Bacon Explosion! | Epic Dinners | Caveman Keto

Weclome to Caveman Keto's Recipes, today I'm going to show you how to make a Bacon Explosion! It's basically a meatloaf made out of Sausage, Bacon and Cheese, so we're going to start by making the internal bacon weave now people are going to think you're crazy but I actually go through and try to grade the Bacon you want pieces that are long and made up of one continuous strip so the inside bacon weave is going to be a 5×6 So I'll show you how to make that start by laying them out in one direction, we'll do the 5 first ok there you have the five by six bacon weave You're going to bake that in the oven until the bacon is not totally crisp, this one you're just cooking to try to be pretty decent because you're going to be putting it inside the meat so you want it to be cooked The next step after the initial bacon weave is to make the meat structure so take your cutting board and lay down some plastic wrap and then you want to take the meat in this case I'm using Jimmy Dean sausage, you wanna push it into a rectangle Once you have your rectangle that is approximately the size of your bacon weave you gotta put some season on top of it and then as soon as the bacon weave is ready, we'll put that on top of this this point your bacon should be done, it should look approximately like this you do want it cooked because its going to be inside the meat and it's not going to get a lot of heat, its not going to cook much more, but you don't want it crisp because we're going to have to roll this up, so this next part is a little difficult, I use this fish turning spatula to try to get under the whole thing lift her up and lay her down alrigt, perfect, now you want a little bit on each side so that you can close up the ends

Now the next thing is I've sliced some cheese some I'm going to throw that down here as well now you might have been wondering why we were putting down the saran wrap well so that we can roll it almost like a sushi roll so just start going here You want to get as tight a roll as possible so that you get that spiral So roll and work some of your way out Continue rolling Now you've got an approximately full Bacon Explosion What you're going to want to do is compress the sides in a little bit get that roll even tighter and then we're going to roll this up Twist the ends The ideas is to get it super tight now if we want to get it even more tight Wrap it in tin foil this twisting compresses the meat into a log Set this in the refrigerator and we're going to let it cool down solidify a little bit and then we're going to work on the bacon weave that's going to go on the outside So while the log is sitting in the refrigerator we're going to start the second, outside bacon weave and this time we're going to use a 7×7 so again, we're going to carefully start assembling a 7×7, this one is going to have to be tighter 7 is much bigger, its almost the maximum extent you can do there you have it, this is the 7×7 and as you can see this is the maximum you can do with this brand of bacon maybe if you use a different kind it might be possible so what I'm going to do now is turn this sideways ways I'm gonna roll along this way Apply seasoning to this side of the bacon Open up my roll unroll the plastic wrap directly onto the bacon weave Now we can take this plastic wrap and begin to wrap the Bacon Explosion As you can see that worked out really well With the plastic wrap on we might be able to get this off gracefully So I've take in the same pan handout and a little riser so of the base because the bacon on the bottom won't naturally cook Then I just need to set the entire structure on top then pullout the excess Then tuck in the ends give it a nice little bunching, then you can add some additional seasoning on outside now you're ready for the oven so after an hour or so in the oven you're gonna have this nice golden brown crust on your bacon and your Bacon Explosion is done, let it rest for 5 minutes and then slice it up!