The DEFINITIVE Guide to the Keto Diet… for Entrepreneurs (or REALLY ambitious people)

Hey guys, so let's go Here is every single important thing that you need to know about the keto diet Now, just a quick preface, I'm passionate about keto for so many reasons other than just weight loss

Although ideal body composition is definitely part of the equation In an average day, I do three hours of walking on a treadmill, two hours of salsa, one hour of gym training and upwards of 12 hours of work; and so my reasons, and my perspective on keto are all based on optimizing all of that I also care about my insides, and I want to live to a very old age, and so, for all of that and more, not only do I do keto, but I truly don't see any other viable option if I want to be performing at the highest level possible So if you're interested in keto from just a purely look good, lose weight, type perspective, this video probably isn't for you If you're interested in a healthy ketogenic diet from the perspective of optimizing all aspects of your well-being keep watching

Now, I've spent hundreds of hours reviewing every book, video, podcast, lab tests; I'm an obsessive kind of person And what I'm about to give you is all of the important key takeaways So let's get into it So first the basics; A keto diet is one that consists of roughly 75% fats, 20% protein, and I could say 5% carbs, but really you just want to keep your net daily carbs below approximately 30 grams That's going to vary based on the individual

So how it works is this: when you heavily restrict carbs, again less than roughly 30 net carbs per day, and you consume about 75% fats, your body will actually switch from using carbs for fuel to using fat for fuel Now to put that into perspective, on average, we eat somewhere in the range of 250 to 450 grams of carbs per day Now, it's called the ketogenic diet because by using fat for energy, what's happening is that your body is converting fat into what are called ketones, through a process called ketosis Just think of ketones as the energy source So, if your body has carbs present, it's going to prefer to use that for energy since that energy can be used the fastest So when you restrict carbs, again, less than 30 net carbs per day, and you up your fats, your body will actually shift to using fat as a fuel source

And, whereas carbs are broken down into glucose for energy, fat is broken down into ketones for energy Now, here's the thing about ketones: they are a much more efficient and plentiful form of energy So when you're in a state of ketosis, it's almost like you have superpowers A lot of people like to describe this as it's like running on jet fuel, instead of just regular gasoline Your body loves ketones

So let's talk about all the benefits of a keto diet Now first off is mental clarity This one is a big one For as much as your body loves ketones, your brain also loves ketones as a fuel source So the improved mental clarity and focus that I feel personally while in ketosis is like night and day, and for me that's actually the most important aspect of ketosis

Again, I do a lot of stuff, so I need my brain to be firing on all cylinders Improved energy

A ketogenic diet will give you high energy that's consistent throughout the entire day Two reasons why First, on a traditional diet when you eat a meal with carbs, what happens is your insulin goes up, and when it comes down you feel tired You could even say that there's a bit of a crash You know what I'm talking about

Now, when you eat something that has an extremely high glycemic load, like cake, your insulin goes up even more and then you crash even harder Now, fat, on the other hand, doesn't spike insulin, so that means no crash and consistent energy Reason two: Fats, specifically ketones, are just a more efficient source of energy In fact according to some studies, it's almost two times as efficient as glucose So again, it's like using jet fuel instead of just regular gasoline

Weight loss and weight maintenance Now, the big thing to understand when it comes to the ketogenic diet and weight loss is Insulin, aka the fat storage hormone And now, I don't want to over complicate this, so just understand this

When you eat carbs, your body produces insulin as a response, which basically tells your body to store fat When you eat fat, your body doesn't produce insulin, and so you don't store fat Guys, there's obviously more to it than that but bear with me, I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible here and that's as simple as it gets Again, eat carbs, body produces insulin, store fats Eat fat, don't produce insulin, don't store fats

Now, if you're like me, you've probably gone your whole life believing, without a shred of a doubt that calories in equals calories out if you want to lose weight, you just have to eat less or not eat And, believe it or not, there's more and more scientific evidence that refutes that, Using the insulin argument as the cornerstone There are actually a bunch of people on youtube that are on low-carb diets that have tested the whole calories in-calories out theory by massively increasing their calorie intake to as much as four to five thousand calories per day and they've actually in most cases either maintained or lost weight

so to put that into perspective, 4000 calories is the equivalent of, like 55 eggs There's actually a book "Why we get fat" written by Gary Taubes This talks all about insulin, calories in-calories out, and basically this is an argument against that My personal experience has absolutely been the same I always used to count calories, I always used to restrict eating, even when I first started the keto diet I stopped counting calories months ago, so some days I eat more, some days i eat a lot less

And my weight has roughly stayed the same What it comes down to is that how much I eat just depends on what my body is telling me I used to fight cravings and now i embrace them and that's another thing too On a carb diet, I think your body can and does lie to you

It'll tell you to eat more when you definitely shouldn't On a keto diet, I feel like my body is actually honest with me So if I'm more active, i tend to be more hungry If I'm less active I tend to be less hungry Now what I'm about, to say is gonna sound absolute batshit crazy, but for the last month or so, I've actually started eating a lot more, and I've actually put on muscle and lost fat, and overall I'm actually down one pound, despite eating a lot more, a lot more I'll talk about that in another video

Anyway, point is that I don't count my calories, I just listen to my body and I'm the leanest that i've ever been and it's seriously effortless I just make sure that every meal is roughly 3/4 fat, 1/4 of protein and as low-carb as possible it's not that hard Also another reason why people lose weight so fast when they first go onto ketogenic diet; this is a big one, when you're in ketosis, your appetite actually declines big-time So when I ate carbs, I used to think about food all the time, like all the time

which that in itself, I think can make you fat, because that creates stress, which spikes cortisol, which also makes your body produce insulin Anyway, now that I'm using the ketogenic diet, i'd literally have to remind myself sometimes to eat Improved body composition

So, when you eat carbs, you're ging to retain more water weight, and on keto you're actually gonna shed that water weight and you also avoid bloating In fact, that's the main reason that, for the first week or two, people in ketosis often report huge weight losses They're shedding all that water weight And that's not a knock on the weight loss I mean if you're holding less water weight, you're going to look leaner, you're going to feel less bloated, and who doesn't want that? Me personally, I used to always feel bloated whenever I ate carbs

The ketogenic diet is also what's called a protein sparing diet, which in non-scientific terms, basically means two things: First thing: You have less muscle breakdown, meaning that if you lose weight you're going to lose more fat and less muscle Second thing: You have better protein synthesis, which means you actually need much less protein to build muscle Again on a keto diet, protein is going to be about 20 to 25 percent of your daily consumption So, if you work out a lot, you want to try to keep the protein a little higher, so maybe closer to 25 percent, and if you don't, you can keep things closer to 20 percent or even 15 You can play around with this one for yourself

Now in my personal experience, it really doesn't matter that much This was extremely hard for me to wrap my head around, since I've always been told that i needed massive quantities of protein to put on muscle In fact, one of the biggest mistakes that people make on the keto diet, and this is a mistake that I was definitely guilty of when i first started keto, is that if you eat too much protein, your body will actually start to use protein for energy through a process called gluconeogenesis Which will actually kick you out of ketosis and also make you feel a complete shit Curative benefits

So ketogenic diets are good for your heart, they decrease inflammation they improve digestion and kidney function, and they can prevent and cure diabetes, obesity, cancer, and various neurological diseases Now, me personally, before I started keto I suffered from some body inflammation, I had body aches, I had low testosterone and sex drive And I had horrible digestion I'm very happy to report that all of those are now not only non issues, but have dramatically improved I just feel much better There's also a ton of warranted speculation as to the longetivity benefits of keto

I say warranted speculation because, well there aren't a lot of clinical studies testing this specifically just yet, Just look at the blood test, or all of the diseases that keto can not only prevent but cure, and also just look at guys like Dom D'Agostino, and Jeff Bullock Right, these are two of the most formed up, these are two of the foremost keto researchers who remain in nutritional ketosis for most of the year They look like they haven't aged in the last 10 years Jacob Wilson is another one He's 38 now and he literally looks like he's 15

What to eat and what not to eat So, here's where people have the most questions on keto, and again, I'm going to keep this real simple I'm also going to describe a healthy keto diet so, technically there's a lot of artificially sweetened, low-carb ice cream-type crap that you can squeeze into the diet, but that stuff is garbage So if you want that information just go somewhere else So let's start with the stuff that you have to completely avoid, starting with the obvious

Grains So, that includes bread, pasta, quinoa, oatmeal, cookies; You've got to avoid these things at all costs Now, the less obvious Starchy vegetables, so those are things like potatoes, yams, off-the-menu milk

So not only is milk generally not healthy, but it's also surprisingly high in carbs One exception here is full fat milk, which if you are going to drink, just do it in small quantities Legumes This includes all beans, chickpeas, lentils, Not only are they high in carbs, but they're also notoriously very bad for digestion So what about fruits? Guys, I hate to tell you, but those are off the menu as well

So no bananas, apples, mangos, nada One exception here is berries, which are moderate carbs, so if you do eat them, very small quantities Beer, wine, cocktails Notice that I didn't say alcohol, because technically, hard alcohol is empty calories, meaning there's no carbs, no fat, no protein; so you can get away with it, but in moderation When I go out, my go-to is a mojito without sugar or just a straight whiskey

Also worth noting that when you're in keto, you're going to catch a buzz much faster I don't drink a lot, but when I do, if I have two drinks in one or two hours I'm pretty intoxicated Beer and wine are very high carb, and 99% of cocktails are- they're just garbage, but they're also loaded with sugar, they're high carb as well, so you just have to avoid them Now, the following foods are not going to knock you out of ketosis, but again, my focus is healthy ketosis so you should just try to avoid them Artificial sweeteners So you will never kick your sweet tooth if you're loading up on garbage like splenda, which is just loaded with chemical bullshit If you need a sweetener just stick to something natural like stevia, or monkfruit

Now, you should also avoid refined fats, so these are mostly oils, like sunflower, corn, canola, soybean and grapeseed oils Also margarine To avoid these, just generally speaking avoid fast-food Ok, so what should you eat First up remember, once again, every meal you want to be aiming for roughly 3/4 healthy fats,1/4 protein and as few carbs as possible

So let's start with the healthy fats My absolute favorites for cooking are coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and ghee, and sometimes leftover grease from cooking certain meats like bacon For salads, definitely olive oil And for my coffee, I like to add MCT oil, which is actually a more refined version of coconut oil, and again ghee Adding healthy fats to your coffee on a keto diet is not only normal, but it's delicious

It something called bulletproof coffee, you probably heard of it before We'll talk more about that in another video Now when it comes to vegetables, you actually have to be careful here as well You want to focus on leafy, non starchy, above the ground type vegetables My personal favorites are spinach, lettuce, kale, radishes, squash, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, asparagus, bell peppers, bean sprouts, and arugula I also love carrots and onions, but those are actually higher carb and so if you do eat them you have to eat them in small quantities

When it comes to protein, what you want to do is you want to focus on higher-fat type meats and fish Some of my favorite includes salmon, steak and ground beef Now, with ground beef make sure not to go lean here, I usually go with the 80/20 which has about a 50/50 fat-to-protein ratio Now, you can also eat things like chicken and pork chops, I certainly do, but just keep in mind that they're very low in fat and so if you do eat somethign like that, you want to eat it with more fat in conjunction So if I'm eating chicken, I'll just eat more avocado or some macadamia nuts to compensate

As for my favorite protein on keto, definitely eggs They are delicious, nutrient-dense and very, very, very convenient Also if you like to count macros, eggs are just going to make your life so much easier; because they're roughly six grams of fat and six grams of protein it's pretty easy to add up When selecting your proteins, I always try to buy stuff that's free-range, grass-fed, hormone-free, cage-free, in the case of eggs, just try to buy as natural as you can

It makes a huge difference Alright so, now let's talk about The avocado This is an absolute must on a keto diet It's also technically a fruit, but I didn't mention it earlier because, like, come on, Who thinks of an avocado as a fruit? So when I order my groceries, I literally order like 15 at a time and I pretty much eat an avocado, sometimes even two, with every single meal Good thing I live in Colombia, because avocados are aplenty here So a bunch of reasons that I feel like avocado is not only something that you should eat, but it's actually essential So the most obvious is, it's just delicious

And it mixes so well with any protein The second reason is micronutrients And this is probably the most important reason The keto diet is notorious for being deficient in three key minerals: sodium, potassium, and magnesium So when people say that they feel like crap on keto, it's usually because they're deficient in one of those three things

So as fate would have it, avocados are actually rich in magnesium and potassium, and to get around the sodium issue, just make sure to sprinkle a little colored salt I like Himalayan pink salt onto everything, not just the avocado I sprinkle it onto everything And not only does salt make the avocado more delicious, but when you eat an avocado with colored salt you're going to cover those three most important micronutrient bases right there Last up, let's talk nuts

Nuts are keto friendly, although not all nuts are created equal Now the absolute best nuts on keto are the ones that are highest in fats and lowest in carbs, obviously, which are going to include macadamia pecan brazil and walnuts Almonds are moderate carbs, so you can eat them but you want to try to limit them My favorite overall thing to eat on keto is almond butter, which I recommend you make yourself since when you get it in a store it's really hard to find sugar-free almond butter and also they tend to use low-grade oil So, it's super easy to make at home

All you have to do is just roast some almonds, blend them in a high-power blender with coconut oil and you have a delicious snack Now, nuts to avoid Pistachio, cashew, that's a big one, and chestnuts, are all very high in carbs and so, you want to avoid these pretty much at all costs Generally speaking, also try not to go crazy with nuts I had a bad habit of overeating nuts just because they're so tasty and they're so convenient, but, like, a big handful of nuts can be as much as 700 calories, so

– Overeating nuts will definitely make you fat, and not to mention nuts have a lot of omega-6, which is highly inflammatory when consumed in excess I eat nuts every day, but I definitely feel my best when I limit the amount of nuts that I eat to roughly a small handful per day How to measure your food

If you're just starting out, you've got to measure your food My recommendation for measuring your food is to use myfitnesspalcom Don't focus on calories, instead just focus on making sure that your meals are roughly following that 3/4 fat 1/4 protein formula Now, here's an example of a typical breakfast for me: one tablespoon of coconut oil, 50 grams of cauliflower rice, 50 grams of zucchini, three eggs 125 grams of avocado Now, as you can see on the screen, when you put that all into myfitsnesspal, my ratios of fat-to-protein are roughly 3 to 1, Perfect

Now if you paid attention to what you just show on the screen, you may have noticed that the total carbs looks pretty high It's 24 grams And that 125 grams of avocado looks to be loaded with carbs However, when it comes to carbs, you actually only want to count net carbs So net carbs is total carbs minus dietary fiber minus sugar alcohols

So that 125 grams of avocado actually has about 10 grams of dietary fiber, so just subtract that from 15, and you get roughly five net carbs Thankfully, myfitnesspal actually does this for you Pretty much all vegetables are going to have a good amount of fiber As for sugar alcohols, if you look at most of the keto snacks on the market, they tend to be loaded with sugar alcohols, which is how they get away with being so sweet while also being keto friendly Again, i just avoid most of that stuff, because it's crap

And I just love myself too much How to get into ketosis So when you first start a ketogenic diet, there is an initial adaptation phase, which is going to last an average of one to two weeks During this time your body is really confused because it suddenly isn't getting carbs for fuel, and so a lot of people report what's called the keto flu, or you're basically going to feel tired, exhausted, until your body fully switches over to using fats for fuel Now, people like to freak out about this, don't

You're going to feel a little tired, just drink some coffee Mark Sossin recommends you start out with something like a paleo diet, which is moderate in carbs, and then switch over to keto, instead of just going straight into keto, but I think that's completely unnecessary Now if you do want to speed up the adaptation phase, there are a few little tricks, a few things that you can do Full body exercise Without getting too technical, your muscles store what's called the glycogen and when you deplete that glycogen and you don't replenish it with more carbs, you're going to speed up the process of your body having to find a new fuel source, i

e fats Number 2, fasting You can choose to do intermittent fasting or full-day fasts to speed things up a bit, putting your body into a fasted state will naturally result in your body having to produce ketones for energy on any diet So it makes sense that this would help speed up an adaptation when switching to a ketogenic diet Tim Ferriss recommends full day fasts, and then also going for long walks, which, again, is going to help you to deplete glycogen

He also recommends supplementing with what are called exogenous ketones, which sounds fancy and technical, but basically these are just ketones that are produced exogenously, like, outside of your body, like in a laboratory So you can actually buy these on amazon, and with the recent popularity of the keto diet, there's basically a new exogenous ketone supplement every day Eat More Fat, so while you're fat adapting, I would even recommend eating closer to 85 or 90% fats It will definitely speed things up, and then you can always just shift back to your normal macro ratios once you're on the other side Personally, when I went through my keto adaptation, I did not fast, I did not test exogenous ketones, but i was already relatively low-carb, and I did eat closer to 90% fats

My initial adaptation took around five days Yeah, I was tired, but again, I just drank some coffee How to test if you're in ketosis So when you're ketosis, you're generally speaking you're going to feel it But the easiest way to test is pee strips

There are different types of ketones and the pee strips test for acetoacetate, which is less accurate, especially if you're keto adapted, since your body is gonna become more efficient at using acetoacetate And those trips are gonna show lower levels Now, I do still recommend this method, as it's very cheap and it's very, very, very easy, and at the very least it'll just tell you if you're in ketosis or not You just pee into some kind of container, you dip the strip in very quickly, you wait about 60 seconds, that strips gonna change color, and depending on the color intensity, in most cases, that's going to indicate how deep you are to ketosis Again, it's not super accurate, so I wouldn't rely too much on using the strip's just to tell you how deep you are into ketosis But they can at least just tell you if you're in ketosis

If you want a much more accurate way of testing your ketone levels, no doubt that you'd want to use a blood meter So where pee strips test for acetoacetate, blood tests tests for beta-hydroxybutyrate Now, me personally, I use a precision extra from abbott labs This is considered the gold standard when it comes to testing your blood's ketone levels This will run you 40 bucks on Amazon

You'll see a lot of videos talking about how expensive the strips are When I first started buying them, they were about five to six bucks each, but very recently, they've become much cheaper I find them on Amazon for close to a buck each depending on how many you buy I think that's it probably in response to so many new keto blood test products coming on to the market And this is also actually extremely easy to test You just put the strip in, prick your finger with a lancet that comes with any ketone blood testing device, put some blood on the strip, wait about 10 seconds, and then you'll see your ketone level

What should your ketone levels be? Ketone levels are measured in milimolar, and nutritional ketosis is considered anywhere from 05, to 15 mmol Now, your ketone levels are going to fluctuate throughout the day, so don't worry too much about trying to have the highest possible ketone levels The important thing is that you're in that range

If you're not, you screwed up somewhere, so maybe you had too many carbs, or too much protein, and you need to figure out what happened and fix it Now, a lot of people fixate on trying to get their ketone levels as high as possible i do personally, definitely notice that I'm much sharper mentally and overall I just feel much better at higher levels, but seriously, don't worry about this too much Just make sure that you're in that nutritional ketosis range of 05, to 15

So what else do you need to know? There's a couple of other things I'm going to address here very, very, very quickly First up is cheat meals I think that cheat meals on keto are very, very stupid, although some people do do them the initial adaptation, like i said, takes about a week to two weeks, however if you look at pioneers in ketogenic diet research, like Stephen Phinney and Jeff Bullock, these guys have published studies showing that our bodies are still making adaptations to the ketogenic diet as far as six months and longer I'm seven months in, personally, and i still feel like my body is adapting

So I don't recommend cheat meals because they kick you out of ketosis and you're not gonna get that long term adaptation benefit Eating out So eating out could definitely be challenging, you have to be very careful with the sort of sauces and crap that comes with your food My personal go-to's if I eat out, a cheese burger without the bun, without any sauces, bacon, bacon cheeseburger Also, if it's available, I'll just grab a salad with some sort of protein and lots of avocado, eggs, bacon, just get creative here

And guys, the last thing I want to say keto is- i said keto diet, ketogenic diet many times in this video but, Keto is definitely a lifestyle It is a lifestyle

And so, if you want to just use keto to lose weight, and then you go back to a carb based diet, you're going to gain that weight back If you want to use keto, try to use it for the right reasons I listed out all the health benefits, Of course, the body stuff is fantastic, I love it Who doesn't want to walk around with a six-pack all day? i was never- I've always been pretty strict, and a carb diet for me honestly was just it was torturous I was always thinking about food, my weight levels would always fluctuate, my energy levels would always fluctuate, and my blood tests weren't that great as I mentioned my test levels were low, my sex drive was low The keto diet, the keto lifestyle has completely fixed all of these things for me

i feel incredible I'm able to, I can have a very active life I'm a very ambitious person And without this ketogenic lifestyle, I just definitely wouldn't be able to accomplish what I am now able to accomplish So if you're going to go keto, it's a commitment

Think about it a lot before you make the decision, and when you do make the decision, stay for a minute Good luck guys, I really hope this video was helpful I put a lot of thought and time into making it as informational as possible, without going too extreme in any particular individual theme, and yeah I hope this was just really, really, really helpful Also one more thing

If you did enjoy this video, please give me a like And I highly encourage you to subscribe to my channel Not only am I making a lot of keto videos from the perspective of just a really ambitious person So if you're an ambitious person, definitely subscribe to my stuff But I also have a vlog that we're doing right now we're doing two episodes a week? ketogenic diet is definitely a focus in addition to my occupational stuff, my workout stuff, my expressive salsa stuff

I got a lot going on, I think it's pretty interesting I think you guys will enjoy it, and If you want to check it out, please do, and definitely give me a subscribe I would love if you did that Thanks and I'll see you guys in the next video

A Relaxing Sunday 🌞 – Farmers Market, Keto Soup, and Chill

Hey guys, so Beautiful sunday again, here in Medellin I'll be the first to admit when I am tired I'm tired I really haven't taken a legitimate break since, since I started the documentary, and so I've been basically going very, very, hard for close to four months without really any breaks

Today, we're going to take it nice and easy We're going to head to the Mercado Campesino, which is a farmers market here in Medellin, Colombia Sundays they closed the highways here in Medellin, or they closed the roads And so, you'll see that everyone is like jogging, there's just tons of people out on the road doing physical activity types of stuff Last week, I tried unsuccessfully to get my my bracelet fixed I'm hoping that this week the right people are there and they have what's needed to get that fixed Today this thing's open til one o'clock So,from early in the morning, to one o'clock the whole thing is closed down

So you see a bunch of people on bicycles, running, walking, like me I like to just throw on my headphones, listen to a podcast I don't get much opportunity during the week to kind of slow down, so this is definitely- I'm not trying to run or do anything crazy on my sunday There's lots of little stores and stands set up along the the path so that people can stop to get hydrated or buy snacks Lots of people come out with their pets It's a really nice time It's just really nice, like Medellin a very, very physically conscious city, and the people for the most part are just very good looking

They're in pretty good shape Usually there's a lot of sun out and unfortunately today's a little overcast- A little overcast The sun's starting to come out a little bit

All right, so we're here at the farmers market The girls that I was looking for are here today; Last week there were just some kind of weird guys So we're going to see if they can fix my bracelet, and I'm very, very hopeful I have to go visit this store that sells the nylon that I need I need a stretchy nylon So I'm busy during the week, let's try giving it another week before I get back here Delicious on top of eggs

It's like a little spicy, this is uhm just spicy onion I love bean sprouts, I love these They add a nice, crunchy flavor to pretty much anything you throw them on, so

All right, so Just a quick farmers market grocery haul I got a bunch of mushrooms Sorry, this are like portobello

I couldn't find portobello I'm going to throw this into a nice soup later with some tomatoes, some baby tomatoes jalapepeños, going to be really careful with these, maybe one or two, maybe just half of one actually These are the best avocado that I've been able to find in Medellin They're nice and ripe You know when you squeeze them that they're- nice and perfect Bean sprouts, I love bean sprouts These add like a nice crunchy texture to anything, and there's great sauteed in ghee or coconut oil Cilantro is great to add a tiny bit of this to any sort of soup Whenever I eat eggs that I get from a supermarket, they just completely scrub my digestive system These are eggs that come straight from the farm, farm eggs These comes straight from a farm where the chickens are fed corn and they roam free

At least what everyone that's what everyone tells me, I don't know I believe it And these eggs don't give me any digestive issues So now it's 12 o'clock, I've been fasting since 5 o'clock yesterday, which is 19 hours? is that 19 hours? Wait A lot of people asking about fasting I've actually- Sundays I try to run a fast

I've been fasting since since 5 o'clock yesterday It's 12 o'clock right now, so 19 hours I fucking hate fasting I don't like it at all I think it's probably good for me, But I just hate it so much, and it stresses me out so much that it's probably not good for me I try to fast every Sunday, but I'm starving right now

So I'm going to break my fast, I'm going to get something in my system I think I am just going to have a my workout recovery drink and then go work out for a little bit, do some ABS and some some Tabata high-intensity training I'm trying to put my body into more of a reparative state, and one of the benefits of an extended fast is you get autophagic benefits, meaning that your body shifts into more of a repair more so I'm going to eat, although I'm not going to eat anything that's going to spike my insulin because I want to continue to- I want to keep my body in a fat-burning state So I've made a- This is my post-workout recovery drink Actually, you know what? I'm not going to drink this I'm going to drink a that's going to consist of- Again, when you're on the ketogenic diet, Your body uses fat for energy; produces what are called ketones and it uses that for energy I'm feeling low energy So I'm going to get my body's for more energy with ketones Again,these are exogenous ketones It just means that they were produced outside of your body, and this is MCT oil This bypasses the traditional digestive processes, so this is, like, much more rapidly converted into energy, so- And neither of these things are going to spike my insulin Ah, I'm dying I'm going to make this drink quick, chill out for like 10 minutes, and then it's time to hit the gym In about ten minutes, I will be

alive once again Now, I basically just sit in a chair until I feel like I'm not about to die, and then we go to the gym Ah, fuck it, I'm starving

I've got to eat some some nuts too I like to just grab nuts in my hand, I usually do that over the sink, so this doesn't fall on the ground And then, I just Today's like one of those days where I find myself very conflicted On the one hand I think I should rest, and I'm going to rest

But maybe I shouldn't go to the gym on the other hand, I think "don't be a bitch" And, I think that if I'm kind of in between those two places, I have to err on the side of not being a bitch But seriously, I think I think humans have a tendency to really underestimate their abilities, and really underestimate their thresholds for things, and so even if I'm, Ialways rather just err on the side of giving everything that I have Like, truly everything that I have So I really feel like being a bitch let's have a shot of expresso, now that seems to fix this

The ketones and the MCT oil that I had are definitely kicking in The expresso's definitely kicking stuff into into overdrive so I'm going to do very high intensity burstile training, focusing on ab the type movements I'm also going to do some jump rope I'll see, I'm going to do whatever my body feels like doing I'm going to try to only take ten seconds of rest in between each individual exercise, so that I maintain like a really high, high, high rate So this is a Tabata style training, which is great for growth hormone If you're going to test your ketone levels you can use pee strips just to see if you're in ketosis, but they're not accurate by any means whatsoever

If you want to really accurately test your ketone levels, you have to use a blood test This is a blood monitor that I use to test my blood's glucose as well as my ketone levels So these purple strips are for for testing my ketone levels, These are actually very, very expensive These blue ones are for testing my blood glucose levels, which I'll just test right now anyway, just to kind of show you guys how this stuff works So first thing you have to do is you want to, you know, use some alcohol just to disinfect You want to prick yourself as quickly as possible This is a Lancet device, his thing just, you know, will prick you in your finger

Do not hesitate Just put your finger on there and do it It's going to hurt a little bit but Pain is gain baby, pain is gain Squeeze So you put the strip in

I've got to wait for a couple seconds till it says it's ready Little blood dropping thing means it's ready so all we do is we just throw the blood on there, and then you get to wait a couple of seconds So now there's countdown timer so you'll see, we've got to wait about ten seconds And see where we are at

I'm at 18 mmols per deciliter, so basically what that means, nutritional ketosis is in between 05 and 15 Anything in that range or above is good

Usually after my workouts, my ketone levels are very, very, very low, but I had two servings of exogenous ketones, which is why they're a bit higher right now I'm also going to test my blood glucose just so you can see Let's see if I have enough blood That was a good one Get the blood

Put the blood on the strip Watch it suck it up What do we got? Pretty much, where my blood glucose levels are, they're usually around 90 So this is a little higher than the normal 89 90 is my is my average, so

You can clearly see a difference from right now and a couple hours ago, when my levels were- I actually did test my levels this morning, after my coffee, they were about 08

Personally, I just feel much better the higher my ketone levels are, so I try to maintain a high ketone levels as much as I can Alright guys, so it's time to make some keto tomato mushroom soup Basically, there's like three things you need in the soup> One is you need vegetables Two: you need some sort of seasoning, and Three you need fats to give it a nice creamy texture That's it

So you don't have to overcomplicate things Here is everything that we got at the farmers market today: We got some I don't know what these are, some sort of mushrooms We've got some regular mushrooms, Some baby tomatoes, avocado, tomatillo, which is like a type of tomato, cilantro, jalapeños, and then this is some other stuff that we're going to be adding to make it nice and tasty

This is collagen based protein So typically during the week I have a bone broth, It's heavily advised if you're on the keto diet, like bone broth is just really good for you, It'll fill out a lot of the stuff that your diet seems to be missing specifically like collagen So I like to, if I'm going to be making a soup and it's not bone broth, I'm going to add a little bit of collagen just to make sure that we get that benefit So very simply Again, we got this stuff from a farmers market, which means it's usually kind of dirty

So I'm just going to throw my stopwatch on just because, again, my whole thing is, like, I'm not Gordon Ramsay, I'm just a guy trying to eat something really, really, tasty as quickly as possible You've got to clean this stuff Again, If you get from a farmers market, it's not going to be as clean as the supermarket Another cool thing about the Vitamix is, it's so powerful, you don't need to really chop this stuff up, just clean it quick These actually look clean, so I'm kind of throw them in

We're going to throw this entire avocado in there This is going to give it like a nice, really nice creamy sort of texture You want this soup to be nice and high in fat These are also like the best avocados in Medellín Cilantro is just amazing to throw into soup

So grab a bunch of this, Alright, so usually this is a good amount of cilantro Two tablespoons of ghee Let's also just throw in one jalapeño We don't know how spicy these things are So

Oh, fuck Alright, definitely spicy Since this is very spicy, so I'm just going to I think maybe half of one You know what? Let's put a half of jalapeño in first and then I could always just taste it and- This is like an Indian seasoning This is like an Indian, curry-type seasoning Definitely way better We should be good Last thing I'm going to add are just some Brazil nuts I will also throw in some macadamia

Now, we blend Very cool feature of the Vitamix, the blades actually moved so fast, that if I leave this here for about five minutes, Not only will it just puree the crap out of it, but this is going to be piping hot So it'll be ready to ready to consume So I'm just adding two servings of collagen protein as well I'm not a big fan of protein powder

I mean, you don't need to worry about protein on the keto diet You need very little protein So this is, I'm not consuming this for the protein I'm consuming it for the collagen I'm also just going to throw in some sea salt right now as well That's good to go

Look at that, look at that texture A delicious keto soup ready to go Of course the final touch, I have to throw some pepper on there Also, this is this is, clearly I'm not eating all of this today, so this will actually last me, about 3 or 4 days Anyway, we're going to enjoy these soups and then I'll see you guys in the next clip So ok, guys, I'm not a chef, but I know how to make absolutely delicious food; and it's really not that hard You have fat, carbs, protein, seasoning, and the level to which you cook the food, and that's pretty much it

There you have it guys, a delicious keto optimized tomato and mushroom soup, with collagen protein powder Again, my whole thing is I'm not a chef, But I'm all about just making things quickly that taste delicious that last for a long time I'm going to try to get the macros onto the screen as best as I can, I'll also show you guys roughly what the macros are for each individual serving, I'm going to enjoy this with my friend Stalin, and I'll see you guys in the next clip Alright guys, It's 7:35 pm

, I'm finally sitting down to rest This is actually the first time that I'm going to play my playstation since November of last year When I did finally get to the point where I just absolutely have to relax, this is this is how I do it I've got to make sure the snacks are right So here we have, these are fat snacks

These are actually like fat based cookies This is my patented almond butter This is a delicious smoothie, which this has some magnesium supplements, It's got fruit punch, keto-aid and a little bit of lime Videogames are actually one of my favorite things on this planet I love video games

I love listening to stories on audible because Those are both tools that I just kinda like really, really fully scape And so we're going to play a game called Trine 2 I just found in the PlayStation 4 store One of my friends said it's a good couch co-op game So anyway, we're going to enjoy the snacks play some video games

I'm going to hopefully get some much-needed just mental rest, and then be back at it again tomorrow Guys, as always, please subscribe Give me a like, if you have comments, questions, feedback, Please leave them on the video, and I'll see you guys in the next video


Now, I don't know about you guys, but I want to blast it I want to crush it

I want to absolutely dominate So the question is, does keto jive with this? Is keto for athletes? I don't know, let's find out Hey, Jim Schultz here for F Cubed and livefcubedcom trying to cut through all the riffraff Man, just sift through all that rigmarole, and give you guys some simple and clear information that you can begin to apply right away to reach your physical fitness goals

Hey, if you're new to the channel, man, first and foremost, thank you so much for checking us out today Man, I am so appreciative of your time I am so appreciative of your attention If you might consider subscribing that would mean so much to me, man New videos coming out: fitness, finance, faith

Those are the three Fs inside of the cube We got new videos coming out every single Tuesday, so it would really mean the world to me, if you might consider subscribing and hit that little bell so you can be notified whenever new videos come out And make sure you stay tuned till the end today, man, cuz I have a special bonus ready to go for you guys here today Keto and exercise – when it comes to low carb performance, man, is a ketogenic diet for athletes? I mean after nearly 20 years on the competitive bodybuilding stage that is the question that I want answered Not only for you guys, but for myself

I want to know, like, is this how I should be fueling my body? Is this how I should be fueling my system? And I'm gonna drop the punchline on you guys right now – maybe – but probably not Now, I know, that's gonna rustle some jimmies out there in the keto crowd, but I love you guys Man, I love you guys so much, so just give me a few minutes to explain So in the previous video, we laid out the keto diet pros and con And on the bright side: a keto diet could really help to control hunger, by kind of eliminating those blood sugar spikes, it could jumpstart a very inconsistent approach to nutrition to begin with, and it definitely showed some promise when it comes to neurodegenerative conditions

But on the dark side: it's gonna bring you face to face with the 'keto flu', it might be really hard to stick to you long term, and maybe the biggest drawback, maybe the biggest con of all, it is not superior to any other diet when you control for calories and protein in terms of keto and fat loss or keto and weight loss – ouch But today, I want to focus exclusively on performance This is such an important topic, man, that I think it commanded its own video I want to talk keto and training, keto and bodybuilding, keto and just overall performance What does that look like? Well, what it really boils down to is your fuel source, right

We're really talking about carbs or fats, glucose or ketones, has one been shown to be superior over the other, when it comes to performance? That's what we want to look at right now, today Well, in that first video, in the first video of this series, the ketogenic diet basics, we kind of walked through a very simple explanation of how that process works When your body reaches a state of ketosis, you then have ketones and ketosis, and your body starts to burn those ketones, starts to burn up that fat as its fuel source Well in a similar way let's walk through how does your body use carbohydrates? And I don't want to do this in like a Biochem 101 way or in Anatomy and Physiology way, right? We're not starting for midterms I want to do this in a practical and pragmatic way and it's basically this – you eat carbohydrates, those carbohydrates get turned into glucose, that glucose gets converted into glycogen, and then your body burns that glycogen as its fuel source as its form of energy

So what does science have to say about this? Well, a lot actually But before we get into the specific studies, I want to come right out of the gates, I'm gonna come right out of the chutes and I want to challenge this whole notion that, 'hey, Jim this is how our ancestors used to eatthis is how our ancestors used to eat, so this is how I should eat

While they were running around being chased by lions and riding zebras, this is how they fueled their bodies, so this is how I should fuel my body – maybe But just because we used to do things a certain way doesn't necessarily make it better – it doesn't speak anything to its effectiveness I mean, hey, we used to ride around on horses and buggies waiting for the milkman to come by and drop off a few quarts for the week And now what do we do now? We order our milk (made from almonds) on Amazon Prime to be delivered later that day And our cars? They drive themselves

Forget about horses and buggies – cars – that drive themselves So times, they have changed, and I think we can all agree, they have gotten better Still, however, there is some interesting research to suggest, if you poke around long enough you will actually find that keto for endurance athletes appears to show a little bit of promise For example, in a 2016 paper, Jeff Volek, a very prominent keto researcher showed no significant difference in resting muscle glycogen or the level of depletion in ultra marathoners despite two different fuel sources: carbs versus fats Both groups appeared to recover similarly which is some indication that their performance may have also been very similar but if you turn to more of a high intensity short burst style of training there are a number of studies that questioned keto's ability to fuel these high-powered training sessions

Louise Burke, another prominent researcher in this area even said, after scanning over most if not all of the low carb high fat research, she said "although adaptation to a low-carb high-fat diet ketogenic or not increases the muscles capacity to utilize fat as an exercise substrate there is no proof that this leads to a clear performance advantage In fact, there is a risk of impairing the capacity for high-intensity exercise" And in that same publication, Hawley and Leckey actually had similar findings, a very similar conclusion: "despite renewed interest in high fat, low carb diets for endurance sports, fat rich diets do not improve training capacity or performance, but directly impaired rates of glycogenolysis and energy flux limiting high intensity ATP production" So again, maybe if you're an endurance athlete, keto makes some sense – maybe keto has some merit in that context But if you're a bodybuilder, or just a regular person looking to be the leaner, stronger, faster, keto doesn't look too promising, man

I mean keto and performance – looks like nothing but downside Keto and fat loss – looks like no clear upside So you put those two things together, and it appears that keto might not be the answer So I say, man, if you're an endurance athlete and you like keto, then it seems that keto might have a home But if you train in more of a high-intensity fashion – if you train in more of a, you know, high-powered, in short bursts, which is more like a normal traditional workout that most of us do, then it looks like keto might not be the best answer

It looks like keto could very well be impeding your progress Okay but maybe you're thinking keto: low carb, high fat, long endurance, high intensity, maybe you think, Jim, that's all well and good, man Like that all sounds really really solid, but if I'm being straight up with you, dude Like that's not what I struggle with That's not what I have questions about

What I need help with is, man, I just struggle to get to the gym, I just struggle to get off the couch, sometimes Well, then you need to download The Mystery Behind Motivation – this is a little ebook that I put together a couple of years ago And I'm making it available to you guys right now completely free All you have to do is mosey on down to the link below in the description and download that guy right now And it is a quick, super easy read, and I wrote this little ebook with one singular goal – to light the fire inside of you

physically and financially And hey, man, as always if you guys liked this video please hit that like button down below, that would help me out so much Hey, if you didn't like the video, if I rustled your keto jimmies a little too hard, then you hit that dislike button – you let your voice be heard

But still, maybe share the video with a friend, maybe you subscribe to the channel, and we will see you guys next time

PureFit Keto Review – Pros & Cons

In this Purefit Keto review I will be giving you both the pros and cons to using this super popular fat loss supplement so you can find out whether it’s right for you or not Now please make sure that you watch this video from start to finish because at the end of the video, if you still want to get Purefit Keto, I will show you where to get it for the absolute cheapest price

Okay, let’s check out the pros of this product: Ideal Fat Burning State The quickest way to lose weight is to teach your body to burn stored body fat for energy instead of using carbs or sugar This is known as being in a state of ketosis The main ingredient in Purefit Keto is Beta Hydroxybutyrate, also known as BHB, is a powerful compound that kicks your body very quickly into this ideal fat burning state Fast Results Most people have been using carbs as their primary source of energy their entire life So even though Purefit Keto can kick you into a state of ketosis fast

It can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week to change from being a carb burner to a fat burner And once this happens, fat can seem to effortlessly melt away from your body Appetite Suppression The voice of hunger can be the downfall of many people who want to lose weight Thankfully, Purefit Keto is a very potent appetite suppressant, which can quieten even the strongest of appetites So if you constantly feel like you have to eat something, this supplement can work wonders in stopping an overactive appetite

Okay, let’s check out the cons of this product: You Need To Follow A Ketogenic Diet Some people will want to take this supplement and continue eating a highly processed, carb rich diet and expect to get amazing results Now, you will experience the appetite suppressing effects I already mentioned without following a ketogenic diet But if you want the best results, you will need to lower your carbs, increase fat, while having a moderate protein intake Overall, Purefit Keto is one of the better weight loss supplements on the market today, it will help you get into ketosis fast, allowing you to tap into stored fat for energy, suppress your appetite, and boost mental performance Now if you want to get Purefit Keto at the cheapest possible price, then click the link below this YouTube video in the description and you will be taken to the best place to purchase it

Alternatively, you can instead type the following URL into your Web browser: wwwRebelOfHealthcom/fit I hope you enjoyed this Purefit Keto review and thanks again for watching

Cajun Fried Fish – Low Carb Keto Seafood Fish Fry Recipe

Welcome all! Papa G here Today I present a Cajun fish fry

This recipe is loaded with flavor, but not carbohydrates If you've been craving fried seafood on your low carbohydrate diet, this recipe will definitely fill the bill Let's get started We'll start by making our own cajun seasoning If you prefer, though, you can take a short cut

I prefer these two store-bought brands – Paul Prudhomme's Seafood Magic or Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning They're MSG free and offer an incredible flavor For our homemade Cajun seasoning, we'll use some smoked paprika; salt; ground black pepper; we'll add some spice with a little cayenne pepper; add 1 teaspoon of garlic powder; onion powder; some dried thyme; and finally some dried oregano Mix well to combine This recipe will give you about 4 tablespoons

We'll prep our breading station with some ground pork rinds and some almond flour Season this with 1 tablespoon of our Cajun seasoning and mix to combine Rinse and pat dry four fish fillets of your choice Season each fillet with our Cajun seasoning Be sure to season both sides

Now I'm going to give you a little secret to an authentic Cajun fish fry We're gonna coat each fillet with yellow mustard Remember though, this is the secret, so don't tell anyone Just trust me This really makes the fish flavor come alive

After all the fillets are prepped, coat each well with our breading mix Once our fish is coated, we're ready to fry In a large skillet, with about a quarter inch of oil heated to 350°F place the fillets Fry each side for about two to four minutes Your frying time will vary depending on the thickness of your fillets Let drain on paper towels

Serve with some lemon and my tartar sauce and enjoy the best fried fish you'll ever try! There you have it folks! My low carbohydrate Cajun fried fish A recipe that's loaded with flavor, but not carbohydrates

I hope you enjoyed this video If you did, please like and consider subscribing I'll have something new every week Thanks for watching and I'll see you next time!


hi guys I am so excited for this video I have finally caved and I'm giving Keto Krate a try I don't know how many videos I've watched of people trying Kido crate and I'm so happy they sent me a box over and I'm ready to open it and try some things for you guys I know a lot of people have been asking me keto snacks and stuff like that and honestly I've just been in a rut – I just eat you know cheese and meat which is fine I'm used to that and it's fine and I have my fruit but I do want to try some like different types of snacks so I'm hoping these are good I'm excited to get in these I'm definitely gonna try a couple of them and then others out probably try like in what I in a day videos or in my mouth on so stay tuned for those but yeah I'm definitely gonna at least show you everything now that this has a nice it has kind of like a I guess directory of everything that's in the keto crate how many things are in this it's a good amount ok let's start I want to try something now this is the raw rev glow radiance from the inside out crunchy peanut butter and salt sea salt bar with raw superfood it has 11 grams of protein 13 grams of fiber and 2 grams of sugar I've actually been saving some calories for this so I'm pretty excited Oh smells good this is what it looks like hmm you know like when you have peanut butter and you mix it with like usually you mix it with that confectioners sugar and you're just like clumps together left the texture of this but it's not as sweet mmm oh I'm finish this one I'm glad I tried this because I wanted to try stuff that I'm gonna eat hmm oh this is good this is amazing I definitely can see myself having this after the gym cause I'm usually I used to do errands after the gym so I want to get some good food and good fat in it so this is something that you can throw in your purse in a gym bag hmm I want to keep you nut but there's more stuff to be tried okay next one is the cave fat packs it's um keto paleo and vegan this is about four servings so I think you can put this in like your coffee you can sprinkle it on fruit you can put it on anything if you need a little extra fat I think it has 9 grams of fat which is pretty good um but this is nice it's kind of like I feel like a powdered creamer which is something that you never think that you would miss changing your diet but it'd be something good to replace in because my heavy cream usually goes bad pretty fast next is the Ella's flat hip it's all-natural savory crisp hmm it's only one gram of carbs per serving and there's two servings in this back I would try this now but I think I want to try this with like cheese and like meat and stuff and I don't I'm not really hungry for that so I'm probably gonna try this in a what I eat in a day probably before the gym and easy breakfast so stay tuned for that next we have the paalam palomar mani hominy did I say that right it's heart of palm linguini oh I've actually wanted to try this for so long am I almost got it I don't know why I didn't get it but it's supposed to mimic pasta and that's something that I really do crave sometimes I think I'm thinking of making a meat sauce so give this a try oh hopefully it's good I'm just excited it is only four grams of carbs and two of those are dietary fiber so two grams of carbs per serving and there's three servings in this so um this could be a quick easy meal prep make a meat sauce throw this together meal complete next we got um pixie tea crystals is Maria M rich and Jason rip rock formed together and created these crystal teat packets so I'm excited to try I think I'm gonna try this probably out water perfect to just you know throw in my purse and then give it a try cuz I'm trying to fit down on coffee so trying to make more tea I've been consuming a little bit more coffee than I like ooh this is adapt collagen neck butter this is the salted caramel one and I can already see myself giving this a try with those flat crests from Trader Joe's Oh it'd be like like a sweet like us you know how you had toast like a cinnamon toast that's kind of like I feel like that's what's gonna help my craving for something like that so I'm super excited to give this a try I'm probably gonna eat this I don't know tomorrow or something and anything that I do try I'll probably be sharing it on Instagram so if you guys want to check out Instagram stories link down below next we have all of snack from Gaya it is pitted green olives marinated with lemon and oregano oh that sounds good really good this is cute it's just something that you can easily throw in your bag and I house what I like about boxes like this it snacks that you can just kind of grab and go and that I feel like that helps you in your weight loss journey if you have a lot of snacks like these I'm actually gonna give this a try now right away it smells really good ooh look at this seat I don't know if you can see the seasoning on that mmm this is really good I'm gonna finish this whole thing now be right back I forgot how much I love olives this is the wind I was definitely I would truck this out yes I really did just finish all those hey I haven't had dinner yet so next we have the mocha burn butter this is grass-fed butter with MCT and avocado oils so you can get some good fat in there I definitely probably would use this with my coffee you guys know how much I love avocado oil I cook with just avocado oil or butter so I'm excited and interested to see how avocados will taste in my coffee so I would report back with how this is probably an on Instagram so head over there but yeah I am excited for these things because I usually just do half and half and that it works perfectly fine for me but it would be nice getting some different types of fat into my diet other than avocado so this has some MCT oil I'm not a big fan of the MCT oil I tried it when I was early in the game and it just didn't agree with me so I'm gonna give it a try again it might have been something else I'll keep you guys updated though next we have the Sun biotic organic gourmet probiotic snack this is the lemon teriyaki pumpkin seeds already I can already tell this it's gonna be good definitely gonna give this a try right now I've been obsessed with pistachios that's been like my number one so I'm excited to have another seed nut in my life and it has probiotics which I take my program every day guys hmm oh it's just so good this is five grams of total carbs and one gram of fiber so four grams per serving and there is about one and a half servings in this bag so you draw this whole bag pretty much and still be a-okay mmm oh yes I like the flavor I wouldn't expect with lemon and teriyaki to taste good together that is a new sound like uh like a fire combo it works with these so excited to bring this to work because I love snacking where I'm asking Peter which I'm always at the computer so having grab-and-go snacks like this really helps keep me on track because there's cookies and chips and everything and everything else in there that I don't want a part of and in the box it actually has two of those so yeah next we have the free-range chicken ooh this kind of looks like a chicken jerky which that's kind of cool I've never had that before I'm just gonna save this probably for a wedding a day because I don't want to eat all this I want to eat it with like cheese and stuff but I will let you know I'm one one of these is only 60 calories look how big this is and it's only 60 calories I don't count calories but anyone that does that's pretty good there's no carbs in this so whatever they did they did it well you don't have to think about anything with this you can literally just eat it and know that you can be in ketosis okay we also have the keto Greek energy pod chocolate fudge this is the decadent buttercream ooh this probably with like a mug cake smear this on top of a mug cake you have a dessert made in heaven I feel like yes I have big plans for this one stay tuned I just I feel like this is such a cool concept it looks like a cross between pudding and I guess just like a buttercream I don't know we'll see and last but not least really excited for this this is the Hinton's pig chips it's pretty much um chicharonnes which is with it what else how do they pronounce it pork rinds I don't know why I like char like a brain but this is pork rinds it is zero grams of carbs 15 grams of fat and this is the original one so I'm gonna see how the original taste I really don't eat pork rinds kind of thank you so I really don't eat pork rinds that often oh that's cool it's like basically just like a couple of big pieces here let me show you oh it has a lot of good see it looks like it's seasoned really well mmm I don't know what the seasonings on that but it's good mmm oh yeah oh yeah and that's it that is all in this kita great box if you guys have tried any of these products let me know if you guys like them and the comments down below also give this video a thumbs up and I will see you guys in the next one bye

No Judge Mint | Killer Whey’s most decadent Keto ice cream flavor!

I'm diving into another flavor from Keto-specific ice cream company Killer Whey this week I'm doing "No Judge Mint", starting now

Hey, guys Welcome to AD Keto My name is Aaron

This is the channel where you can watch a weird dad work his way through the ketogenic diet I do some keto food vlogs, I do some keto recipes, and I do some keto product reviews If this is your first time here, please consider subscribing, and if you do, make sure you're on Notification Squad by clicking the bell All right, guys This is the third of four flavors that I'm reviewing from Killer Whey

They're a company, an ice-cream company, out of Boise, Idaho They do keto-specific ice creams Awesome So a couple weeks ago, I did Coco You Know, which is their chocolate flavor Really quite enjoyed it

And then last week, I did a review of their Chilla in Vanilla flavor, also very good That review you can see right up there This week, it's No Judge Mint, and it's got one more net carb per serving But I want to read you what they have to say about it here from their website It says: "Refreshing mint chocolate chip keto ice cream is our most indulgent flavor, made with all-natural peppermint extract and just the right amount of chocolate chips

It's 3 grams of net carbs per serving" There shouldn't be an apostrophe there, guys Its 3 grams of net carbs per serving make for a refreshingly healthy treat

It all contains MCT oil, sourced 100% from coconut Our mint chip ice cream contains only 3 grams of sugar per serving, from just the right amount of chocolate chips* It feels and tastes like a real ice cream without the consequences of high amounts of sugar So let's see what that asterisk means You'll notice our mint chip has 3 grams of sugar on the Nutrition Facts

Two grams are from the dairy ingredients (lactose is rated 45 on the glycemic index) and the chocolate chips have only 1 gram of sugar per serving Cool So this is their most indulgent flavor One more gram of net carbs per serving I will say, I like those other two flavors — the vanilla, in particular, felt more natural, you know — If that makes sense — than then other ice creams

And if you haven't watched either of those other two videos, I'll just tell you a little bit about these guys in Boise, Idaho They're making two lines of ice creams One is a protein high protein ice cream, which in itself could fit into someone's keto diet But they also do a keto-specific ice cream for low carbers like us Higher in fat, really good ratios, really good macros in each pint So I'll get into that a little bit more in just a moment, but first I want to review No Judge Mint Now this has been out of my freezer for one hour

I'm just gonna dump ice cream all over my computer, how's that? There it is Smooth Silky smooth Some chocolate chips in there The only mint ice creams I really can compare it to, from off the top my head, are the Halo Top Mint Chip ice cream, which has definitely that

you know, synthetic-y feeling mint I don't particularly care for that kind, and I think I've had Enlightened's There's an Enlightened Mint Chip, which I like a little bit more

We'll see how this guy stacks up So I'm gonna takeOh, and three parts of the review: first part is the texture — what's it feel like coming out of the pint? How's it feel once it's inside my mouth? Second part of the review is the taste

I'm expecting this to taste like natural mint And then the third part is the carbs So we already know it's pretty low in carbs, but we'll get there All right So I'm gonna dig in here

Let me put that so you guys can see it I'm blown out, there This is what you get when you have just your phone Oh, that's nice That's a good-looking

good-looking scoop They're one Whoo! One hour One hour is the amount of time to leave this thing out, because that

that's an ideal texture Fatty Oh, it's

you can tell it's fattier I really like the texture and the taste The taste — I mean, it tastes like peppermint

So I'll get some of these chocolate chunks, here See if that does anything for me I was like, "Where is it that crunch?" That was it I can get behind this flavor, you guys These guys are batting three for three

Man, this is quite good All right, last bite, I promise Texture and taste are really working for me If ya got an hour, leave this thing out If not, probably 20 or 30 seconds in the microwave will get you there

I prefer not to do that I've had some people suggest that "Just put it in the microwave" Which I've done in a pinch, when I really want ice cream NOW I don't like

I don't like the way it comes out I don't like warmth warm I don't like warm at all in my ice cream At any rate, I'll read you the nutrition information, here Nutrition Facts: Serving size is one-half cup

Servings per container: four The same as the other guys This is where it starts to diverge Wildly diverge from the other guys Calories:160 per serving, so that's 640 calories per pint

Total fat: 15 grams Great Normally, in the other guys, they give you one Two 15!! Saturated fat: 10 grams

Carbohydrates: 13 grams total carbs Two dietary fiber Sugar alcohol: 3 grams of net carbs per serving Excuse me 12 net carbs per pint

Fantastic I'll read the ingredients Ingredients are: cream, filtered water, erythritol, whey protein concentrate, chocolate chips (which contains sugar, chocolate, and liquor) Liqueur? Chocolate liqueur? Is that liquor or liqueur? Chocolate liquor That's how it's spelled Cocoa butter, soy lecithin — thank you for helping me pronounce that, everybody who helped me pronounce it — and vanilla

So that was just the ingredients of the chocolate chips, those last a few ingredients Then there's chicory root fiber, MCT oil, which is cool that there's MCT oil in here, vegetable glycerin, peppermint flavor, natural stevia, and then gums: xanthan, locust bean, and guar Contains milk, soy, and coconut Pretty clean So another win for these guys, and if you haven't watched the other two videos, I'll have you know that I got in touch with them a little while ago, and asked them if they'd like me to review this stuff

They said yes They gave me a discount code to give to you guys, and it is KETOAD10 And in the first video, I thought it only gave you 10% off, but then I realized I was wrong, and you get $10 off So this is a little pricier because it's online only, except for three markets, and it's nine bucks a pint But you got ten bucks off with that promo code

It pays for the shipping So check these guys out if you can I'm really excited about how they're going about making these ice creams for keto people Really cool So that's No Judge Mint, a pun that's as delicious as the ice cream

And that's gonna wrap it up for this video, guys Hope you enjoyed it Hope you get some use out of that discount code Hope you try this stuff Let me know in the comments if you do try this stuff, how you like it

What do you think? And that's gonna wrap it up So I hope you have a fantastic day, and I'll see you next time so let's see what that asterisk asterisk Our key tasted more like natural vanilla then hey ding so no judgment they say it's


why I am going Ktoo and what the heck is ketogenic diet that's what I'm gonna talk about today hey guys welcome to my channel my name is Iva Scelfo and if you're new here my channel is all about weight loss and health lifestyle so if you're into that kind of stuff then you might want to consider to subscribe so what is ketogenic diet ketogenic diet is also well known as the a low carb high fat diet which basically means your body depletes itself out of glucose and it's forced to use fat as its fuel I will try to explain it easy your body always prefers glucose over fat to use as its fuel so because when we eat carbohydrates our blood glucose levels rises rapidly also spikes up our insulin and insulin it's basically the hormone which is responsible for storing fat low carb diet helps stabilizes these spikes when your body can't use glucose as its fuel anymore your liver will start producing ketones and uses fat as its fuel so how many cars should you eat a day well that will depend on every person but in general it's 20 grams of net carbs some people can stay in ketosis and eat 50 grams of net carbs but to be sure and saved just stay within 20 grams so what are the net carbs well net carbs are actually all Carbohydrates you eat – the fiber while the fiber is carbohydrates which your body cannot digest therefore it cannot spikes your insulin so fiber here is not the enemy so how fast can you get into ketosis well that will vary person to person but in general it takes somewhere within two to seven days to get into ketosis state which is the states where your body start using a fat as its fuel so how can you get into ketosis faster well you can really reduce your daily intake of carbohydrates two-barrel a minimum that helps also fasting helps you can look into intermittent fasting and follow your eating window I will talk more about intermittent fasting and my experience with it in another video so what should your macros be well that will vary person to person again depending on your age gender weight height and exercise level but in general you should be eating within 65 to 75 percent of fat 15 to 30 percent of protein and 5 to 10% of carbohydrates there are many great keto macro calculators online and ruling some links down below and also there are many great calorie trackers apps for your phone which you can use and that will definitely help you especially in the beginning so can you eat as much as you want on this diet well no it always comes down to calories in versus calories out you can't eat whatever you want you have to burn more calories than you actually give in to your body well it's simple as that so what can you actually eat well you're going to eat high fat moderate protein and very low carbohydrates so most of your diet will be healthy fats like avocados coconut oil grass-fed butter egg yolks full fat cheese for protein you can have beef poultry pork fatty fish nuts and seeds and your main source of carbohydrates should be from vegetables like leafy greens and above ground vegetables fruit is not allowed on a keto diet except for berries so you can still have your strawberry chia seeds putting no problem so why I want to get on board with this keto lifestyle well the truth is my body doesn't really respond well to carbohydrates I've 25 pounds since following a plant-based vegan diet I also noticed some mild gluten intolerance some mild rashes and stuff and I always feel bloated and tired and I have a real binging problem with corpse I could binge on pasta and Brad it's just it's just not healthy relationship so I tried the keto diet before for about two weeks and it suited me well so this time around I'm determined to really jump right into it and explore all the benefits and I'm really excited to start and I'm really happy that you were here with me I'll be documenting every step of my journey so you welcome to join me and if you do don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell button that you get notified every time I upload and I will see you again soon