In February this year, the Herman Brot team visited Dubai for Gulfood 2020 where they launched their partnership with the UAE’s biggest bakery – Modern Bakery. 

The partnership sees Herman Brot branded products now being available in the UAE, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Herman Brot owner Christian Coenen is delighted to be working with Modern Bakery.

Modern Bakery is an extraordinary partner and it means that Herman Brot is now an international business.

“When I first met Modern Bakery owner and CEO Dr Fawaz Al Bahri, I immediately knew he was the right partner. Not only is Modern Bakery the leading bakery in the Middle East, they also have the same philosophy as us. 

“Like us, Dr Al Bahri and his team put a lot of time and effort into research and development and are always working on bringing healthy new products into the market,” said Christian.

Modern Bakery CEO Dr Fawaz Al Bahri is just as thrilled with the partnership.

“I joined Modern Bakery in 1982, and my goal was to give an increasingly health conscious public, the kind of food they want. Consumers are more savvy with their food choices and our aim is to always be at the forefront of the health food market.  

“Partnering with Herman Brot has given us the opportunity to now offer an exceptional suite of very unique and nutritious low carb, high protein, low GI products to our ever-expanding market,” Dr Al Bahri said.

Herman Brot products are all about Intelligent Eating.  The combination of the key attributes and fantastic nutritional values that Herman Brot products offer, will benefit an extremely wide demographic. 

“Our customers in the Middle East are craving these products and they are already being well received in our market.”

The Herman Brot brand has taken Australia’s Five Star Health Rating international and in countries where the prevalence of diabetes is extreme, the introduction of low carb, high protein, low GI products that have been tested and endorsed by SUGiRS University of Sydney (and recommended as suitable for inclusion in diets of people living with Type 2 diabetes) are being embraced in this market.

In the UAE Herman Brot products are now available in over 100 stores including retail giants – Carrefour and Lulu Hypermarket, Spinney’s and Waitrose. 

Business in Kuwait is also very strong with products available in Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket, Coops and Saveco.

Modern Bakery will be launching into the Oman and Saudi Arabia markets very soon.

Modern Bakery and Herman Brot International are offering Herman Brot Lower Carb Bread, HermanBurger Protein Buns and Rolls, Herman Brot Lower Carb Pasta and Herman Brot Protein Crackers.

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About Herman Brot

Established on the back of 170 years’ experience in the German and French food industry, Herman Brot is a unique Australian supplier of high protein, low carbohydrate and low GI staple foods.  With a product suite that currently includes low carb bread, low carb pasta and protein muesli, the benefits of these natural and certified products (University of Sydney, SUGiRS) are outstanding and have no competition. 

All products have the 5 Health Star rating, are suitable for people on weight loss programs, fitness and health orientated people, vegans, vegetarians, those on keto diets.  Their low GI ratings also make them the perfect addition to the diets of people with Type II diabetes.

Herman Brot products are available in Australia at select Independent Supermarkets and health food stores or can be ordered online and delivered nationally from Herman Direct. 

Herman Brot Lower Carb Bread – 23.6g protein | 5g carb | GI=24 (per serve 92g – 2 slices)

HermanBurger Protein Bun – 19.3g protein | 7.7g carb | GI=31 (per serve – 1 bun)

Herman Brot Lower Carb Pasta – 39.4g protein | 8.5g carb | GI=22 (per serve 85g dry pasta / 170g cooked)

Herman Brot Protein Muesli (Peanut Candy) – 21.2g protein | 7.7g carb | GI=30

Herman Brot Protein Muesli (Red Fruits) – 19.8g protein | 8.4g carb | GI=32

Herman Brot Protein Muesli (Chocolate) – 19.9g protein | 9.3g carb | GI=35

Launching in Australia in 2020 

Herman Brot Lower Carb Wraps – 29.0g protein | 19.4g Carb | GI=27

Herman Brot Protein Crackers – Olive– 13.7g protein | 11.1g carb | GI29

Herman Brot Protein Crackers – Cheese– 16.9 protein | 10.4 carb | GI22

Herman Brot Protein Crackers – Mediterranean– 16.3g protein | 14.3g carb | GI31