Best Ways To Lose Weight For Women Over 60

hey YouTube family so y’all today is
going to be a full day of eating keto to lose weight
because you know
that’s what we’re doing over here we
losing weight want to be fit fine and
fabulous for 2020 so it’s always you
guys grab a snack Oh back relax and
enjoy the video
hey y’all so I’m feeling great feeling
wonderful my period is not getting on my
nerves right now cuz you know the horror
part is basically over right now we’ve
got to go to Zumba class you guys and I
have my water I’ve been drinking a whole
lot of water over here and I’m very
proud of myself even though I’m on my
period you guys I have not messed up on
keto yes yes yes we gotta go
like I said we achievement in 2020 by
all means necessary I don’t even have my
top close all the way I did not go to
the gym and lift weights today y’all but
we are about to go to Zumba class love
us some super class over here so um yeah
so you guys which Kido / dairy free ice
cream shit I choose for tonight we have
halo top dairy free chocolate chip
cookie dough then we also have halo top
candy bar so you guys I’m really not
fasting today I’ve only well the last
time I ate was like 12 hours ago
according to my zero fasting gap and so
on I just really wanted some Catalina
Crunch dark chocolate keto friendly
cereal basically at the end of my period
so I just like eff this I’ve been really
good this whole week I what cereal and
then on top of that y’all I’ve used all
of my mocha damia unsweetened vanilla
milk I got this in the January 2020 keto
crazy family y’all so we in this car
we’ve already eaten before heading to
the gym y’all so listen I typically
don’t eat before I go to the gym and
today’s going to be a full body workout
day so I don’t know I kind of fool I
honestly don’t know how today’s workout
is going to go y’all
I really didn’t know we’re go to the gym
but I was like girl you gotta go you
gotta go you gotta go when this video
goes up I don’t know if I’ll already be
in Houston Texas yet y’all but I’m not
in Houston Texas I’ll be there the next
day and um y’all I’m excited to go but
I’m a little nervous cuz listen I don’t
even know yet I booked a flight but I
honestly don’t know if I really wanna go
on a plane or drive up there
I don’t know this that’s a long drive
y’all that is a long drive but I want to
be able to like go somewhere whenever I
want to go I’m going to be staying with
family y’all so I’m going up there for a
couple of weeks all by my lonesome y’all
like I am a real adult like an adult for
real like we are really adulting over
here got Pharrell let’s go ahead and go
to the gym I’m procrastinating I need to
hurry up make sure to publish the video
that goes before this video y’all so
about to go to the gym yeah that’s my
like workout song to get me pumped up
over here
I cut my work out just a tad bit short
today because you know I’m trying to
hurry up and get home I wanna eat again
cuz I mean all I had was that Catalina
Crunch I’m just ready to eat all over
so really yeah about to head home we’re
gonna whip us some up good
of course duh we got a good on keto
period that’s one of the best thing that
Kido is my glasses just fogging up over
here y’all but that’s one of the best
things about keto is the fact that you
get to eat so many good food like our
food is just top-notch but yeah I really
can’t see y’all right now so I’ll talk
to y’all when I get home alright y’all
so now I’m about to eat some food that’s
an interesting way I starting this off
we have three is it three yeah three
sausage patties two scrambled eggs and I
did put my um dairy free data
american-style sliced cheese in my eggs
and it makes it just so good and we’re
gonna be drinking water and Coke Zero
which I know I’m gonna regret because my
period is gonna hate me for getting Coke
Zero over here but that’s okay
for dinner you guys I’m gonna have some
lemon pepper wings from Hot Tamale
heaven and I just don’t feel like
cooking at all yeah so I’m gonna have
some the plan is to have a little bit of
my no sugar added ketchup and I’m also
gonna have some hot sauce for my lemon
pepper wings just to change it up some
of them will be dipped in you know
ketchup so I’m gonna be dipped in hot
sauce yeah yeah yeah fun times up here
and we’re drinking water
AE to family so editing version of
myself coming in I want to go ahead and
just well first of all say hello how are
you doing but uh yeah I wanted to let
y’all know who would be the January 2020
keto current review plus giveaway winner
yes yes are you guys the January 2020
keto cray review plus giveaway winner is
drumroll please Marlene scram I really
really hope that I’m saying your last
name correctly let me tell you awesome
so I’ve always been like you know pretty
good at English or whatever when it
comes to life pronouncing other people’s
name y’all I don’t know what happens so
I don’t want y’all over here thinking
like I’m like slow al because I’m not I
promise you I’m really not
but anyways Marlene I’m gonna hop in
your DMS on Instagram and get your
contact information so cute okay I can
go ahead and send you out this month
skittle crate and of course I’m gonna
want you to let me know what you think
about this month Akito cray that way I
can go ahead and let Kulick rate know
that – yeah side note you guys so I’m
still on my period and tomorrow I found
my way in Wednesday video and so the
thing is y’all I guess we’ll be cool
just to see what the scale would say but
I mean I know I’m gonna be up and some
pounds cuz you know I guess I’m gonna
period so I’m holding on to wait in my
stomach definitely I’m bloated AF yeah
yeah but y’all if I’m not up in pounds
that’d be pretty great you know we love
that but who knows what happens yeah if
by any chance you are new to the channel
welcome to the family over here
documenting my Kido weight-loss journey
your girl is sharing everything we are
your body straight keto and lazy keto so
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button plus the notification
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future uploads here I do upload three
videos a week so you can’t expect the
video from me on Mondays Wednesdays and
Fridays and we have not missed an upload
yet sidenote youtube bambam um I am you
know what don’t tell you all this
already I think I did I don’t know but
if I did I’m sorry just for those who
didn’t hear it in the last video I guess
I don’t know if I do take all this but
I’m gonna be in Houston for a couple of
weeks and you know um I don’t know what
that means for any Content I’m gonna be
upload Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays
period okay that’s what we doing over
here but I don’t know what type of
content you girl let me push it out but
it’ll be fun I’ll be interesting I guess
I have to dive in some out have so
creativity y’all I don’t know we’ll see
I’m kind of excited though I originally
planned on y’all the air zone right now
but I originally yeah what are words
like I’m saying I originally planned own
flying to Houston y’all but um it would
be best for me to drive up there I think
it would be like really cool my this is
my first like big girls trip by myself
so I’ll be filming all of this I’m kind
of nervous yeah I’m a little out y’all
cuz I have never traveled like this in a
car by myself that’s like a good way six
seven all right drive I think some like
that so this would be the longest I’ve
ever traveled by myself also yeah I’m
like really excited cuz I’ll be like
with my one like one of my favorite
favorite like I don’t you know I suppose
have my favorite family members but you
don’t have some family members you just
love like love love and that’s how my
cousin is and I’m just really excited to
be hanging out with her and who knows
what else
or whoever else I’d meet up there mm-hmm
y’all will say that for the next video I
think we’ll see I don’t know but um
whenever I get ready to start packing up
all my stuff the plan is to leave out
some time as week sometime this week
that’s all I can tell y’all y’all to my
amazing beautiful unique each
family thank you so much for watching
this video as always if you don’t hear
it from anyone else I love you so stay
blessed and I will see you in the next
video which will be Wednesday and your
girl has no idea what type of video I’m
going to be doing on tomorrow but we’ll
see we’ll see okay
alright yeah I love you so much and I’ll
see y’all on Wednesday

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  1. Hey Girl!!! You look great and so glad your still going strong. I haven't been keto for months but I've been in maintenance and focusing on muscle gain. I'm still around here and there lurking tho. Lol!! Just wanted to stop by and show support 😗💜