in it it was really good give it a try and I thank you pretty for so we probably not gonna have any dessert so I think it's just time to wrap up today's video so let's do the last thing of the day day 25 of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge is done thank you guys so much for watching today's vlog and if you didn't do so please consider subscribing to my channel and if you did like this video give it a thumbs up and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow good night you


hey guys it's Iva Scelfo welcome to my channel and welcome today 26 of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge if you new to my channel then please consider subscribing down below and hit that belly button so you get notified every time I upload new video and it's almost one o'clock we are ready to make some quick lunch because we are on our way to buy ourselves some paddleboat and have some fun on the river so I'm gonna show you what we having for lunch ok and this is today's quick lunch as we are on the go I have two hotdogs those are turkey uncured one soft fry oh you would say it sunny-side up egg and and I have this broccoli slaw which I made yesterday there is just some bacon some mayo and some almonds very delicious and Rob has just two eggs and little more go slow because he is a dude but a little more and because we could not spend their whole afternoon I have to pack some snacks so I'll show you what that is I get five of these mini sausages with hard-boiled egg Rob is having a hard wall like as well and some club ASSA and then we bringing some Colby jack straight cheese hey guys the lunch was quick easy delicious and now we are ready to take off we're gonna pack up our four babies and load up the truck and go pick up our pallet who's the fourth baby baby how do those but it's well I'm personally it kind of sucks because it doesn't really paddle against the current so we may have to return it we having a blast now even if there is a little dirtier water than we used to bet the dogs love it Oh Casey where you oh she jumped right in the boat what you doing guys we just get home it's 8:30 we absolutely starring and we practicing this lazy Kido so we went into Walmart and quickly picked up chicken so I'm gonna pop it in the oven to just heat it up and I'm gonna probably steam some little broccoli with butter to go with it and it's gonna be our dinner I can't wait actually guys look at this now I'm really happy I bought this at all these $4 eight and nine and I do have it in my freezer so scratch that not gonna make the broccoli I'm just gonna heat up this cauliflower rice well really really lazy key to dinner tonight for us that's the dinner that's it nothing fancy I just edit some little butter somersault and onion powder into death or rice because I found it a little bland so I just spice it up a little bit and I can't wait to dig in I'm starving guys I'm so sorry we totally passed out yesterday after the dinner well we bought this paddle boat because we really wanted to be able to take both of the dogs with us for a little swim in the water because we only have a blow-up kayak and I can't really put my German Shepherd in it so we bought this paddle boat we took it on to the river and we found out that it does not seem very well to the left so we were not really able to use it we actually had to just push it against the current in the river just to get to the place we actually could stop and I take a dip but we still did manage to enjoy the afternoon it was beautiful the dogs had a blast it was actually the little ones birthday she was five years old our KC so but after that we actually decided that we going to return the paddle boat because it was $400 which is a lot and you would have to absolutely love it to keep a purchase like that and we didn't love it as it wasn't really functioning properly and we just decided we gonna get probably some bigger car noise so we can actually really bring both of those dogs but paddle boat is back at the store we were coming home so late that I really didn't feel like cooking so we run into Walmart and pick up chicken and I made the cauliflower rice with it which was store-bought I have to say that I do like my homemade better the store-bought was a little bland but you know nothing with salt and onion powder can't fix I add some little butter so it was tasty and I guess I say I don't complain I just took it out of the freezer throw in a pie was done in five minutes so I was a happy girl then I just passed out so guys let's just do the thing we didn't do yesterday so now we can officially wrap up day 26 of our 30 days Kia diet summer transformation challenge I really thank you thank you so much guys for watching today's video I hoped you liked it give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe and I'm gonna see you again today


hey guys it's Iva Scelfowelcome to my channel and welcome to day 27 of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge I can't believe that the challenge is almost over I'm also getting questions if I will be doing keto after this challenge is over and the answer is definitely yes with this challenge my keto journey doesn't and it really just meant to be I'm kicking the butt and really good start of this key to a lifestyle so I will definitely keep going so does my husband it's 1 o'clock so I'm ready to break my fast and have some lunch we had the fun day yesterday under reverberant the doggies and we were running really late home so we actually picked up chicken so we had that for dinner and today I'm gonna use the leftover to make me some chicken salad I just shred the chicken I put some red onion some carrots and some celery with Mayo salt pepper and onion powder I put it in my measuring cup to make it pretty and I'm gonna make in 90 seconds priced to go with it I'm gonna actually use coconut flour today just to test it out I don't really think I ever made 90 seconds bread with coconut flour I usually use almond flour so I want to test it out today and see which one I like better I'm cracking one egg into a ball taking my organic coconut flour and will add adding half of a teaspoon of baking powder so I like adding onion powder into my bread I also like adding a little cumin and this time I'm also gonna add a little of oregano leaves I'm actually gonna add half of a tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil it just makes the bread tastier and more like moisture I just like it better that way then I'm taking a Tupperware and I'm gonna use a spray olive oil to spray it in just to make sure that the bread will not stick now using my spatula I'm gonna transfer the bread mixture into my Tupperware and cook it in the microwave on HIGH for 90 seconds here it is looking good and I like my bread fried in a pan so I'm gonna add a little bit of Kerrygold butter onto a pan and fry them up and this is how it looks like guys Oh assembled I can't wait to eat it this bread looks amazing hey what's up guys it's Rob I'm just clocking out for lunch I don't wanted to show you what I brought today so Eva made me some awesome keto bread and I have the chicken from last night some rotisserie chicken we made into a chicken salad with some carrot celery onion and I have two pickles with that I have a hard-boiled egg and some kielbasa for later for a snack and for the fiber for today I just have some strawberries and that's what's for lunch I made myself a cup of coffee and as today free I'm gonna have this a quest bar this one is the cinnamon bun I have I just have because I'm sharing it with Rob so I can't wait to test this one out we already bought like five different flavors so I'm testing it out which one I'm gonna love the mousse to buy the whole box we'll see how this is some of you guys are recommended to heating up the quest bar in the microwave for a little bit so I actually went ahead and I tested it out and let me tell you thank you it was absolutely delicious I can't believe that heating up the quest bar really makes such a difference in the way how the quest for tastes I do really love it I can't wait till Rob tries it out too so once again thank all of you who gave me this tip because it's amazing tip and from now on I'm gonna be eating it just heat up I have a taste for something salty and crunchy so I'm gonna have 15 grams of these sunflower seeds these are the david jumbo sunflower seeds with range in they pretty great they have about five net carbs for this whole package so and the best part of that is that we got them at the dollar store so I'm gonna test that there they go really hard to chew on so you gotta really work hard on that but the flavor is really amazing so I'm gonna munch on that while working and I'll check with you back around dinner guys I'm excited about tonight's dinner because tonight I'm gonna grow some steak and I'm gonna make some pure eggplant bruschetta to go with it so I've got a small eggplant and I just cut it into a 3/4 of an inch thick slices and now each of the slice I'm gonna sprinkle with some sea salt and let it sit and sweat for about half hour before we put it on the grill the reason you put salt on to an eggplant is that you really want to get as much moisture out of there as possible before you start cooking it as we do not want the eggplant to become a mush it doesn't need a lot just sprinkle it and do it from both sides meanwhile I'll go prepare the topping so I'm gonna chop tomatoes some red onion cube some avocados and shred a little garlic so I've got it Oh trapped up and I had a opened can of black olives so I'm gonna chop about six of them also in a bruschetta gonna add a little salt to taste little pepper to taste some oregano leaves to taste and about teaspoon of olive oil now just mix it up to preserve the avocado color I'm gonna squeeze about 1/2 of a teaspoon of a lemon juice in it I'm just gonna put it in the fridge to chill until we're ready to serve can you see how the eggplant is sweating so that's what we need we're gonna pet try it and I'm gonna start the girl to grow them up the last step before putting them on the ground I'm gonna slightly brush them with a little bit of olive oil so they do not stack and so we actually even more add up our fat intake so just slightly I am NOT gonna do anything fancy to the steak just gonna use a little bit of olive oil from both sides and some fresh mixed pepper and then I decide to grill outside when it's hundred degrees out there and stay for half an hour the grill right now and here it is or serve done I just put some salt and extra fresh pepper over my steak and a bruschetta looking amazing guys those absolutely delicious I love just trying on a good recipes and new ideas this bruschetta was absolutely amazing I feel pretty full so I'm probably not gonna have any dessert and if so um I have just some strawberries blueberries in some little whipping cream on top but I don't know yet I'm gonna just finish up my glass of wine and let's wrap up to this video day 27 of our 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge is over what that means only three days to go it's been a hell of a ride thank you guys so much for watching today's video if you didn't do so please don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell button so you get notified and you do not miss any of my upcoming video and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow good night you

Sunday with Sara | Two weeks on the keto diet!

Sara has completed two weeks — almost two weeks — of the keto diet We're gonna check in with her, right? She's

now she's not talking I was like, "You want to say anything during the intro?" She was like, "Sure!" Hello my honey, hello myso we'll start right after this! I'm like that frog

I'm Michigan J Frog Hi everybody! Hello! Hi! We're back This is a new segment on the channel, starring my lovely wife Sara, and we don't have a name for it or anything, but we're gonna do I think bi-weekly check-ins, at least to start, because I don't want to burn myself out with YouTube I feel like doing a weekly thing would be a little much Plus, absence makes the heart grow fonder Indeed

Speaking of which you have been gone for the last you know, 60 hours I haven't seen you in in like two days

Well, about 36 hours, if we're gonna use real earth time Feels like it Yeah No, I had a cat sitting gig A real hot cat sitting gig

Clean up my barf and poop and then go babysit a cat Luckily, there were no excretory gifts outside the litter box He did well

He's 17 years old, and I kept that little f*cker alive Kept him alive! Oh! Spicy! Spicy language I better get the bleeping button ready Sorry You're gonna need that

So we're gonna talk a little bit about your first couple weeks So how, in general, are are you feeling? I feel pretty good! Yeah? Yeah, I feel good Do you feel like a big difference between No, not a big difference, but my energy level is good I haven't noticed crashes

That's that's a big thing I mean I've noticed a couple of times when I've cut the calories too low, or I didn't

I didn't remember to bring enough with me to lunch, or to work, so I noticed like, my energy flagging a little bit But mostly just feeling hungry, and then as soon as I had a fat bomb or some macadamias, then I bounced back, and I feel better Here's the weird thing

Yeah And let's be clear and be honest and transparent Sure! I feel weird in the mornings Like when I first wake up in the morning, I do feel hungry, which I never really used to I never felt hungry in the morning, so I don't know what I don't know what that's about

Whatever It's not bothersome, but the the weird thing is I feel like

shaky And I don't know It's probably maybe electrolytes Like II know we've been supplementing magnesium and potassium, but I feel like maybe sodium we're a little low on Maybe you just need to to have a little bit more salt, and get them get them DTs under control

Maybe you need to have a little bit more MDYou want me to go to medical school? Now is the time No

So I don't know what that is, and I and I will tell you that it feels very similar to when I was pregnant, and I would wake up and feel like sweaty and twitchy, and so I don't know if it's hormone maybe it is hormonal

Yeah Maybe it is just part of the adjustment I don't know, but it feels very similar to when I would wake up in the morning when I was pregnant, and feel like low blood sugar or Is it still happening, or is it is it kind of No, it's still happening, pretty much every morning So I don't know what that's about But it's not bothersome to the point where I would make any changes I will say that if you're hungry in the morning, like

you should eat Huh! Yeah, no I do, and then I get a little sweaty after I eat

Sweatier I don't know if it's just because I'm excitedso that's the only weird thing that I've noticed

There's also some lady stuff that we need to talk about So gents, close your ears I can take this You need to look away No, you can take it

You're pretty good like this Uh I was not aware that there could be some hormonal side effects to switching to the keto diet, nor did this one give me any kind of clue It's honestly, I know, it's not something I ever considered You don't have those parts I get it

You don't have those parts I don't have those parts But like, four days in, when I started to have cramps at the wrong time of the month, like the time when I should not have any cramps, I was having cramps I was like "This is kind of weird I'm just not gonna worry about it" Definitely –period started earlier this month, which is very unusual for me I'm like clockwork

And I had about five or six days of spotting before my period started Now, apparently this is a thing I was like, "Oh yeah, this is something I know that this happens" And you were like, "Why are you leading me down the primrose path?!" Led me down the primrose path

Had the keto wool over my eyes Just put the bacon right over my eyes Hm! But but you know, so that's I'm hoping that's like just an adjustment thing I'm also about to be 45, so weird things could happen

but this is this weirdness has never happened So I'm chalking it up to just adjustment to keto

It's fine As an expert in female reproductive anatomy Yeah, not only is he an MD, he's specifically an OB/GYN

Just kidding He's not NOTTTT Well, hopefully thati mean, once the hormones sort of figure out what they're doing now, hopefully that'll kind of Hopefully this will level out, and I'll be back to my my regular "clockwork orange

" 'Cause it is kind of a shock to the system, a little bit of shock to the system Yeah, apparently! Anyway, but I — I mean for as much of a change as it is, like, I still feel pretty good you know I feel good Mm-hmm Yay I'm not — I don't know I'm not one to like gush about things

So I you know — fmeh — I'm Larry David Yeah Pretty — pretty — pretty good OK, so, um, let's talk a little about about let's talk [?!} You're doing very well

You can just run the show It's cool I don't Of course I can run the show I do this Anyway, next thing is food highlights, like what have we eaten, what has Aaron, the master chef, prepared for me? Many, many things — over the past couple of weeks? He's been a madman in the kitchen If you've seen his Instagram posts there was one night when he was preparing for me to leave on the cat-sitting gig that I made a sweet little Instagram post Well, I gave him the picture; he made the post

But I put a little crown on his head because I said something stupid You said something very silly Anyway it's been going great; he's been cooking me amazing meals and preparing good snacks and and I get to take leftovers to work for lunch so I haven't really felt hungry much except for when I forgot to eat enough and I've had lots of good leftovers and I've tried a lot of things that we would never try otherwise What has been your favorite thing over the last couple weeks? The meatloaf — Mama's meatloaf was really good I have a funny story about Mama's meatloaf I I'm dying to hear it Uh, it just Rebel — Rebel Creamery just came out with ice creams and I was chatting with Matt and Megha about Rebel and they said, "Have you tried Rebel yet?" And I was like, "No, I'm not having it tonight It just arrived, but I'm too full of Mama's meatloaf" I had had like a plate of Mama's meatloaf Okay And it was Megha on the other side and she was like here's a little spoiler for you: "Mama is Matt

You're full of Matt's meatloaf" [laughing] What?! I mean Mama's meatloaf sounds a lot better — it does — than Matt's meatloaf Yeah But — I mean, no offense, Matt Yeah

It's good meatloaf I don't — I mean, whatever You can call it whatever you want it's good meatloaf I did like that meatloaf too

That was wicked good There — it was a double Like, I jammed twice as much meat into the into the loaf pan as you are supposed to Yeah, we had twice as many servings Um, that was really good

The curry chicken salad? Really tasty Never would have thought to put curry powder in a chicken salad That is some good stuff Um, last weekend mm-hmm we had a huge meal that everybody ate that was all oh yeah we had the loaded cauliflower and then I did those two gigantic yeah New York strips — mm-hmm — and that was a meal for five The whole family — everybody ate it

— got on the keto train unknowingly Yeah, the kids didn't even know "What is this?" I was like, "It's mashed potatoes It's fine" Although, Peter did say, "I like the meat

" Well, yeah he likes meat and cheese Yeah if he could just give up the Cheez-its

Right We could make our own Cheez-its Like, I couldn't make him like real Cheez-its Out of cheese He won't eat them

Anyway um so that was a highlight –the steak and the loaded cauliflower That was really good That was Sunday dinner for like the five of us last week, which was lovely We all sat down and had a delicious, semi-fancy dinner together Yup

The other thing was the Fathead pizza — oh, yup, which was the day before That was the day before that That was last Saturday We had a family gathering with my brother You're gonna tell this story? I'm gonna tell the story

My brother and sister-in-law — their family lives about 45 minutes away from us, so we had a family gathering up at my brother's house And they were just gonna order pizza It was gonna be super-casual So Aaron and I decided to bring our own pizza, and made this really delicious fathead pizza, like a Supreme It had tons of cheese, tons of pepperoni on it, it was really nice

It was It was not a cauliflower crust It was like almond flour? Yeah, it was almond flour And then I just put Rao's sauce on it, and then I went to the salad bar I just put salad bar toppings on it So we brought that with us, and my you know, my dad You know, if you've got a weird dad in your family he's also a weird grandpa

True Um, if you've got a dad in your family who perhaps grew up on a farm, or grew up with many, many siblings as my dad did, there are no rules when it comes to food The only rule is eat or be eaten So as the oldest of seven siblings, my dad I mean, would just eat it If it wasn't nailed down or hermetically sealed, he would eat it And so there are many stories that I have from my childhood growing up, where I would have to label things to keep them from my own father in the fridge There was one Thanksgiving when my mom made this delicious

like, Oh Cranberry relish, which now, sadly I won't get to enjoy But this amazing cranberry relish

She makes it every year It's only for Thanksgiving I'm sure you have foods like this that are only for certain holidays I had like one serving of it at Thanksgiving dinner and then, you know the next day, I was looking forward to a delicious plate of leftovers, including some cranberry relish And he had eaten the entire f*cking container of cranberry relish, and I didn't get any more for my leftovers And I swear to god, I'm still holding a grudge That was probably 25 years ago

So anyway, we get to my brother's house with our delicious pizza, and they're all eating their regular pizza And Aaron goes to get me a piece of the fathead pizza He was like, "Wait, how how many did we bring?" and I was like, "We each get two slices" He's like, "Oh, there's there's one missing" So my dad, unbeknownst to anyone, had stolen a piece of our pizza, because it wasn't nailed down

Just kind of snuck over there He just assumed it was his Because it was there Because it was there I mean, it was in a sealed Rubbermaid container, but he went and opened it

And he wasn't alarmed by the sogginess of it Like, the crust — When you pick up a piece of Fathead pizza as densely packed with toppings as I had made, like — it just does this Little Flaccid Like, that would be a sign A little flaccid FLACCID That would be a sign to me that this is not normal pizza, right? This is my son-in-law and daughter are eating weird This is not my pizza And yet, there is pizza in front of me, so I apparently I'm gonna turn that part of my brain off Mm-hm

The part of my brain that says, "This isn't my food I bet this is someone else's food Probably I shouldn't eat it" I'm gonna just turn that off, and I'm gonna eat it That's what he did

and that's sure as hell what he did What else did He drank my drink, also

Oh, that's right! The same night, he drank I had a bottle of seltzer He drank about half my bottle of seltzer, because it was sitting there

So if you have a weird dad or a weird grandpa in your house, you can relate You can feel my pain I did get plenty of fathead pizza I felt you know, I guess fine You don't need much Like, I i've always It's the principle of the thing Anyway, that's the fathead pizza story Really good story Top notch

So that was our those are food highlights Yes

I feel like there was one more, though The the cookie

Oh, the skillet cookie! Yeah, I made the skillet cookie Aaron made the skillet cookie for me to take to the cat sitting gig, and I ate that last night My daughter and I shared it She only had None was saved Let the record show none was saved None No

Why would it? I don't know You sent it away, you didn't expect it to come back So you're allowed to eat half of that skillet cookie That's a serving, is half of the cookie And my daughter only wanted a quarter of the cookie, so I ate three-quarters of the cookie

Hmm! I did I went a little over I was a little over my Who cares? I was not over my fat or protein, I was over my my target calories it was so easy to make That I'll totally make that again It was good It tasted almost exactly like a regular chocolate chip cookie Yeah? Like the texture was good? Because that's the one that had the beef gelatin, and I was curious, because I've never had Really? I did not I did not notice the beef gelatin

If I had known that I was eating beef gelatin, HEY SARE! YOU'RE EATING BEEF GELATIN! If I had known that, I might have thought, "Oh, I think I can taste beef gelatin" It's just a binding agent Like, it's not really You're a binding agent YOU'RE a binding agent! Okay Uh-huh So yeah, those are kind of the food highlights I'm gonna continue cooking this

this weekend coming up We're recording this Friday night I'm hoping to have this uploaded by Sunday, although this is

to this point, a 22- minute recording So we'll see what happens A lot of gold

The thing that I have not spoken to you about since a few days in is the scale I asked you I think in the first couple days, thinking there would be some water weight going away, how you were doing, and you did have some results in those first few days, but I'm curious what the last week and a half

I made it a point not to ask you about it As well you should You should make it a point not to ask me about most things

I know better I know better than to as ANY woman ANYTHING aboutanything

You just mmmnt! Unless she wants you to, in which case, then you better Right And you better know without her saying anything Yeah Well, just pay attention

I kind of do Anyway Sometimes No, you've been good about that I had good results

Okay, so I haven't weighed myself in the past couple of days, cuz I was in staying in a different house, and frankly, I didn't know if they had a scale, or where it was, so I haven't weighed myself in a couple of days But I am between six and seven pounds down

OOOH! About six and a half pounds down Nice! Which i think is pretty good That's awesome –after like, so long of stalling? After the the terrible plateau on Weight Watchers So maybe it was water But I don't care whether it was or not

I've gotten over the plateau, and I feel good And as long as you keep cooking, I'll keep eating I'm down I am totally down Yeah I am

I'm all What is that?! Uh-huh I'm all about cooking stuff Teddy Roosevelt I was I was posting so much stuff to Instagram over the last couple weeks, like pictures to my feed, and like, stuff to my stories — about how happy I've been just making stuff for you I give, and I give, and I give Yeah, I know! I'm so happy that you have this opportunity It is a really good opportunity to feed you

No, but I've loved it Good I certainly have too! It's been very tasty So I'm gonna continue We're gonna continue on

Yeah, we're gonna soldier on Anything else you want to talk about? Ah, no I am hungry This this video? It's Friday night You'll be seeing this on Sunday, hopefully what we're recording GotchaFriday night This is the night when we do takeout, so the only thing standing between me and a keto-friendly burrito bowl from Chipotle is this video Oh! So it's going well so far I hope it continues to go well, and I hope you continue to I will continue to cook for you, as long as I possibly can Cook your ASS off I will have no ass left

What happened? He cooked his ass right off His ass is gone! I mean, it's it's just a straight line, all the way down! It's concave, now! Oh god

How does he sit down?! He's like a he's like a weeble! He just weebles around, because he can't sit! At any rate, we're gonna do this every couple weeks That's the plan for now

If it goes well, and if it's easy enough to do, at some point down the road, we made ramp it up to a week — every week But I think for now, bi-weekly is the way to go You can't handle too much of this I can't I've got so much other stuff

I have so many reviews and stuff coming out, like Rebel Creamery You haven't had it yet, and these guys will not have seen my review of it when this comes out, but it uohhh There's a half a pint left for you Spoiler alert: it's it's terrible No it's really good So that's it, I guess, guys! I hope you have a fantastic day, and we will see you in a couple weeks! Bye! So I don't know What does that mean?! Whatever I'm very happy to be Paul Rudd I love Paul Rudd

I would and can I be Tina Fey? Of course! Were they did they ever star opposite each other? Right, were they ever romantic leads together? You could be Evangeline Lilly You could be The Wasp and I'll beI don't want to be Evangeline Lilly Okay Is it the man-hands? She's got weird little man-hands She's got

I mean, she's a petite person, so I don't know how she has such chunky hands!


hello guys it's Iva Scelfo welcome to my channel and welcome to day 28 of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge if you new to my channel then go ahead and subscribe and don't forget to hit the bell button so you get notified every time I upload a new video it's almost 2 o'clock so we're really you're ready to break our fast and get some munch started so I'm gonna make some of brunch and breakfast patties using some ground turkey 8520 alene I'm gonna put some garlic in there I'm gonna use some Oregon or leave some salt some pepper and some Chipotle's seasoning just make the patties and I'm gonna fry up some eggs and use some extra virgin olive oil and oh damn quick homemade turkey patties on top of an egg and I just added some bit of spinach with it and some tomatoes and I'm gonna enjoy it turkey patties were great I do enjoy them better when I make them from scratch we used to buy the store-bought one already pre-done but they were usually too salty and I didn't enjoy them as much as I when I can actually pick which spices I want to put in so today's lunch was really really good it was full of healthy good fats so it's gonna keep us full throughout the whole afternoon I'm ready to have a little snack so I made myself a cup of coffee and I'm gonna have this Colby jack string cheese which has about 80 calories so that's gonna be my snack and I'll make my own a couple of strawberries as well this dog was in previous life some kind of famous soccer player like it's she possible we had a couple of errands to run so we also stopped at Ollie's just to pick up a couple things and also some pork for tonight's dinner as I don't have time really for cooking I'm just gonna pop it on the grill quickly I picked up another riced cauliflower just in case you know I don't have time cooking like I didn't last time just to have it in the freezer that still was on sale and this is the meat we picked up for tonight's dinner it's pork sirloin roast it's not on a deck in horror garlic and herbs and I'm gonna put it on the grill this is gonna probably make four or six portion for us so it was a pretty good buy I get some extra sharp cheddar for my cheese chips which I love then we got another a head of cauliflower it was $200 so I love it then I got three zucchinis some of these turkey sausages snacks this were really good so I'm excited about those and then some grape tomatoes and some romaine lettuce for salads and the lettuce boats and we picked up some extra pork sausages wrap love this breakfast sausages I made today he did not even know it was turkey so this time he doesn't have to feel cheated so I took pork sausage for him and because we were out we picked up also some black cheese and this time it's a Monterey Jack and let's start the dinner I was at a busy day we were running some errands robbed was working on a truck there are some stuff he needs to replace so he was working on that I do like these daily vlogs because it exactly show you that not every day you're gonna be making any fancy keto recipe creations it's just real life with real time for real people so as you can tell like sometimes I do have a time and I feel like I'm gonna create some a new recipe and something amazing and you like I did yesterday I am too then those days like today are that I do not have time or I don't feel like cooking and we just pick up something already at the store pre-marinated or I just quickly marinate some piece of meat and throw some veggies on the grill and that's just it well it's rob birthday tomorrow so I wanted to show you what wine we picked out because I think it's pretty funny we get white Savion Blanc which cause flirty bird and we got this Cabernet Sauvignon which is a winking owl so I don't know if you heard about these of a Nerys but we all about supporting the local businesses and how do you feel about it I know it's my birthday as a side dish for rap I'm just gonna grill some zucchini so I'm gonna just probably have some spinach as by the time the pork will be done it's gonna be about 10 o'clock and I don't really wanna eat that late in the night so I am gonna just have a spinach mmm after half of an hour with the pork Lucas done and look what time is it today and here is I just made a set of spinach and put four ounces of meat Rob is having a girl zucchini and five ounces of meat and some what is this roasted garlic dressing roasted garlic dressing fancy well I'm not that fancy so I'm just having a non-organic towson highland this is my favorite there was amazing pork I do laughs when pork is marinated for a little longer it just makes the meat of really tender and really good so we did enjoy it that little side spinach was just perfect for me it's about 10:30 so we shot we're gonna go watch the last episode of the season 6 of Sons of Anarchy skipping any kind of desserts or munchies tonight and let's just do the last thing for the day day 28 of our 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge is officially over thank you guys so much for watching today's video and for joining us on this 30 days Kyo journey for weight loss if you didn't do so please don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell button so you get notified every time I upload it and if you did like this video please give it a thumbs up and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow good night


okay so I know I said no sweets there is a sweetener in this but trust me it's not sweet at all I am Darius this is sugarless crystals just sugar free destination of you to enjoy me I'm guilt-free and oh okay so somehow I figured this would happen people are only voting for their suggestions above you will find a poll to determine my 100th video and the winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card and the video that comes out next Sunday will be the last one that you can vote currently French toast is in lead with the two votes parts so pumpkin spice keto pancakes now I took coconut flour for the base of these now I use almond flour because it has the best texture but see I don't assume it on a daily basis I really try to avoid nuts and berries to be honest I am so happy to be finished with all 27 flavours of enlightening ice cream speaking of pumpkin and ice cream that pumpkin pie halo top that is my finger flavor hands dad okay I have a bit more and say but let's go ahead and get started in the recipe full recipe details can be found in the description box below at the link the hit take you over to sugarless crystals calm now the texture of these is different than my last kilo pancakes they're more of a soft mushy texture type okay that's probably a horrible explanation like it's solid it's not mushy or like fuzzy or might like undercooked you know I'm saying but it's very much a coconut flour texture those that have cooked we didn't know what I mean hey can I get some so simple coconut flour baking powder cinnamon nutmeg and ginger for your wedding eggs pumpkin puree vanilla extract and butter but for a dairy-free pancake unsweetened almond the butter and the olive oil they simply thin the batter out a little bit and personally I prefer the unsweet omenoh surprisingly place them on a skillet now when cooking them you wash the edges because they won't bubble it also look at the brownie and the doneness of edges or you can you can only tell when they start to cook around the edge now the cream cheese I'm gonna add you can find that over at the blog it's simply cream cheese sour cream and a little powdered sweetener okay so before I taste this my friend Tara over at the keto baking company reached out to me you think you see him back there yep oh the people that brought you grub pal granola group al I already know you have seen it on keto connect you've heard about other places and met Omega are not lying or whatsoever like it is that good I actually did a review on it on my website I wanted to give it 5 out of 5 for every last one but I felt like if people saw that they wouldn't believe me like oh my god they bought him like no no she didn't buy anything like she sent me these well I actually bought them myself but she gave me the idea to bring giveaways to my Instagram account so starting Monday like tomorrow there will be a giveaway for group out granola you had to follow me at sugarless crystals and the keto baking company to enter for your free Gore power where dollar package o matter of fact and you can try all four flavors because she'll have the minis to offer they just released the peanut butter cup but this sort of caramel oh my god oh my god okay all right so I've had these two different ways one with the cream cheese and then the one with the with the sugar-free maple syrup just to see how it would taste to the people that want to do it dairy-free let me tell you all right the cream cheese just tastes better it's just simply a more well-rounded meal due to the spices I couldn't really taste a cinnamon I mean I couldn't taste the syrup like them and I used my makan toes sugar free medical syrup and that one has a stronger taste in a Chuck zero one but do you see that that's that coconut flour texture all day long the cream cheese just works with this to be honest the pain came by itself is not sweet the cream cheese is barely sweetened it is something like this it doesn't give me a craving for anything like you know it just simply tastes like a nice savory pumpkin spice pancake and to be honest that's why I was going for because I said I'm not doing sweets anymore I'm not why not anymore I'm oh trust me I'm getting back to him I didn't got too good at doing sweet for me now to go back okay but I just I want to get good at other things all right as you know I'm still new at this you know I think it's just perfect for a breakfast that doesn't require like you don't even have to use the maple syrup I think this is better because the cream cheese isn't very sweet at all and I guess it's not sweet because the spices inside the actual pancake are dumbing down the sweetness that may be in a cream cheese and the only thing you're getting is the tangy flip so the Tang enos with the spice and then the pumpkin spice on top of it like they're pretty good man I just I just wish you didn't have that coconut flour texture see my other coconut flour pancakes then I have that texture for some reason I'm thinking stew pumpkin puree they add it to it oh you guys may want to add salt in it for more flavor me personally I don't put salt in it something personal about me lighten my diet habits had always been about my body composition um I suffer from like really really high blood pressure I have no earthly idea why I like my blood versus like really really through the roof and for some reason electrolytes as long as I'm getting up in the potassium and magnesium and I seem fine but what my sodium starts to get high so does my blood pressure like it goes up the only thing that I've noticed that keeps it low is the lower I keep my sodium recipe link below along with blog post recipe reviews just like this one I will link that below also so you can check out to see how I thought I'd taste it but it was amazing so head over the Instagram and get your chance to win some free product like some free amazing product all my other recipes below and a link to your sugarless crystals t-shirt grab yourself one headed to the kitchen and get messy man if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and if you're new to your channel hit that subscribe button we do recipes every Wednesday and Saturday and videos every Thursday and Sunday but I got a treat for y'all cuz I'm buddy give me a camera what so you know what that mean if you look to your right you will see parlays up low along with the recipe a video just for you I'm Darius as a signals Christmas your sugary destination of YouTube and I'm not except I'm an entertainer by


what's up guys it's Iva Scelfo welcome to my channel and welcome to the last day of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge I can't even believe it but yes it is truth today is the last day of my challenge it doesn't mean that my keto journey ends on the contrary I do really love this lifestyle so I'm definitely gonna keep on doing what I'm doing I can't wait after this day is over to actually sit down and make a video for you about insights about tips about how we felt during these 30 days and most importantly the results inches kilogram pounds whatever you wish for we going to deliver so you definitely want to subscribe and hit that Bell button so you get notified and you do not miss the video when we actually gonna reveal our results I'm ready to break my fast it's about two o'clock so I'm gonna make some lunch I completely forgot that I have this sausage still in the fridge from the last time when we growth it's been like four or five days well buy tested it and it's still good so I'm gonna heat up this thing I'm gonna make a little bit of lettuce I'm gonna add some grape tomatoes of five of black olives and I'm gonna fry up one egg it is Oh awesome but look at the yo hey guys it's Rob it is about 12 o'clock I'm breaking my fast a little early today cuz work ordered us lunch again and I always kind of pack also a lunch with me just because I never know what they're gonna get and if it's gonna be you know keto friendly and it turned out that they got like a barbecue so there was I just stay away from like the mac and cheese and the bread and there was like roasted beans so I stayed away from that there was actually a lot I could have so let me show you what I have so we got some barbecued chicken got some sausage and a piece of ribs and a whole lot of awesome looking coleslaw also brought my own lunch a lot of food here I got lettuce wraps with some turkey and cheese topped with some Thousand Island dressing and tomato and a lettuce wrap so brought some string cheese for a snack and some salami which I'll have later and I brought some roasted garlic dressing with some chopped vegetables some cucumber and celery so I am probably going to I don't even know I'm not gonna eat all this that's what's for lunch it's about three o'clock I am ready to make myself another cup of coffee and I think I'm gonna try one of these quest bars we got the other day I'm gonna try this quest hero protein bar this one it's chocolate caramel pecan flavor can't wait I'm gonna just eat a half of it because it's just too sweet for me I really don't have a big sweet tooth and if I do I really just need a little bit to satisfy so I'm gonna try it and let you know how I like it so did I like it no I loved it this is honest I'm a I ate half of it as it's really sweet but it was so so good this one's definitely gonna make the list of my top of the favorites one hey and by the way I would love to know which one is your favorite quest bar so please leave me a comment down below look at it guys so one more day to go yeah we made it by the way if you did miss yesterday's vlog it was Rob's birthday so you should definitely watch it it was a fun day and I actually made this kita a birthday cake for the first time it turned out amazing it was so delicious so if you're interesting in the recipe or si would rob God for his birthday then I'm gonna link the video in the description and on the end of this video if you watched my previous vlog I told you we got this Aikido fiber supplements so I want to give it a try today I'm gonna take one scoop and let's see what I have to say I'm pretty surprised I I don't know why I kind of expected it to taste awful but it tastes pretty good obviously it has a little texture at as it is a fiber but it has like this licorice a cinnamon ish taste to it and I do really like it I think it's gonna be amazing if you put it in the tea as they suggest they say put it in the water tea or coffee I think tea will be excellent choice we're gonna test it out for quite a bit so we can give you an honest and good review on this product and tell you if it did help us or not so you gonna have to wait for it for a little bit I'm gonna marinate some chicken for tonight's dinner so I defrosted two chicken breasts and I mixed it up my marinade which I always use extra virgin olive oil soy sauce this sugar-free honey barbecue sauce and then this wing sauce and I all just except together and let the chicken marinate for about hour or two as a side dish I just checked bunch of veggies I had some zucchini bell peppers of all sorts of colors and some mushrooms it is a pretty big amount of vegetable so I hope we're gonna have some leftovers for tomorrow as I still do have leftover of that barbecue pork so I was thinking we can pair it up and have it as a leftovers for tomorrow's lunch look guys who I found here resting I bet she had a very busy day lying on my carpet here she goes I tie it five o'clock I'm feeling a little hungry so I'm just gonna quickly make me some snack so I'm just gonna have six slices of black forest ham and two slices of Muenster cheese and this is how I do it I just gonna make this little rolled ups and this time I'm not gonna fry it in the pan as I'm lazy I'm just gonna pop it in the microwave and I'm gonna have some Claussen because with it and I just took them out of the microwave i microwaved it for about 45 seconds just until the cheese perfectly masked yeah these roll-ups are really great keto snack you don't have to even heat them up if you can't but I do really prefer them fry it up in a pan with a little bit of Kerrygold butter it's just it tastes better but if you don't have time you can eat it cold or just pop it in the microwave like I did and it's really great you can taste the fatty cheese in it it's gonna keep me full till dinner so I do really like having dough's pretty often chicken is on the grill so I'm melting and one tablespoon of curry goat butter so I can saute my vegetable stew go with it I also feel three gloves of garlic which I'm gonna shred in with the veggies it's gonna be sort of vegetable so actually I'm gonna use some salt pepper onion powder and oregano leaves through the spice it all up and here it is the barbecue chicken and vegetable ratatouille Bon Appetit dinner was delicious I love this veggie Cambodia's ratatouille I haven't had it in a long time you have to little watch for the carbs though as peppers are generally a little higher in carbs but my overall all-day carb intake was pretty low so I could afford it to have that yummy thing for dinner and as I mentioned I have some leftovers ratatouille this is the barbecue pork from yesterday or the day before a losing track and then some sauerkraut so it's for me and wrap for tomorrow's lunch so guys let's wrap up the authority of the 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge are you gonna miss us don't worry I'll be back with other videos I'm gonna be making plenty of or full day of eating's and recipes and tips and tricks on keto you're gonna be seeing a lot of us mmm so let's just wrap up this video it says you did it yeah guys well this Kingo of my fridge maybe we find some other challenge we can do like the squat challenge maybe well day 30 of the 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge is done so is the entire challenge it was a pleasure I'm very happy you guys were able to join us and I hope you enjoy all of these videos if you did enjoyed today's video give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe us I'll be back and most importantly we'll be back with wrap together to tell you our results of this 30 days keto challenge so hit the build button so you get notified and you don't miss it and I'll see you soon right you


Hello Friends Welcome to 5-Minute Kitchen with Shraddha Today we will make very quick and super easy keto snacks Keto Spicy Eggplant And without taking much of your time let's start Ingredients : Eggplant 1/2 tsp Coriander powder 1/2 tsp

roasted Cumin powder 1/4 tsp Red Chili powder 1/4 tsp Turmeric powder 3 tsp Olive Oil 1/2 tsp Salt Cut off the stem end of eggplant I have taken long eggplant Slice Eggplant in thin round circles you can also cut this lengthwise Take a big bowl and put sliced eggplant into it Now add all these spices as I mentioned previously this is low carb snacks option and the good thing is that you can add more spices as per your taste and keto macro count Mix well so these spices will stick to eggplant slices and will give unique flavor to keto snacks once roasted Heat up the frying pan and grease it with olive oil Place these spiced Eggplant slices over the pan sprinkle olive oil over these eggplant slices and let it cook Flip to the other side and let it cook Very quick and low carb Keto Snacks is ready Garnish it with Paneer (Cottage Cheese) and coriander leaves For more such Keto recipes Subscribe to 5-Minute Kitchen

Keto Diet Menu – Plan to Lose Weight In Just 7 Days with a Ketogenic Diet

in this video we'll discover what to eat on a keto diet menu some people associate the keto diet with the bad word fat and are quick to dismiss it nothing could be further from the truth fat is allowed because it's converted into energy our body needs healthy fats to thrive other foods on the diet could not be healthier when you're eating ketogenic you're filling your body with nutrition let's take a look at the food you'll be eating as this plan to lose weight has already pointed out the elimination of processed foods and sugar is one of the best things you can do for your health in general processed foods are filled with toxic preservatives that do nothing for you but rob you of your good health fresh is always better when purchasing anything at the market get into the habit of reading labels they can be very sneaky and revealing keep your carbohydrates under fifty grams a day and you'll feel the difference a stricter ketogenic diet will contain approximately 20 grams of carbs a day foods to eat on a ketogenic diet one seafood everybody knows about the healthful fatty acids vitamins and minerals and seafood very few of us eat enough the keto diet menu encourages the consumption of all things from the sea shrimp and crabs are carb free and other shellfish contain only a low amount of carbohydrates fatty fish such as salmon and sardines are highly recommended because of their high omega fatty acid content fish truly is brain food enjoy at least two servings or more of seafood a week on the keto diet simple canned tuna counts as seafood two vegetables can a diet that recommends unlimited green leafy vegetables be anything but healthy they are extremely low in carbohydrates and bursting with vitamins antioxidants and the fiber we need daily green vegetables such as broccoli spinach and kale are believed to decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer cauliflower and turnips can be prepared to look and taste like rice or mashed potatoes with much less starch and carbohydrates starchy vegetables such as potatoes or beets do have carbs and should be limited on the keto diet three dairy foods there are cheese's to satisfy everyone's tastes they are high in fat content for energy high in protein and calcium and low in carbohydrates yogurt and cottage cheese are a great source of protein and calcium they are low carb and fit well into the ketogenic lifestyle be sure to stick with plain yogurt as the flavor types contain a lot of sugar as are the so called low fat versions of yogurt you can flavor yogurt and cottage cheese yourself with a few berries and nuts 4 avocados avocados are truly a superfood they are high in important vitamins and minerals including potassium according to a study avocados are also believed to help lower cholesterol by 22 percent loaded with nutrients and delicious tastes avocados only have 2 grams of net carbs rates use them in salads and sandwiches 5 meat and poultry the keto diet lets you eat plenty of meat meat contains very few carbs and is high in protein to help you build muscles whenever possible choose healthy grass-fed meats which are higher in fatty acids 6 eggs eggs are high in protein and contain a mere 1 gram of carbohydrates as they are also inexpensive they're ideal for anyone on a ketogenic diet eggs also make you feel full thereby helping you eat less many people take pride in consuming only the whites of eggs but the true nutrition lies in the yolk so be sure to eat the egg in its entirety 7 coconut oil too many people are unfamiliar with coconut oil another superfood it is perfect for people dealing with diabetes and has been used with Alzheimer patients coconut oil can be used in most recipes in place a butter or oil you can also use it for frying and sauteing 8 dark chocolate did you know that dark chocolate has a high amount of antioxidants as a matter of fact dark chocolate is reaching superfood status chocolate with 80 percent or higher real cocoa powder can lower your blood pressure an ounce of 80 percent chocolate contains 10 grams of carbohydrates so it definitely counts as a healthy snack keep in mind the lower of cocoa content the less healthy the chocolate will be milk chocolate does not count as healthy chocolate foods to avoid on a ketogenic diet the keto diet has a lot less restricted foods than many other diets sugar of course should be avoided that doesn't mean you can't enjoy sweet desserts there are many keto diet menu friendly recipes that substitute unsweetened applesauce for sugar in baked goods substitute sweeteners such as stevia can also be used in moderation keep in mind that fruits are healthful but they do contain a great deal of sugar so limit the amount you eat to just a few slices a day fruit juices are concentrates that have vitamins but lack fiber and their sugar content is extremely high read the label on any bottle of juice before buying the best juices are green with just a hint of fruit for flavoring be careful with cereals most are packed with sugar and robbed of any nutrients many claim nutrition added but all that means is that all the nutrition has been removed and they have returned a small amount 100% brand cereal will fit into your keto diet and you can sweeten it with a handful of berries just be sure to examine all the labels in the cereal aisle this can be very tricky also remember that honey 2 is a sugar totally emit white starches from your diet they are nothing but empty calories this includes white bread pasta and rice buy the whole grain version instead and enjoy in moderation legumes and beans are healthy for you but they are high in carbohydrates you can have them occasionally just make sure you keep it within your daily 2250 carb gram count alcohols tend to be empty calories but certain spirits will be better for you than others beer is filled with carbs and should be off your keto diet the expression beer belly exists for a reason enjoy a glass of wine instead of course there are variances and different types of wines dry wines contain a minimum amount of sugar while sweet dessert wines contain much more pure alcohol whiskey and vodka are carb-free but they do contain calories so have a care mixing alcohol for fancy cocktails usually creates a haven for sugar so avoid those wine coolers maybe a tasty treat but in reality they're just sugary sodas with some added alcohol they should definitely not be on your keto diet menu at any time