Can You Get Rid Of Fat In The Blood

REBECCA GRIMSHAW: All of a sudden overnight
she was like a skeleton. I would work harder
the more weight she would lose.
She was my thinspiration.
COMM: Courtney Grimshaw was just twelve years
old when she embarked on a strict diet after
being teased by her slimmer, older sister,
Rebecca. The competition between them almost
cost Courtney her life.
REBECCA GRIMSHAW: I first saw her starting
to lose weight and I was kind of like, well
you know, I was always the skinny one, so
I started like watching her, like figuring
out how she does it, like we just kind of
did it together, like we would eat dinner
at the same time, do workouts at the same
time, like everything.
COMM: The sisters would eat just 350 calories
a day and exercise for up to 6 hours.
COURTNEY GRIMSHAW: I remember she would wake
up in the middle of the night and need to
exercise, needs to do a workout video. She
will wake me up and ask me to come down. We
kind of let each other look to one another
for the drive.
COMM: Eventually Rebecca realised the damage
she was doing to her body and stopped dieting.
But Courtney was powerless to stop losing weight.
COURTNEY GRIMSHAW: My lowest weight was 70
pounds, so I lost about 50 pounds in a year.
I remember my biggest goal was getting to
69 on the scale. My opinion of my body at
the time was so complicated, it’s weird
you have the, like, emotional side, the voice
like in your head that says that you’re fat.
REBECCA GRIMSHAW: At the time, you know, I
was a little brat and me and my brother would
call her fat and we would pick on her. And
for a couple of years during her anorexia
I was like, tortured by that like in my head
I just like cried, and cried, and cried. And
just like felt so guilty, because, I mean,
you can’t take that back, you know, the
damage is done.
COURTNEY GRIMSHAW: When I received the apologies,
you know, emotion from her about it, I do
remember just being so numbed. It was kind
of like one of those things where I just couldn’t
feel right blaming myself, because I didn’t
tease me, and I was like innocent, and I was
a victim.
COMM: But anorexia was just the start of Courtney’s issues.
COURTNEY GRIMSHAW: My problems with alcohol
began, you know, while I was in my worst anorexia.
I would drink to eat foods that I couldn’t
eat while I was sober. It was kind of like
permission to eat all the stuff that I, you
know, couldn’t do with my sober brain.
REBECCA GRIMSHAW: I would have to every single
night look at her stomach and make sure it’s
still going up, make sure she’s breathing
and it was all ribs and I would have to put
my finger in front of her nose and make sure
there’s air coming out, because there was
plenty of times that we had to take her to
the hospital for alcohol poisoning.
COMM: Now aged 24, she’s teetotal and a
healthy weight. And the sisters are much closer
COURTNEY GRIMSHAW: Our relationship started
to veer towards rebuilding in a positive manner
when I got dangerously low and she was able
to kind of pull herself out. She concentrated
a lot then on helping me.
REBECCA GRIMSHAW: Our relationship is like,
I think probably better than it’s ever been.
COMM: And Courtney is using her experiences
to help others through her YouTube channel.
COURTNEY GRIMSHAW: Without her, my anorexia
wouldn’t have happened which led to all
those other problems. But without her, I wouldn’t
have been able to help as many people as I
have, and continue to and I’m willing to
and I’m proud to be that success story.
COURTNEY GRIMSHAW: I love you, too.
COURTNEY GRIMSHAW: And, no, it’s okay because
I, I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.
Like the fact that I was able to survive this
and continue to get through it, it seems like
I’m, I’ve been thrown so much and I’m
still winning.

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  1. Her poor sister must feel awful. I think most everyone says ztupid stuff when their little. I dont think its healthy for either of you for her to blame her whole anorexia on her sister. Thats like me blaming being a junkie on my childhood trauma everyone has bad things happen to them. Your sister didnt make you become anorexic to deal with a problem wr have to take responsibility and deal with resentmemts. Its so much easier that way.

  2. This is a good example of why you don't pick on people or tease them. It doesn't benefit ANYONE, the giver or the receiver. Spread love, not pain.💜🙏

  3. That’s the thing people need to understand that there’s a thing being under weight and being over weight you can’t over things like eating and can’t just eat less to much or else you will be still be unhealthy-