Can You Lose Weight On Grapefruit

you know how important I think healthful
food drinking enough water and moving
are those are like totally huge
components and being healthy and having
good health in your body so I learned an
awesome snack about a year ago from the
person I’m going to introduce you to and
she actually has tons of other simple
healthy snacks of her sleep that she’s
gonna share with us today
this is Wendy hi hi Wendy thank you so
much for being here
glad to be here I really appreciate it
and so what is the first snack you’re
gonna oh do you have anything you want
to say before you give us a snack well
like you said hydration is really
important and I encourage people to
always drink at least 64 ounces of water
and I think that’s important with any of
your snacking that you’re doing so when
you do that and combine it with healthy
snacks you’re gonna have some really
good results okay great thank you all
right so what are you gonna show us
today some good protein carb balanced
snacks because you want to balance your
blood Sugar’s throughout the day and the
more you balance your blood Sugar’s the
more energy you’re gonna have first of
all and the more you’re gonna feel like
you can go and do the things that you
want to if you’re losing weight it also
helps you with weight loss if you want
to lose weight you can balance those
blood sugars gives you the energy that
you have and needs to keep you going
this is one of my easiest ones so I just
take an apple and we have an apple
cutter I love we use this all the time
slice my apple and then what this is is
it’s actually just raw almond almond
butter so most stores you can go to and
this is one that’s here in the West
called Winco Smith’s Kroger a lot of
places you go to all it is is just they
have a machine that’s either almonds or
peanuts and you just grind it so it’s
completely fresh there’s nothing else in
there so one of our favorite things to
do is to take one of these apple slices
and dip it you’ve got a healthy carb
which is your Apple and then you’ve got
the almond butter which is your healthy
protein simple easy great it’s so
fantastic for kids great after-school
snack as well and it’s one of my
favorites to do so that’s healthy snack
number one
I’m actually gonna jump over to the
second one okay so today I ran out of
cottage cheese so pretend this is
cottage cheese so one of my very
favorite all-time snacks to have or even
I eat it for lunch quite a bit is I’ll
take a bowl of cottage cheese and I use
about a cup to a cup and a half because
you want to have enough of a healthy
protein if I’m eating it for lunch I eat
about a cup and a half and then I’ll
take I love cherry tomatoes you don’t
have to do Tomatoes you really can do
anything you want but I love to take the
cherry tomatoes and slice them and then
I love these quick grab-and-go
because I’m all about convenience who
has time to make a lot of food
these are simple quick baths so then
I’ll take these are these little baby
cucumbers you can buy pretty much
anywhere and I’ll take my cottage cheese
in a bowl I’ll slice up my cucumbers
I’ll slice up my tomatoes and then like
Lynn was saying earlier this is called
talas supreme and you can get it in any
of your spices wherever you go and I
sprinkle some of the salad supreme on
top and it adds just that nice it’s got
paprika it’s got some sesame seeds adds
just a nice touch
to whatever it is that you’re making you
can use this on any salad I just love it
on cottage cheese because it gives it
just that little extra POW that you need
excellent I’ll link that below in case
people want to pick that up okay then
the Shalini asks a question about that
you take the cottage cheese you put it
in a bowl you cut up the cucumber’s you
put that in the bowl you take the tomato
you put that in the bowl you mix it all
together then you sprinkle the salad
supreme on top and you eat it like with
a spoon yes okay okay and you kind of
eat that as a meal I eat that as a meal
because it’s perfectly protein and carb
balanced you get just the right enough
cottage cheese has a lot of protein in
it and you also get just enough with
your healthy carbs if you are not a
cottage cheese fan and if you can handle
it you can do yogurt Greek yogurt is
what I prefer because it again has a lot
of protein in it so sometimes you can do
that another one of my favorites with
Greek plain yogurt that I’ll do that
how about hurry for about to bring it
but I will take a little bit of like
sugar-free jell-o whatever flavor you
I like black cherry and I’ll mix it into
the plain Greek yogurt and then if you
want you can sprinkle a little fruit in
there some blueberries raspberries a
little bit of healthy granola another
quick simple easy snack okay I’m totally
gonna try that that sounds really good
really really good you can do flavored
yogurt it’s just when you start getting
into your flavored Greek yogurts be
really careful about the calories yeah
well and they have tons of sugar they
can obtain the sugar so that’s why I
like to get the plain Greek yogurt and
then add in just a little bit then I
haven’t control of the flavoring and
what I want to do like that so that’s
something I like there are some places
called carb master you can get at Kroger
stores that I’ll mix that in with my
cottage cheese so I’ll do like one
container one yogurt container of the
carb master flavor like I like key lime
and I’ll mix it in with my cottage
cheese and add just a touch if you don’t
want my grounded I forgot it I actually
do this whipped cream because I did a
comparison of the healthier whipped
creams and honestly your what cream in a
can is one of your healthier ones
compared to your other versions so and
it’s not theirs this one’s got 20
calories you can throw it in mix in just
a couple of tablespoons is all you need
and it’s like a nice little jell-o salad
I love that that sounds really good and
the thing I like about this snack that
you’re sharing with us right here I’m
gonna just yes go in on the ingredients
here a little bit the thing that I and
you can remember right and it is healthy
raw vegetable snacks yeah and we’re
always wanting to get more raw
vegetables into our system so I really
like like that snack / potential lunch
yeah or breakfast so I eat tons of
vegetables for breakfast so that could
be something I’d eat for breakfast so
then your almond butter
that was like you could have a whole
green piece of toast or with your other
apples or raw vegetables another one
that you can do for a snack or you can
do it for a lunch if I love to take so
this is just turkey breast and I like to
get the no added hormones or nitrates
mm-hmm that’s something that I like to
choose and it’s thinly sliced and then
we get my kids love I do a lot of kids
snacks so my kids love these cheese
sticks so I’ll just take a cheese stick
like this and then I’ll take a piece of
the meat and I just wrap it so you’ve
got lots of protein and then I will just
cut up a cucumber like this and you
compare it you can actually if you get a
bigger cucumber you can just make a
sandwich and use the cucumber as your
bread so you do a slice of cucumber on
each side stick this in the middle and
it makes a perfect protein car balanced
snack again getting those fresh
vegetables in and you’re getting your
protein source and protein another
reason that you want good protein carb
balanced snacks if you’re just for
example if you’re just eating an apple
it’s not gonna hold you very long it
might last you know you might be full
for 15 minutes to a half an hour but if
you combine it with a healthy protein
it’s gonna last a lot longer so that it
lasts a couple hours instead so I like
this healthy cheese snack because of the
protein plus it’s easy do you have any
other cheese snacks healthy cheese
snacks that you use we use all the time
because you compare cheese cheese snacks
you can use for just about anything
like I said I love to pair it with the
vegetables when my kids are struggling
to eat vegetables if I put these two
together and put a piece of meat on
there they love it absolutely love it
another thing that you can do is
quesadillas we make a lot of case that
he is and you just put the cheese in
there and again
I just pair I always pair it with a
healthy fruit or vegetable because I
feel like that’s something that they
need to keep learning is that protein
card balance when we’re talking carbs
you have to remember things like your
tomatoes and your cucumbers have carbs
but they’re low-carb they’re very
healthy you need to have healthy carbs
the complex they’re complex carbs simple
carbs are gonna be things like chips
crackers they aren’t going to be quite
as healthy carbs for you so you want to
stick to the more complex ones whole
wheat breads whole wheat pastas those
are going to be more your complex
healthy carbs that you want to get into
your diet
yeah so another cheese I’m trying to
think let’s see another good cheese ones
so can we back up and talk about the
quesadillas yeah okay so what I’m
assuming a whole wheat case it is oh
whole wheat yeah really really good
there’s also there’s they actually make
cheese ones they’re cheese quesadillas
made out of cheese so you can take a
bunch of Parmesan cheese and melt it in
a pan and it makes a little quesadilla
not as not as high as in your carbs but
it’s healthy a little snack or you can
make a little cheese crisps that are
really fun to do with another healthy
snack another favorite munchies is
almonds I love to take my kids love to
eat almonds and cheese together super
fun little snack that you can do almonds
are healthy when you do them in
moderation your nuts if you get too many
it can bring too much fat but overall
though they’re healthy if you just keep
them in moderation
that’s another Frenchie’s snack I would
say those are probably our most popular
ones that we eat around here because
we’re all about quick gravity yeah
that’s great thank you so much okay so
this is another fun one and then one of
my very favorite recipes this isn’t
necessarily a snack but it could be I
love to take my favorite vegetable so
what I have here that’s olive oil
Parmesan cheese I’ve got an onion this
is a zucchini that I bought yesterday
couple zucchinis I like to get the small
ones you can take yellow squash you can
take sweet potatoes regular potatoes
pretty much asparagus I’ve done it all
whatever vegetables you like because
everyone’s got different veggies that
they like cauliflower broccoli what I do
is I like to slice these up and then I
take I love the onions
Keeney and sometimes like I said I’ll
throw an asparagus or red pepper really
add some color some brightness mm-hmm
you get a red pepper and slice that up
and then I’ll put them in a great big
bowl and then I pour 1 to 2 tablespoons
of olive oil on it and then I mix that
all together and then I sorry I wasn’t
ready for this one I take a big cookie
sheet this is a little one but I take
this is who L used well loved but I have
a big cookie sheet so then I’ll take all
of my sliced veggies and I spray this
down or put it on parchment paper and
spread them out as flat as I can so
sometimes I’ll shake it like this and
then I take my salt and pepper or if
you’ve got a favorite seasoning salt
like you could do this salad supreme if
you really wanted to or we’ve got some
other spices that we like to do there’s
one called crazy Jaden mix up it’s just
a different seasoning that you can do
I’ll put that sometimes it’s just salt
and pepper
so I’ll salt and pepper then I put
Parmesan cheese on it so I’ll sprinkle
the Parmesan cheese on it and then I
roast it in the oven under broiled for
about 15 minutes until it’s a nice
golden brown you know on a black you
just want a nice golden brown and that
is one of my served it’s just so many
people and that’s one of their favorites
you eat it with your fingers or you eat
it please
you bring it out of the oven because
it’ll be hot you serve it as a side dish
oh you see since it’s a side dish for a
meal or you could just eat it yeah like
with your fingers or the fork or
whatever I usually okay so I need a
little bit help on this one I lost I
lost you somewhere in the mail so you
cut up the vegetables you cut up the
onion you slice it or you chop it
however you want okay and then you lay
the onion and whatever vegetable you
choose on oh no first you you move it
around in olive oil then you put it on
the tray put the parmesan on and
whatever seasonings put it in the oven
roast which is what boil is that broil
is roast boil okay broil okay and then
all right yeah I’d love you to show us
okay okay it’s super easy not hard at
all so my counter
used to top so we’ll take this the key
that you want to do is you want to make
sure that it is sliced thinly because
I’m just grabbing my bowl here a bowl
not my best bowl work you want to slice
them fairly thinly because you don’t
want to take forever to cook them we’re
just doing a roast so and I am NOT a
chef so I just slice and dice fast real
quick we’re doing even faster today so
just for an example throw the ends away
so let’s say and it’s not what are many
vegetables you want if you just want a
couple of vegetables great then my onion
I’m actually just gonna slice it so if
you slice the onion and put it in does
anybody get like a like a whole bite of
onion when they take the snack if they
yeah if you don’t want any and don’t do
any and I love and I love the flavor of
onion I feel like it flavors your food
really nicely but if you are worried
about onions and don’t just cut out the
onion don’t do it I like onion but I
think if I’m serving it to the family
I’m not sure the kids would like it as
much so what I do is I dice it pretty
finely okay slices hmm so this is kind
of what I do so it’s still fairly
chunked but it’s not huge
that makes sense yes so then I get these
pieces out I’ll just slide that down
into my bowl we’re not picky here right
no we’re not picky this is just a small
example I just kind of flip it like yeah
I just add a little bit we’re not gonna
put so much on because I usually do way
more vegetables than this yeah this is
just to show you guys mm-hmm okay so I
get all the vegetables in there I love
bell pepper I will put bell pepper in
there’s one of my other favorites
because it adds a nice color because
this can get kind of dull and boring
right so then I take just think of this
as a mass
it’s much bigger so then I’ll spread it
out on my cookie sheet once I’ve got it
all mixed in there see it’s not even my
onion didn’t even get mixed in it
sometimes I’ll put broccoli or
cauliflower just kind of whatever I have
around the house so just picture this is
loaded with vegetables then I’ll put I I
sprinkle a little bit this is just my
kosher salt that I like it because it’s
a little chunkier so I’ll sprinkle a
little of that a little pepper
however much you want and then then I
put the parmesan that I’ll sprinkle on
the top and I try to cover every
vegetable because it’s so good and the
nice thing about the parmesan is that
also makes it a golden brown mm-hmm well
the program has protein in it too
doesn’t it
uh-huh well throw it in so what I’ve
done is I’ve taken my oven I put it on
high or you can do it if you’ve got some
but if you’ve got like potatoes I would
actually put it on I don’t know if you
can but like mine we can do high and I
can do low so I usually with my what is
it baked no this way okay broil
royal yep so I do broil and then I just
throw him in you have to take your pans
out first I usually use wow there must
be a lot of vegetable eaters around here
roasted veggies they are fantastic and I
know I do this a lot with what people
come over I’ve done this and I don’t
like pair it with some roasted chicken
if you want to do chicken or if you want
to do regular if you’re a meat-eater I
just pair it with a good healthy protein
and people love it they think it’s
fantastic so we’ll check on those in a
minute but that’s one of my favourite
snacks for fresh vegetables that you can
turn into roasted and I like them still
a list a little bit tender and crisps
but you can cook them to however you
want them and it’s a big hit that’s
people of it you’re kind of all about
the carb protein combo thing yeah
because again it’s balancing your blood
Sugar’s which is going to give you more
energy it’s going to help you to feel
better and if you’re eating card
balanced protein snacks and meals
throughout the day it’s gonna help with
weight as well whether you exercise what
you should be doing it’ll help with that
too when you’re exercising just to feel
balanced so another one that I love to
do is my salad so with the salad again
just whatever salad you want
I like romaine because I feel like it’s
got a little bit more spinach so what
are we doing about this romaine thing in
the United States right now where
they’re recalling all the romaine and
nobody’s selling it and the recall is
over oh it’s over okay
all right yeah so that’s why they’re
back to selling the romaine lettuce but
you can eat whatever lettuce you want
red lettuce butter leaf lettuce yes all
kinds of lettuces you can choose i iose
Burgas it’s a good lettuce but it
doesn’t have as much a nutritional right
something really went so that’s why I
choose roaming right or Spanish minutes
yeah I do spend in gelati yeah I just
have romaine on him and so same thing
this is the thing as I love I always
have salad stuff as a staple around my
house just because it’s easy and quick
and fast a lot of times too I use the
spring mix that’s another really good
easy one depending on where you shop so
um salad you put in whatever you want I
like to use cucumbers tomatoes you can
do your bell peppers I like the mini
ones cuz they’re easy to cut up and then
what I do is just for a quick snack
especially if you’re looking at
protein car balance I will open I like
chicken chicken breast you could do tuna
it’s again I’m looking fast too so we’re
looking at yeah fast quick yeah that’s
that’s one of the things like already I
can see that fast and easy is a big part
of this because like at my house if I
were to have chicken I’d be like I’m
gonna cook the chicken and I’m gonna you
know and it would be like major
production but I love the fact that
they’re quick and easy and fast that’s
that’s awesome so for lunch what I’ll do
is I’ll just open up some a can of
chicken some of my favorite brands
this is Bolthouse and it’s a yogurt
dressing the salsa ranch isn’t my
favorite might this my favorite is the
ranch and the bleu cheese you can tell
the bleu cheese is almost gone yeah yeah
so they’re low calorie which I really
like and they’re also made out of yogurt
which is another great one and I also
love Opa Opa yeah I’ve got another one
I’m out of it right now but I love their
ranch dressings and I use them all the
again another healthy substitute if
you’re addressing person these are
really good healthy if you like the
creamy now if you like more of the like
oil and vinegar then you can do this is
one of my favorites
that’s got an Asian spin on it and it’s
light and there’s a lot of light ones
that you can do that are really healthy
this is one of my favorite is this a lot
of this Asian sesame mm-hmm I actually
use it with um sometimes I’ll make
cauliflower rice and I’ll put like stir
fry over it like chicken uh-huh okay and
I’ll do chicken and warm it up and I’ll
put this over it because it gives it a
nice little that sounds really good but
that would be more of a main a main dish
that’s more of a me do but that sounds
good she jig do just a call from our
rice and the chicken and that sesame oh
yeah you could put a bell pepper and
stuff like that in it too but that
sounds really good you’re some onion in
it yeah yeah I love that that’s great
okay let me make sure I get a good
picture of these guys they have all
kinds of flavors there’s so many
different flavors with full house you
find the Bolthouse in your refrigerated
section or salad dressings oh wait a
minute now that seems important are you
talking about the in the produce area
and the produce air
okay to your salads there’s always a big
section of refrigerated salad dressings
that’s where you’re gonna find your
yogurt quick ones like the OPA and the
Bolthouse though so they won’t be on the
regular because the salad dressing oil
is a full aisle of salad dressing so
they’re not over there this one and this
one in Newman’s light I also like you’re
gonna find these on your regular salad
dressing aisle okay yeah but these are
gonna find the refrigerated section
makes a fast simple snack salads are
great healthy snack to have and if you
throw the chicken on you’ve got that
good protein carb balance another thing
that I like to do as far as chicken
salads is rotisserie chicken if you pick
up a rotisserie chicken you know at your
local store and you’ve got leftovers
it’s great to just throw some rotisserie
chicken on there and it’s good snack too
so those are my salad ideas another
thing that you do I don’t know if you
guys have big name brand stores that you
shop at but I like to when we go get
jerky they have a turkey jerky that they
sell this once at Costco you have a cost
go around that’s very healthy snack that
we eat a lot my kids do love jerky and
so we eat a lot of jerky you just want
to watch your sodium is your biggest
thing you’re watching this I like this
one because it’s more natural and it’s
lower fat and it doesn’t have as much
sodium in it well don’t you have to
watch the sugar in it too if you have
teriyaki it’s really high actually I
like this one cause it’s just straight
Turkey we get the turkey jerky a lot
yeah yeah but you do want to check your
sodium and your sugar level Reggie
Sanders talked about almonds and we have
a lot of almonds on snack as a snack as
a healthy snack I snack on these all the
time nuts that’s the back here we have
the big bag another great snack to have
is to find a protein a protein powder
that you really like and this is just
one you can look at body fortress I
don’t even remember where we got this
one probably at Costco again but if you
find a really good protein that you like
I actually add this to shakes you can if
you do just like a smoothie we can do
timebut throw it in my smoothie for a
little extra protein and putting it like
a handful of spinach and whatever fruits
you like make your own flavor and
smoothies I also actually add this to my
pancakes oh yeah I’m cooking healthy
that’s good yeah yeah that’s good cuz
I’ll use wheat and I’ll throw in a scoop
of this and make just some healthy
pancakes yeah that’s awesome
I also haven’t been known to thrown it
in you know when you get those leftover
bananas that are over right yeah and do
banana bread I’ll throw it in there I’ll
put a little bit in there and then I
actually use Greek yogurt as a
substitute and applesauce for a lot of
the oil in the butter so I’ll just throw
those things in front okay
this one’s mine so you want to find
there’s protein bars and snacks the with
protein bars these are some of my
favorites but it’s through a company
that I actually work wit work with for
health coaching and but what I wanted to
point out with these bars you want to
look because not all protein bars are
the same absolutely if some of them are
tons with sugar and write all kinds of
so you but the thing that I will suggest
as far as I healthy snack with protein
bars is to look at the nutrition like on
this one you can see that it’s got a
hundred and ten calories the fat is only
3 grams your carb is only 12 so here’s
what I’m looking for I’m looking for
here’s my protein my protein is 11 grams
and my carbs are 12 do you see how those
are really close together mm-hmm
if you want a good balanced protein bar
you want the protein and the carbs to be
close sometimes you’ll get protein bars
and the carbs will be like 42 and your
protein might be 30 those really aren’t
super super close you want closer
because if they’re if they got super
high carbs you’re gonna have a lot of
calories you’re gonna have a lot of fat
a lot of sugar so you want to make sure
not for not on protein bars are made
so I’m gonna look because I have a
beloved bar that I eat which is a kind
bar and I am gonna when I go home I’m
gonna check and see what that is and see
if it meets that yeah because you want
it to be fairly close together the more
the farther apart they are the less
healthy that protein bar is going to be
for you excellent I love that tip thank
you so much those are another fast go to
I eat these all the time fast really
easy go-to snack okay so I’m gonna check
on our vegetables really quickly I know
they’re not quite brown enough but you
couldn’t start seeing oh it makes them
so good they’re starting to brown and
golden yeah and you can see and I
usually roast mine just a little bit
darker than here but they’re already
getting tender mmm that’s my oven same
clothes me just in ten minutes huh
yep just in timid so you only want him
in there for 10 to 15 minutes that’s why
they’re a fast quick thing yeah
so really the longest part is just
chopping it all up mixing it in together
so yeah there’s my quick and healthy
snacks I love it thank you so much I
think what we’ll do is wait until those
what were they Sookie the zucchini and
onions are done and we can take pictures
of them and maybe taste them together
and I will be the taste tester because
okay I’ll see if I like I’m gonna I
actually like zucchini so I have to like
them yeah and so we’ll we’ll just look
at those in just a minute
I kind of have in my mind that maybe
you’ve lost weight have you lost weight
I did lose weight I lost 50 pounds okay
I kind of thought that um maybe another
time on another video we can talk about
that and what kind of what that looked
well I’d love to do another video on
smoothies as well okay so if we could do
a couple different ones that would be
great work on that
okay people clothes right now and I’ll
just show a picture oh my go
maybe well maybe we’ll show us eating it
or something but okay I will say though
with my weight loss a lot of it had to
do with these balanced protein carbs
yeah yes yeah that makes sense to me
yeah okay we can check you let me check
one more time we’ll check one more time
cuz it’s really close mmm okay where are
we at with these roasted vegetables okay
I just pull them out
just remember usually I have a huge
amount they’re all together so they look
a little bit better than this but so
this is about the perfect amount though
of browning that you want you can see
your Parmesan cheese is browned really
nicely cuz you don’t want it charred
that’s not good for you so I’m gonna
grab some here
so usually what I do is I just serve
them up as a side dish but a lot of
times especially if I’ve had them left
over I’ll just eat them as a snack yeah
like a look yeah okay so here they’re
gonna be hot with the cookie
we’re gonna let you try them out okay
try them out yeah why not
all right here we go I might just have
to blow a little bit there bhai shows
wait a minute
maybe they do look they do look
beautiful did I show it on the plate
hang on look at that they do look really
good and you can you have to admit it
was fast mm-hmm all right here we go
can give it a try sounds good
oh yeah that’s good oh yeah mm-hmm and
it’s still pretty crunchy stay here yeah
crunchy but hopefully tender enough but
yes not yeah I would eat this though too
but what’s its ice oh it’s the pepper I
taste I’m tasting something kind of okay
I endorse this this is very good I love
it good good and like I said you can add
in any vegetables you want that’s the
nice thing up about it that’s the beauty
of it because there have been many many
days when I’m like short tonight I don’t
know what to fix and I just find
whatever vegetables I’ve got throw them
together and coat them with olive oil
and salt and pepper and parmesan and
you’re good to go
I love it mm-hmm all right thank you so
much for being willing to come on the
channel and share these healthy protein
and carb snacks
i-i’ve learned some things today so I’m
really excited about that to be able to
share with the viewers and I would love
to come back and talk about those other
things as well okay thanks for having me
on I appreciate it thanks Wendy okay