Best Weight Loss Program For Women Over 60

Hi everyone, so you’ve probably read the title and I’m looking for those weight loss secrets to actually help you achieve your goal
I’ve compiled a list that nutritionist diet experts all want you to pay some outrageous number for
But I feel as though your nutrition is so important and so is your health
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Our blog might be and it’s newborn stages
But I guarantee that you’ll find something there that can help you out with your journey. So without further ado, let’s get into it. So
a little bit of background
I was actually overweight two months ago
but I use these tips and I lost 20 pounds in two months secret number one is
Drinking water now. You’ll hear this all over the place that diet experts want you to drink at least 64 ounces a day
But body builders and everyone else who actually knows a little bit more about fitness will tell you that you should be drinking
Around a gallon of water a day
This will boost your metabolism at least 30 percent along with this
Drinking a glass of water before a meal will help you feel full longer
And you won’t be able to cram as much into your stomach as you were able to before
because a half of it will be filled up with water secret number two is actually
One of the most obvious ones but one of the ones that helped me out the most and that’s reminding yourself of your goal
so I like to do this by logging everything in my fitness pal and
weighing in every morning and putting my weight in my fitness pal too because it gives you a clearer vision of what’s going on through
A graph so you can see how close you are to those goals tip number three is actually to intuitively eat
So I watch all these videos on you where people would show what they ate in a day and they would
have these gigantic breakfast, I’d be like I cannot relate. I’ve never been hungry in the morning
So that’s okay. That means your body is not ready for that yet. So go ahead and
do an intermittent fast until lunch or dinner that way your this is your body and
If you’re not hungry you shouldn’t be eat
Okay, so tip number four actually plays in to tip number two where I said that you should remind yourself of your goal
Tip number four is actually to log all of your calories
So this will give you a clearer image of what’s going on in a day
So let’s say that you gained weight one day and you’re like what happened?
Well, you can go back and understand where you made a mistake or if you over-ate you went over your calories, something like that
maybe too much sodium even
I like to use my fitness pal
so here’s the things that spice so I’m about to give you the
the equation that nutritionists and diet experts use to calculate the correct amount of calories for your
Personal body click the link below in the description to get that equation for free
So if you have the correct amount of calories
You should be eating in a day and you’ll know how to achieve your goals more quick
What was going on with me personally was I was actually eating
400 calories under where I should have been and this was causing me to plateau and it slowed down my
Metabolism a lot. So by having this formula, I figured out how my body personally works and
How I could boost my metabolism
To get those goals. So secret number five is actually one of my favorite secrets and that is
To give yourself a cheat day
So whenever I started a new diet I wake up in the middle of the night sweatin because I’m dreaming about those cheeseburgers
I can’t have or those large fries that I need
So by giving yourself a cheat day for taking those out of the equation because you just had them a couple of things ago
so you’re not gonna be thinking about them as often and
Afterwards, you’re probably not gonna be feeling as well either as you would be if you were to stick to your diet
So giving yourself a cheat day
Remind you your goal and why you’re doing it how good eating healthy makes you feel along with us
I like to follow the 80/20 rule
Where 80% of my day is healthy and 20% is my cheat
so if I’m eating healthy throughout my whole day and I have
200 calories left instead of limiting myself to eating 200 calories of
Oranges or something boring. I’ll go have that cookie that I’ve been craving always remember to account for it
And as long as it fits within your calories, you’re fine
Secret number six is to actually make fruits and vegetables your best friend one of the reasons
I actually love eating fruits and vegetables is because
At night I am starving and I’m like how much food can i pile into my system?
but I only have a few hundred calories left over?
so by eating fruits and vegetables
I’m filling myself up with little to no calories and also along with us make sure every time you eat the majority of your
plate is filled up with fruits and vegetables because
This will limit the amount of unhealthy foods you’re eating and lower your calorie intake. So therefore you can eat more
This is all about eating more guys cuz I love eating
To ensure they have these healthy options available
You should clean out your fridge when starting a diet and fill it up with healthy food
I like to set up some oranges on a table. It’s very easily accessible
It’s the first thing I grab along with this. It’s also a great way to keep your digestive tract
Going with all that fiber you’re going to be using the restroom more which is very beneficial
To your weight loss progress tip number seven. The final tip is to work out every day
Even if it’s just for a half-hour get that sweat on
Because it helps you lose weight quickly by boosting your metabolism
And the long site you can also eat a few more calories. I’m telling you guys
I’m all about trying to eat as much as possible
Now if you don’t have time to commit to an hour workout, we recommend that you do
high-intensity moves so HIIT in other words as the kids are saying so it will actually
Boost your metabolism and help you burn calories throughout your day
So a normal workout where you burn 200 calories with it
And how many calories you burn throughout your day? You could actually be burning about a thousand calories
I’ll actually be making a video of some high-intensity moves
I like to use to lose tone up really quickly along with that
I’ve included a few you guessed it on my blog finally
I want to give you guys a few bonus tips for sticking around till the end and that is to drink coffee or tea
because coffees full of antioxidants
It’ll also help boost your metabolism one of my favorite things
And your energy level so you can push through those hard workouts that you might not wanted to do prior to this
finally last bonus tip
Cut out that fake sugar because your body doesn’t know how to process it and break it down so it gets stuck in there
So just cut it out all together. You won’t have to worry about this issue. Thanks for sticking around till the end
Really appreciate it. I’m actually going to make a new video right now about a few workout moves. I like to use so stay tuned

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