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I finally completed my 5k run
and i thought
and few people were asking
to share few Exercises which we can start
now that my run is completed and i’m very happy about it, being a sunday
and I have time
so I am going to share top 5
which you can do at home
so lets start today’s video
So, today’s first Exercise
and we call it Beast Reach
this is an animal inspired move, for full body conditioning
let first show the stance
palms below the shoulder
and back neutral
knees below the hip and knees on the ground
and just raise the knees above the ground
this is called Beast Hold
Now i’ll show beast reach
go back
knees just above the ground
and reach
when you reach, breath out
and when you go back, breath in
This Exercise can be done for 30-45 secs
this is draining and i have started sweating again
this is a very interesting Exercise
now lets move to the next one and we call it
Hindu Push Ups
these are normal push ups
but like old time in india and indian body builders do
If its difficult to do like this
the similar way they can
then you can
do it this way
is its too easy then
so this can
can be done for 30-45 secs
you can start slow
Now the 3rd Exercise is call Russian Twists
for abdomen area
if you have any weight or water bottle
I have 1 litre water bottle, we dont drink soft drinks
you can use 2ltr bottle incase you have that
fill water in it do this Exercise
so in this
sit and raise you legs like this
hold the bottle in your hand like this
like you have to this Exercise
for your
abdomen area , side area
is very good
you can this again for 30-45 secs
Now the 4th one is again for abs
we call them bicycle crunches
You lie down
put you hands you ears, raise you legs
and start like this
elbow should touch the opp. knee
and you have to try
elbow should not move to touch the knee
but with your movement
not like this
and straight you legs
like this
similarly so this
for 30-45 secs
it is quite effective for abs
now our 5th and last exercise
is call Bur-pees
good exercise
for full body
breathing will be challenges
good for stamina building
first stand straight
first movement is jump
go down
take your legs back
then do
one push up
get you legs back and stand & jump
this was step wise
you can do this step by step or
if your stamina is good
then you can do it like this, which is faster
so these were our
5 exercises, which we did at home
and was quite challenging
for full body
you will sweat alot
and the best part is that no additional equipment is required
no gym is needed
we can do these at home, we just a water bottle
which we use to sip as well
I hope you enjoyed and liked these
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