Best Weight Loss Supplement For Women Over 30

hey guys welcome to vector and listen
move back child man you’re hiding wet
concerts then video I guess I’ll be
saying Soviet lady what she had I made
this beautiful dream that we have on
this table
so this comparison of ginger banana and
our orange which is very good for our
body so if you want to reduce excess fat
for the body and if you want to borrow a
ship in a hard unnatural way and guys if
you are looking for fruit that can
balance your ship subscribe to this
channel because in this channel I will
be sharing a lot a lot of healthy food
that you can take on your body that can
balance you purifies you detoxifying
cleanse you and it is you and then
remove those excess looking fat in your
body and you will look so cool yeah guys
think so this dream guy is so unique to
our health
so in fact of this juice one in the
money and one in the night you’ll be
happy just as I am happy because this is
natural it’s so unique in our body
there’s nothing like a fish or a fish
not nothing like that so when you’re
eating this you have the same time
giving yourself legitimacy and give
yourself beauty
give yourself good hearts so good health
is better than sickness
so by intake of this yeah clearly see
your body
removing to stop that not supposed to be
in your body if Swami
yeah so guys let’s go ahead and shake
this I’m out the same time retaining
some of the benefits I made sauce to use
them in our body lice intake of your
banana at home at least sue banana a day
three banana each day is very helpful
because when I have to relieve stomach
awesome and constipation by happy you to
cure kidney disorder and the body banana
also is in treating paese
anemia and body banana is so powerful if
you have painful menstruation banana is
there for you I also have to reduce our
inflammation from arthritis and good it
keeps your eyes and born healthy banana
have to prevent kind of vascular
disorder and their body let’s talk about
ginger oh my god
and I love ginger so mother ginger and
ginger is so perfect so our health by
boosting our immunity and our blood
circulation vanity is so profit for us
so cocina de Guise yogi so happy for
that is why it is called back time and