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Hello Friends, Myself Suman Chauhan. Welcome to my channel Healthcity
Are you ready for Day 2 Exercise ?
I received many comments from your side. As you done First day exercise
and enjoyed it.
Received many comments saying that completed first day exercise.
I feel happy for all of them
who are with me in this 14 day workout program.
Some mentioning breathlessness during exercises.
Heart rate increased,
throat got dry so Don’t worry.
There is not any problem,
this is normal at starting of workout for newly person
Exercises in which heart rate increase is particularly for
increase Stamina.
I already told earlier, you have to do slowly taking rest.
Not necessary to complete
full workout in a single time.
When starting , do slowly
and if you feels dry throat that also I have told to drink
water sip by sip.
Nothing to worry.
By this you can complete your full workout.
Some asks whether to do in the evening or not.
You can do but keep in mind
to do one hour before or two hour after
having any food.
never ever
soon after having food.
Never ever.
So, Lets start with Day 2 Exercises.

So friends,
Day 2 Exercises completed.
You also did and enjoyed.
I want to tell that day 1 completed
also Day 2 Completed so
We will take rest for
Because whoever started first time
they all have to take rest.
so on completion of 2 days workout
body feel some pain
but pain due to exercise is different from pain due to injury.
so muscle pain due to stiffnes will recover
at this rest time.
Some people doing exercises from a long time in past their body
becomes used to and doesn’t feel pain.
If they don’t want to take rest then
they can workout tomorrow by combining
Day 1 and Day 2 exercises.
But for new people
tomorrow is a rest day.
Eat healthy and
drink water in adequate quantity.
So enough for today
meet you with Day 3 Workout
till then Bye Bye and take care
Don’t forget to Like and share
Also if you like video then subscribe channel
and hit the bell icon
So meet you again
Bye Bye.

Women Weight Loss Meal Plan



Lose 10 Pounds In 3 Days Menu

I have a key to make Cucumber with eggs
super tender and delicious
This is the most economical and cost-effective way to lose weight
Peel cucumber skin like tiger skin
Remove the cucumber seeds
Cut into thin slices
Prepare mayonnaise
2 eggs
sliced cucumber
Beat 2 eggs
Turn on the heat pour oil in the wok
Scrambled eggs
Pour in egg liquid and wait 10 seconds before stir-frying
Add mayonnaise
This is the key to make more tender and delicious
Stir-fry quickly and add cucumber immediately
Stir-fry for 10-15 seconds
Add salt
Stir-fry more 15 seconds
Turn off the heat
Super delicious
Thank you for watching

Best Weight Loss Methods For Women Over 60

Obesity is a source of every illness.
It is a disease that we should resolve
in this time of Homo-Hundred Era.
There are lots of tips and info about weight loss,
but there are also many people failing to lose weight.
Food and exercise are the factors that determine
whether a weight loss is successful or not.
Exercise cannot beat food cravings. To lose weight,
you must control what kind of food you eat
and how much you take it.
No matter how good an exercise is, it shouldn’t overdo
or give damage to the body. To lose weight, you need
to do lower body strengthening and aerobic exercises.
In‘hanmom tv’, in the series of ‘Qigong for Belly Fat’, learn exercises for burning belly fat effectively,
very soon, doing anywhere, anytime and without damaging joints.
Relax and do it together,
following along exercises!
Qigong for Belly Fat for today is
‘Neun Ji Reu Gi~!’
To reduce belly fat, you have to use your legs a lot.
NeunJiReuGi is a very effective belly fat workout
because you can move your legs a lot
especially using your lower back.
After explaining about how to do and how to breathe,
let’s do this qigong exercise together.
I’ll show you how to do it from my side and front.
Stand with your legs wide, bend your back knee,
straighten your front leg,
With front leg straight, lift the toes of the front foot and
pull them toward your body.
Put your wrists crossed and push them to your front foot
as much as possible. This is the ready position.
The separated movements : one, turn your front ankle
outward and bend your front knee.
Two, raise your back leg, spread your arms
and push the leg forward.
Three, put your wrists crossed and
lower your body like the initial position.
From the side, I’ll show you once more.
Stand wide,
bend your back leg, straighten your front leg,
lift your front toes and pull them inwards.
Put your wrists crossed and push them
to your front foot. This is the ready position.
One, turn your front foot 45 degrees outwards,
and bend your front knee.
Two, raise the back leg and push it forward,
spreading the arms to sides.
Three, put hands together, bend your upper body
forwards, returning to the initial position.
From the side, I’ll tell you how to breathe.
Take the stance spreading legs wide.
Breathe in for one and two.
Breathe out for three.
From one until two, keep inhaling.
When I say three, keep exhaling.
I’ll show you once more. Inhale,
and exhale.
‘NeunJiReuGi’ means you move
with pushing the foot by lifting the leg.
Not just by pushing it forward,
you need to push your foot by bending the lower back
backward to do the correct move.
To show the movement accurately, I’ll turn myself
45 degrees to the left and right. Do it together.
Ready. First 20 times, start.
The opposite.
One more 20 times ready, start.
Weight loss qigong exercise ‘NeunJiReuGi’ is good
not only for burning belly fat,
but for strengthening the lower back and body muscles
to set up an optimal body condition for weight loss.
Do the qigong exercise
at least 10 times for each side, and
control the speed and frequency according to
your fitness and experience an effective weight loss!

Women’s Weight Loss Center In Ridgewood Nj

Let’s face it — there’s an overwhelming
amount of information on the Internet about
how to quickly shed pounds and get in shape.
If you’re looking for the best tips on how
to lose weight and keep it off, this seemingly
endless amount of advice can be overwhelming
and confusing.
From the diets promoting raw foods to meal
plans that revolve around shakes and prepackaged
foods, a new fad diet seems to pop up every
The problem is, although very restrictive
diets and elimination meal plans will most
likely result in short-term weight loss, most
people can’t maintain them and end up throwing
in the towel within a few weeks.
Although losing 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in a week
by following a fad diet may seem tempting,
the reality is that this type of weight loss
is often unhealthy and unsustainable.
The real key to safe and successful weight
loss is to adopt a healthy lifestyle that
suits your individual needs and that you can
maintain for life.
The following tips are healthy, realistic
ways to get you back on track and headed towards
your weight and fitness goals.
before we begin this video don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel for more daily tips
like this and turn on notifications so you
never miss our new videos
Here are 23 of the best dieting tips to improve
your health and help you lose weight.
1. Fill up on Fiber
Fiber is found in healthy foods including
vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains.
Some studies have shown that simply eating
more fiber-rich foods may help you lose weight
and keep it off.
Increasing your intake is as easy as adding
beans to your salad, eating oats for breakfast
or snacking on fiber-rich nuts and seeds.
2. Ditch Added Sugar
Added sugar, especially from sugary drinks,
is a major reason for unhealthy weight gain
and health problems like diabetes and heart
disease .
Plus, foods like candy, soda and baked goods
that contain lots of added sugars tend to
be very low in the nutrients your body needs
to stay healthy.
Cutting out foods high in added sugars is
a great way to lose excess weight.
It’s important to note that even foods promoted
as “healthy” or “organic” can be very
high in sugar. Therefore, reading nutrition
labels is a must.
3. Make Room for Healthy Fat
While fat is often the first thing that gets
cut when you’re trying to slim down, healthy
fats can actually help you reach your weight
loss goals.
In fact, following a high-fat diet that’s
rich in foods like olive oil, avocados and
nuts has been shown to maximize weight loss
in several studies .
What’s more, fats help you stay fuller for
longer, decreasing cravings and helping you
stay on track.
4. Minimize Distractions
While consuming meals in front of your TV
or computer may not seem like diet sabotage,
eating while distracted may cause you to consume
more calories and gain weight .
Eating at the dinner table, away from potential
distractions, is not only a good way to keep
your weight down — it also allows you time
to reconnect with loved ones.
Smartphones are another device you should
set aside while you’re eating. Scrolling
through emails or your Instagram or Facebook
feed is just as distracting as a TV or computer.
5. Walk Your Way to Health
Many people believe they must adopt a rigorous
exercise routine to jumpstart weight loss.
While different types of activity are important
when you’re attempting to get in shape,
walking is an excellent and easy way to burn
In fact, just 30 minutes of walking per day
has been shown to aid in weight loss .
Plus, it’s an enjoyable activity that you
can do both indoors and outside at any time
of day.
6. Bring out Your Inner Chef
Cooking more meals at home has been shown
to promote weight loss and healthy eating
Although eating meals at restaurants is enjoyable
and can fit into a healthy diet plan, focusing
on cooking more meals at home is a great way
to keep your weight in check.
What’s more, preparing meals at home allows
you to experiment with new, healthy ingredients
while saving you money at the same time.
7. Have a Protein-Rich Breakfast
Including protein-rich foods like eggs in
your breakfast has been shown to benefit weight
Simply swapping your daily bowl of cereal
for a protein-packed scramble made with eggs
and sauteed veggies can help you shed pounds.
Increasing protein intake in the morning may
also help you avoid unhealthy snacking and
improve appetite control throughout the day
8. Don’t Drink Your Calories
While most people know they should avoid sodas
and milkshakes, many people don’t realize
that even drinks advertised to boost athletic
performance or improve health can be loaded
with unwanted ingredients.
Sports drinks, coffee beverages and flavored
waters tend to be very high in calories, artificial
colorings and added sugar.
Even juice, which is often promoted as a healthy
beverage, can lead to weight gain if you consume
too much.
Focus on hydrating with water to minimize
the number of calories you drink throughout
the day.
9. Shop Smart
Creating a shopping list and sticking to it
is a great way to avoid buying unhealthy foods
Plus, making a shopping list has been shown
to lead to healthier eating and promote weight
loss .
Another way to limit unhealthy purchases at
the grocery store is to have a healthy meal
or snack before you go shopping.
Studies have shown that hungry shoppers tend
to reach for higher-calorie, unhealthy foods
10. Stay Hydrated
Drinking enough water throughout the day is
good for overall health and can even help
you maintain a healthy weight.
One study of over 9,500 people found that
those who were not adequately hydrated had
higher body mass indexes (BMIs) and were more
likely to be obese than those who were properly
What’s more, people who drink water before
meals have been shown to eat fewer calories
11. Practice Mindful Eating
Rushing through meals or eating on the go
may lead you to consume too much, too quickly.
Instead, be mindful of your food, focusing
on how each bite tastes. It may lead you to
be more aware of when you are full, decreasing
your chances of overeating .
Focusing on eating slowly and enjoying your
meal, even if you have limited time, is a
great way to reduce overeating.
12. Cut Back on Refined Carbs
Refined carbs include sugars and grains that
have had their fiber and other nutrients removed.
Examples include white flour, pasta and bread.
These types of foods are low in fiber, are
digested quickly and only keep you full for
a short period of time .
Instead, choose sources of complex carbohydrates
like oats, ancient grains like quinoa and
barley, or veggies like carrots and potatoes.
They’ll help keep you fuller for longer
and contain many more nutrients than refined
sources of carbohydrates.
13. Lift Heavier to Get Lighter
Although aerobic exercise like brisk walking,
running and biking is excellent for weight
loss, many people tend to focus solely on
cardio and don’t add strength training to
their routines.
Adding weight lifting to your gym routine
can help you build more muscle and tone your
entire body.
What’s more, studies have shown that weight
lifting gives your metabolism a small boost,
helping you burn more calories throughout
the day, even when you are at rest .
14. Set Meaningful Goals
Fitting into jeans from high school or looking
better in a swimsuit are popular reasons why
people want to lose weight.
However, it’s much more meaningful to truly
understand why you want to lose weight and
the ways that weight loss may positively affect
your life. Having these goals in mind may
help you stick to your plan.
Being able to play tag with your children
or having the stamina to dance all night at
a loved one’s wedding are examples of goals
that can keep you committed to a positive
15. Avoid Fad Diets
Fad diets are promoted for their ability to
help people lose weight fast.
However, these diets tend to be very restrictive
and not easy to maintain. This leads to yo-yo
dieting, where people lose pounds, only to
gain them back.
While this cycle is common in those trying
to shape up quickly, yo-yo dieting has been
linked to a greater increase in body weight
over time .
Additionally, studies have shown that yo-yo
dieting can increase the risk of diabetes,
heart disease, high blood pressure and metabolic
syndrome .
These diets may be tempting, but finding a
sustainable, healthy eating plan that nourishes
your body instead of depriving it is a much
better choice.
16. Eat Whole Foods
Keeping track of exactly what is going into
your body is a great way to get healthy.
Eating whole foods that don’t come with
an ingredient list ensures that you are nourishing
your body with natural, nutrient-dense foods.
When purchasing foods with ingredient lists,
less is more.
If a product has lots of ingredients that
you are unfamiliar with, chances are it is
not the healthiest option.
17. Buddy Up
If you are having trouble sticking to a workout
routine or healthy eating plan, invite a friend
to join you and help you stay on track.
Studies show that people who slim down with
a friend are more likely to stick with weight
loss and exercise programs. They also tend
to lose more weight than those who go it alone
Plus, having a friend or family member with
the same health and wellness goals can help
you stay motivated while having fun at the
same time.
18. Don’t Deprive Yourself
Telling yourself that you will never have
your favorite foods again is not only unrealistic,
but it may also set you up for failure.
Depriving yourself will only make you want
the forbidden food more and may cause you
to binge when you finally cave in.
Making room for appropriate indulgences here
and there will teach you self-control and
keep you from feeling resentful of your new,
healthy lifestyle.
Being able to enjoy a small portion of a homemade
dessert or indulging in a favorite holiday
dish is part of having a healthy relationship
with food.
19. Be Realistic
Comparing yourself to models in magazines
or celebrities on TV is not only unrealistic
— it can also be unhealthy.
While having a healthy role model can be a
great way to stay motivated, being overly
critical of yourself can set you back and
may lead to unhealthy behaviors.
Try focusing on how you feel rather than concentrating
on how you look. Your main motivations should
be to get happier, fitter and healthier.
20. Veg Out
Vegetables are loaded with fiber and the nutrients
your body craves.
What’s more, increasing your vegetable intake
can help you lose weight.
In fact, studies show that simply eating a
salad before a meal can help you feel full,
causing you to eat less .
Additionally, filling up on veggies throughout
the day can help you maintain a healthy weight
and may decrease your risk of developing chronic
diseases like heart disease and diabetes.
21. Snack Smart
Snacking on unhealthy foods can cause weight
An easy way to help shed pounds or maintain
a healthy weight is to make an effort to have
healthy snacks available at home, in your
car and at your place of work.
For example, stashing pre-portioned servings
of mixed nuts in your car or having cut-up
veggies and hummus ready in your fridge can
help you stay on track when a craving strikes.
22. Fill the Void
Boredom may lead you to reach for unhealthy
Studies have shown that being bored contributes
to an increase in overall calorie consumption
because it influences people to eat more food,
healthy and unhealthy .
Finding new activities or hobbies that you
enjoy is an excellent way to avoid overeating
caused by boredom.
Simply going for a walk and enjoying nature
can help get you in a better mindset to stay
motivated and stick to your wellness goals.
23. Make Time for Yourself
Creating a healthier lifestyle means finding
the time to put yourself first, even if you
don’t think it’s possible.
Life often gets in the way of weight loss
and fitness goals, so it is important to create
a plan that includes personal time, and stick
to it.
Responsibilities like work and parenting are
some of the most important things in life,
but your health should be one of your top
Whether that means preparing a healthy lunch
to bring to work, going for a run or attending
a fitness class, setting aside time to take
care of yourself can do wonders for both your
physical and mental health.

Exercise To Lose Weight For Women Over 50

– Hey everyone. Welcome
to Yoga with Adriene.
I am Adriene. Travel Edition!
Here we are in beautiful Los Angeles
and it’s a beautiful day.
The breeze is blowing,
there are lots of airplanes,
you might hear them actually.
And I wanted to hit the deck literally
and find what feels good.
We’re doing a yoga for a healthy liver
this afternoon.
This is amazing practice to help you
when you’re just feeling like
you need a little stimulation,
or you’re feeling a little tired,
or you need to kind of
purify the liver meridian.
This is gonna be a great practice
for you to just, kind of, get rid
of the build up of toxins and bad stuff
so then you can create
space for the good stuff.
Let’s hop on the mat and get started.
( calming acoustic guitar)
Alrighty my friends so
we’re going to begin
in a seated position.
Just take a second to get comfortable.
Gather your bearings, get situated,
and then when you’re ready
we’ll extend the legs out long.
And then just nice and easy to begin
we’re gonna come into a
Bent-Knee Foward Fold.
So this is just super
easy, nice and easy-breezy.
So you can just kinda fall into it,
take your eyes off the video
and again, with the knees bent,
we’ll just allow the head to rest over,
maybe in-between the knees,
but if they don’t quite get
there all the way that’s okay.
Allow the shoulders to relax.
Maybe allow the eyes to soften or close.
And begin to notice your breath here.
(airplane in distance)
Feet can be flexed, or toes pointed,
just a little bit of energy there,
whatever feels best for you.
If you wanna begin to
straighten the legs you can,
but just lots of permission
here to keep them bent.
Breathing into the back body.
And then breathing into the lower belly.
Again, it’s okay to look at
the video, but as needed,
but go ahead and allow yourself
permission to let the
weight of the head go.
That was a loud plane, it’s kinda fun.
Okay, couple more breaths here,
really truly breathe into your belly,
breathe into your lower back body
whatever that means to you,
take bigger and deeper breaths.
And then we’ll slowly release,
begin to straighten the legs and roll up.
Awesome, alright. Keep
the right leg extended,
we’re gonna lift the left leg up
coming to a nice bent knee here.
And give yourself a little bit of space
between your left heel and your right leg
so we don’t have to be
so tightly wound up,
even though we’re moving into twists,
you can kind of keep
the space that we need.
So begin to lift up tall
through the spinal column.
Stay grounded through your right leg
and then we’re just
gonna hug that left knee
in with your right elbow.
This is a familiar shape for a lot of us,
you can kind of guage how close
or how far your left
heel is and then again,
nice and tall through the spinal column.
Think up, as you breath
down into your belly.
So that can be a little advanced,
especially for beginners.
Lift and lengthen up through
the crown of the head,
but as you breathe in
you might close your eyes
and imagine the breath
going in through your nose
and really filling out
through the lower belly.
So it’s kind of counter
to what we’re often taught
in terms of breath
work, we inhale, exhale.
So instead we’re keeping the heart lifted,
spinal column tall, and we breathe in,
the breath travels down,
breath out, travels up.
More on that in the Pranayama
series on this channel.
Okay so stay here. If you wanna release
the left fingertips behind, you can.
If you wanna go a little bit deeper
you can bring the outer
edge of your right elbow
to the outer edge of your left knee.
Coming onto the twist here,
but also you can release
the right fingertips to the ground
and still work on this twist
really thinking about it
from the base of the spine all the way up.
So try to resist the urge
to crank or lean back.
So really asking, right,
for a nice loving squeeze
in the lower body.
Never thought I’d say those words.
Okay, one or two more breaths here.
And we’ll gently release.
When you release try not to collapse
on the spine, keep it nice and tall.
So this is deceivingly hard work.
It might seem kind of
simple but it’s really good
if you really work from the inside out.
Keep the left leg where it is,
keep the right leg where it is,
and just a little counter-twist here.
Again, breathing into the lower belly.
Right fingertips swing
behind and left palm
can either come to the outer
edge of the right thigh,
or fingertips to the mat, and we breathe.
So as I’m breathing in my
lower belly, my belly expands.
Breathing out it retracts in.
Breathing in, belly
expands like a balloon.
Breathing out it retracts in.
Keep that left knee hugging in,
press into all four
corners of your left foot
if you need to give yourself
a little more space, take it.
(airplane overhead)
And when I said there were going to be
a few planes I meant a million,
Let’s just roll with it. It’s kinda fun.
And then I’ll gently
release it back to center
and I’m gonna switch.
So same little diddy on the other side.
Extending through the left
leg, bending the right knee.
Super important to kind of pay attention
to all four corners of
the right foot, right?
Firming down through the left thighbone,
sitting up nice and tall.
Just taking your time
with all of this today,
just so we’re in a nice
action and good alignment.
And then when you’re ready,
hugging the right knee
with the left elbow.
So a couple things I should mention.
If you’re feeling like you’re leaning back
into a dark hell, then
maybe lift the hips up.
Sit up on a blanket, a block, a pillow.
Give your hips a little bit of lift
so that you can find length
in the lower back body,
because we really want to be able
to breath into the belly
in this seated twist, so.
Revolving whenever your ready,
right fingertips can come behind.
Again, we can hug the right knee in
as we lift up tall through the spine.
Breathing into the belly.
Resist the urge to kind of come
into the Magazine posture here,
and really see if you
can kind of cultivate
some energy in your lower belly,
whatever that means to you.
Breathe into the back body,
whatever that means to you,
and if you want to take it a little deeper
then you can take the outer edge
of the left elbow to the
outer edge of the right knee.
Lift and lengthen.
See if you can begin to extend
your inhalations, make them longer.
And then use that exhale to release.
Inhale. Fill her up and expand.
Exhale. Draw the navel in and release.
One more.
(audible breathing)
Then gently back to center. Counter-twist.
So best you can, paying attention
to the sensations of the body.
That’s one of the beautiful
things about home practice,
or backyard practice is that you can kind
of move at your own
pace, and so I’m trying
not to rush this video too much.
I want us to have a little bit
of time and space to just go,
“Okay I’m getting bored
how can I close my eyes,
and breathe, breathe, breathe.”
Or, “Wow it’s amazing, yoga works.
I already notice a difference
in my body and my energy.”
It’s attempting to find
a little bit of balance,
but you kind of have
to do your part right?
So breathe deep. A
couple more breaths here.
(audible breathing)
When you get in the groove of the breath
it really feels awesome.
And then we’ll gently release.
Cool. Bring the left foot
in, cross the ankles.
Very gently, ever so gracefully
we’ll come on to all fours.
Great. Take a second to
bring the knees together.
Tops of the feet on the mat, send it back.
Extend it, excuse me,
well, it’s a Child’s Pose
and the arms are extended.
Forehead might kiss the mat,
and take a couple breaths here.
Again, breathing deep
into the lower belly.
Breathing into the lower back body.
See if you can feel your skin stretch
as you breathe in deeply.
(audible breathing)
You might begin to cultivate
an Ujjayi breath here.
(audible breathing)
And we’ll slowly rise up,
come to Tabletop Position.
One of my fav’s.
Wrists underneath the shoulders,
knees directly underneath the hips.
Adriene slides her mic
back, so discreetly.
And knees underneath the hip points.
Press away from your yoga
mat, you know what to do here.
Press into the tops of the feet
take a couple breaths here,
drawing the shoulders away from the ears.
Hugging the lower belly up into the spine.
Again, pressing away from your yoga mat.
Doing awesome everyone.
To check this line from
the crown of the head
to the tip of the tailbone,
we’ll press in our foundation
and lift the knees, let them hover.
It doesn’t have to be a big lift.
Just a little lift to
connect to your core.
Draw the shoulders away from the ears.
One more breath in. And out.
And release. Awesome Cat-Cow.
Take it away.
Stretching the belly as
your heart opens forward.
Breathe in. Exhale pressing
into your foundation.
All ten knuckles and
tops of the feet strong
as we round through the spine.
Chin to chest, navel rolls up and continue
tailbone up towards
the sky, heart forward.
Breathe in. Find what
feels good here for sure,
and then exhale, curling
the tailbone under.
Travelling up through the spine,
hugging those lower ribs in,
really making the most of it here.
Great. Do one more.
Moving with your breath.
Great. Curl the toes under.
Send the hip points up and back.
Downward-Facing Dog.
Bend the knees generously here,
pedal it out, melt your heart
back, find what feels good.
If you’re new to the practice, check out
the Downward Dog foundations video
in the Foundations of Yoga playlist.
And take breaks whenever you need to.
Great. Drop the left heel,
lift the right leg up high.
Take a deep breath in on an exhale.
Squeeze right knee in towards your heart.
Navel up towards the spine.
Hollow up through the upper
back body, strong pose here,
and then step your right foot forward.
Awesome. Lower the left knee,
and just take a second
here to stretch it out.
So to each his own here.
We stack front knee over front ankle.
We might rock a little
front, a little back.
(airplane overhead)
Then I’m gonna lift my back knee up
into my low lunge, or i might find
that it’s best for me to keep
my knee on the ground today,
so we are working at all
different levels here, for sure.
Deep breath in. Deep breath out.
Plant the palms, set the right toes back.
Slowly lower to your
belly, inhale to Cobra.
Big breath in, press your foundation.
Don’t overdo it here just nice and easy,
nice stimulation of the intestines here.
Anyway, so keep it nice and low.
Pull the elbows back. One more breath.
And then exhale, release.
Curl the toes under.
Press up to all fours or Plank.
Take a deep breath in.
Lift the corners of your mouth slightly,
and then send it back.
Downward-facing dog. Awesome.
Couple breaths here to just work it out.
(audible breathing)
And when you’re ready
we’ll drop the right heel.
And take a deep breath in as
you lift the left leg up high.
Great. Inhale. Exhale.
Squeeze the left knee
in towards your heart
Hollow through the upper back body,
super strong pose here, core strengther.
Draw your navel up.
Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.
And then step it up into your lunge.
Lower the right knee
down and stretch it out.
So you get a chance to really kind of like
find what feels good for you.
Maybe you’re sore from sitting in a desk.
Maybe you’re sore from a run, or a cycle.
Cycling. Bicycling. So
to each his own here.
Also this nice reflexology moment too,
the very least for your feet.
Lift the back knee if you want to.
Give it a try, nice, low lunge.
Inhale, everyone, wherever you are.
Loop the shoulders. Let
your heart radiate forward.
Grow long in the neck.
Then plant the palms.
Slide the left toes back to Plank.
This time, Chaturanga
to Up-Dog if you want,
otherwise repeat what we did before,
lowering all the way to the belly
and the coming up to
Cobra so we have options.
Deep breath in everyone.
Long breath out as you
send it to Child’s Pose.
Keep the palms forward again,
rest the forehead on the Earth.
Close your eyes and take a rest.
Oh my God this breeze is
coming through here so amazing.
(audible breathing)
And you might say “Thank you”, here.
The most wonderful prayer.
I read a quote today about if “Thank you”,
were the only prayer we said, we’d be set.
And I tend to agree.
And this pose, this shape,
just kind of is a sweet surrender.
Sweet Surrender Pose.
Totally a “Thank You” pose.
Okay that’s enough Adriene. Here we go.
All fours. Curl the toes
under, back to Down Dog.
Doing great everyone, let’s keep it going.
Bending the knees, cultivating
a little bit of energy here.
Here we go. Drop the left heel,
lift the right leg up high.
Deep breath in.
On the exhale, squeeze it
up in towards the heart.
Hold here. Press away from your yoga mat.
Super strong in the left heel.
And then step it up into your lunge.
Moving into a twist, so you
can keep that left knee lower,
or we can keep it lifted. We have options.
Draw the palms together.
Super strong in the legs.
Lifting the heart up, bend the left knee.
Scoop your tailbone underneath you
so we’re kind of inviting you
to go from here. To here.
So if you bend that left knee,
you’re gonna allow for
the space to do just that.
Then you can always begin
to straighten it again.
So we’re drawing the pelvis in underneath.
Head over heart. Heart over pelvis.
Lift your sternum to your thumbs, awesome.
Deep breath in. Again,
we can always be here.
Deep breath in. On an
exhale move into your twist.
Outer edge of the left elbow against
the outer edge of the right knee.
Find that push and pull that
we’ve been talking about
for the last month.
We had talked about it during August
and the yoga basics.
Sending the left heel
back, begin to revolve.
If you want take the left hand to a fist,
right hand comes on top.
Grow long through the neck.
Grow long through the spine.
Breath into your lower
belly, you got this.
Two more breaths.
Pulling the right hip crease back.
Keep going through your checklist.
Stay curious and then gently release.
With control, best you can.
Take a rest, or slide the right toes back
and move through a Vinyasa.
So this is your time to play today.
I encourage you to repeat the practice,
so they can, you know, these
moments can always change,
and will vary from day-to-day,
based on how you feel.
Great. We’ll meet in Downward-Facing Dog,
and do the same thing on the other side.
Awesome work everyone.
Drop the right heel, lift
the left leg up high.
Take a deep breath in and on the exhale
squeeze the left knee
in towards your heart.
Hold here. Hollow through the upper body.
Navel draws up, up, up and then
step it up into your lunge.
Again, we have the option
to lower the back knee here.
Loop the shoulders, draw the
palms together at the heart.
Great. Bend the right knee so
you can find your alignment,
scooping the tailbone
down, heavy and down.
Tucking the pelvis, inner
thighs squeeze together
lots of energy here.
Then maybe we begin to
straighten that right leg,
and maybe not, or maybe it’s on the Earth.
Great. Inhale.
Lift your sternum up to your
thumbs, open your heart.
Exhale. Journey into
your powerful twist here.
Left hip crease pulls back.
Navel stays connected to the spine.
I move with my breath.
You can take your eyes off the video now,
and really begin to
find that push and pull.
That press and squeeze, finding a sense
of balance and ease, as
we work really hard here.
Send the right heel back.
Breathe, breathe breathe.
Take the right hand into a
fist, left palm comes on top.
Maybe we grow a little bit
taller through the neck.
Long through the spine. Inhale in.
Exhale out. One more breath.
Awesome work everyone. Gently release.
Try to do it with a little
control, a little grace.
And same thing, we’ll plant the palms,
slide the left toes back and this time
everyone come all the way onto your belly.
If you want to sneak in
a little Vinyasa there
you rebel, go for it. Great.
So this time I’m going
to lift up into a Cobra.
Trying to figure out how
to do this on this deck.
And I’m going to send my left palm out.
I think this way will be
better to do it first.
Followed by my right.
Then I’m gonna bend my right knee,
this might take a second for us
to do this via video but we can do it!
And I’m gonna send my right toes
over towards the left side of my yoga mat,
or my room, or my mat. Great.
Then I’m gonna allow my left ear to drop,
and I’m gonna come to either the sole
of my right foot and right palm here.
Or, so this is option one.
Be super mindful if you
feel any push, or press,
or pinch, I should say,
that’s what i meant, at all
then you need to come out of this.
Or, you can reach behind
and grab the right ankle.
Inhale in. Exhale.
Flex the right foot, kick out.
Breathing deep. Pressing
through all ten knuckles strong.
You might point the right foot
here if that feels better.
And then just release all the way back.
Same thing on the other side.
Right hand goes out.
Left fingertips support.
Bend the left knee, then check it out.
Use your left toes to
take you over and around.
You can rest on the right ear here,
so resting your head down.
Option one, sole of the
right foot on the ground
and that left foot. Caught it!
Or, lots of breath here.
Or I reach my left fingertips around,
grab my left ankle, and find that kick.
Super important to stay connected
through the right hand here,
and again, don’t push it.
Listen to your body. Be kind.
(audible breath)
Great. One more breath.
And then we use the exhale to release.
Awesome. Super awesome everyone.
Draw the palms underneath the shoulders.
Inhale. Cobra.
Exhale. Release.
Inhale to all fours,
and exhale Child’s Pose.
This time, full Child’s Pose.
Swimming the fingertips
around to the back.
A couple of nice, sweet,
loving breaths here.
Close your eyes. Enjoy this
last bit of time on your mat.
Most beautiful time. Take in for yourself.
Awesome job everyone.
Pressing the tops of the
feet, connect navel to spine.
Just a little energy in your
belly and then roll up here.
Great. We’re gonna shift to the side.
Almost done here. Really
awesome work everyone.
So worth the time, so if
you’re feeling a little anxious
stick with it, so good to
balance out the system here.
I’m gonna draw my left heel
in. Cross the right leg over.
Coming into Gomukhasan Legs or Cow Legs.
So, important for me to
keep a heavy base here,
to protect the knee.
Important to keep a little
brightness in the feet,
to also protect the knee.
If your knees come nowhere
close to each other,
then there’s opportunities
to work like this, like so.
Or maybe more in the
line of a Fire Log Pose.
Or even just a cross-legged position.
So let’s give her a try.
Again keeping a nice weight in the base
of the pelvis, and in the tailbone.
A little brightness in the feet.
And I’m gonna bring my
fingertips out to the side.
Take a deep breath in
and a long breath out.
Deep breath in, lift and lengthen
through the spinal column.
And long breath out.
We find a little Mula
Bandha an Uddiyana Bandha.
Talk about this more, some of us
have been chatting about it,
on the Find What Feels Good Group.
And then wherever you are,
take your right hand down
and lift your left
fingertips all the way up
and over while staying grounded
strong in the sit bones.
Now check it out. Hug the lower ribs in,
and reach further with
the left fingertips.
Hug the lower ribs in,
and reach further with
the left fingertips.
Now take the biggest
breath you’ve taken all day
into your lower belly.
Feel that breath as it
travels down, down, down.
And then exhale back to center.
Whew, yeah baby.
Left hand down, right fingertips reach up.
Stay grounded in the feet,
grounded in your lower body,
your foundation, whatever
your shape looks like.
Hug the lower ribs in,
reach a little more.
Hug the lower ribs in,
and reach a little more.
Great. Back to center and
we’ll switch the legs.
Here we go.
Just keepin it real
today, just fixing things.
Exposing. Keeping it, keeping it homemade.
Here we go.
So this side a little
bit different of course.
It’s taken me years to get my
legs even this close together,
so if you’re like, you
know, just be mindful.
And for too many years
I kind of forced myself
into this pose and it
was very uncomfortable,
and I feel like honestly
had pain because of it.
So be really mindful,
it’s really important.
I mean, I know we say that all the time
but it’s just so important.
So if you’re like “Yeah, nah,
I’m just gonna go here today.”
Then go here. Okay?
Everyone is different,
especially in the hips.
So wherever you are, find your integrity.
Find what feels good, and then
we’re just gonna repeat the same thing.
This time starting with the left side.
So left palm will come
down or left fingertips.
And I’ll reach all the way
up and over with my right.
Hug the lower rib cage in, reach.
Close you eyes this time if you know
what you’re doing, and breath deep.
See if you can emanate energy, awareness,
throughout the entire body
so even your left toe.
Your shoulder blades drawing
in and together and down.
Great, and gently come back to center.
I’m gonna take it to the other side.
Yoga with Adriene behind
the scenes today. Exposed.
Right palm down, left fingertips up.
Man the air out here, for
all you West Coasters.
Super nice, pretty beautiful.
Draw the shoulders away from the ears.
Close your eyes for these
last few breaths, you got it.
And then we’ll come back to center,
and we’ll begin to unravel the legs.
And then you get to chose what
pose you want to finish in.
So it could be Sukhasana,
this mediation pose.
It could be a Reclined Cobbler’s Pose.
It could be Child’s Pose,
that felt really good.
Or it could be Savasana.
So I’m gonna go into Savasana,
cause that’s my favorite one.
But I want you to definitely pick
one pose before you finish today
to just allow the nutrients
of your practice to settle and seep in.
To allow the mind and body
just a moment of stillness,
or at least an attempt to be still,
and to really, you know,
allow your hard work
to work its magic.
So come into that pose, again,
it could be a seated meditation,
it could be Corpse Pose,
it could be a Reclined Cobbler’s
Pose, that’s this pose.
Maybe you’re more
comfortable on your belly,
and so you get to decide.
I feel like this is kind
of fun and important
and what’s beautiful about
what we’re doing here.
So come to your final resting posture
and then give yourself permission
to rest. Super important.
You know, I kind of joking,
but you know, really truly,
this is the important last
step of your practice today.
So make sure you take it for yourself.
I send you my love. Wish you the best.
Thanks for practicing with me
and for sharing your
yoga practice with myself
and all the other people
in this community.
Have an awesome last posture
and an awesome rest of your day.
See ya next time. Namaste.
(acoustic guitar music)

Lose 100 Pounds Help Your Ejection Fraction

Week two’s much harder, gotta work twice as
hard people. Everybody incline 15 in the
back. Let’s go.
94 pounds let’s go. Higher higher fight
for it.
No more excuses. I’m optimistic but I
realize that week two is extremely
difficult. Give me more give me more. 94
pounds red team. You heard the man let’s
go red team, let’s go. And go. Ben went home.
Do you want to go back into that
elimination? No.
Losing my first weigh-in was not fun. I
don’t see anybody throwing a ball. Too
Better. Wall balls let’s go! Let me tell
you, I’m not losing the second weigh-in.
It’s just not gonna happen.
Gail move. Emily you’re an athlete. Throw that ball up as high as you can.
Better! Bob he’s pushing us right now. Run
to your treadmill, let’s go. To the point
where we’re I am wanting to puke.
Remember if everything gets to be too
tough you can always just go home like
Ben. If that’s what you want, by all
front door’s right there. I look over at my
team, I got Cassandra crying on the floor.
Good job over there Cassandra, falling
down in a corner I love that. Who knows
where Gail is. Gail you ready to go home?
No. Then throw that ball up there. It was like
non-stop. I have no patience and I have
no sympathy today, let’s go. Stand tall
stand tall. Better? Yes. I said
better. Yes, sir. Good Kimmy. Kim and Kimmy are responsible for that number 94 pounds, so I’m really
on those two you. You gamble for your team
you got to step up now. Blood sweat tears
they’re gonna have to carry me out of
this gym. 94 pounds, see that? Because I
promise you I am NOT gonna stop and I’m
not gonna give up.
94 pounds is what you’re fighting for. You
are responsible.
Okay? Yes, ready. Let’s go. I genuinely
think that Kim believes in herself and
believes that she can do it, but if the
red team falls under, the easy choice
would be Kim. I think 94 pounds was a
selfish decision. I’m in your head now. I’m not
gonna get out of your head.
I’m gonna be in your head every day
every night. In your head reminding you
to go get that athlete. I know I’m the
one that pushed the chips in. I’m the one.
I believe in us. I know that we can do it.
Give it all you got. Finish strong. You know what it’s like to finish strong. Come on.